Top 10 Best 3 Wheel Scooters Reviewed in 2019

They say “All work without play makes Jack a dull boy.” Nothing can feel exciting and fun as kids propelling small boards on wheels as they control speed and direction. Scooters are not only a source of joy for the kids but also a great way for them to explore creative ways of moving their bodies. As a mom, imagine the feeling seeing your kid maneuvering the sidewalks on your way to supermarket and back. Scooters have become essential equipment in children’s lives.

Why Do You Need Scooters for Your Kid?

According to Human Kinetics, Scooters;

  • Enhance Physical Development-A child that uses scooters develops stronger muscles as they grow both in the upper and lower bodies. That improves stamina and makes them more confident
  • Social and Emotional Development- kids learn teamwork and develop an emotional connection. That way, they can know and appreciate the uniqueness in them and others
  • Cognitive Development- by taking part in scooting sports kids can exercise their brains by being creative and implementing
  • Scooting is important as it helps them to hone their gross and fine motor skills. The skills will assist them in learning, sporting, and other crucial life skills.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Kid Scooter

Age of kid

It is common sense that the more the wheels on a scooter, the more stable it becomes. If you have a kid 2-3 years, 3 and 4-wheeled scooters works best. As they grow, you can buy 2-wheeled scooters.

Height of the child

An incorrect posture when using a scooter can hurt the back and muscles of your kid.


A rough platform is recommended to prevent sliding.


The usage surfaces or road should determine the size of the wheels. On unpaved roads, large rubber wheels are sufficient. The kid can easily maneuver smooth surfaces with narrow wheels.

Other important features include the handlebar, rear wheel brakes, and construction.

10. Yvolution Y Fliker A1 Kids Scooter, Green”

Yvolution Y Fliker A1 Kids Scooter, Green”

You don’t need a lot to get your kid a scooter so they can have fun. Yvolution Y Flicker comes at an affordable price. With less than 100 dollars, you are assured of getting one for your kid. Are you familiar with downhill skiing, this scooter allows your child to move the hips in either the left or right they move along? With this machine, your kid can place both legs the deck and move. They don’t have to kick the ground the same way they a two-wheeled scooter would need.

What’s more, the scooter comes with a folding mechanism. Don’t forget that it is lightweight such that your kid can even lift it with ease. As such, you can move with it wherever you like without worrying about transportation problems. That way, your little one can continue having fun even when on holiday far from home.

Another fantastic feature overlooked by most brands is maximum weight a scooter can support. While most do not even approach a 100lbs, Yvolution Y Flicker can support a whopping 176lbs. Why is that? The scooter is sturdy enough to support that kind of weight meaning that your kid is safe on it. The recommended height for A1 riders is 44.5″ i.e. those ranging between 5-7 years. However, those above 7 years can use that of 50.4 inches comfortably. Don’t forget that your loved one can use the 50.4 inches scooter until adulthood.

Yvolution Y Flicker is extremely stable, and your kid can easily balance when maneuvering around. Besides, the design used is so sleek such that you will love at first glance. Apart from the design, the scooter is an ideal choice for your little one because of the highly responsive handbrakes. That way, the scooter can stop on instantly on demand.


  • Support threefold the weight of most brands
  • Affordable (below 100 dollars)
  • Eligible for 30 days returns policy
  • Lightweight (13.5lbs)
  • Folding mechanism


  • A few complaints about the size but that should not be an issue since the manufacturer has marked them according to their size

9. YBIKE GLX Scooter, 12cm

YBIKE GLX Scooter, 12cm

Looking for a scooter that will help to improve your kid’s balance? Then you cannot go wrong with the updated neon-themed YBIKE GLX scooter. The scooter is lightweight weighing only 4.7 pounds. Besides, it is strong enough to last long thanks to the materials used in designing it (Aluminum, Plastic). Only purchase the scooter for your kid is 2-5 years and 44 pounds. You will be happy to watch your little one lean on either side as they steer the scooter on the around your home. You can imagine the kind of fun. Besides, the wide three wheels make the scooter highly stable so you kid can scoot along safely.

