The Best Webcams for Clearer, Sharper Images

The Best Webcams for Clearer, Sharper Images

The Best Webcams For The Best Video Quality
Enjoy Hours of Quality Video Streaming

Webcams are also not just used for conversations; there is a whole industry of streamers, web series and other amazing things that have sprung forth from this technology. Since there are so many options, we have gone through the best the market has to offer and brought to you the top nine best webcams.

Webcams Buying Guide

While built-in HD webcams are now a common feature in most computers, smartphones and tablets, there is a still a community of dedicated users who prefer using a dedicated standalone webcam. This will be a useful feature if you will be streaming something from your laptop to your viewers or recording reviews of products. Since there is no direct face-to-face conversation with the audience, there is no need for a head-on webcam to show your face as the camera will be placed either on the left side or the right side from the computer. It is also useful if you wish to stream a tutorial. You will need a webcam if your computer does not have a built in web cam or in case you need to stream at certain angles. You could also use DSLRs or video cameras but the webcams are undoubtedly the cheapest options.

When shopping for a webcam, there are some options that you need to look at. These include the following:-

  • Video and audio quality
  • Features of the webcam such as the motion detection feature, face tracking, focus type, digital zoom, and noise reduction.
  • Design features of the webcam including whether it is tripod compatible, the cord length, the pan, the tilt and the lens material.
  • Help and Support from the manufacturer: Is there a downloadable manual? Do they offer warranty? Is there a user forum? Is there a phone, email or chat support?

Video and Audio Quality: As far as the picture quality is concerned, look at the framerate of the webcam as well as its video resolution. Because webcams sometimes double as cameras, you also need to look at the picture resolution.

When it comes to the video resolution, focus on the number of pixels that the webcam has. If the pixel number is higher, then you will have clearer pictures. For most webcams, the resolution is capped at 1080. If a particular webcam has a resolution of 1080, it is basically the very best in terms of the quality and the level of detail in the images will simply be amazing. A lot of the webcams that we have reviewed have resolutions of 720p although some also have the top end resolution of 1080p.

While a webcam that gives you a resolution of 1080p with a good framerate of say 30 fps will generally give you excellent quality, the resolution and framerate alone do not give you the entire picture. There are various other considerations that you need to keep in mind. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to a digital camera, take a look here.

Features of the Webcam:Check if the webcam has focusing features such as auto, fixed or manual focusing. Auto and manual focusing features allow you to adjust the webcam in order to achieve the best focus and clearer images. This is not the case with fixed focus where the range is predetermined. However, with auto focus, while giving you greater convenience, also means higher costs. The cheapest option in the market as far as the focus consideration is concerned is the fixed focus webcams.

There are webcams that have the zoom feature though it is important to understand what zoom really means as far as webcam lingo goes. It might enlarge the image but it also reduces the image resolution.

You also need to factor in the image resolution. There are instances where the zoom feature will be useful depending on where you plan to use the webcam and if it has a good resolution to sustain any amount of allowable zoom. Noise reduction is also an important feature to look out for if you are planning to shoot high quality videos.

Design:The design of the webcam lens can either be from glass or plastic. Obviously, plastic is cheaper but it can be scratched easily and quality of the images is not as good. Glass lenses give you just the opposite: better image quality and resistance to scratching but they are costlier. For the best quality and resilience, choose the high end glass lenses for your webcams.

Another aspect of webcam design that you need to look into when buying one is the mode of mounting it. You can place on top of the computer monitor or on your desk but you must first establish whether the design permits that functionality. Most users will be comfortable with that. But some users require more such as tripod compatibility which assure you of greater flexibility.

What resolution is right for me?

As discussed, this is one of the most important features to put in mind when buying a webcam. They come in a variety of resolutions including 480p, 720p or 1080p and you can pick the most suitable ones depending on your budget and needs.

What is the Compatibility with My Operating System?

When buying a webcam, make sure that it is compatible with your operating system. Many webcams have cross-compatibility with many operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 etc but you need to establish that this is the case with your OS before you make a purchase.

Which Video Calling Clients Is It Compatible With?

Are you planning to use it with the QuickTime Player, FaceTime, Skype, Chrome OS etc? You need to ensure that the webcam will be compatible with your preferred video calling clients.


It is so much easier to remain connected in this modern day, with technology bringing those that are miles apart as close as ever. Part of this is through our mobile devices, with access to apps like FaceTime, Skype, and other video chatting services. Another part is the ability to connect with someone from your computer. Many families use Skype to remain connected for long trips, or even long deployments. The primary tool that helps those families use programs like Skype, are webcams. Webcams are what brought a face to face chat alive on the internet. When it became possible to not only hear, but see the person on the other line, it changed the whole landscape of communication

Webcams are evolving too, as the demand for them grows. Gone is the time where you had to have a webcam and microphone separate. Most models come with a built-in microphone, just to improve the conversation. They also come with noise cancellation, light adjustment, LEDs for better lighting and various other features, all aimed at making communication seamless, as if the person was there with you.

The culture of communication is quickly moving more and more digital each day. This is why so many have turned to needing a webcam to communicate with family. With so many options and features in the market, we know that it can get a bit convoluted and that is why we went through the best on the market to bring you the top nine best webcams. We hope that this has helped you to decide what is best for you and your needs.

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