The Best Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Fiancées

The Best Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Fiancées

Best Gifts For Fiancées
Best Gifts For Fiancees
Useful & Beautiful Gifts For Your Fiance

Congratulations! You’ve popped the question, she said yes, and you’ve given her one of the most special gifts of her life – THE ring! As you start planning your wedding, and your life together, you will have many more occasions to celebrate, and more gifts to exchange. Now that your girlfriend has become your fiance, you have a few more options when it comes to buying her gifts for her birthday and for Christmas. Let her know how excited you are for your future together by getting her one of these fantastic gifts!

Best Gifts For Fiances

Picture Product Name Best Gift Occasion Price Our Rating
Fossil Jacqueline Watch Christmas $$$ 4.5
CHI Pro Ceramic Flat Iron Birthday / Christmas $$$ 4.75
Tom Ford “Wild Ginger” Lipstick Christmas $$$ 5
Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance Eau de Parfum Birthday / Christmas $$ 5
S’well Insulated Water Bottle Birthday $$ 5
LuMee Illuminated Cell Phone Case Birthday $$ 5
Vintage Cocktails (Connoisseur) Birthday $ 4
The Wedding Planner & Organizer Christmas $ 5
Kate Spade New York Idiom Bangle Christmas $ 4.5

UsefulTips For Buying The Best Gifts For Fiances

Buying your loved one gifts may seem simple, but it can get complex when relationships progress and change! Now that you are set to be wed, how does that change your gift-buying dynamics? Is it appropriate to get a smaller, more sentimental gift after spending a substantial amount on a ring? Should you get her a romantic gift, or something more practical and domestic? How much should you spend on a gift? Find out how to go about buying an appropriate gift for your wife-to-be with our handy gift guide!

What are the best gifts for fiances for Christmas 2019?

If you’re newly engaged and looking forward to your first Christmas together, you may be wondering what to buy for your blushing bride to be. You may even assume that Christmas and birthday gifts are not needed after you have given her a (probably) very expensive ring, but unless you have discussed cutting back to save for the wedding, you should definitely make an effort to get her appropriate gifts! An engagement gift doesn’t necessarily cancel out other gifts, unfortunately, so it’s good to bear this in mind. So, what are the best gifts for your fiance for this Christmas? We have some tips for you:

  • Consider a DIY gift – Keep the romance going with a thoughftul, sentimental gift you have created with your own hands. DIY gifts are affordable as well as romantic, and so they are a good choice for keeping costs down. One great DIY gift idea for your fiance is to personalize something with the date of your engagement – for example, by getting a custom wine label made for an ordinary bottle of her favourite wine, with your engagement date as the “vintage”, or some other personal token for her to treasure over the years. Similarly, you could make her a small scrapbook of “our adventure so far” – if you’re into paper crafts and graphic design – or get some Instagram-style poloroid pictures of the two of you and your memories made into fridge magnets. Keep it simple and sweet, and realistic!
  • Jewellery – You don’t need to shy away from buying her jewellery after giving her an engagement ring! The latest choker necklaces, earrings, and bracelets / bangles are all lovely gift ideas. The Kate Spade New York Idiom Bangle is an especially greatgift, as the inscription “stop and smell the roses” is a gentle reminder to enjoy the simple things in life, even when things get chaotic. And wedding planning DOES get chaotic – especially when it comes to the dreaded seating chart – so she will appreciate the support!
  • Treat them to an experience– If you and your significant other aren’t keen on exchanging material gifts at Christmas, why not organize a special activity for the two of you (or for her and a friend)? A spa experience, weekend away, or an adventure sports activity such as hang-gliding or skiing. You can present the gift to her in a novel way, such as giving her a clue with a seemingly random object (e.g., two slices of cucumber on a plate with the business card of the spa you’ve booked a treatment at). Or, you can create a whole “treasure hunt” full of clues that reveals the gift at the end. Be creative!

How much do I spend on Christmas gifts for my fiance?

It can be tricky deciding how much to spend on a Christmas gift for your new fiance – do you need to get her bigger and better gift now that you are engaged to be married, or should you focus on smaller, sentimental gifts that express your love, devotion, and commitment? We can help you to simplify the gift-guessing game with a few simple pointers.

  • Know your budget. Chances are you already have experience budgeting and saving, especially when planning to buy the ring, so this shouldn’t be too difficult. Now that you are planning a wedding, and a life together, being money-conscious is all the more important. If you can afford it, you can go for more expensive gifts, but if your bank account is still recovering from purchasing a diamond ring, you should definitely choose a more affordable gift. Now that she has said yes, you don’t need to woo her with fancy gifts!
  • Remember her preferences. You probably know her better than she knows herself, so consider her personality and her preferences when budgeting for her Christmas gift. Does she like big, special Christmas presents, or small, symbolicgifts? Is Christmas a major holiday for her, full of presents and indulgent food, or a time for relaxation and charity? Does she like traditionally romantic gifts like jewellery and champagne, or does she prefer DIY, handmade gifts? All of the answers to these questions will give you a better idea of how much to spend on a gift for your lady.
  • Take timing into consideration. If you have just got engaged, and then her birthday and Christmas are both within a short period of time, you could have a combined gift, or cut back a little bit with two smaller presents. If you are a laid-back couple, you can sit down and discuss expectations and money. Speaking about money isn’t the most romantic of topics, but since the two of you will soon be starting a life together, it is essential to get used to discussing domestic issues. If you already live together, you likely have this sorted out already, but it’s worth revisiting before you start wedding budgeting!

Do I get my wife-to-be a romantic gift or a practical gift?

You may be perplexed about whether you should up the romance factor when buying a gift for your new fiance, or whether you should start buying more practical, “wife” appropriate gifts to prepare for your life as a married couple. There is no easy answer to this question, but there are ways to figure out the best decision for your particular gift-buying dilemma.

  • What is your relationship dynamic?Do you live together, or are you more traditional and plan on moving into your first home together as a married couple? This will determine whether practical gifts are necessary or not. If you are moving into a new place together, whether for the first time or into a new home, then cute kitchen utensils and home gadgets make lovely Christmas and birthday gifts. These practical gifts will make her even more excited about the future, and you will enjoy sharing dreams about your married life. If you have been together for a long time, and have everything you need as you have settled into living together, then romantic gifts can re-ignite the novelty of the early dating period.
  • Choose something practical you can enjoy together. An experience, such as a couple’s cooking class, is a wonderful gift that is both practical and sentimental. You may want your gift to just be about her, but setting aside time especially for the two of you is invaluable for your relationship. Trying out new hobbies together can also ignite passion, as you will see each other in a new light as you explore new skills together. You could also get some cocktail-making equipment for experimenting with fun new drinks and expressing creativity in the kitchen. Material gifts are always appreciated, but experiences are a unique way to share memories and become closer as a couple.
  • Get her things for the wedding planning! A comprehensive wedding planning journal, such asThe Wedding Planner &Organizer, is a wonderful practical gift that will ease some of her wedding-planning anxiety. If she is more interested in wedding planning than you are, you can leave her to it, and she can plan to her heart’s content! The LuMee Illuminated Cell Phone Case is another wonderful practical gadget that she will absolutely adore – it provides the perfect lighting for selfies, and it will be invaluable for taking snaps during makeup trials and hair demos.

Above all, take some time to work outwhat your fiance likes, and use common sense to make decisions when choosing gifts. If you are unsure about your gift choice, try asking her friends and family what they think before you click purchase – having multiple opinions is always a good way to double-check that your gift is appropriate. With a little effort and sincerity, you will be able to choose the perfect present and put a smile on the face of your wife-to-be!

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