Top 10 Best Activity Cubes In 2022 Reviews

Activity cubes refer to kid’s toys, carefully crafted with beautiful paintings to catch the kids’ attention offering entertainment and early educational information. The cubes have so much to offer from color mastering, shape sorting, animal names pronouncing, animal sounds, the alphabets, numeric counting and much more. You will also notice growth in your child’s confidence and self-esteem which happens every time they complete a challenge from the cube. Your kid also learns how to socialize, enhances their imagination skills through story telling as well as hand-eye coordination. It is a small cube, but it comes with immense benefits for both the kid and the parents.

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Important Features to Consider when Purchasing an Activity Cube for your Little One

  • Safety: The first thing that should come in your mind when purchasing anything for your little kid is how safe the product is. The material used for construction should be BPA-free. The included parts should not be too small especially if they can come off as the kids might be tempted to swallow them. The cube should be totally stable to ensure that it does not fall off and hurt the kids as they play.
  • Durability: If you can get an activity box that will stay in your family for many years the better. Your kids learn to explore the cube from a different angle as they grow meaning they will find it entertaining even after several years of use.
  • Number of Toys Included: The cube is meant to entertain your kid as well as provide some educational information. Therefore, more toys mean more entertainment and also, the kids gets to learn a lot. It gets even better when the cube has many faces of play and can be used by two or more kids at a go.
  • Price: You do not have to spend all your savings in buying an activity cube. There are so many cheap options on the market, and they are equally educational and entertaining so don’t pay more than necessary.

VTech Sort & Discover Activity Cube

This Activity Cube by VTech is best described as “busy learners,” a term developed from watching the little ones get amused, and their faces light up immediately they see it. The cube is designed to keep your angel busy as he/she explore this “new world.” So, if you have run out of ideas of how you can keep him/her entertained and busy without you having to be around all through, this might be the best way possible. There are so many activities that they can be on with the cube, throughout the day and every day without getting bored.

First, if your kid is between nine months and 3 years, you are lucky as this is the recommended age bracket for the cube. What’s more, you can just purchase even when they are just 9 months and they will still be exploring it even when they are 2 years and above because the older they get, the more they view each feature from a different and advanced angle.

When it comes to the appearance, this activity cube is in color pink. It is very pretty and colorful you will love to see your little one play with it. Most people consider pink as a girls’ color but if you like its features, don’t hesitate to buy it for your little man as it features other colors too and no baby at that age knows which colors are for boys or girls unless you tell them.

The activity cube features five sides of activity. It, therefore, encourages your kid to explore and discover all the aspects of the toy. You will be amused by how much little details that you would hardly notice excites your child. The cube offers too much for the child that every day they will find something new, and this will keep them glued to it for many months. The cube has a light-up button on the top, and it indicates different animals and what each is doing.

VTech Sort & Discover Activity Cube

If your kid is at that development stage where noises and lights entertain and capture his/her attention, this is the toy for you. For those interested in anything to do with cause and effect, this toy also suits you best. If your kid is discovering his/her strengths, get them this toy and make their journey more interesting. The cube provides so much to learn, from songs, colors, games, melodies and much more.

The activity cube uses 2 AA batteries and comes with a pair meant for demonstration only. Your little one will find them helpful as they can use them as you figure out where to buy from. However, it is recommended that you replace them after a short usage with rechargeable or alkaline batteries as these will last longer.

With this toy, you child will learn different colors, games, shapes, master the logic behind cause and effect as well as enhance their creativity and memory. It’s a great toy for mental development as well.


  • Has stickers but they are removable

Hape Country Critters Wooden Toddler Activity Cube, Wooden

From its construction, you can tell that the manufacturers of the Hape Country Critters Wooden Toddler Activity Cube put much thought to every detail. The toy is meant to keep your little one busy as you go on with your daily household chores. It is good to know that your kid will be fully occupied, in a good way, especially when you have a lot to do and this activity cube here is the best deal for that.

Multiple play sides & different animal friends. This is not a toy you buy to use for a week and then the kid is bored. It has so much to explore and discover that you kid will find something new everytime they are near it. First, it has various sides of play, ball run, beehive turning, shape sorter, maze, etc. This way, whatever side your kid decides to explore, they will find so much amusing features, and when they think that it’s getting boring, they will just move to the another side, and the fun continues!

