The Best Women’s Basketball Shoes in 2019 – Support and Comfort

The Best Women's Basketball Shoes in 2019 - Support and Comfort

As competition hits up in basketball, it is not only seen in the world’s famous men’s NBA play. Basketball is of competitive nature that comes with handling many rigors from sharp cuts to abrupt stops, multi-directional moves, and high jumps. For these reasons, a basketball shoe for women explores a unique craft to accommodate the female foot silhouette while giving it the advantage of stability, support, and maximum responsiveness.

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There are many manufacturers with a shoe directed towards women, but few of them live up to their claims when subjected to real play. Here, we have explored the market and brought you a platform with the best performing shoes in basketball for women.

First, What Should you Consider Before You Make Your Pick?

Which Style Do You Play?: Your kind of style should guide you because if you play a forward position, you must be a power player and as such, you’ll need a shoe that offers better stability. A heavy shoe with a construction from high-grade leather typical of the high-top shoe will most likely be the pick for you.

Other styles like in centers and guards also need proper cushioning but need to be lightweight because of speed. This support is usually seen with the mid-cut shoe that has adequate ankle support. And, as a beginner, you’ll need to look more into the low-cut types as they offer better flexibility and a full range of motion to the ankle.

Material that Makes the Shoe: The upper is what we are focused on. Shoes have a blend of leather, mesh, and other synthetic material. The more the leather, the more the strength and the more the mesh, the more ventilation you’ll have. Finding that balance in the construction is crucial so that you get the best of both worlds

Cushioning: This aspect is vital in basketball. The midsole is responsible for the cushioning. Examine the padding it offers to gauge its performance in the court. Today technology has been inculcated in basketball cushioning; the general feel of the shoe is subjective, so we urge that you go with your gut on this one.

Outsole: This feature explores traction and how the base sits when your feet are in the shoes. A durable outsole has thick rubber with deep traction. The herringbone pattern is in most shoes, so be sure to examine how the particular model sits on the outsole. Do you want to play indoors, outdoors or both? You’ll want to look at the manufacturer’s recommendations because most basketball shoes are made specific to where they’ll be playing.

10. Nike Prime Women’s Hype DF II Basketball Shoe

Nike Prime Women’s Hype DF II Basketball Shoe

Most of the high-performance shoes in basketball for women have a fashion twist that usually comes at an extra cost. The Nike Women’s Prime Hype DF II Basketball Shoe comes with style but retains an attractive price. This is why it makes as one of the best designs that continue to grace the basketball court year after year. As a professional player, you’ll want your shoe to be supportive but still feel lightweight in your feet. The Hype DF II comes in to fill this gap that is missed by other shoes.

The signature hyperfuse construction typical of the top has been revolutionized with more mesh for breathability. Dual density phylon proceeds to give the shoe complete cushioning that increases stability in fast paced movements as seen in cutting during dribbling. The midsole provides further shock absorption features by the compressed nature that leads it to accommodate pressure from the foot through its stress points. As such, impact received does not destabilize the footing.

The support it exhibits is a total dig because it comes with a synthetic leather upper which keeps the foot firm. This means when you need to make sharp directional changes it does not show resistance because it is quite flexible. This material is coupled with lots of mesh like from every angle to keep your feet breathing and fresh for a long time coming. This design adds to the responsive nature of the kick because it allows for speed and a smooth ride.
Nike Prime Women’s Hype DF II Basketball Shoe

With multi-directional traction, this pattern sets this shoe apart from others. You’ll note that you can make fast turns and your feet will not roll over from position. They suit the indoor player for training because the rubber is soft and dense, but the durability is lessened when it faces the outdoor courts. This is a shoe that will give you complete control because it is dust resistant, a factor that most people overlook when buying basketball sneakers.

The ankle area is uniquely made with a decoupled collar. It means that as the ankle is supported, it is responsive to the movements you make. You can rotate the foot, and you’ll still find it flexible without the fear you will drop at any moment. It helps with shifting the foot such that when you make lateral cuts, it will not trigger some painful twisting. The increase in the range of motion by the collar is the main reason this shoe is loved.

Nike is always at the forefront of exhibiting technology. Their Women’s Hype DF II is a high-end shoe, but it comes at a fair price. The cushioning is reliable for one-on-one opponent matches, and the upper support contributes to excellent performance. This shoe is innovatively crafted to make for the best pick for persons with narrow or wide feet. If your loved one adores basketball, get them this pair to make their court times better.

