The Best Stockings to Buy in 2021 Reviewed

Every woman’s closet should have stockings. The girlish spirit in a woman should never die. That is why stockings are a-must. However, it can be challenging to choose the right color and model. Some textures are harder, while some are thinner. More so, different materials offer different levels of comfort. With all these factors to consider, getting the right product can be unnerving. However, relax. We went ahead and did the hard part for you. Our list has stockings from various brands. They are also of different materials and sizes, and therefore beneficial to most girls and women – petite and plus-sized.

List of the Best Stockings to Buy in 2021

10. Sofsy Lace Thigh High Stockings

Sofsy Lace Thigh High Stockings

Would you love to have that breathtaking look? If that is you, these Sofsy thigh-high stockings are manufactured with you in mind. The soft and silky nylon used to make them has a sexy, opaque look. It would be embarrassing to wear a new pair of stockings only for it to tear or ladder instantly. However, with Sofsy, you do not have to worry. These stockings are incredibly durable and resist snags and runs. The silky, stretchy nylon fabric fits most women comfortably. Besides, unlike most of the thigh-high stockings that cut into the skin, Sofsy stockings are different. Their double silicone bands are comfortable, soft, and do not slip over time. More so, it retains its stickiness, tension, and elasticity after many washes.

You can wear these stockings with or without suspender belts to create timeless, sexy lingerie. You can wear them on your wedding day, to an evening date, or to work. Sofsy stockings come in many colors with size ranging from small to XX-large.

What We Like
  • Multiple sizes and colors
  • Thigh-high lingerie
  • Double silicone bands
  • Stretchy nylon fabric
Our Verdict

To stay warm and or boosts your decency during an upcoming party, wear these thigh-high Sofsy stockings. The stretchy nylon used to make them is comfortable. It also has thick bands that lower the risk of slipping and come in multiple colors and or sizes for women of all cadres.

9. Akiido High Waist Tights Fishnet Stockings

Akiido High Waist Tights Fishnet Stockings

Acquiring a sexy look has never been this easy. With Akiido Stockings, you can be sure to turn heads. The package comes with three pairs of high waist fishnet tights. The stockings give your legs a unique and skinny appearance, flattering the shape of your legs. Dressing thigh fishnet leggings in shorts or skirts will provide a perfect fit and allow you to highlight your creativity and fashion sense. They have a stretch-fit design to ensure they fit you snugly and do not slip off. The stretchy waist is exceptionally comfortable and elastic.

Akiido High Waist stockings come in a variety of designs and colors to give you an array of choices. More so, they provide fashion style for any wardrobe, ranging from dinner dates, casual wear, wedding, and even wearing them to work.

What We Like
  • Unique skinny appearance
  • Light and comfortable
  • Non-slip elastic ends
  • Complement most clothing
Our Verdict

Clothing such as the best body shapers and stockings boost the outlook of women outdoors. To stay warm and or make a style statement during an upcoming party, add the Akiido high-waist stockings to your wardrobe. Its unique fishnet design complements most types of clothing. You will also love its lightweight design and the non-slip waistband on offer.

8. Women Thigh High Stockings

Women Thigh High Stockings

Spice your looks with these high-quality and durable stockings by Moon Wood. The soft and breathable tights keep you warm and comfortable. You do not have to worry about this apparel tearing since the high-quality cotton used to make it is durable. It is also has stretchy yarns for a soft feel and added durability. When it comes to choosing stockings, you need to get an elastic item that sticks on your legs throughout the day. The Moon Wood realized the struggle and designed these stockings with high elastic cuffs. These cuffs prevent socks from sliding down and give you a flawless fit.

The best thing about these stockings is that they can blend with various clothes for different occasions. You can wear them as thigh high socks, as knee socks or even leg warmers. Fold them like stylish boot loose socks or push them down around the ankles.

What We Like
  • Stylish high-knee design
  • Thick and warm cotton
  • Thick and non-slip cuffs
  • Stretchy design (non-irritant)
Our Verdict

Knee-high sock stockings are fashionable among school-going children because of their decency and comfort. If you wear short skirts or shorts often, pair them with a new pair of these stockings. The stretchy cotton used to make it is non-irritant. It is also warm and has thick cuffs that do not slip while in use.