This is not a one activity cube. Your child will have so much to do all from a single toy. In fact, if you have to kids, you are sorted! They can both use the toy from different sides and be on different activities without quarrels. The different activities give your child a chance to learn and remember so much more than is possible without this toy.

Included in this activity cube are wooden balls, different shapes in different colors and more. Ideally, it’s a complete world full of amusements for your little one. The different shapes are meant to keep your child busy as each works differently, and they can always discover a new way of playing with it.

Hape Country Critters Wooden Toddler Activity Cube, Wooden

This activity cube features a sturdy construction where most of the features are wooden thus very low chances of breakage. Due to this, the toy is much better and durable compared to the plastic constructions. It can withstand a high percentage of abuse from accidental drops or hits during plays.

If your child falls in 1-6 years of age, then you got a perfect activity toy for him/her. It is even suitable for use by more than one kid at a time. The activities are many and interesting, and your child will grow to love them even as they get older because they will understand them better.

It encourages storytelling and imagination. This toy includes amazing features from which your kid can learn to tell stories thus enhancing their imagination level. You will also love listening to their imaginary stories about the little details provided in this cube. They will also be sharpening their listening and speaking skills as well as memory. You will also notice an improvement on their color mastery among other things.


  • A bit pricey due to its high-qualities

EverEarth EE33285 Garden Activity Cube

EverEarth ensures that your kids stay entertained throughout by creating them a very interesting activity cube. Just like all of their other products, their EE33285 activity cube stands out as the best on the market as every detail is perfectly crafted to meet your kid’s entertainment and learning needs. Once you get on of this, you will keep them engaged as you go on with your tasks and they will learn a lot on their own.

With this activity cube, you won’t have to wonder about how best you can teach your kids different colors and most importantly, how to make them remember each. The cube features different pieces in different colors, and as you already know, visual learning is better than any other form of learning. It is easier to remember what you saw than what you heard, and this is what this toy offers your child.

The idea is to keep your kid entertained without getting bored. The only sure way to do this is to include many playing pieces, and EverEarth does this perfectly. Their activity cube includes creative cubes, cogs, and beads, counting blocks, maze, shape sorter, and abacus. Your kid can, therefore, explore each at a time avoiding boredom.

It features a safe and High-quality construction. You have no worry about how safe this cube it to your kids. All resources used are sustainable and non-toxic. There are no sharp pieces to cut your kids as they play and the cube itself is totally stable thus cannot topple over. The paints are water-based, and the packaging is recycled all which brings out a great and safe toy.

EverEarth EE33285 Garden Activity Cube

The cube is ideal for kids 18 months and above. The construction and design of this activity cube are advanced, and even the included pieces are a little advanced as opposed to those found in toys suitable for much younger children. This means that the cube matches what your little ones need to learn and there is no chance of them feeling like the toy is not smart enough for them.

It is perfect for socializing. At 18 months of age, any child is old enough to engage in meaningful conversations though not perfectly. With this cube, they will sharpen their communication and enhance their sharing, socializing and develop fine motor skills. This is possible as the pieces included encourage communication and storytelling.

As mentioned above, this cube features a high-quality construction meaning that it can withstand many years of use by your kids. Once you purchase one of these, it will remain in your family for many years. It is stable, so it will hardly fall off, and the included pieces are of high-quality as well so they can’t break.


  • Not suitable for kids below 18 months of age

B. Zany Zoo Activity Cube, Wooden, 1-3 years of age

B. Zany Zoo brings the activity cube ideal to a whole new level. It is amazing to see how far creative minds can go to make sure that our young ones get something so entertaining and educational at the same time. Your kids will never know a dull moment when they are around this cube as there is always something new to discover or learn.

First, this cube features an ideal size for any child to play with. It is totally safe and fun as it includes many different pieces all meant to keep the kids entertained. However, this cube is only ideal for kids between 1-3 years meaning its features are a little advanced which is a good thing as kids at this age want to learn a lot.

With the B. Zany Zoo, your kids will enjoy various fun activities all geared towards keeping them entertained and encourage learning. It is amazing how much your kid can learn unconsciously using such a cube than they would even grasp in a classroom. Each of these faces presents new discoveries, and they never end so no boredom. Your kids will enjoy the hidden animal friends, spinning alphabet, the zig-zag paths, spinners creating animal combinations and a wooden bead rollercoaster with cute trail mazes.

