Top 10 Best 3D Printers in 2019 Reviews

Just a few years ago, 3D printers were hard to come by. They were so expensive and inaccessible. Those available were reserved for prosperous corporations. Bravo to the growing 3D industry that has been growing rapidly anyone can now own the best 3D printers. This has been facilitated by advancing technology and its high demand. They are now common tools used mostly by engineers, schools, designers, hobbyist among other users. It is very important for you to understand how the printer works before buying it. Evaluate the 3D printer you intend to buy using the following factors;

i) Types of Printings

This is very important factor to consider. 3D printers have a wide variety usage. The user might intend for printing toys, household items, teaching purpose even at community centers. Choose a 3D printer that serve your needs to satisfaction. Different 3D printers are uniquely designed to for specific use. Schools will prefer a model that is easy to install alongside with minimal maintenance. Engineers, hobbyists and architects will opt to have a printer with advanced features.

ii) Size of Objects to be printed

Ensure the 3D printer’s build area will accommodate the size of your printings. Every printer features a build are of specific size. Most of the 3D printer have a build area that ranges between 6 and 9 inches square.

iii)  Type of filament the 3D Printer uses

Most of affordable 3D printers uses FFT technique. This type uses plastic filaments. This filament is spools is melted then extruded hence solidifying to form an object. They are two types filaments; acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and polylactic acid. ABS melts at high temperature and more flexible. The downside of ABS is that it emits hostile fumes. PLA on the other side gives awesome outputs but very brittle.

iv) Diameter of the filament

Filaments are available in 2 different diameters. These diameters are 1.85mm and 3mm. wide variety of printers uses small-diameter filaments. Choose appropriate filament diameter for greater printing works.

v) Reliability of the company

Buy from a reputable company. The 3D printer should not be overpriced. The cost should harmonize with the quality. Additionally, the company should provide after sales services such as delivery and guaranteed warranty. They should be reliable in case of any faultiness.

Having considered the above factors combined with thorough research, our Top 10 Best 3D Printers in 2019 Reviews are listed below. Have a look at these products while comparing their features so as to choose a 3D printer that serve you intended purpose.


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10. MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer

MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer is one of the reliable printers available in today’s market. It is uniquely designed to serve the needs of the costumer. It features sturdy construction. This is dependent on the compact steel chassis used to engineer this printer. Its performance is greatly boosted by excellent precision rails. It uses both ABS and PLA filaments. The build area is large enough measuring approximately 203 by 254 by 203 mm. The product is multi-functional sold out pre-assembled so that the consumer can tweak the printer to as per their demands. They can attach their preferred onboard controls, adjustable nozzles among other attachments. Calibration should be done regularly to ensure quality prints at a high speed. It uses Simplify3D software though the user can install new software.


i) Excellent construction.

ii) High Precision rails.

iii) It is very easy to use.


i) Operates noisily.

best 3D printers

9. LulzBot TAZ 5 Desktop 3D Printer

This printer features a 0.5 mm diameter nozzle. It is compatible with advanced software being developed in the 3D printing industry without hanging. Additionally, the printer is open to source hardware. This is due to proven technology adopted during its construction. It makes use of open spool filament system printing with various 3mm filament resources. Its metallic sturdy frame ensures the printer last longer. On purchase, the company includes a USB, power cable, SD card and a user manual. Furthermore, the printer allows the consumer to print various materials such as wood, copper, PVA, HIPS, nylon, ABS and PLA.


i) Easy to maintain.

ii) It features 2-in-one extruder


i) Poor quality print.

best 3D printers

8. Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer

Ideal for engineers, teachers and architects. This is because it gives a chance to turn dreams into realities. It has a print volume up to a maximum of 230 by 150 by 140 mm. This printer uses PLA filament featuring adjustable build platform. It has a sensitive easy-to-touch screen that display clearer pictures. The installed software is very easy to use for unpretentious customization of different 3D models. Also, the on-board software allows independent operations. This printer is compatible with Aided design software such as CAD.


i) Compact size hence can fit into small office spaces

ii) Compatible with any CAD software

iii) High precision prints


i) It is small especially for people who want to print bigger designs

ii) It is costly

best 3D printers

7. FlashForge Creator Pro 3D Printer

It features wide range of useful features. The robust metallic frame ensures the printer is resistant to corrosion therefore lasting for decades. Additional useful features include advanced platform leveling system and guide rod that assist in stabilization of 3D printer. Surrounded compartment insulates and shields ABS prints. Its plate is made of aluminum that guarantees flat working surface. The good choice of material ensure that the plate will nor warp throughout the heating progression. It print quality products. This 3D printer has high precision that pledges reliable and consistent printing for long hours without breaking down. You get Dual extruders with every purchase. The company provide lifetime service warranty.

