These are the Top 10 Best Air Jordans Ever Made

These are the Top 10 Best Air Jordans Ever Made

Best Jordans Ever Made

Which of the iconic Jordans is the best ever of all time? We will try to answer that question. Whether you are a player, or just a fan, there is a Jordan out there with your name on it. Time has not diminished the demand for Air Jordan sneakers even in 2020.

Michael Jordan, a legendary basketball player in the NBA lends his name to these great sneakers. In order for you to decide which one will suite you, we review10 of the best Air Jordans for 2020.

We look at design, high or low top and we even throw in a Jordan sandal. We consider type of material used, type of sole and what features they have to make you stand out on and off the court. Inner and outer soles, uppers, details, and authenticity are things to consider when looking for your perfect Air Jordan.

Whether you are a young kid making your mark in basketball, heading for the NBA, or an older person reliving your glory days, there is an Air Jordan sneaker for you.


Nike Jordan Men’s Air Jordans 7 Retro Basketball Shoe

best overall ratingNike Jordan Air Red/blue

Our Review


One of the topNike Jordan sneakers, the Nike Jordan Men’s Air Jordan 7 is one of the most stylish and comfortable. Offering rubber soles, leather uppers and a dynamic-fit inner sleeve which ensures maximum comfort for the wearer.

If styling is important to you then this Air Jordan with its classic white, blue and red colouring with gold embossing will be the one you want. Not only will it give you the comfort and grip you need on the court, you will look great in them too.

The polyurethane footbed with phylon wrap will give you great cushioning and is extremely durable, the flexible forefoot and large-volume heel Air-Sole will make you feel like you can fly just like the great man himself did in the NBA. To ensure great grip on the court, you get a solid rubber partial cupsole with triangular outsole pattern.


  • Leather uppers
  • Dynamic-fit inner sleeve
  • Flexible forefoot and large-volume heel Air-Sole
  • Polyurethane footbed with phylon wrap for extra cushioning
Looking good and playing great go together with this Nike Jordan Mens Air Jordan sneaker. It is comfortable and flexible with great grip allowing you to get the best out of your game.

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By Jordan

Nike Mens Air Jordan 13 Leather Basketball Shoe

premium choice ratingJordan Men's Air 13 Retro

Our Review


A Jordan that fits the bill in both style and comfort. Styled with white tumbled leather on the tongue that extend across the side panels, and a cherry red that is used across the midsole and then through the heel. You get the traditional hologram on the ankle and the signature Jumpman branding is emblazoned on the tongue. This is a rereleased or authentic Jordan with everything Jordan sneakers promise to offer.

The third release of this model and one of the great Jordan 13s of all time. You will not only be able to get your game one but look stylish doing so. These are comfortable and will fit your foot well. You will also get your sneakers in an original Jordan box

  • White leather
  • Stunning cherry red
  • Signature Jumpman branding
  • Super comfortable
Style and game meet in the Nike Mens Air Jordan 13 Cherry and you will not be out of place on any court. Comfortable and stylish and one of the best Air Jordan 13s that have been rereleased.

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By Jordan

Nike Jordan Men’s Air Jordan 7 Retro Basketball Shoe

great value ratingNike Air Jordan Grey

Our Review


Air Jordan 7 “Marvin the Martian” are super comfortable with a leather upper in various different colours.

This sneaker offers a dynamic-fit inner sleeve which gives you maximum comfort on the court. The solid rubber partial cupsole with triangular outsole pattern adds to your level of comfort and improves grip. The large-volume heel air-sole will cushion your feet for those hard courts, while the polyurethane footbed with phylon wrap is durable and again cushions your foot. You will feel like you are playing in the NBA with Jordan wearing these re-released sneakers.

One of the more affordableauthentic Jordan sneakers on the market the Air Jordan 7 Retro will give you more than you asked for.

  • Leather uppers
  • Rubber sole
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Cushions your foot for those hard games
A great Air Jordan that will not break the bank. Play your game hard and in style and comfort with the Nike Jordan Mens Air Jordan 7, you wont regret getting a pair of these great sneakers.

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By Jordan

Nike Jordan Men’s Air Jordan 8 Shoe

Nike Jordan Air Black/blue

Our Review


This black Jordan will have you looking good and feeling good on the court or anywhere. With its leather and synthetic uppers and rubber sole it looks stylish in black. The TPU external heel counter and insert in the midfoot houses an internal shank plate, giving you ultimate comfort and cushioning.

The rubber outsole has a circular traction pattern and flex grooves that are strategically placed to give you great grip on any surface. The Jordan 8 features hook-and-loop straps.

  • Hook-and-loop straps
  • Circular traction pattern
  • Leather and synthetic uppers
  • TPU external heel counter and insert
Stylish and modern sneaker in black that will make you the envy of your fellow players on the court, and your friends everywhere else. Extremely comfortable and durable with great grip on any surface.

