The Best Tennis Shoes For Women With Astounding Traction

The Best Tennis Shoes For Women With Astounding Traction

Top 9 Best Women's Tennis Shoes
Comfortable and Functional Tennis Shoes for Women

If you’re about to hit the court for an intense game of tennis, you need the best shoes you can get. Some brands might fray easily or start to fall apart from the stress that they undergo while you’re sprinting to catch that sneaky lob that your opponent has just played. These top 9 best women’s tennis shoes are among the finest in the sport, and you’ll find that your game improves when you wear them!

Best Tennis Shoes For Women

Picture Shoe Model Material Price Our Rating
ASICS Women’s Gel-Dedicate 4 Leather + Synthetic $$ 5
Prince Women’s T22 Tennis Shoe Synthetic + Mesh $$$ 4.9
Nike Women’s Vapor Court Leather + Synthetic $$ 4.8
ASICS Women’s Gel Solution Speed 2 Clay Tennis Shoe Synthetic + Mesh $$$ 4.7
Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 5 Synthetic + Mesh $$$ 4.7

Why buy professional tennis shoes?

There are many benefits to having high quality shoes when you’re doing any sport, but in particular the game of tennis puts frequentstrain and pressure on your feet and ankles. As your feet are best equipped for walking over terrain that has bumps, inclines and all manner of obstacles, playing tennis on a perfectly level concrete or clay court is a stressful activity for your body. Purchasing a cheap pair of shoes will often mean that you are compromising the padding or arch support that you need, andyou will find that shoes which are made from cheaper materials are prone to breakage, fading, fraying and other forms of deterioration.In order to play your best game without injury or discomfort you will need to be reassured that the pair of shoes you are wearing will not tear or break under pressure, and that they will keep your joints and muscles from getting inflamed from too much torsion or pulled from excessive movement. The best women’s tennis shoes we have listed here are all made from high quality materials, they keep your foot stable with padding and shock absorption, they help you to turn quickly and effectively with increased traction, and most of all they fit perfectly so you will hardly notice them doing their work while you play.You need to make sure to break these shoes in, however, as many of them will feel most comfortable when they have had a bit of time to conform to the shape of your foot. Below are some great tips of what to look for when shopping around for a pair of professional tennis shoes.

  • Good Grip / Traction

Staying firm on your feet is one of the most important aspects of tennis – if you can’t move from one side of the court to another without falling all over the place, there is no chance you’ll play a good game. Things like extra flex grooves or full rubber soles make for better grip, and this will limit your chances of unwanted sliding or falling when you’re trying to lunge for a shot.

  • Ankle Torsion Support / Extra Cushioning

When you’re making very sharp turns you need your joints to be cushioned, and some shoes do not have specific extra padding around the ankle to give you this security. Without extra padding you might sprain your ankle or put too much strain on your patella if the pressure of movement is not dissipated in the right way through the foot.

  • Shock Absorption / Heel Support

Jumping and leaning for shots on the backfoot can put a lot of strain on your heel, which will quickly start to give you unwanted pain. In order to get away from this problem you need a shoe that has a firm but cushioned heel – some have explicit shock absorption, but others will use foam-like technologies which help to displace pressure in the right way. Look for a shoe that has great heel support.

  • Flexible Midsole / Flexible Upper

Bending thefoot is a repetitive activity that all sportspeople must engage in, and your shoe must be able to keep your footwithin a reasonable arcwhen this happens. If the midsole is too rigid it may force pressure across your foot and cause you cramping or excess pain, and if the midsole is too loose it may not keep your foot from over extending and pulling a tendon or muscle. A flexible midsole will allow your foot to move comfortably, but will prevent it from over extending when you do need to make sudden bends.

  • A Comfortable Fit

Nothing is more important than this last point, which is that you should feel at home in your shoes. If the shoe draws your attention because it is uncomfortable, too weighty or too rigid, this can throw you off your game. You want a shoe that will feel great and give you all of the above supports as well. Do not underestimate what a good pair of shoes can do for your game!

Only the best shoes should be in your gym bag, never compromise when it comes to your health or performance. Get yourself a pair of high quality tennis shoes now!

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