The SmithShaper Ab Roller & Squat Trainer

The SmithShaper Ab Roller & Squat Trainer


The SmithShaper is a unique abdominal and core strengthening exerciser developed by former body builder and SmithShaper Founder, Marcus Smith. It consists of a streamlined, low to the floor, flat platform that contains the device’s six wheels within the housing. This is a significant improvement over the typical ab-wheel because the SmithShaper Ab Roller & Squat Trainer is a complete home gym in a box.


In other words, your hands, forearms and feet can be placed on the SmithShaper’s flat surface. This dramatically increases the number of muscle strengthening exercises that can be performed over traditional ab-roller solutions. And that’s not all, when upright, the SmithShaper can be worn like a lightweight backpack to perform perfect posture squats! The Patent Pending SmithShaper Ab Roller & Squat Trainer exercise device is the only portable device of its kind in the world today.

Squat Trainer

The low profile, smooth-rolling backpack design, sets the SmithShaper apart from other portable fitness devices on the market. Users can perform full range squats most anywhere with good posture.

Compared to stand-alone squats using your body weight, or using bulky gym equipment, the SmithShaper forces you to squat with a straight back angle. This helps to reduce stress on the lower back and knees.


As the SmithShaper enables hands-free squats, dumbbells can be used for added resistance. Rolling squats against a wall also magnifies the targeting of the glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings during the squat exercise. It is perfect for men and women that want to strengthen the muscles and ligaments surrounding their knees. Since the motion is easier than traditional squats, it is also ideal for women that want to improve the shape of their legs and butt because many more repetitions are possible with the SmithShaper.

Ab / Core / Legs / Upper Body Muscle Strengthening & Toning


The SmithShaper Ab Roller & Squat Trainer platform rolls close to floors while performing ab / core exercises compared to ab-wheels or other higher riding rolling platforms on the market.


This assures increased stability and easier user operation. The SmithShaper is extremely versatile for individuals or for a class environment. For example, free weights can be placed on the surface for added resistance during abdominal rollouts. SmithShaper users have also attached cables for added resistance on some floor and inner/outer thigh strengthening/shaping exercises.

The SmithShaper is great for cross-training too! You can run with the SmithShaper on your back, stop for squats, ab rolls and floor exercises, and then continue running

Please review SmithShaper and select “Exercises” for the wide variety of SmithShaper exercises targeting abdominals, core, legs, glutes, lower back, obliques, chest, shoulders and arms.

The SmithShaper is compact and lightweight and can be used anywhere by people of any age or fitness level for a total body workout.

Additional Details


The SmithShaper Ab Roller & Squat Trainer support 350 lbs. on thermoplastic rubber wheels braced to each of the two metal axles with ABEC 5 bearings. SmithShaper President, Louis Morales, who designed the wheel and axle configuration of the SmithShaper, proudly touts “the device is strong and the ride is smooth and quiet too.” Speaking of wheels, another reason the SmithShaper is better than the competition is that the wheels will not mark or indent walls or floors. However, Louis is careful to remind people “if you plan to use the SmithShaper indoors and outdoors it is important to remember to wipe off the wheels.” That will ensure you don’t transfer dirt or debris to indoor walls/floors.

Uses: Home Fitness, Work, Travel, Gyms & Physical Therapy


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