  • Full-length padding system
  • Free ankle range of motion because of the decoupled ankle collar
  • Mesh upper and back ensures maximum airflow
  • Lightweight to improve speed
  • Has only two color choices

9. adidas Metal Toe Women’s Superstar Original Basketball Shoe

adidas Metal Toe Women’s Superstar Original Basketball Shoe

When adidas takes their time to sculpt a shoe for basketball, they always surprise us with the design they bring forward. Take for instance this Metal Toe Women’s Superstar Original Basketball Shoe. They have stretched the limit of what would have been an ordinary low cut shoe and transformed it into a kick to reckon with. It is just available in two colors which for women that is a plus considering how much you love matching up outfits.

Cushioning is expected of all adidas shoes, and this one is no exception. The shoe sells itself the moment you have it on your feet. The inside layers on the insole tell a tale of extra padding that is resilient when it comes to breaking down. It is from EVA foam that gives the user a springy feeling upon landing and helps them to get back atop to shoot the ball above other players. As you can tell, you will love the boost technology it explores since it sees to it that you control the ball with explosive energy.

The Women’s Superstar adidas, is meant for young players because they do not carry metallic shanks but they are firm and afford the stability needed. It has a construction from leather to prevent the foot from shifting from within it. This kick combines with supportive laces that keep the foot in the shoe. This lockdown means you will not roll sideways and be in the danger zone for a severe ankle injury. Although this shoe is low-top the fact that it locks down the foot, shows it is reliable for some degree of explosive landing.
adidas Metal Toe Women’s Superstar Original Basketball Shoe

As far as keeping your foot secure, traction plays a major role. The Metal Toe Women’s Superstar carries the original herringbone pattern, typical of many basketball shoes. This pattern is preferred because it has what we like to call the bite ability. It where the shoe gives a firm grasp on the floor such that the knees receive support when making fast cuts and linear movements that cause a lot of stress. You’ll love even more because it helps with quick release after you make a touch-and-go landing, helping keep the feet on the floor.

This shoe features a mesh lining and perforated sides. It is ideal for training since it does not allow maximum air flow in the toe area. This is a function of the metallic shell where it offers stability from the front it inhibits proper ventilation. With this drawback, it does not mean you’ll be all sweaty because it is a low cut shoe which rarely retains heat since the foot is not all wrapped up from the ankle area. Even better, you’ll love that it is fashionable as it sits well with today’s fashion wear for women. You may play the guard area, so this shoe might not be for you, but as a player, a trendy pick makes it all better.

We must say that this is an impressive shoe, although it is not cut for ankle support, it makes it to this list because of the cushioning, traction and flexibility. Leather makes it all the better as it gives the shoe a firm frame. It does not disappoint with the speed support it provides, and it helps immensely with learning control and dribbling fast against opponents. Its neutral colors mean it can match with just about any uniform. Adidas Women’s Superstar is a step in the right direction.

  • Gives complete foot lockdown
  • Fashionable outside of the court
  • Reliable rubber outsole
  • Firm frame from by leather
  • There aren’t multiple colors to choose from

8. Sky II PUMA Women’s Basketball Shoe Hi Futur Wn’s

Sky II PUMA Women’s Basketball Shoe Hi Futur Wn’s

Having carved their name in the sports industry, PUMA offers a shoe that is not only fashionable but is also in for a basketball game. As much as style takes a backseat when choosing this type of shoe, you’ll find that it fits the casual world as well. It comes available in colors so that you can make a choice when matching with the uniforms. As a woman, we know how much you need to have a signature item. As an everyday shoe, we fell this shoe will fit your bill fine enough.

More reason to have this shoe on your feet is the shield it gives the shoe. The insole has a foamy feeling where the foot rests to give you proper protection when running, dribbling and shooting the ball. You’ll be able to safely make linear and lateral movements since the cushioning gives it the right weight to propel you fast enough on the court. As far as the midfoot is concerned, it will be a while before the tired feeling kicks in so you can play for long hours harder and with great stamina.