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By Nike

Men’s Nike Air Jordan 7 Retro “Hare” Shoes

Air Jordan 7 Retro

Our Review


A classic looking sneaker with white leather uppers and eye-catching red and orange tongue. The mid-soles of this Air Jordan will have you looking like a bosson the court with the striking red colour.

Made from premium materials the Mens Nike Air Jordan 7 Hare has a leather upper and rubber sole. Great grip on the court, or any other surface comes standard with this sneaker. A comfortable sneaker with a great fit and 100% authentic Air Jordan.

  • Leather
  • Rubber Sole
  • Red and Orange tongue
  • Red mid-soles
An authentic Michael Jordan that gives you the feeling you can accomplish anything on the court even play in the NBA one day. Great grip on any surface and great to look at, this comfortable sneaker is everything you need to take your game to the next level.

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By Jordan

Nike Men’s Lebron XIII Jordans Shoe

Nike Lebron XIII Black

Our Review


A Jordan with a difference. The Nike Mens Lebron XIII Jordan is a great looking sneaker that is extremely comfortable.

Made from mesh uppers that allows you foot to breathe and rubber soles for good grip this is an excellent buy. The flywire cables wrap around your heel for sturdiness and extend from midfoot. The Zoom L.E.A.P. system will boost your height so that you can slam dunk that hoop like a pro in the NBA.

Four independent Zoom Air units give you great cushioning for your feet and make for a very flexible sneaker. The two Zoom Air units under the heel are 13mm thick. The Lebron XIII is available in a number of different colours to suite your style.


  • Mesh uppers
  • Rubber soles
  • Zoom L.E.A.P. system
  • Independent Zoom Air units
You will be making all the best moves with these Jordans, slam dunking has never been so easy. With extra lift and flexibility as well as various colours looking stylish on the court is easy.

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By Nike

Jordan Mens Hydro 5 Slide Sandals

Jordan Hydro 5 Grey

Our Review


What to wear post game will not be a question anymore with these Jordan Mens Hydro 5 Retro Slide Sandals. The Slide are synthetic with a rubber sole, so completely waterproof. Not only are they adjustable to get just the right fit for your feet, they feature a TPR footbed, which will massage your foot to help you cope with those aching feet after game time. The lightweight foam Phylon will cushion and support your feet helping you to recover quicker.

The Slide is available in various different colours to suite your taste. Its sleek looks and signature Jordan details are just icing on the cake.


  • TPR footbed
  • Rubber sole
  • Adjustable fit
  • Signature Jordan details
After the game you need time to unwind and give your feet a break, the Slide is comfortable, well cushioned, and will give your aching feet the care they need with the TPR footbed. With the signature Jordan details looking good in the change room has never been easier.

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By Jordan

Air Jordan 11 Men’s Shoes White & Metallic Gold

Air Jordan 11 Retro

Our Review


For the best grip you can get on the court or any surface along with great style and comfort the Air Jordan 11 Low Mens Shoes are sure to be a winner.

They have a leather and durabuck upper with patent leather details, a midsole air-sole unit and a carbon fiber shank plate to support the arch of your foot. The rubber outsole has a multi-directional pattern that helps you get a firm grip on all surfaces.

The Jordan 11 is a low sneaker with the classic Jordan Brand design. A clean white colour with a striking gold band around the bottom of the sneakers makes them a standout Air Jordan.

  • Leather and durabuck upper
  • Carbon fibre shank plate
  • Rubber outsole
  • Midsole air-sole unit
Style meets comfort in one of the best Air Jordan 11s of all time. A classic Jordan Brand design that will let you feel like a winner and play like a pro in the NBA.

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By Jordan

Nike Men’s Air Jordan 3 Retro OG

Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro OG

Our Review


The Nike Mens Air Jordan 3 Retro OG is one of the best Jordan sneakers on the market. It has a leather, nubuck and synthetic upper which provides you with premium comfort and stylish looks. The fabric sole and rubber outsole for excellent traction. The collar is cushioned and the TPU heel counter gives stability.

The PU midsole with heel and forefoot Air-Sole units will cushion your feet from even the harshest jolts, giving you even more comfort. The Air Nike logo is featured on the heel which is a nice touch.


  • Leather upper
  • Rubber outsole
  • Cushioned collar
  • TPU heel counter for stability
A 100% authentic Air Jordan Brand sneaker with signature details. Comfort, style and durability all wrapped up this Nike Mens Air Jordan. With a leather upper, rubber outsole and ultimate comfort and stability in the cushioned collar and TPU heel counter, what more can you ask?

