The Best Travel Neck Pillows For Every Kind of Seat Sleeper

The Best Travel Neck Pillows For Every Kind of Seat Sleeper

Top 9 Best Travel Neck Pillows for Travelling
Your back, neck and seat mate is willthank you with these travel neck pillows

If you travel at the sharp end of the aircraft, the thought of how to sleep has probably never crossed your mind. However, for the vast majority, it is something that can really make a huge difference on your long haul flight. Its not all about how you sleep, but equally important is how rested, or not, you feel at your destination. For the most part these little aids of comfort are not particularly cumbersome, and the selection of neck pillows is frankly, bewildering. Well try and take some of the selection anxiety out of the process, and give you only nine from which to select your best option.

Travel Neck Pillows Travel Guide

For many travellers, travel neck pillows are those frilly pampering travel accessories that they would rather do without. But wait until you have tried the travel neck pillows and you will never let go of them. The design allows you to be as comfortable as possible even in the smallest of spaces or in where you are forced to sleep in an unusual position such as when you are on a flight or travelling by train. When you are shopping for travel neck pillows, you need to consider factors such as the pillow shape and size and whether it is inflatable or not. Look at the material that it has been made from and the design features amongst others. Here is a simple guide on how you can purchase that perfect travel neck pillow:-

The Shape of Travel Pillow

There are various shapes to choose from depending on your preference:-

U-Shaped Travel Pillows: These are some of the most common types. They hug your neck and perfect if you need comfortable pillows to support your posture when you are sitting upright. The main disadvantage with the U-shaped pillows is that they do not prevent your head from falling sideways, a major cause of neck strain if you are sitting in that position for a long duration of time such as during a long-haul flight.

J-Pillows: This travel neck pillow was the ingenuous idea of a flight attendant so you can be sure no details were left in order to ensure it is perfect for your travel. It has a tail that will hug the neck like your typical U-pillow but it is also offers both chin support and cushions the side and back of your neck. The J-pillow offers you an all-round support preventing your head from falling either forward or sideways.

Collar travel pillows: These hug the whole neck like a brace and can be fastened with a strap to hold the neck squarely. The collar travel neck pillows are perfect for the passenger that is sitting in the airplanes middle seat.

Wedge-shaped pillows: Worried about your spine or back aching after a prolonged awkward sitting position? Then this pillow is for you.

Travelrest pillows: The shape of the Travelrest pillows is so unique that it has been patented. The curved section hugs the neck and the remaining section of the pillow runs over the travellers chest. With this design, you have an excellent support against which you can rest both your neck and head.

Skyrest pillow: This is another unique patented pillow shape. This is an inflatable pillow and it form a crate-like cushion that has a slanting top. Unlike the other pillows that let you sit upright, this sits on the lap and you have to bend to sleep on it which can put a great strain on your back.

Cylindrical pillows: This is a very basic design that can be used to support your back or neck. The neutral design also allows you to use them in multiple positions.

The Size of the Travel Neck Pillow

The travel neck pillows do not come in the same size. An important consideration to keep in mind when shopping for one is that it should be packable. At the same time, they should also be big enough to serve the intended function-comfort and support on your long-haul flights.

While some travel neck pillows have a fixed size, some are inflatable so you can blow them to your desired size. The problem with inflatable pillows is that they are mainly filled with air and as a result, they do not give the level of support that you would get with the foam pillows or fibre, for example. The inflatable pillows are also not very easy to blow to the correct size.

The inflatable pillows give you a very easy time packing them away. If you are shopping for non-inflatable travel neck pillows, however, it is important to keep in mind the carry on luggage limitations that airlines have put in place. You need to look at its size when it is packed.

The non-inflatable travel neck pillows are made using a variety of materials. The kind of material used will also have an impact on the level of support as well as the comfort that you will get from using the pillow. These materials include the following:-

Foam material: These are some of the most popular but the level of firmness of each of these also varies. They also have varied levels of durability. Of the foam materials in the market, memory foam travel neck pillows are quite popular as they will shape to your neck or head and provide a high level of comfort and support.

Beads: These offer excellent support but they tend to be quite heavy.

Wool: Very soft material for travel neck pillows and it is also easy to clean. They will retain their shape for longer but they are more expensive.

Polyester: the material is cheap and non-allergenic. They are also comfortable and easy to clean but they will not provide great support like the other travel neck pillow materials mentioned.

Extra Bells and Whistles

There are certain extras that you can look for in travel neck pillows although these are not necessarily the essentials. However, they can add to greater convenience and even comfort. These include features such as little pockets for smartphones, headphones or earphones, how easy it is to pack, whether it comes with a custom pouch or bag that you can place it in, ventilation holes, eye masks, and the color options.

Is it inflatable or non-inflatable?

You have to make your mind on this upfront before you begin narrowing down your choices to the best inflatable or non-inflatable travel neck pillows that will be best suited for your needs.

What type of filling is used in the travel neck pillow if non-inflatable?

There are various materials that could be used including polyester, foam, beads, microfiber, cotton, wool etc and you need to determine which of this you are comfortable with.

How easy is it to pack and carry the travel neck pillow?

How bulky is the travel neck pillow that you are planning to buy? Can you fold it easily and pack it in your travel bag? What is the size when folded? Here, you need to pay a close attention to the folded dimensions as well as the weight.

Thats our wrap of travelling neck pillows, and until you have tried one, you may not know what all the fuss is about. All in all, a cost effective way of easing the discomfort of travelling in coach, or where-ever else you dont have the luxury of lying down. Most will either attach your luggage, or squash into a pocket, posing very little nuisance value between trips.

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