This is the shoe that has been passed on from generations ahead of you. The female players who wore this shoe in the 80s, swear by its functionality, versatility, and durability. The top explores a breathable synthetic material with a finish from original patterns. The perforation is crucial if you are going to last the game without sliding in your shoes or having that flimsy feeling that comes when you have thick socks, and they threaten to eat up your feet with heat. The tongue also has a light feeling for the purpose of giving your feet room to breathe.
Sky II PUMA Women’s Basketball Shoe Hi Futur Wn’s

For a fast and smooth ride, the shoe’s ankle collar give you that snug fit associated with strength to keep the foot stabilized inside the shoe. For those moments when other players give you a push that drives you to the ground, you’ll be pleased that in this shoe, your foot sees the ability to withstand that force helping you keep the foot from getting injuries. With the aid from lace closure and dual hook and loop straps, you can customize your fit to that which suits your exact purpose of the game. The essence here is to take falls graciously and take the next throw without budging from position.

As basketball sees a lot of pushing when controlling and keeping the ball on your side, you’ll need the Sky II to keep your feet planted to the ground. With the help from rubber outsoles that carry wavy patterns, they will successfully keep you from losing balance or slipping when sliding to the finish. The good thing with the outsoles is that they rarely attract dust, so you’ll be safe from traction reduction normally associated with dust collection. It also means you won’t keep on stepping on dust removal pads in the middle of a match which may lead to your benching.

The Sky II Futur by PUMA continues to be a shoe to reckon with in basketball. It delivers agility and resilience only seen with the design it showcases. Since the top sees that the feet do not twist and the ankle collar keeps the foot from losing its place in the shoe, you can rely on it for a season or two. It is a good thing that you don’t have to dig deep in your pocket to own this shoe. As far as basketball is concerned, Sky II delivers on all its claims.

  • Unique closure design
  • Stylish for both gaming and contemporary wear
  • Available in bright neon colors
  • Outsole resists dust
  • Some users don’t like that your foot rests flat in the shoe

7. Women’s UA ClutchFit Under Armour Drive 3 Basketball Shoes

Women’s UA ClutchFit Under Armour Drive 3 Basketball Shoes

When Under Armour was introduced to women’s basketball, it changed the way people viewed this sport. This shoe went on to win the best performance shoe award because it carries every desirable feature a woman in basketball would like to see in their kicks. It is great as a mid-cut shoe because the support and stability it brings to the game is unlike any other seen before. Shooters and guards alike love the all-around protection it gives their feet because it is this support that makes a difference during a match.

Starting with the traction as an important aspect, the shoe is of age with the famous herringbone pattern complete from the heel to the last toe. Although on feeling the traction, one may feel as if they are flat to the hand. Surprisingly, the pattern drives the foot to a low profile to release the player in admirable propulsion that drives the shooter’s ball home. With a firm grasp of the floor upon landing, one can safely say it is the shoe that matches the explosion seen on today’s basketball courts. However, this shoe tends to attract dust and may need wiping before each game.

The material that makes this shoe contributes immensely to why it’s known as a performance shoe. It features faux leather blend and a part mesh on the top. The mesh gives the shoe some lightweight while helping the player stay fresh throughout the game. While the faux leather blend gives the player strength, it is the reason for the flexibility experienced when making sharp directional changes, especially in dribbling. It helps in supporting transition while adding to the drive free speed and a smooth ride that delivers the player to complete control.
Women’s UA ClutchFit Under Armour Drive 3 Basketball Shoes

When it comes to the cushioning, this shoe carries multiple layers of soft plush material on the Ortholite-like sockliner. It explores a compression with foam that is extra padded, meaning it’s healthier and much lighter for running. It gets even better because the insole is detachable so you can wash it in case it gets a little grimy from sweating and taking a great deal of heavy training. The good thing with such an insole is that it gives you bouncy feeling exclusive to Under Armour advanced technology.

Further support is seen with the lace closure system that follows an interlock with the tongue so that it does not go into the foot when in mid-play. The laces give a strong hold of the shoe such that they do not give and you’ll concentrate more on the game and less on the shoe. You’ll like that since it comes with sturdy shanks that support the arch of the foot. It shows that you’ll never be in a position where the foot will be stressed in one place thus the pressure is distributed equally throughout the foot.

If you love basketball, then you’ll love the Under Amour Women’s ClutchFit. The performance award only means it is the shoe to beat opponents flat and square. The lockdown is all around from the forefront to the toe area. It is intended to support your ankle in a flexible and soft manner but still provides the secure feeling equally on the other parts of the foot. It fits small and big feet alike, making it the shoe of the best basketball player.

