The Coolest Christmas & Birthday Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls

The Coolest Christmas & Birthday Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls

Gifts for 11 Year Old Girls
Best Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls
Find the perfect gift for a smart, sassy, precocious preteen!

Finding the best gifts for 11 year old girls can be tricky, especially if you’re not quite sure what the latest preteen craze is! Trends pass by so quickly in the tweenworld that today’s super-cool gadget may well be tomorrow’s lamest invention. Somethings won’t change, though – her need to form her own opinions, be accepted by her friends, and her desire to learn about life andthe adult world she will soon enter! She will love exploring new interests and having fun as a social, knowledge-hungry preteen on the edge of puberty. Indulge hercuriosity and the impulse to experiment by giving her a great gift this Christmas.

Best Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls

Picture Product Name Best Enjoyed Solo / With Friends Price Our Rating
The Coolest Christmas & Birthday Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls 1 Penny Graphic Skateboard Solo $$$ 5
The Coolest Christmas & Birthday Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls 2 Sophisticated Science Perfume Science With Friends $$$ 4.75
The Coolest Christmas & Birthday Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls 3 Vera Bradley Smartphone Wristlet Wallet Solo $$ 4.95
The Coolest Christmas & Birthday Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls 4 Artist Studio Colossal Art Set With Friends $$ 4.75
The Coolest Christmas & Birthday Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls 5 Holstein Housewares Cupcake Maker With Friends $$ 5
The Coolest Christmas & Birthday Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls 6 Loopdedoo Spinning Loom Kit With Friends $ 5
The Coolest Christmas & Birthday Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls 7 Dork Diaries Box Set Solo $ 4.5
The Coolest Christmas & Birthday Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls 8 Birthstone Bangle Solo $ 4
The Coolest Christmas & Birthday Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls 9 The Big Book of Girl Stuff Solo $ 5

Guide to Buying Awesome Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls

With so many options available, how do you know what the best gifts for 11 year old girls are? You may be wondering how much to spend, what type of gift to buy, and even whether she would like a gift that follows a current tween trend. We have some tips to help you select a unique, fun, and appropriate gift for the special preteen in your life.

Around the age of 11, girls start to leave the “little kid” toys and books behind in favour of more grown-up and challenging games and activities. Puberty is just beginning, and that means that complicated physical, emotional, and mental changes are all happening at once. When it comes to choosing the best gifts for 11 year old girls, it can be tricky to find something that is neither too juvenile nor too mature. You want to get a gift that she will enjoy, and also something that will be a valuable resource for practising life skills. At this age she will also be starting to form her own opinions and personal tastes, which might drive her to explore new and unusual subjects and interests. Considering this new need to explore her identity, the more unique and novel your choice of gift, the better!

What are the best gifts for sporty girls?

The preteen years can be tricky for girls, especially when there is new and rapidly increasing social pressure to conform to gender roles. She may feel as if she shouldn’t play “masculine” sports any more as she gets older, but the right gift can encourage her to keep playing sports whilst having fun and gaining confidence in herself and her sporting abilities. Setting the example and reinforcing her love for sports will help her to stay happy and healthy as she enters the teenage years. The best gifts for sporty girls are things that will enhance her sports enjoyment and performance. The Penny Graphic Skateboard is a fantastic gift for sporty girls who are open to learning new skills, or skater girls who have been coveting a Penny board for ages – and she will love the fun, fresh graphic designs and colour combos. If she is a beginner, she will get the hang of it quite quickly with the help of tutorial videos and some patience.

If she already has all the usual sports equipment and gear – such as a soccer ball, hockey stick, sports shoes – you could get her a slightly different sports-related gift such as a sports-specific training manual, an autobiography of herfavourite sportsperson, or a sports-related game that she can play with friends. If your daughter is into professional sports at school and aspires to be a professional athlete, you could even get her a special smart watch that she can wear to monitor her progress as she trains. Supporting her passion for sports will help to boost her confidence and make her feel understood and loved.