B. Zany Zoo Activity Cube, Wooden, 1-3 years of age

For your kid to want to spend hours around their activity cube, it must have some attractive features and for this is the B. colors. All the toys feature the delightful B. color scheme which is an artful and creative approach to children toys. This is also how kids discover their interest in art or other fields.

This activity cube features a sturdy construction. The whole construction is wooden then combined with high-quality industry-leading craftsmanship all which gives you a product that remains in a perfect shape even after being used for many years.

It is easy to Clean. You cannot be there all the time instructing your kids on what to do and not do. This kills the fun of their exploration. However, this means that you will have to wash this cube every once in a while to make sure that it does not pose hygiene problems to them. Its design makes it easy to wash and no damage to any of the features.

The cube includes Many Different Toys. Many toys mean more entertainment, socializing, and leaning. The cube can be used by two or three kids at a go thus you can keep them all entertained for hours. It is a blessing to the parents as well as the kids.


  • Too complex for kids below the age of one

Anatex Deluxe Play Cube, Mini

Anatex manufacturers are known for creating quality activity cube, and this here is their Deluxe mini cube that won an award for being the best on the market. It is designed to keep your little ones entertained and help them learn while keeping them busy especially when you have some tasks to complete.

The cube features various activities all aimed at giving your kids hours of engaging plus intriguing play. The included toys are: Mini Rollercoaster Express, Fun Gears, Counting Abacus, and Learn the Alphabet. All these ensures that the kid will always have something new to do without getting bored. You can also have more than one kid use the cube as it is big enough and because it has different toys, they can play together without trouble.

Some of the important things that your kids can learn from this cube are visual tracking. This is possible from the mini rollercoaster express, and it becomes applicable as they go on with their lives. Second is math skills through counting abacus. It is true that you learn and remember more from what you saw than what you heard so don’t be surprised if your kid remembers more of what they learn from this cube than from their teachers. They will also learn color recognition and hand-eye coordination.

Anatex Deluxe Play Cube, Mini

Every parent wants to know how safe the toys are for their kids. This cube here features all non-toxic and child safe finishes. You won’t be putting your kid at risk at all. No pieces are too small to be swallowed, and neither can fit in their ears, so you have nothing to worry about.

Apart from featuring all these amazing toys, this cube is totally stable. Your kid can use it from your floor or on a table without a risk of it toppling over. It is made of a durable wooden material that’s smoothly sanded ensuring that sharp corners or sticking out wood pieces that might hurt you or your kid. And, to make the deal even better, this cube is made in the US so you can be sure that there is no compromise on quality.

WoIVoI Musical 15 functions & Skills Activity Cube

WoIVoI is at it again, and this time, they have created something that your little one will fall in love with. You know those times that you feel drained from too much playing but your kid is still so full of energy and they won’t let you rest because they are not done “chasing” you? Getting them an activity cube might be the best destruction, giving you some time to rest before they remember that you two were playing a game.

First off, this activity cube by WoIVoI is strong and super sturdy. The reason behind this is to ensure that your kid enjoys the games without posing any risks from the said cube. This is very important as no parent want to end up hurting their kids thinking that they are have found a way of entertaining them. Your child can use it either on the floor, or you can place in on a table as it has a wide base thus more stability.

Second, forget about the noisy cubes with loud music that disturbs you even when on a serious task. This cube here plays calm and quite music, and the sound effect won’t wake even a sleeping toddler. This enables you to work from the same room with your kids which is advantageous as you can monitor them and you will easily tell when they cry or drop something.

WoIVoI Musical 15 functions & Skills Activity Cube

The cube is also very colorful which plays a great role in helping capture the kid’s attention. It also features different colors which are a great way of helping your child master the various colors. It also helps in telling the different features apart making it easier for your kid to enjoy the games.

The cube also features a solid construction using high-quality materials. You can never tell how your kid is going to use the cube so you can never rule out dropping or hitting. It is, therefore, important that the cube is made of high-quality material rest it be damaged within the first few days of use. Apart from the body, it other features too, toys included, are all made of high-quality material so whether your kid is “driving,” playing with the cell phone, singing or touching the other tools, nothing will go wrong.

