These 10 Best Apple Watch Cases – Most Durable and Functional in 2019

These 10 Best Apple Watch Cases - Most Durable and Functional in 2019

For tech lovers, the Apple Watch is a sought-after and must have accessory mainly because of its functionality. It is also aesthetic, has invaluable features that many users find impossible to live without, and comes with an array of interesting accessories that you can use to customize performance and looks to reflect your personal style.

If you own an original Apple Watch, for instance, and looking to protect it from scratches and or environmental elements such as rain or sunshine, a well-made Apple Watch case will come in handy. They are easy to install, are attainable in an array of aesthetic styles and designs, and offer superior protection without compromising its performance. For the best experience, the top 10 best Apple Watch cases to purchase in 2019 include:

10. Actionproof Apple Watch Case

Actionproof Apple Watch Case

Actionproof for Apple Watch is a premium-grade 42mm sports-themes case designed to offer superior protection to Apple Watches. It is durable, made of premium Laperen rubber ideal for people with metal allergies, and has an aesthetic and ultra-lightweight design that is ideal for active sporting. This 100% Italian made case offers 360-degree protection to Apple Watches.

It has a well-engineered crown shied, a 100% non-irritant and hypoallergenic design, and an intricate design that is easy to install. Simply slip it over your Apple Watch and install its bands for an aesthetic, custom look. Actionproof case is affordable, works with several brands of watches, and is ideal for everyday use.

9. Apple Watch Active Workout Case

Apple Watch Active Workout Case

Do you own an original Apple watch? Are you looking to protect it from dings and scratches while doing rigorous exercise activities? Consider buying this workout case for the following reasons: Even though cheap, this apple case is aesthetic and does not dampen the overall look of watches in any way.

It has a durable and rugged design that resists accelerated wear and tear, cushions the watch well when dropped, and has a comfortable chiseled design with wide bands that do not irritate nor dig into the skin when it is in use. Other notable attributes are its simple buckle and clasp system that eases wearing and removal, built in screen protection, and 3-year poetic warranty.

8. Luvvitt Apple Watch Case

Luvvitt Apple Watch Case

Luvvitt is a well-built crystal-themed full-body apple watch cover that is approximately 42mm in size. It is ergonomic, made of hard polycarbonate, and has a tempered glass screen protector that protects your delicate watch from scratches, dents, dings, and dents that might plague it while going about your daily activities or engaging in active sports.

Even though hard, this Japanese-made case is comfortable. It is also easy to install and remove, endures regular abuse well without breaking, and is recommended in most top 10 best apple watch cases in 2019 reviews for its affordability. It fits snugly, mimics the Apple watch design, and comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty.

7. Spigen SGP11504 Apple Watch Case

Spigen SGP11504 Apple Watch Case

Model SGP11504 by Spigen is a functional Apple Watch case designed to withstand the toughest of abuses without losing its shape. It is durable, has a stylish gunmetal theme that works well for men and women, and an array of innovative features that make it one of the most functional products in this niche.

Its 42mm dual layer design, for instance, is durable and offers extreme protection against scratches, dings, and dents. It also has a built-in screen protector that offers added protection, a bolstered design that supports active display, and has a hard PC and soft TPU build that lays comfortably on the hand when in use. Spigen SGP11504 is affordable, works well with all versions of Apple watches (including the 2019 version), and importantly, lasts long.

6. E LV Apple Watch Case

E LV Apple Watch Case

E LV is a light and ultra-slim 42mm Apple Watch case with a stylish semi-transparent design that works well for both men and women. It fits snugly, defends watches against scratches and shocks, and has a novel tool less design that is easy to install and remove. It is also comfortable, non-irritant, and is relatively easier to maintain using a soft microfiber cloth. If money is a concern, but convenience and reliability rank high on your list of wants, you will never regret buying this case. It is practical, allows you to exhibit your watch to friends and colleagues, and has wide, swappable able wristbands.

5. Ozaki Plated Apple Watch Case

Ozaki Plated Apple Watch Case

Specially designed for women, Ozaki is an ultra-slim 38mm Apple Watch case ideal for everyday usage. Its stainless steel and rose gold theme is aesthetic. Its low profile design is comfortable, has convenient cut-outs that grant easier access to all features, and has an ultra-light (0.5 grams) ultra slim (0.5mm) construction that installs in a second. Once fitted, this case complements the original shape of Apple watches, retaining the smooth lines and smooth edges that most users find invaluable. It lacks the bulk of most contemporary watches and protects watches well against scratches.

4. Luvvitt Ultra Armor Apple Watch Case

Luvvitt Ultra Armor Apple Watch Case

For superior protection against dents and scratches, this Ultra Armor Apple Watch case by Luvvitt is among the best products to use. It is stylish, made of an exclusive Fluoroelastomer flexible rubber material that does not irritate users, and a 42mm form-fitting design that resists dirt, heat, bumps, and drops. It is clean, protects the digital crown well, and has a novel tactile feel technology for easier operation of its buttons. With each purchase, you get a limited warranty and impeccable Luvvitt support.

3. Monoy Apple Watch Case

Monoy Apple Watch Case

Considered among the top 10 best apple watch cases in 2019 reviews Monoy is a well-built 42mm protective Apple Watch case that fits snugly when in use. It is super lightweight, has a transparent construction and true to size cut-outs that do not impeded watch features, and has a self-cleaning hard plastic construction that resists stain, dust, minor dents, and scratches. With it, therefore, you will not only protect and prolong the life of your watch, but also enjoy using its plethora of features on demand.

2. i-Blason Apple Watch Case

i-Blason Apple Watch Case

Compatible with 2019 edition of Apple Watch, i-Blason is a premium-grade case made of quality TPU plastic. It has a stylish sporty design, front raised edges that protect the screen from scratches, and a sturdy yet flexible design that fits comfortably and snugly on the hand. As most products on this list, it has accurate cut-outs, is easy to install, and is attainable as a five-color combination pack that offers value for money.

1. Spigen SGP11496 Rugged Armor Apple Watch Case

Spigen SGP11496 Rugged Armor Apple Watch Case

A bestseller in many stores, Spigen SGP11496 is a rugged Apple Watch case that offers superior protection against impact, drops, and scratches. It is 42mm, made of flexible and durable TPU, and has metalized buttons that generate tactile feedback when in use. You get two well-designed screen protectors with every purchase.


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