It is important to get girls excited and passionate about sports as young as possible – and ideally before their teen years – so that they can get comfortable trying out new and exciting sportsand learning new skills without the interference of teen self-consciousness and social pressure. If she’s already into sports at age 11, you can make ita more fun and social activitythat will appeal to her peer-oriented tween life. Group sports and novel physical activity will keep her interested and keen to pursue sports in later life, which will keep her happy and healthy into adulthood and protect against lifestyle diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. The best treatment is prevention, and so it is well worth investing in the future health of the preteens in your life!

How can I tell if a gift is appropriate for an 11 year old?

The preteen age group is often hard to buy for, as you will need to use your judgement to decide if a gift is age appropriate or not. At 11 years old, girls are no longer juvenile, but they are not quite ready for the sometimes gritty reality of the teen world. This “in-between” age group can cause confusion to those who are not well acquainted with kids aged 9-12. However, there are some general guidelines! Here are a few things to consider when looking at the appropriateness of a gift:

  • The maturity of the recipient

Whilst there are general guidelines for maturity levels at age 11, girls can vary in their emotional and social development. Some girls will still enjoy more “childlike” toys and games, whereas other girls will be reaching for lip gloss and discussing their schoolgirl crushes. If it’s your own daughter, you will know exactly where she is in her development, and whether she is ready for more mature gifts such as books about puberty and relationships. If you’re buying a gift for a niece, friend’s daughter, or acquaintance, it’s a good idea to ask her parents what her interests are, and if you have a gift in mind but are unsure about it, you can always ask them if it would be appropriate.

  • Your budget and relationship to the recipient

You also need to bear in mind that you should spend an appropriate amount of money on a gift for the recipient. For example, you’d spend a lot more on your own daughter than you would on your friend’s daughter, due to the closer relationship you have with your little girl. In general, between $100-$75 is good for a close relative, whilst $30 and less is good enough for someone you don’t know so well. Of course, this is relative to your budget – don’t overspend out of obligation! A carefully chosen, thoughtful gift is better than a flashy one that puts you in debt.

  • No explicit content

Finally, remember that preteens are not yet teenagers, and so many topics and items may still be inappropriate for them to engage with. Also, the more delicate subjects are the territory of the parents, so while you may want to be the “cool aunt” who gives her a book about sex, periods, and dating, or her first bra, you really shouldn’t interfere. Keep your gifts fun, educational, and appropriate, and leave the parenting to the parents. If you’re shopping for your own daughter, you can judge what she needs and what she would like, and whether it’s the right time to introduce certain subject matter to her in a safe and supportive way.

What are the best gifts for girly girls?

If she’s a self-professed “girly girl” who loves feminine things, then there is a large variety of awesome gifts to choose from! At 11 years old, most girls will be interested in makeup, but won’t be buying their own or starting to wear it (especially as it will likely not be allowed at school). So, a good alternative is a set of fun tinted lip balms, or lip gloss – she can experiment with different looks with her friends, and get to feel more grown up without slathering on a full face of makeup!

Make-it-yourself jewellery kits, like the Loopdedoo Spinning Loom Bracelet Maker, are also fantastic gifts for girly preteen girls. She can get creative with her friends and they can make fun, unique friendship bracelets together. Simple, elegant, and personalized jewellery will also put a smile on her face – you could buy her a Birthstone Bangle that is personalized with a different coloured stone for each birth month. Choose jewellery that is reasonably priced and sentimental, and you can’t go wrong.

If she is interested in trying out perfumes, you could buy her a fragrant deodorant or perfumed body spray, or the Sophisticated Science: Perfume Science kit so she can create her very own fragrance! She can use it with friends as a fun sleepover group activity, and each girl can make her own “signature fragrance” that she feels embodies who she is. They can name their perfumes and have fun learning about the chemistry of scent!

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