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i) It is very reliable.

ii) Large heated platform.

iii) Excellent value.


i) Poor bed leveling thus not an ideal printer for home and office work.

ii) Bundled software inconveniences the users.

best 3D printers

6. Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printer

Most of the people embrace this modernized product. The printer adopts nozzle of different diameters ranging from 0.25. 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8 mm. These nozzles are easily interchangeable for excellent detailed printing. Good quality materials are used during its construction. This ensures the printer last longer. The manufacturer embraces innovative feeders that allows you to swap the filament and select the appropriate pressure. Brand fan caps ensures efficient ventilation. It is very easy to use. Updated model gives the user chance to try many 3D printing features available. For better performance, the printer operates at between 15-32 degrees Celsius. It has a SD and USB slots that allows firmware updates.


i) Reputable dealers that offers one-year guaranteed warranty.

ii) The 3D printer works at high speed.


i) It has no dual extruder

ii) Highly priced.

best 3D printers

5. BQ WitBox 777-1000 3D Printer

This 3D printer offers great print volume up to DIN A4*20 cm high. This high capacity makes the printer perfect for large scale print outs. It features protection mechanism that safeguards the user. The product uses modern printing system featuring single extruder with 0.4 nozzles. Heat generated during operation is dissipated using in-built cooling fans. It includes PLA spool filament. On purchase, two needles are provided for extruder maintenance. It is very stable thus ensuring convenience to the users. The printer reads files from eBook among other smartphone gadgets. Its great layer resolution about 50 microns guarantees awesome performance. It is perfect for beginners as well as the experts in the field.


i) High resolution.

ii) Open source firmware.

iii) It is very reliable.


i) It does not support dual extruder.

ii) The fans produce a lot of noise.

best 3D printers

4. Zortrax M200 3D Printer

The 3D printer is cheap yet it is of high quality. It uses Z-filament materials including Z-HIPS, Z-PETG and Z-ABS. The printer is compatible with PC devices alongside with wide range of 3D printer software. It supports STL files. It builds volumes measures about 200 by 200 by 185 mm. Great layers resolution up to 90 microns for better printing performance. This printer is very popular in the market due to its integrated printing system that ensures maximum accuracy and unique repeatability. The printer has aluminum construction for durability. Minimal installation ensures you use the printer out of the box. It features automatic platform flattening system.

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i) Accurate prints.

ii) Durable ergonomic design.


i) Not open to source firmware.

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3. CEL RBX01 Robox 3D Printer

This 3D printer delivers excellent performance at an appealing price. The prints are very accurate due to its high precision resolution. Its motors and axes are securely attached to the main frame which is the main reference surface. Moreover, the printer has 20-micron resolution that ensures precise printings is achieved. It has a nozzle valve for eliminating filament resulting in smooth surface finish. It uses advanced stepper motors with fused filament fabrication. The printer is compatible with PLA, HIPS, PC, PVA and nylon filament resources.


i) It is very easy to use.

ii) Adaptive design.


i) Inappropriate build volume.

ii) Not reliable.

best 3D printers


This a perfect 3D printer for architects, engineers, designers and teachers. The printer is  made from lightweight materials hence portable. It prints objects up to 7.5 by 5.3 by 4.9 in size. Its fine resolution of 50 microns gives accurate prints. The manufactures include bee pack case that keep the filament, tape and another printing tool. It uses PLA filament. I recommend this easy to use printer due its compatibility with Mac, Linux and windows operating systems. USB cable for connectivity is also available. It delivers high quality 3D printing.


i) Open source software installation.

ii) Portable design makes a perfect choice of outdoor activities.


i) Smaller build area.

best 3D printers

1. LulzBot Mini Desktop 3D Printer

It is highly engineered to ensure quality performance. It is an open source hardware giving the user chance to install his preferred software. Perfect choice for thoughtful makers due to its accuracy, flexibility and high speed. The proven technology embraced give the consumer chance to adopt the rapid growing technology in the 3D printing technology. It is supplied fully assembled.


i) The manufactures include useful components such a filament and USB cable for connectivity.

ii) Minimal training is required before using this printer.


i) Its build volume is relatively small.

best 3D printers

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