  • Lockdown keeps the foot from side to side shift
  • Wide base to give a soft landing
  • Internal shanks keep the arch stabilized
  • Traction allows for quick response
  • It tends to attract dust on the outsole

6. Micro G Torch Under Armour Women’s Basketball Shoe

Micro G Torch Under Armour Women’s Basketball Shoe

The Micro G Torch is another unique design by Under Armour, exclusive only to basketball. It is a mid-top shoe so you can already tell it is made for support and stability that comes with explosive landings and take off. Turn that dull game into something the media is going to be talking about with the Micro G. The shoe gives the flex and groove for a woman who loves being the eye-catcher since as much as it gives support, you’ll be styled up to make moves with total grace.

First, we’ll look at the support this shoe gives the wearer. You’ll be pleased to note that it has a rigid construction thanks to the TPU shank that adorns the midsole. It is meant to support the young but seasoned players who have total control of the game since with the TPU shank. The shoe tends to stretch to the side which is not a bad thing when making fast paced movements. More so, you’ll like that the base is a bit wide, preferable for landing and revitalized take off after heavy pushes from opponents. The platform on the shoe prevents the occurrence of rollovers so that the foot is protected from dangerous twisting.

The EVA foam on the insole is an excellent contribution to the comfort of the shoe. It is capable of giving you that bounce which absorbs impact while distributing the pressure to the whole shoe. This nature of cushioning explores more density that is less responsive to shock; hence the foot receives support that can be seen in the sister shoe ClutchFit Drive3. You’ll love that with the support it gives you the confidence to explore advanced moves and skill improvement. This spirit drives winners to become superstars.
Micro G Torch Under Armour Women’s Basketball Shoe

Coming with multi-directional herringbone traction, you’ll feel a lot of floor control as you’ll be set for quick take off and stopping in a heartbeat without skidding off the floor. It is a one-piece rubber outsole that makes you make both linear and lateral movements with ease. Unlike other models, this shoe rarely attracts dust and performs equally well on an outdoor court as it would on an indoor court. This is because the dense pattern covers every part of the shoe and is thick enough to handle gravel without wearing.

This shoe gives the user a snug fit to the size. Women with slightly large feet will need to go with half size larger because it has a narrow front, but this does not mean it will feel tight. Under Armour has gone the extra step to ensure the toe area is seriously cushioned so that the toes may not feel compressed and uncomfortable. The ventilation is by the leather perforations on the side and mesh tongue. Although it is better to have the perforation to the top too, we feel that the mesh on the tongue does a good job of airflow.

The Micro G Torch is a kick meant for full performance at least to the small forwards and guards who need absolute control in directing the game. This is the brand that requires you only buy the shoe not the brand name. It is a highly functional shoe, and you’ll find it can go a season giving you cushion and ankle support without trouble. Compared to other models, we feel the Micro G Torch will outlive most of them because it does not attract dust and can play outdoors.

  • Laces provide perfect lockdown
  • Comes in beautiful colors and patterns
  • Traction is deep and throughout the outsole
  • TPU shank keeps the foot from painful twisting
  • It does not give maximum ventilation on the top

5. Women’s UA Jet Under Armour Basketball Shoes

Women’s UA Jet Under Armour Basketball Shoes

When Under Armour say business, they mean performance, as can be seen with the Women’s UA Jet, improved basketball shoe. It brings life to the game and has driven players to greater heights. The reasons are beyond two words so lets us delve further into what the Jet has to offer the everyday female basketball player. Seeing that women have softer feet, it is imperative that they have sufficient shielding from impact because it is the leading cause of serious injury when it comes to basketball.

This shoe gives you comfort from the outsole, which has a herringbone pattern on the heel and the forefront leaving out the midsole which curves in to hug the foot. This is a unique design with a focus on giving the wearer control on the movements they make since you can land in an explosive manner and still manage to stop to make a directional turn with immediate action. It is the shoe that makes sliding come to life and swinging from the rim seem like just any other move. If you are the tall, dependable shooter, then you will love running in this shoe.