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Nike Mens Air Jordan 13 “Black Cat” Shoes

Nike Air Jordan Retro 13

Our Review


A rare Jordon 13 Black Cat is a limited release and is sure to catch you attention. The full black upper with 3M reflective detailing, matching black laces and Jumpman 23 hologram is sure to make this original limited release Air Jordan anywhere.

The synthetic and mesh upper to help your feet breathe, fabric sole and lightweight frame offers full support and will help you to make your mark on and off the court.


  • Limited release
  • Fabric sole
  • Synthetic and mesh upper
  • Jumpman 23 hologram
The Nike Mens Air Jordan 13 Black Cat is a well designed limited release sneaker with signature detail, and due to it being a limited release it is sure to become a collectors item. The synthetic and mesh upper and Jumpman 23 hologram give this sneaker a great look.

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By Jordan

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Buyers Guide Questions

Are Nike Shoes and Jordans two Different Names for the same Brand?

The Air Jordan is a part of Nike, they were endorsed and created for Michael Jordan when he played for the Chicago Bulls basketball team in the NBA. They were designed by Nike and the Air Jordan I was released to the public in 1985. In 1997 theyallowed the Jordan Brand to come into its own, so in effect, Nike and Jordan sneakers are not only two different names but two separate Brands, although both come out of the Nike family.

What are the Differences Between OG Jordans and Retro Jordans?

The simple answer to this question is that the OG Jordans are the original Air Jordan sneakers that have not been rereleased ever. The Retro Jordan seakers are those that have been rereleased. That is the basic difference, so lets look at Retro vs OG Jordans.

Michael Jordan retired in 2003, however the popularity of his shoes never diminished, even now they are still in great demand the world over. Even in 2020 when some of the Air Jordan sneakers have reached the ripe old age of 30+ they remain very popular. In fact Jordan shoes are the top ranking shoes in the world today and they not only sell sneakers but apparel, sandals and more.

The Retro Jordans are shoes that Michael wore while he was still playing for the Chicago Bulls, or classic Air Jordan sneakers that have been rereleased, sometimes more than once. Retro shoes have been slightly modified and then rereleased into the market. Modifications are done to the type of material used to make the sneaker and of course incorporating modern technology into the shoe giving it new life and renewing its popularity, especially with the younger market. The design however remains the same classic look it was originally released with. Many different models of the Air Jordan have been rereleased over the years, in fact entire models of Jordan basketball shoes have been Retrod. They are extremely popular and in some cases some of the models have been rereleased several times over. Nike selected the coolest Jordan sneakers over the last 30 years, and some of the greatesthave been resurrected by the Retro Jordan range.

OG Jordan, as we said, are the models that have never been rereleased onto the market at all. These are the classic Jordan sneakers that are all still exactly the same as when they were originally released. These shoes are called OG or originals. The Jordan 1 is an OG, and because they are over thirty years in age, they are one of the rarest Jordans of all time. People have paid up to $25000 for these rare OG Jordan. Some of the newer fans prefer the Retro’s because they are modernised in material and technology, however there are those who prefer the classic Air Jordan to the newer versions even in 2020 many years after Michael’s retirement from the NBA.

Whether you prefer the OG or the Retro, the Jordan remains a classic. Despite its age and in this modern time it has not lost its flavour amongst young and old alike.

Does Nike Still Own Jordans?

Jordan sneakers were inspired by the legendary Michael Jordan during his playing days in the NBA. The deal for Jordan line of basketball shoes was struck in 1984 and released to the public in 1985, and yes theystill do own Jordan. Air Jordan are and have always been part of the family. However in 1997 theyallowed Jordan to become a sub-brand. This means that for all intents and purposes the Jordan labelcame into its own while still staying in the family. Although Jordan are still very much part of Nike, they do not sport any of their logos and only have the Jumpman logo on them. The Air Jordan with the Swoosh are collectors items in 2020 not so long a time after the rebranding.

How to tell if Air Jordans are Real?

Air Jordans are one of the most popular shoes in the world. Needless to say they are often counterfeited the world over due to their popularity, in fact there are factories set up in foreign countries whose main manufacturing business is to counterfeit Jordan shoes. Some of the indicators to them being fake, are price, and quality. There are no cheap Jordan shoes on the market so price is a good indicator. Quality is a mainstay of the Jordan lableand this can be a good indicator if the shoe you are about to buy is fake.

So what can you look for to determine that you are buying an original, authentic Jordan? After all you do not want to fork out a couple of hundred dollars for a Jordan to find it is not worth the money you spent. You need to know for sure it is the genuine article before buying. Firstly know what shoe you are looking to buy, and if you are not sure what it should look like Google it, often you can find the shoes on Amazon to give you a good indication of what it should be like. Each Jordan has specific characteristics you can look out for, such as what labels appear on the shoe, release date etc so what all can you check for, even before seeing the shoe? We will list a few of them here, but the list is not exhaustive, to help you set your mind at ease before buying the Jordan of your dreams.

