The Best Women’s Bathing Suits for a Glam Summer

The Best Women’s Bathing Suits for a Glam Summer

Best womens bathing suits
Make a Splash This Summer With These Stylish and Glamorous Numbers

Women’s bathing suits; a polyester promise of summertime adventures, much needed vacations, and the inescapable need for a bikini body. Despite their lack of fabric, the diversity of styles and brands offered in todays beachwear market range from Bettie Page era pinup girl to the neon sporty chic modes trending today. Whichever vogue suits your fancy (pun intended), one of these numbers will definitely have you diving in, so you can catch a wave or catch some rays in Instagrammable style.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Women’s Bathing Suits

How to Guarantee Youll Find the Perfect Suit for YOU!

Set yourself up for beach-goddess status with this guide to helping you buy the very best women’s bathing suits, suited for you! Dive on in to your new best beachwear secret!

Identify Your Body Type: Zero Mostel said it best in, The Producers, When you got it, flaunt it! no matter what it is youve got to work with! Accept the realities of your body shape, and youll feel more confident for it! Here are the main body shapes and the most suitable women’s bathing suits for each of them:

  • Apple – You hold most of your weight in your upper body.Dont do high necklines, which will make you appear top heavy. Avoid tankinis, which will bring attention straight to your love handles.Do emphasize your gorgeous legs with high cut bottoms to accentuate them even more!
  • Pear – You hold most of your weight in your bottom and you thighs.Dont let your clothing bring attention to your lower half with loud or large bottom pieces.Do let your beautiful curvy booty and shapely legs speak for themselves. By accentuating your waistline and bust, you will help yourself by balancing your silhouette. Try high cut women’s bathing suits to bring the illusion of longer, leaner legs.
  • Hour Glass – Known for your curves, you have a shapely bust and bottom, with a slim, trim waistline.Dont go for shine. Avoid materials that get shinier as they stretch. These tend to highlight curves, lumps, and bumps in an unflattering way.Do go for matte colors, and women’s bathing suits styles with either ruching or a wrap in the middle.
  • Banana – Your have a small chest and bottom, with little definition at the waist.Dont rule out padding and underwire. Avoid the bandeau or triangle cut bikinis that will emphasize flatness.Do embellish! Look for women’s bathing suits with ruffles, fringe, beading, ruching, and pleating!

Identify Your Beach/Pool Recreation:

  • Are you an active beach-goer, with an athletic agenda including paddle boarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, boogie boarding, swimming, and beach volley? If so, make sure to search for a bathing suit with support, quality material, and coverage. Theres nothing worse than constantly having to fuss with a suit that keeps falling off!
  • Are you sunbather, bookworm, or margarita connoisseur with little intention of actually going in or near the water? If so, girl, go for style and comfort. For sun-soaking, avoid suits that will give you unflattering tan lines.
  • Are you constantly running from beach, to restaurant, to shopping, and back again? Then youll wan to find a suit that is versatile in its function! Look for something that can also be worn with skirts, pants, and jewelry, all while staying stylish.

Whats Your style?

This is the fun part! Whether you are sporty, boho, trendy, modern, classic, chic, romantic, eclectic, or a combination of a few, stay true to you! With so many options of women’s bathing suits in the beachwear market today, there is no reason you shouldnt embrace your own personal flair.

Whats your price range?

Be realistic with yourself: how much green do you want to dish out. For regular beachbums, youll want to get the best bang for your buck, especially when it comes to quality. For the every-so-often type a lady, ask yourself, What quality to I need in a suit?

Before you pay, read away!

Always take time to read the reviews of past buyers and wearers. There is valuable information to be found in the comments of those who have already experienced the product. Many times helpful suggestions on sizing, and analyses of quality can be found!

What size of women’s bathing suits should I order?

Most bathing suits follow the ordinary sizing of clothing. If not, many retailers provide sizing charts for convenience and assurance. Also, be sure to read comments and reviews of previous buyers, who can recommend the best size for you!

What is the bathing suit style for me?

We have covered many of the important points that you need to keep in mind when shopping for women’s bathing suits. The most important thing to keep in mind is your body type. You need to choose bathing suits that a good match for your type of body. If you are not familioar with the common styles, go through our review and find yourself a suitable suit that you will rock on the beach. You can also read fashion and style magazines for ideas on some of the top trends in swimwear.

How do I take good care of my bathing suit?

After a day at the beachfront or poolside, immediately hand wash in cold to lukewarm water with a mild detergent. Always hang dry suits to ensure quality elasticity and vibrancy of colors.

Hopefully, you have found a bathing suit here that will suit your tastes. We have reviewed a host of women’s bathing suits of varied styles and designs to cover as much broad spectrum of costs as posisble. Most of these are fairly affordable but we have also included some high end pieces that might sink a hole in your pocket but are unique and uber-stylish.

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