To ensure maximum stability of the scooter, the manufacturer uses the ABS technology to help reinforce the deck. Besides, the deck is non-slippery to make sure there is proper grip between the leg and the surface of the deck. Also, that means you don’t have to worry about tipping of the scooter. When scooting, it is possible for the leg supposed to be on position square on the deck may move accident. How tragic that would be. To prevent an accident, behind the deck is a raised grip making the scooter much safe.

When steering, some handlebars can be very heavy that it can be quite tiring to the kid. To ease that, the handlebar, in this case, it made of lightweight aluminum that will allow your kid enjoy steering for a long duration without complaining. What’s more, the wheels have 5 ball bearings in them to ensure that smooth and fast scooting.


  • Lightweight (4.7 pounds only)
  • Wide wheels for added stability
  • Deck has a raised grip surface
  • Easy to use breaks
  • Handlebars light enough for a small kid


  • Lacks folding mechanism but you can easily remove the handle for easy storage and transportation

8. Vokul Mini Kick Scooter

Vokul Mini Kick Scooter

Vokul mini meets the GS and CE safety standards and will offer your child a safe riding experience. Also known as Mini Kick, the scooter is excellent for toddlers between 2 and 5 years and those who weigh up to 77 lbs. If you are after a scooter that will grow in height with your kid, then this is a perfect choice. Also, adjust the height of the frame as the child grows.

Also, the scooter features the “lean and steer” mechanism. In that case, you can watch as your kid rests the body weight side to side. That helps them to learn how to make turns, either to the right or to the left. Moreover, the action helps them to gain balance and coordination, which are essential for learning and in other sports as they grow up.

Besides, the handle is very soft so it does not hurt your kid’s hand. Also, the softness allows them to have a firm grip such that they can steer the scooter safely. Most wheels are made of plastic. Rubber is the material used in making the three wheels giving a firm grip with the ground. Besides, they are not vulnerable to abrasion rendering them safe and highly durable. What’s more, the PU used in wheels has a shock-absorbing capability for a smooth and quiet scooting experience. It has an efficient braking system that works on the rear wheels so your loved one can stop when the need arises.

Stability is an important feature you ought to consider as you shop for a scooter for your kid. Mini Kick guarantees safety for your little one because it is low to the ground. Besides, it has an ABS reinforced rear deck to fit both feet and more comfortable. We are sure your kid will adore Mini Kick and leaving it home when embarking on a holiday is not an option. As such, it has an easy to carry design. Also, then you do not need to worry about assembly because it does not require any expertise. Probably you might be thinking about the availability of the accessories. The spare parts are widely available, and you are free to replace the entire machine.


  • Safe to use
  • High-quality low-abrasion polyurethane wheels
  • Low deck making it highly stable
  • Adjustable frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Soft handle grip to prevent hurting
  • Accessories available
  • Lightweight for easy transport


  • No folding mechanism but the design makes it easy to carry though

7. Razor Jr. Kixi Scribble Scooter

Razor Jr. Kixi Scribble Scooter

Razor Jr. Kixi is another great option for your kid. Let your kid practice balance and coordination with this excellent scooter. For maximum stability of your little one, it comes with a 3 wide wheels design. Kixi has a patented feature known as ‘tilt to turn’, which helps your kiddo to learn on either side as they steer. Besides, the feature contributes in limiting the turning angle such that they cannot take sharp turns that may result in falling.

Kixi stands out from the pack as it unique in its own way. At times, your kid might steer along and get out of sight. For that reason, the scooter comes with chalk bar that marks as the kid moves. That way you can easily trace their movement. Don’t worry much about the child as the chalk is non-toxic.

Also, the grips on the handlebar are fitted with foam to ensure the tot does not hurt their little hands. Besides, that makes sure they have a comfortable grip. The deck is slip-resistant to prevent slip making it a safe choice for your kid. The scooter is strong enough and durable as it has a body made of, steel, Aluminum, and Plastic.