The UA Jet comes with a soft collar that gives the ankle ample cushioning. Together with the lace closure that tends to pull the heel to the back of the shoe, the whole foot will see complete stability in the locked position. The collar, however, is responsible for flexing the foot since you can pull the heel as you bounce off the floor and the collar will respond in turn to give you a forward thrust. Since it comes with TPU shanks even on the heel sides, the ankle will be prevented from rolling to the side in case of sharp motions which lead the foot to turn painfully.
Women’s UA Jet Under Armour Basketball Shoes

The game always heats up in the first minutes of the match, and that’s where this shoe comes in. It showcases top leather with breathing holes and a soft tongue with an airy feeling. As the toe area is where heat gathers, the holes come in handy in letting off that excess steam. It ensures your feet remain healthy even when playing on a hot day. The good thing is that the insole absorbs sweat as much as it absorbs shock.

The insole comes in handy as the primary cushioning element seen in this shoe. The interior has a make from molded EVA foam. The compressed EVA ensures that after breaking in, the shoe will be customized to your foot only. It is a form of 3D construction that leads the kick to note the compression areas and take up that formation after a few wears. It’s the reason why you may never feel comfortable in someone else’s shoe because the shoe is only responsive to the first wearer. With the foam, it lets the foot sink to the ground in just the right places and to give the bounce back when making cuts.

This shoe is a competitive make because the manufacturer realizes the perks that come with what it takes to win the game. For all the players that take full control of the game and drive it to the finish, the UA Jet is just the perfect kick. You’ll be surprised that because of the customization, you may never let go of the Jet. It is stiff to jump and land while it is flexible to run and turn. Agility is what you require, and UA Jet drives the point home.

  • Suits most positions in basketball
  • Gives proper support without being tight
  • EVA midsole gives the bouncy feeling required for impact
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • It may require a break in period before full support kicks in

4. Torch Fade Under Armour Women’s Basketball Shoe

Torch Fade Under Armour Women’s Basketball Shoe

We say first impressions last longest and nothing says to keep going more than the Torch Fade again by Under Armour. We love to feel in control and in basketball, this is the feeling you want to have if you are going to last as a player, more so as a winner. It is designed to fit women’s narrow heels while the base remains wide to receive impact. The interior design makes it all the more attractive so that when you make a pick, it will be the UA Torch Fade.

First, here comes a shoe whose support system does not disappoint from any dimension. All the way from the toes to the heel, there’s notable reference to EVA foam. Especially at the midsole, is follows an upgrade from the normal compression to a much better combination where a little bounce is added. You’ll get impact absorption and high responsiveness that allow for heavy landings and explosive take offs. It’s what we see in the best guards and centers.

The breathability of this shoe is perhaps the reason it sticks out from the rest of the shoes in this list. It has perforations on the sides of the synthetic leather which has an integrated mesh on the top and heel area. This is a remedy for all the sweaty feet because you’ll be saying goodbye to that feeling of grime sitting between your toes and giving you difficulties when making turns. This shoe’s structure is in a manner that is seen to take the shape of the foot so that the leg breathes in the midst of the heat that normally exudes in play. You can forget about the shoe and be more in the game.
Torch Fade Under Armour Women’s Basketball Shoe

The torch fade also carries the signature herringbone pattern in Under Amor shoes but takes a turn because they are hard and stiff with the non-marking feature achieved with them. It means the traction will not wear with time and will be able to handle slippery unmaintained clay courts and retain its groove when in gravel courts which may give the shoe a run for their pattern. A good combination with the traction is the molded toe cap that helps in giving the shoe the grasp it needs in grasping at the floor when the heel is off the ground.

Torch fade is one of those attractive designs that do not only grace the court. It makes you stick out even when you have it on with casual outfits. Since it is dust resistant and the sole can handle the outdoors, you can practice through running on the outside tracks as it will afford you the ability to gain momentum because of the cushioning balances off the weight while keeping you up to high speed and acceleration to make linear cuts and lateral movements with maximum agility.

With Under Armour behind the making of the Torch Fade, many players now give this shoe a serious look when it comes to performance. It offers the support that does not sacrifice speed needed on the court. It can absorb impact and distribute evenly, reducing fatigue and susceptibility to injuries. Many people are receptive of the fitting because it does not always need breaking in, and since it is made exclusive for women, you’ll feel your heel does not compress against the back. We’d highly recommend this shoe for both training and bracing the outdoors.

