Top 10 Best Accessories for Android In 2019 Reviews

There are various accessories for Android that enhances its performance and functionality. Depending on the user of the android phone and demanding factors, different people require specific accessory to serve their individual needs perfectly. Top 10 Best New Accessories for Android Smartphones are listed to help you when choosing it. Have some sometime to check on article below and it will help to purchase phone accessory without any difficult. Here are the Top 10 Best Accessories for Android In 2019 Reviews:

10. Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband

Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband tracks and monitors heart rate, burnt calories, sleep and workouts. They are fitted with alarm for alerting incase of over sleeping. It also view call notification, usual stats and time of the day on an OLED display. It is connected wirelessly to the computer and smartphone to easy monitoring.

Best Accessories for Android


9. SoundPeats Qy7 Wireless Sports

This is an excellent quality and genuine SoundpeatsQy7 Wireless Sports. It produces pure sound that is soothing to the ear. It eliminates white noise and delivers a clean audio experience offering maximum enjoyment. Also, it is durable, sweat free having inbuilt onscreen battery meter. SoundPeats Qy7 Wireless Sports is capable of working long hours without any problem. Has got specialized features that minimize Bluetooth skipping and gives a cleaner audio experience.


Best Accessories for Android


8. SolPro Helios Tri-Fold Solar Charging Power Bank

This accessory is easy to use, charged using natural solar energy from the sunlight. On purchase it is sold together micro USB charging cable. Dual USB ports are also present enabling powering of two devices simultaneously. The battery is made of excellent quality Lithium-Polymer making it last longer. It charges up to 4500mAh. It is best used outdoors.

Best Accessories for Android


7. Olloclip 4-In-1 Photo Lens

Designed specifically to work with the Samsung Galaxy S. 4-In-1 Photo Lens offers ultimate in versatility. It is lightweight, made of premium materials and designed to fit in the palm of your hand. It is the perfect solution to capture and share what you want at your own pleasure. Has got 4 versatile lens including Fisheye, wide-angle and 10x Macro, 15x Macro are crafted into one compact device. It is also affordable.

Best Accessories for Android


6. WoodPuck Bamboo Qi Wireless Charger Pad

This accessory has got unique natural features. It is eco-friendly since it is made of bamboo complements. Woodpuck seals micro USB socket and plug. It wirelessly charge Qi-compatible devices. Poor Sync Detection prevents excess heat while audible cycling signal alerting of inefficient placement.

Best Accessories for Android


5. VicTsing Bluetooth Headset

VicTsing Bluetooth Headset has got a compact design enhancing its portability. Has got good performance characteristics including excellent stereo Bluetooth headset. It is light in weight and styled complementing its physical appearance. It can be worn for a long time without any allergies due to presence of silica gel ear cap. It can be used to answer incoming calls.

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Best Accessories for Android


4. Omaker M4 Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

This speaker produces clear and good quality sound. It has got long lasting battery that work for long hours. While buying, micro USB cable is included for recharging. Unique Rugged Square Design with Splash-proof, Shockproof and Dustproof functions make it suitable to be used outdoors and also in the showers.

Best Accessories for Android


3. Wilson Electronics AG Pro 70 Cellular Signal Booster Kit

Wilson Electronics AG Pro 70 Cellular Signal Booster Kit provides a reliable cell signal to reduce dropped calls and hasten the data charges. It has got 75ohm lighting surge protector, interior panel antenna and exterior uni-directional antenna. Multiple cables are present such as 2 foot, 20 foot, 30 foot, and 50 foot RG6 cables. This signal booster increases voice and data connection signals such as 4G or 3G.

Best Accessories for Android


2. Tile

Tile is a tiny Bluetooth tracker. Tiles are placed inside items we want to keep track of them such as car works by ringing lost items just like you’d call a lost phone. It records the place and the last time it saw your item. It is waterproof and durable. Its battery last for longer even for a year.

Best Accessories for Android


1. iClever IC-F40 Universal Wireless FM Transmitter

This accessory works with iPhones and Android phones. It simultaneously charges devices through USB port at the same time transmitting audio. Produces high quality sound. It is very reliable to the user as it is easy to use. Presence of auto-scan function lets to find an “empty” radio station to use very fast. Have one and you will be happy having it as it can serve many purposes at a go.

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Best Accessories for Android



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