The Best Windshield Sun Shades for Cars

The Best Windshield Sun Shades for Cars

Top 9 Best Windshield Sunshades for Cars
Preserve Your Vehicle’s Interior Furnishings and Save on Air Conditioning

Who would have thought that an ill-fitting sun shade could raise as much ire as it does, and perhaps there is a market for a windshield sun shade company to make their shades car-specific. This is unlikely to happen any time soon, and so well need to make peace with the fact that some shifting and manipulating will be needed to get a reasonable fit when it comes to the installation of the windshield sun shades for cars.We take a look at the top 9 best windshield sun shades as determined by happy customers.

The Best Windshield Sun Shades

Picture Model Size Price Our Rating
Shade-It Windshield Sun Shade 59×27.55 Inches $$ 4.97
Coveted Shade Car Windshield Sunshade 59″ x 31.5″ $$$ 4.96
Plasticolor 003700R01 Star Wars Accordion Sunshade 0.25″W x 57″D x 28H” $$ 4.96
AlphaShades Car Windshield Sunshade 59.05×31.49 inches $$ 4.94
Veneev Car Windshield Sun Shade 62.99″ x 33.86″ $$ 4.93
OxGord Car Sunshade 55″ x 28″ $$ 4.93
Sunshade for JEEP WRANGLER 2007-2019 $$$ 4.90
Max Reflector Jumbo Accordion Shade 27″ x 67″ $$ 4.90
EPAuto Car Windshield Sun Shade 59″ x 31″ $$ 4.89

Windshield Sun Shades Buying Guide

Whilst the cars of the last century presented a serious problem with surface cracks appearing in cars that had been left out in the sun for too long, this is generally not the case anymore. And the sun shade is now really all about keeping the car contents, or simply the interior, as cool as possible. This has not stopped the evolution of the sun shade and a fair amount of research and development in what is a simple and practical object, continues.

Nowadays we have two basic designs; the pop-up style essentially two rings of steel wire and a fabric cover, and concertina style best suited to the folk who dont quite have the dexterity to fold away the pop-up version. If you have bought one, chances are, that it is matt silver on the sunward side, and that would reflect as much sun away before it gets into the car in the form of heat energy. If you have received one for free, it will almost certainly be advertising something.

Windshield sun shades dimensions:- There seems to be a little confusion around the dimensions of windshield sun shades, particularly the pop-up style, and it is worth dwelling on this point for a moment. The dimensions given are always the total width and length of the shade, and this should not be confused with the diameter of the steel rings which is generally shorter than the total width.

The total width is made up of the diameter of the steel ring, AND a margin of fabric, both above and below, the steel ring. The steel ring will rest on the dash board, resting on the bottom margin of fabric, and this will inevitably reduce the usable shade surface to an area smaller than the claimed dimensions of the shade. The rule of thumb therefore, is buy a shade which is slightly larger than the actual dimensions of your windshield and it is likely to fit. It is also generally accepted that one will need to lower the sun visors to hold the shade in place, suction cups, or no suction cups.

Windshield Sunshades Styles

There is a large selection of windshield sun shades that you can select to meet your requirements. The main sun shade types include:-

Roll-Up Custom Fit: The main advantage with these is the ease with which they can be rolled up so as to store them easily. The custom fit design means these types of windshield sun shades will effectively block most of the UV rays from the sun from your vehicle interior, helping you keep it cooler. Custom fit designs are generally guaranteed to offer coverage for every square inch of the windshield and you should do not doubt if the retailer tells you they will block 99% of the suns rays. With the roll up custom fit windshield sun shades, the look might not be clean or sleek as that of the collapsible or paneled sun shades but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Accordion: Many of the windshield sun shades that we have reviewed flaunt the accordion design style. Once rolled up, they really do stay in place and they are also fairly easy to store. There are accordion style sun shades for various kinds of vehicles including sedans and SUVs among many others.

Universal roll-ups:- These are among the most affordable windshield sunshades and they can also fit a wide variety of vehicles. As the name suggests, they are fairly easier to fold or unfold and they also provide excellent coverage of the windshield screen, offering you optimal protection from the suns UV rays. Another advantage of the universal roll-ups is that they can be custom-made for your car hence covering almost every part of your windshield and ensuring you get the best protection from the rays of the sun.

Universal custom fit: These are not only more affordable but they will also fit a vast array of cars. Thanks to this versatility, they will fit any ride and give you excellent value for money.

Is the fabric waterproof and fireproof?

If you have durability in mind, you should inquire on whether the fabric you are purchasing is waterproof and fireproof. There are a wide variety of available fabrics on the windshield sun shades. Some of these such as polyethylene and Teflon have excellent water proofing properties. There are some FR and PVC fabrics used in windshield sun shades that have flame retardant properties. It all depends on your preference and specific needs.

What type of fabric is best suited for me?

This will depend on your unique needs. If your aim is to lower the heat or temperatures inside the vehicle, you should choose the lighter fabrics. If you wish to minimize the glare, you can choose the darker fabrics. Also, make sure that the windshield sunshades that you are choosing has UV inhibitors so as to protect the interior of your vehicle from harmful UV rays.

How do I know if the windshield sunshade will fit my car?

If you are looking for the right fit of windshield sunshades, do not guess. Simply measure the size of your windshield from top to bottom on the outside. If the dimensions of a windshield sun shade is about the same size or larger than the dimensions of your windshield, then this is a good match for your needs. In case the dimensions of the sun shade are smaller than your windshield size, then it is not the right one for you. If the size is too small, it will fall down frequently.

Windshield sun shades have a come a long way since their earlier iterations many of us can remember walking past a shiny, and highly reflective, windshield sun shade and caught a beam of light, blinding us for a moment. It is likely that, in time, we will see a completely new style of windshield sun shades hit the market, with a design that is completely different from what we have seen before. And we have seen attempts a producing a sun shade for the rear window, but when will see REAL innovation produce a workable rear window sun shade?

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