  • Cushioning disperses received impact
  • Fitting is correct for most people
  • Padded heel reduces injury risk
  • Gives a bounce like feeling for a better ride
  • Subtle feet may experience dead space on the sides

3. Women’s Airforce1 Nike’s Basketball Shoe

Women’s Airforce1 Nike’s Basketball Shoe

One of the Iconic shoes in Basketball makes a comeback as the maker of the 80s superstars enabling you to walk in the footsteps of some of the legendary basketball players. Through the years it has seen the integration of technology while allowing users to enjoy high-quality which translates to better performance. It lives up to most of our expectations as many users will attest it is built for agility and high proficiency to support the everyday basketball player. The aesthetic appeal is what makes it preferred for women.

The Women’s AirForce1 is a low-cut shoe aimed at beginners in the game because it gives them a fast paced game where they are not pushing against opponents before they become accustomed to matches they call for ample ankle support. However, you’ll like that the outsole is solid rubber and carries deep, puffy and rounded patterns to provide adequate grip on soft floors. As such, this shoe is reserved only for the indoors because as much as the rubber is dense, it is soft which is cause for trouble on uneven and rugged outdoor courts.

Nike’s Airforce1 for women also carries their signature visible air technology. It is the technique that gives shoes the sensation of walking on air since air is injected into the sole and enables the player to land and bounce back in a flexible manner. This cushioning sees that the foot absorbs impacts equally on every part without stressing one location more than another. This factor gives the shoe durability since the seams do not break free from position. It also gives you a safe ride when making explosive turns and passes on the field.
Women’s Airforce1 Nike’s Basketball Shoe

The perforated top area of the leather and textile making is an indication of the high ventilation driven by this shoe. You’ll want to feel as secure as possible when in this shoe that’s why it allows maximum breathability. With sweat, you may be in line to catch fungal infections or to produce repulsive odor, but this shoe takes of that aspect. You’ll feel safe and comfortable even after the game, so you will need minimal care when taking care of the shoes to keep them from retaining sweat.

Nike always gives us a distinct feature on each of their specific shoe. This one comes with pivot points placed strategically on the forefront toe area and the heel area. It gives the shoe a firm fit that locks the feet such that during multi-directional changes the foot will not spread outward and cause displacement. In combination with the lace lockdown that involves the tongue for a complete closure, we can say the foot will always be planted in the shoe.

If a shoe lives through a few decades, a lot goes into saying about the reliability, durability and most of all performance. Many players who want to grow in the game to become better every day should be looking for this shoe. Even though it is a low cut shoe, you’ll feel the cushioning in the insole and outsole play a primary role in propelling you to greater heights. The sole is thick, and for your peace of mind, this shoe is an original design, so make the most out of it.

  • Premium leather makes it durable
  • Super lightweight
  • Unique air cushioning
  • Comes in various sizes
  • Available in only three colors for a women’s shoe

2. JiYe Women’s Performance Basketball, Fashion Sneakers, Men’s Sports Shoes

JiYe Women’s Performance Basketball, Fashion Sneakers, Men’s Sports Shoes

When we talk about a modern knit shoe, we are referring to the JiYe Women’s Performance Basketball Shoe. It sees a transition from the normal to an extraordinary design that embraces style and fashion to the everyday sports shoe. The bright outlook is a major attraction, especially for women who love the sleek feeling shoes bring. It calls for attention whether on the court, running in the outdoor or with your favorite casual shorts.

As we know a good shoe contributes to the performance of a player; JiYe makes for a reliable design in the sport. It comes fully knit with supportive synthetic textile and leather combination to fix the feet in the shoe. It resists pulling on the sides and sees the wearer protected from their feet overriding the sides and twisting. This make stabilizes the foot when running, and because of the stiff top, you’ll see the foot is prevented from jerking forward. The lacing system helps this support to see the foot completely secured since it has a side buckle to keep them from coming off.

The cushion set up explores every aspect of the court from the responsiveness to the impact absorption and explosiveness. It excels in providing proper midsole protection with the unique cushioning material seen only in the JiYe design. The foam is airy and responsive to pressure on the feet such that it flexes to the floor and wounds back the heel after landing. The good thing with this shock absorption measure is that it does not break down quickly giving this shoe the longevity it deserves.
JiYe Women’s Performance Basketball, Fashion Sneakers, Men’s Sports Shoes

The traction it gives is where the JiYe comes into its real aspects. Seeing that this is an all-around shoe, it also finds a niche in running outdoors. Because the zigzag pattern follows deep on the full length of the shoe, even the mid outsole receives a fair share of the thick rubber. It is the shoe to play in all indoor matches and also grace the neighborhood pitch that calls for control on hard and rugged gravel. It affords superior stability in reaching out for closing shots.