  • Marker to trace the kid’s movement
  • Sturdy (steel and aluminum used in construction)
  • Wide wheels ensuring stability
  • Features ‘tilt to turn’ mechanism for stability
  • Slip-resistant deck
  • Comfortable handlebar (foam)


  • Few customers complain about it missing breaks

6. Globber 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter

Globber 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter

The height of the handlebars is adjustable from 26 to 31″, it makes Globber standout from the pack. You will be happy to have this scooter as it will elongate in height as your child grows. If he/she is 2-6 years, then you may consider this scooter as a gift. It comes with a secure direction button lock located on the deck that you have to activate so your kid can scoot in a straight line. In the process, the kid learns how to balance on the scooter by themselves.

Steering becomes easier when you activate the secure direction button as the wheels roll smoothly under the ball-bearings. The polyurethane wheels have 5-bearings thus offering a smooth ride as the impact is profoundly lowered. Also, the scooter comes with a sturdy steel low deck so your kid can climb and drop easily and to enhance stability. What’s more, to ensure non-failing stops for your kid, it comes with an easily accessible break system connecting all wheels.

Gobblers standouts from others in that it can support weight up to 110lbs, a figure twice or more that of other brands. It is very robust and durable because the deck is made of steel. You don’t have to be an expert to assemble this scooter upon purchase. Moreover, you will require no tools to have it working and you can do it within a short time.


  • Can support more than double weight of other brands
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Secure direction unlock button for straight direction scooting
  • PU wheels with 5 bearings for a smooth ride
  • Easy assembly


  • A customer reported a minor issue that it has a wide foot board. However, we think that is an advantage in that the feet cannot easily move out as the kid moves on rough or bumpy sidewalks.

5. Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter

Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter

If you would like to buy your son a scooter as a present, then Razor Jr. is what you need. Children 3 years and above can ride this scooter comfortably. The three-wheeled design is good for building stamina and coordination in your kid. Besides, the three-wheeled design provides stability for inexperienced riders.

You’re assured of a durable machine as it made of steel, aluminum, plastics. Do not worry about the storage or transportation as it has a folding mechanism. Thus, you can move with it even if you are embarking on a holiday to help your kid continue having fun. The handles are made of foam and ear easy to grip. Polyurethane is the material used in making the wheels. To ensure that your kid does not slip easily, it has a Polypropylene deck wide enough to accommodate the legs.


  • Comes with a folding mechanism
  • Material used to make it are highly durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • 30 days return policy


  • Handlebars not adjustable but it takes time for a child to outgrow the existing one

4. Micro Maxi Kick Scooter with T-bar

 Micro Maxi Kick Scooter with T-bar

A highly durable scooter designed for kids 6-10 years. Maxi has wheels made of polyurethane giving it a super grip with the surface. That way, your kid is safe enough since it is very hard to tip over. Besides, regardless of where you live, Maxi is always at your service, even on rough, bumpy pavements.

There is a steering option that allows a curving-and-carving action just like a skateboard. Thus, the kid has greater control and can maneuver better. A second option is a traditional joystick that emphasizes mainly on balancing. The best thing about the handlebars is that you can use one and interchange with the other one. Moreover, don’t forget it does not require you to go back to the shop for another scooter. You will just buy it an accessory and replace.

What’s more maxi steering stick is adjustable from 24” -36”. That comes in handy in growing with the height of the kid.


  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Accessories available on demand from the manufacturer
  • Rubber wheels giving it a firm grip
  • Adjustable steering stick
  • Changeable joystick for more sophisticated maneuvers



  • Some might think it is costly, but you are guaranteed of a high-quality item

3. Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter, Red

Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter, Red

Is your kid a beginner in riding? Then here is an excellent scooter for them. Radio Flier is a scooter designed to help in boosting balance and coordination in your kid. The manufacturer deliberately created an extra-large base for maximum stability even if your kid has zero experience. To further enhance stability for your loved one, there are two front wheels. As a result, they are secure as they scoot along. The rear wheel has a shield that further ensures that your kid has a safe ride.