  1. Check the quality of the box Nike always package their shoes in a box with a logo on the lid and on and on the side of the box. The lid should fit tightly. The colour of the box itself will be the same all over even on the inside of the lid. Check the spelling and alignment of the box itself too, it should be a quality box with uniform texture and no errors in the brand logo.
  2. Labelling on the Box – There will be a modelnumber on the box, this is nine digits long as well as details on the name, size, colour combination and country of manufacture listed on the side of the box.
  3. The nine digit number on the shoe should match the one on the box. Quality of the shoe is also a clue as to authenticity, spelling errors and uneven stitching will be a sure sign you are about to buy a fake. The tail end of the Q in fabrique should always start inside the circle. These are specific to the Jordan Taxi 11s.
  4. There should be a production date on the label that will match the original production run. Just remember that if you are buying a Retro the production run date will be later than the original run.
  5. Check the attachment of the label, if it is misaligned or bumpy this could be an indicator that the shoe is fake.
  6. Check the labels on the shoe itself, are they were they are supposed to be? Are they properly aligned and do they have the right colour styling?
  7. Check the laces and shoelace tabs. Are they evenly spaced and exactly the same size. Does the logo appear in the right place on the tongue?
  8. Check the colour, is it one you have never seen before? It would be a good ideato Google the model you are about to purchase to see if that colour is found in that shoe.
  9. Check the patent leather on the shoe to determine the quality, as well as the overall quality of the workmanship on the shoe. If it is not up to standard, then there is a high likelihood that the shoe is fake. If the shoe has patent leather, then there will be two evenly spaced rows of stitching with high quality patent leather.
  10. Check the height of the heel of the shoe you are looking to purchase. Again Google if you are not sure what it should be.
  11. Check the back heel tab of the shoe, check that the number displayed is correct and in alignment with the shoe itself.
  12. Check the materials being used in the shoe itself and the sole of the shoe, if you are not certain what materials are used in that specific model then you will have to Google it.
  13. The pattern on the sole of the shoe should match the specific shoe you are looking to buy.
  14. Finally the overall stitching on the shoe should be of high quality. They should not appear squashed or two far apart but evenly spaced.

Also remember is you are buying your Air Jordan shoe whether it be Retro or OG online you should always be sure you are buying from a legitimate retailer such as Amazon. So do you checking and buy from reputable dealers and you should have no problem getting an authentic, classic OG or Retro Jordan shoe in no time.


Timeless quality and new modern styling come together in the Air Jordan sneaker. Looking for a sneaker that is bred on the courts of the NBA to perform and look great at the same time, then Air Jordan Sneakers are the ones you must get. New rereleased sneakers or Original release (OG’s) sneakers are all the rage and as popular as ever. It is an iconic brand that speaks of legendary prowess in the NBA, and classic style off the court.

When deciding which Jordan to choose you need to consider what you are going to use it for. Are you a player, or just a fan? Do you do a lot of walking on busy streets and need to get that comfort and traction you need to get where you are going? The Air Jordan range of sneakers have what you need. We reviewed the 10Best Jordan Sneakers for 2020 available on Amazon and we know that one of them is the right one for you.

Nike Jordan Air Red/blue

Top Pick

A high quality, comfortable sneaker, and one of the greatestNike Jordans, the Nike Jordan Mens Air Jordan 7 Shoe is stylish and will make your court time pleasurable. With leather uppers and dynamic-fit inner sleeve, polyurethane footbed with phyon wrap you will not find a more comfortable shoe to get you through those hard games. The large-volume heel Air-Sole and great grip add to the great features of the shoe, making it our Top Pick.

Jordan Men's Air 13 Retro

Premium Choice

A premium shoe for both looksand comfort. Let the traditional signature Jumpman is emblazoned on the tongue letting everybody know that you are wearing an authentic original Jordan. Lift your game to new heights with one of the topJordan sneakers, not only that, but this Michael Jordan 13 is also one of the coolest Jordan sneakers. With its cherry red and white colour the Nike Mens Air Jordan 13 “Cherry” gets the nod as our Premium Choice.

Nike Air Jordan Grey

Great Value

There are no cheap Jordan sneakers but the Nike Jordan Men’s Air Jordan 7 Shoe is one of the better priced Jordan sneakers around. This Air Jordon 7 Marvin the Martian sneaker is available in various different colours to match your taste. Because it is well priced does not mean it lacks in quality or flair. The dynamic-fit inner sleeve, solid rubber partial cupsole and triangular outsole pattern will give you a new level of comfort while also affording maximum grip on the court. Add to all of that the large-volume heel air-sole cushions your foot allowing you to get through

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