VTech Alphabet Activity Cube

If you want to see pure excitement on your baby’s face, get them this activity cube. It is well crafted and includes so much that your little one will find amusing and entertaining. They will love exploring and discovering every new way of using the different features. It’s also a great way of letting them have their “me time” doing what captures their attention most.

For those searching for early educational toys for their kids, you will not go wrong with this one. The whole idea behind its construction revolves around creating a simple way of helping your kid grasp the basic educational concepts in a more memorable and entertaining way. It, therefore, contains up to 13 building blocks all which guides your child in to mastering all 26 letters. The blocks are colored differently. Thus they are easy to tell apart.

When it comes to entertainment, this cube is well designed to have up to five sides of play. Therefore, your little one can move from one side to another, playing different games and trying out new fun and this will keep them hooked for many minutes before they shift their attention. All this is helpful for both the kid and the caregivers as within these minutes or hours. Each gets to retrieve to their own activities or even better, explore this new world together.

Your child will enjoy turning the gears, playing with sliders and beads thus strengthening their motor skills, peg maze and much more. The best part is that your kid will grow to understand this cube differently as they mature. This is why it never gets old, and most people like to use the terms “exploring and discovering” because that’s basically what it is. Every feature is used differently, and you can discover other ways of using them even after years of using it.

VTech Alphabet Activity Cube

The cube also helps your kid discover their interests. It features over 100 songs, so if your kid loves music, they will start realizing this at a very tender age. It also features so many phrases which help in sharpening your kid’s communication skills. They can learn the best words of expressing themselves as well as how to count, learn the different shapes, colors and have an idea of a piano.

All you need to get it working is to assemble which is pretty easy as everything is included and it is easy to tell which part goes where. It also comes with some simple and easy to follow assembly instructions as well as a clear picture of how it should look like when complete. It requires 2 AA batteries to function, and they are provided. However, you are advised to purchase new and high-quality batteries for regular use. This will ensure that your kid is not destructed as he/she goes around exploring and discovering new features in their cube.

The cube has parent-friendly features such as the automatic shutoff to preserve battery life allowing for long playing time. It also has volume control system and an easy to use switch allowing you change from play to learning mode. You kid can, therefore, learn and take breaks in between, all which promotes healthy learning.

Alex Toys Activity Cube, Jr. My Busy Town, Wooden

Wooden activity cubes are always the best and this by Alex Toys takes the price by featuring high-quality wooden material and a great design. It is a perfect gift for your little one or any other kid that you like. The color combinations make it ideal for both genders thus saving you the hassles of having to go through different cubes looking for pink for your daughter and blue for your son.

To begin with, this cube is recommended for any kids that’s 1 year of age or older. It is built to include all the great features that will entertain a 1-year-old and even more that any kid older than that will find entertaining. This means that if you have two kids, they will all find the cube entertaining hence no need to purchase another one. And, because it’s big enough, you can have more than one kid using it at the same time.

On appearances, this cube is bright and colorful just as any kid would want it. Bright colors have the effect of making objects attractive to the eye, and this means that your child will love spending time with the cube. All the different colors also help in enhancing your child’s color differentiating skills. Each tool is painted with different color thus as the kid uses each, they will memorize the color and even remembering its name won’t be a problem.

Alex Toys Activity Cube, Jr. My Busy Town, Wooden

The Cube features 5 different sides of fun. With its cube, there is always somewhere new to explore and something new to discover. Your child can never get bored playing or learning from the cube. Each side bears different features all which functions differently thus the child can move from one side to another playing different games. This also makes the cube even better for use by different kids because if one does not have a certain game, they can always move to another side and enjoy what they like most.

Some of the included tools in this wooden cube are curvy wire rides which are solidly constructed to withstand even your kid’s curiosity of wanting to remove them and see what lies beneath. There is also the peek a boo door, turn & learn ABC tiles, spin & match animal, and racing rollers. There can never be a dull moment in your house if you have this cube. It captures your child’s attention when they see it, and they can spend hours on it every day.

VTech Busy Leaners Activity Cube

The VTech’s Activity Cube introduces fun and exploration to your little one in a way you never thought possible. You won’t believe how much this little cube interest you kid and make them want to spend hours and hours around it. With this cube, they will always find something fun to do, and as they get used to it, they will find numerous features and different ways of playing with them all which brings total entertainment.