Care and maintenance always play a crucial role when it comes to extending the life of your shoe. It’s impressive that this requires minimal maintenance because it rarely attracts dust. The shiny appearance gives it an elegant appearance. You’ll grow fond do this shoe since it comes with a storage come travel bag. This means it will retain its good condition because the bag prevents moisture and dust from collecting when you store it among other shoes in the dressing room.

We all love a versatile shoe that does not confine you to the court only. With the JiYe Women’s Basketball shoe you can take your training under the sun and improve your performance since it allows venturing into skill improvement. The features are intent for you to build on performance and every aspect differentiates it from other brands in basketball. The fitting can also accommodate a lot of shapes, and it saves you money.

  • Superior and comfortable fit
  • Versatile to face off the outdoors
  • Proper cushioning in all areas of the shoe
  • Mesh lining for ventilation
  • It does not have a small size for kids and teenagers

1. Nike Women’s Hyperdunk Basketball Shoes 2019 (A095)

Nike Women’s Hyperdunk Basketball Shoes 2019 (A095)

One of the most recommended basketball manufacturers Nike brings you a shoe that belongs only to the superstars. If you want to own the game, their Women’s Hyperdunk 2019 is the shoe to adorn. Featuring style and comfort, you’ll be sure to be in the match to win. From the midsole to breathable synthetic material that makes it, you’ll be set to face of your opponents with complete rebound. The shoe comes fit to size and will not need a break in period before you can be comfortable in it.

The Nike Women’s Hyperdunk features lunarlon cushioning on the midsole. This foam gives the foot a soft rest and a springy feeling. It is the support you need for high impact especially if you play the guard position. It will reduce the shock that comes with fast dribbling and control of the ball. This cushioning also sets off reduced fatigue and protection from over-exertion of the midfoot relieving extra stress to the heel. It’s even more impressive when you find that the toe area is also foamy and roomy for added cushioning.

This is a mid-top shoe that angles around the ankle for support. The dynamic collar is extremely padded as you’ll have ample ankle bracing such that in offensive play your foot will not twist awkwardly. The padding is a resilient make that will last you through several seasons. Seeing that it carries a hyperfuse top construction, synthetic leather is perforated to allow ample airflow between the foot and the shoe. This way, your feet will not retain sweat, and you’ll be comfortable throughout the game.
Nike Women’s Hyperdunk Basketball Shoes 2019 (A095)

Looking at the traction, the outsole of the Hyperdunk is a construction from rubber with deep herringbone traction pattern. This is crucial to make firm grasp on the floor, especially if you’ll be playing in well maintained indoor courts that tend to be slimy. It gives the grasp need to land safely after taking a wing from the ring. If you are one of those explosive shooting players, then, this is the shoe that will drive the ball into the ring with a smooth ride. Coupled with the zoom cushioning showcased on the heel, this shoe allows for maximum impact support as the feet bounces back to position after making quick cuts.

The life of this shoe is seen to extend beyond what is seen with the ordinary basketball shoe. The firm top ensures that the foot minimizes shifting and the insole conforms to the shape of the foot. In this manner, the bounce exhibited gives the shoe a lightweight design meant to support speed from making multi-directional movements. This means that whether for impact or speed, the making will see more longevity as the shoes will not take much of the beating as it deflects off most of the wear associated with impacting the shoe.

Any basketball player would love to be in the Nike’s Hyperdunk 2019. The bouncy feeling and its versatile nature prove it is a reliable design. For many who would like to drive their skills into unmatchable levels, then you want to train and face off matches in the hyperdunk. The pricing comes at a very attractive cost for the durability and the consistency it gives throughout the game. If you are just starting out, the confidence you require to bring your A-game on is only to be seen in this shoe.

  • Lurnalon cushioning
  • U-throat for comfort
  • Reliable traction
  • Lockdown promotes natural motion
  • Subtle feet may not find their exact fit


Each aspect of a basketball shoe reflects directly on its performance which in turn reflects on the player. Take your time before you take home a shoe. Examine it from the top to the outsole, laying out the differences between each. With the list above, we hope you can tell the difference when you are face to face with many athletic shoes. We have evaluated the top-rated shoes in the hope you’ll find that one shoe for your specific style. Also, check out more useful information on the reliable sources and also get important questions answered.


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