Moreover, the scooter comes with foot brakes best for control and stoppage. The base narrows toward the end to ensure the kids has a kick path as they move. It has a specially designed turning radius that does not hinder mobility. The handlebar is easy to grip keeping the kid comfortable and not to strain. You should consider Radio flier only if your kid has weight 50 pounds and below.


  • Highly safe and stable and ideal for beginners
  • Extended base for added stability
  • Two front wheels make it stable and safe
  • Turning radius designed with expertise and does not hinder mobility
  • Ergonomically designed handlebars for comfortable grip and safe ride
  • Foot breaks for enhanced control


  • Not folding mechanism but you remove the hand to make it easier to transport

2. Razor Jr. Lil’ Kick Scooter – Pink

Razor Jr. Lil' Kick Scooter - Pink

If you have a kid 3 years and above, then you have an excellent scooter for them. And it doesn’t matter whether the toddler has used one before, this Razor Jr Lil’ is designed to cater for beginners. The scooter is lightweight weighing only 6.2 pounds easy for the kid to carry around. To ensure maximum stability, it comes with three wheels. Owing to the three wheels, your kid can comfortably scoot even on a rough area on sidewalks. The wide rear wheel further enhances the stability such that the kid cannot easily tip over as they maneuver. Besides, the wheels are large and smooth thus able to roll fast. The deck is slip resistant to ensure that that the kid does not get hurt as they scoot.

It comes with a T-bar that fitted with pads so your kid can have a firm grip on the handles. Also, the handlebar is adjustable such that you don’t have to worry about your kid outgrowing it. Besides, the pads help to prevent sliding when riding the tricycle. Also, the frame is made of steel making it highly sturdy for the safety of your kid. The scooter supports children 45 pounds and below.


  • Excellent choice for beginners
  • Highly lightweight to carry around
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Adjustable handlebars as the child grows
  • Handlebars have pads for a right and firm grip
  • 3 wide wheels ensure stability


  • Few customers report that the rear wheel hurts the ankle. However, many others have come in defense of the scooter confessing how good it is

1. Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter

Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter

Topping the list is the highly rated scooter that has attracted much attention and numerous positive reviews from consumers like you. Micro mini is best for children between 2 and 5 years. If you are into a scooter that helps your child to have not only fun but also exercise, Micro mini is what to go for. It is the best gift you can offer you kid and brings much joy to you as they scoot along the sidewalks innocently for years.

It is an excellent option for a toddler because it has 3 polyurethane wheels and a low deck that render it highly stable. The wheels are quite smooth such that you cannot hear any irritating sounds common in other scooters. Micro mini deck is reinforced with fiberglass to further helping to absorb any shock as the kid scoots. Thus, even on a bumpy sidewalk, there is minimal or no impact.

As a parent or guardian, rest assured that you will get a unique product because it uses an exceptional design known as lean-to-steer. The design technology enables your kid to lean to the left and right as they steer just like on a typical skater. That helps the child learn how to make a turn by leaning on either side. In the process, they can gain stamina and coordination which come in handy in studying and other sports.

Besides the cutting-edge design technology, the scooter is safety certified by the CPSC. The scooter can comfortably support weight up to 44lbs. As a parent, you are assured of safe equipment for your kid it has clinched several awards. ASTRA Best Toy Award 2019 and Parent Choice Award 2019 are just examples.


  • Highly lightweight weighing 5.07 pounds.
  • Unique lean-to-steer technology
  • Low enough for maximum stability
  • Smooth wheels and fiberglass deck for a quiet ride and impact absorption
  • Sturdy and highly durable
  • Won numerous top quality awards


  • The manufacturer cautions that there may be choking small parts and hence not suitable for children below 3 years


It is after conducting an extensive research that we compiled the above list. You can be sure of high-quality kid scooters that will not disappoint. The ball is in your coat now. Read it comprehensively, and you will be in a position to decide. Select the one that suits your preferences. You have to consider the prices, adjusting mechanism, wheels and more features as discussed above. Grab one and make your kid smile today

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