The toy is meant to make early learning for your kids easy and entertaining. It features five different sides with various toys all encouraging exploration. The cube also includes 4 light-up buttons that introduce the animal names. It will be so amazing to see you little kid learn how to pronounce different animal names. They will also learn the animal sounds, and this brings, even more, fun as some animal sounds are sounds funny. And, they will also learn about the different shapes. The Cube, basically, helps your kid learn so much in a more relaxed and fun way all which results in more understanding and better remembrance.

If your kid is not crawling yet, kindly get them this cube. As mentioned above, the cube is meant to help your kid learn, and learning includes crawling as well. The cube features motion sensor that activates fun sounds thus attracting attention while encouraging crawling. This is possible because kids are very curious and they will want to touch or see where the sounds are coming from. This, if the cube is kept at a distance from them, they will learn how to crawl towards it, and boom!

VTech Busy Leaners Activity Cube

This early learning activity cube features 25 playful melodies and songs. Therefore, your 6 month-3 years olds will find it entertained and even better, they can learn to sing along or dance to the tunes. The songs also enhance your little one’s listening skills and attention to details. They might not notice it, but as they try to grasp the songs’ content, they will be learning to listen better which trickles down to even how they listen to you.

With this activity cube, you won’t go through the hassle of trying to assemble it where the possibility of finding missing parts or screws and even misaligned parts is high. It comes fully assembled, so your little one gets to use it immediately you take it out of the box. It is also child-friendly as it is made of plastic that is BPA-free and features volume adjustment system as well as an auto shut-off. The cube uses 2AA batteries where a pair is included but only for the demo, so you will have to replace them with better ones to support regular use.


  • The provided 2AA batteries are only for demo. You have to replace them.

Melissa & Doug Classic Wooden Toy, Shape Sorting Cube with 12 Shapes

Melissa & Doug represents to you a beautifully crafted toy that features all smooth, natural wood, designed to entertain your kid for hours. First, from its construction, it’s easy to tell that this is a durable product. It can actually be used for many years with zero damages. The wood used is strong and well sanded to ensure that no part hurts your kid as he/she plays with it. You will, therefore, be purchasing something that will stay in your family for many years bring fun and entertainment to your little ones all through.

The whole purpose of this toy just like the many other toys from Melissa & Doug is to fuel imagination, encourage natural curiosity and inspire exploration thus leading to a lifetime of learning. From the different shapes, you can create a fascinating story for your little ones and from there, they will learn to do the same thus improving their imagination. Your kid will also want to know what will happen if they try fitting a certain shape in the wrong space which is all part of natural curiosity and so forth. This brings fun and entertainment while encouraging easy learning.

Melissa & Doug Classic Wooden Toy, Shape Sorting Cube with 12 Shapes

As an adult, you might not find any of these features fascinating but just watch how your little one’s face changes ones they see it. The shape sorter has 12 brightly colored shapes. Your kid will enjoy playing with them and trying to sort them out and fit each in its correct space. All these shapes go through their respective spaces, dropping in the cube. Your little one can then open the lid to take them all out then start all over again, and it is total fun.

The different shapes are in a perfect size for the small hands and are shaped to offer the best grip for when fitting them in. They are well sanded then painted colorfully to attract your little one. It is a great way of helping them know the different shapes even at a tender age. Your kid will learn all the possible shape sorting skills, shape and color recognition, and fine motor skills.

The cube also encourages the problem-solving skills because they will try to find alternative ways of getting the different shapes in the cube if they can’t figure out the correct space. With this toy, your kid will also build hand-eye coordination as well as manual dexterity. Don’t be surprised too if you notice growth in self-esteem and confidence with time.

Wrapping Up:

Every parent loves their kids, and they wish to keep them entertained all through while providing easier ways of early learning. Activity cubes play a great role when it comes to kid’s entertainment, and they are also very helpful with early learning. They feature lovely toys and good song and melodies all aimed at helping your kid grasp certain concepts with ease.

As a parent, you can never go wrong with a great activity cube and the best part is, more than one kid can use most of the available options at a go. This is good news for parents with 2 or 3 kids as you don’t have to purchase two of these. The list above represents the best activity cubes on the market now so go ahead and pick one that suits you best. ?

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