7. Dreamgirl Women’s Sheer Garter Belt Stockings Set

Dreamgirl Women's Sheer Garter Belt Stockings Set

Dreamgirl is a fast-growing lingerie and costume company renowned for manufacturing innovative concepts. The company aims to inspire excitement, passion, and desire that touch women, men, and couples. The Dreamgirl stocking has adjustable straps and ties to give you a customizable fit. Each seam and strap is professionally sewn and reinforced. It has a 100% nylon shell, which makes the set elastic and durable. Are you a plus-size woman who needs comfortable stockings? Then Dreamgirl stockings set is your perfect wear. The sexy suspender-style garter belt creates a timeless and stylish look. The soft stretch lace waist is for comfort and snug fit.

These stockings set come at a competitive price and are machine washable. The irresistible, quality fabric enhances a stylish finish and for added durability.

What We Like
  • Suspender-style belt
  • Machine-washable fabric
  • Smooth nylon (100%)
  • Many accurate sizes
Our Verdict

Dreamgirl is not one of the irritant or cheaply made stockings available online. It has a light and breathable design with a suspender-style belt for stability. The premium nylon used to make it (100%), on the other hand, is smooth and comfortable.

6. Vero Monte 4 Styles Stockings

Vero Monte 4 Styles Stockings

These elegant fishnet tights by Vero Monte have the unique hollow jacquard patterns that will give you the most desired appearance. Vero Monte has been in business since 1998. Thus, the company has vast experience in designing lingerie. It does not compromise on quality, and Vero Monet stockings are no exception. These fishnet tights are tremendous for both fall and winter. Made of 92% nylon and 8% spandex, the stockings are durable, high quality, and with excellent elasticity. The 4-style four pairs combo is ideal for you to wear with any outfit fashionably and stylishly. You can couple them with a t-shirt dress, pencil skirts, midi skirts with a pair of boots or heels for an added hint of sex appeal.

These footed stockings will fit you perfectly and will not sag or bunch up. The wide elastic waistband adds comfort and ensures the stockings stay up without slipping down.

What We Like
  • Four interesting styles
  • Blend with al clothing
  • Quality nylon (95%)
  • Wide elastic waistband
Our Verdict

Vero Monte is a pack of mesh stockings in four exciting styles. It blends well with pencil skirts, t-shirt dresses, and mini skirt and has a non-irritant structure that women love.

5. CURRMIEGO Women’s plus Size Pantyhose Stocking

CURRMIEGO Women's plus Size Pantyhose Stocking

Giving your official outfit an added touch of sexy look will make you turn heads. These stretchy stockings are made of high-quality material to ensure it does not tear up easily. More so, they come in a variety of colors to help you choose what you love most and match with your wear. The stretchy material is exceptionally comfortable to wear and hug your legs snugly. The set comes with attached garters belt and stockings. It makes it easy to put on and make you feel sexy in a matter of seconds.

These stockings are also great for bedroom fun, evening date, and even a wedding. One size fits XS – L while the plus size fits L – 3XL. Wash by hand with cold water and hang to dry.

What We Like
  • Fits plus-size women
  • Many stylish colors
  • Comfortable stretchy material
  • Hand-washable cold
Our Verdict

For many years, plus size women have had a hard time finding fitting and comfortable stocking. However, this is no longer the case. CURRMIEGO pantyhose stocking has taken over this space because of its quality. It fits most women. Its colors are stylish and fade-proof, while its hand washable design is ideal.

4. TGD Women’s Fishnet Thigh High Pantyhose Stockings

TGD Women's Fishnet Thigh High Pantyhose Stockings

Achieve your breathtaking appearance with these durable stockings by TGD. The quality material used to manufacture them has a comfortable feel and elegant look. The excellent elasticity ensures the stockings hug your legs flawlessly. These four pairs incorporate more fashion and sexy elements to flaunt your perfect body shape, spike your confidence, and make your life colorful. The package includes four pantyhose stockings with different designs.

The stocking’s distinctive modern design is charming, attractive, and has a unique fashion sense that women love. The super stretchy fabric fits most of the body types.

What We Like
  • Pack of four stockings
  • Comfortable and elegant design
  • Fits most body shapes and sizes
  • Sultry and stylish prints
Our Verdict

The sultry designs of these TGD fishnet stockings have made them popular among women. They are also breathable and stretch to fit most women. Whether you are slim or plus size, this package of four pantyhose stockings will serve you well.

3. Kffyeye Women’s Control Top Thickness Stockings

Kffyeye Women's Control Top Thickness Stockings

Kffyeye provides you with exceptional pantyhose to enrich your life. You will like the high quality, elasticity and comfortable to wear material used to make this product. The stockings are available in different colors allowed for light effects. Made of 88.7% nylon and 11.3% spandex, these stockings are durable and stretchy to provide a comfort fit. The elasticity makes you fit in well, and they will still maintain their shape. Ultra-Shine modern design makes you more attractive.

The full elastic waistband ensures the stockings stay in place, making it comfortable to wear. These versatile stockings are ideal for wearing when going to the office, attending an evening party, and even going for a date.

What We Like
  • Hand-washable stockings
  • Versatile day and evening wear
  • Flexible nylon/spandex fabric
  • Stylish and fade-proof colors
Our Verdict

Kffyeye is a stylish stocking with a comfortable thigh-high design. The soft nylon and spandex fabric used to make it stretches to fit most women. Its thick band does not slip over time, while its flat seams do not show under clothes.

2. Kayhoma Extra-Long Cotton Thigh High Stockings

Kayhoma Extra-Long Cotton Thigh High Stockings

Enjoy your comfortability with these stockings featuring a spectacular cable knit pattern running from foot to top. The high stockings are perfect with boots for fall or winter. Over-the-knee high socks will keep you warm and bring your happiness from the day go. They feature high-quality materials to ensure your feet stay happy for long. They are long enough to be thigh high socks, or you can easily fold them over to become knee socks. Fashion knee leg warmers are thick and cozy for a casual cold-weather look without feeling bulk on your boots.

You can complement these stockings with boots and booties. They are made of spandex, cotton, and nylon to make them super soft, breathable, stretchy, and warm.

What We Like
  • Breathable cotton/spandex/nylon
  • Warm and comfortable design
  • Perfect with skirts and boots
  • Long-lasting cable-knit design
Our Verdict

You can wear these extra-long Kayhoma stockings with boots and or short skirts without them looking out of place. They are good-looking apparel. Moreover, the cotton/nylon/spandex fabric used to make them, not only warms the legs but also boots the modesty of girls. Thus, girls can wear them to school.

1. Hanes Thigh High Women’s Silk Stockings

Hanes Thigh High Women's Silk Stockings

Our top pick for the best stockings in 2021 is these thigh high stockings by Hanes. Hanes is a reliable company with a rich reputation for manufacturing quality products. Also, with these stockings, you can stamp that the manufacturer cares about your happiness. The aim of the manufacturer is ensuring you achieve a sexy look and spike your confidence. These stockings have a simple design laced with a silicon top that keeps them in place. The design fits perfectly on your legs to flaunt your shape. The nylon used to make these stockings is resilient, durable, and elastic. It is also thick and therefore keeps the feet of wearers warm all day and night.

Hanes Thigh High stockings are available in multiple colors and sizes. This is to ensure you can wear these leggings regardless of your size- petite or plus size. Additionally, Hanes stockings come at a competitive price. The manufacturer recommended that you hand-wash the stocking to lower the risk of damaging and or stretching the fabric over time.

What We Like
  • Hand-washable design
  • Stylish thigh-high stockings
  • Non-slip silicone band
  • Petite to plus-size sizes
Our Verdict

Hanes is a silky thigh-high stocking for women with a silicone band that secures it on the leg. Thus, as you walk to work or dance the night away, the risk of this stocking slipping is low.

How to Choose the Best Stockings


Like the best body shapers, stockings are only as good as the quality of the materials used to manufacture them. Rough and or scratchy synthetic ones, for instance, are frustrating to wear for long. Brands that rip or tear easily also frustrate women who depend on stockings to boost their modesty. While shopping, therefore, check the quality of the fabric used to make your stocking of choice. Is it soft? Can you wash it a few time without it ripping or shrinking? Nylon is one of the best fabrics because of its stretchy and comfortable design. However, to keep feet warm, buy a cotton stocking instead.


An expensive pair of stockings that do not fit you will not only compromise your outlook but also harm you over time. Thus, once you have identified one or two stockings made of a quality fabric, check their sizes. Are they small, medium, or plus size? Look for the size that you will be happy walking and or dancing in without bruising or irritation. You can also buy one of the one-size stockings that stretch to fit most women. They are comfortable and improve the look or women as well.


Do you like wearing short skirts or shorts during your date night? Do you wear suit skirts to work or schools and want to enhance your modesty during meetings? Check the design of your preferred stocking before buying. Is it compatible with the type(s) of clothing you enjoy wearing daily? Thigh-high pantyhose stockings blend well with most types of clothing. However, to look “cool” and girls while upholding your decency a short skirt, buy a knee-high stocking instead.

Conclusion: If you wear stockings, you will love one of our recommended models for many reasons. First, these are comfortable apparel. You can wear one to work all day without irritation or bruises. They are also modest and are available in many sizes for petite and plus size women. You will enjoy having one at home.