The Best Steam Presses in 2019 – Maintaining Clean Allergen-Free Clothes

The Best Steam Presses in 2019 - Maintaining Clean Allergen-Free Clothes

With our lives becoming busier and busier each day, the need for a ‘giant steam iron’ that cuts the ironing chores by half is quite inevitable. One question that most people always ask is, “do steam pressers work?

Well. While both aim at removing wrinkles from garments, the best steam presses flaunt a boatload of advantages over the conventional steam iron. Home steam presses have a larger ironing surface up to 15 times that of their immediate cousin, the handheld iron box. As such, you only need one simple press to do what an iron box would have done in up to 10 strokes.

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What to Look For When Buying an Electric Steam Press

Size: The size of your garment steamer plays a great role in your pressing experiences. For instance, you’ll need the largest press steamer possible- according to your budget, though- for large sheets and draperies. Likewise, a small steam press will serve the purpose if all you need is a steamer for small items like napkins.

You may also opt for a small model if you’re in need of a portable press steamer for traveling. Again, tabletop steam pressers are great options for small college and downtown apartments.

Available Features: Though electric steam pressers work in the same way, they all offer different features that affect their performance and users’ convenience. Bells and whistles aside, the best steam press for clothes should have non-stick coatings and digital controls that help in maintaining fabric-specific pressing temperatures at safe ranges. The press steamer should also have safety cut-outs to prevent damaging your linen and causing severe burns. We’ll discuss these features in detail in the actual cloth steam press reviews.

Your Budget: What you plan to spend on a press steamer will highly determine what you get. How much does a professional steam press cost? Well, it’s a bit tricky to give an exact answer on this. This is because these units offer competitive prices depending on the features onboard, the size, and the brand. In this article, we’ll look at models from both sides of the price spectrum. As such, everyone should be able to get their best steam press according to their budget.

Performance/Other People’s Say: After identifying the best press steamer of your choice, it always pays to know what other users have to say about it. Steam press reviews by Amazon’s verified purchasers, for instance, play a great role in informing you on what to expect from a specific model.

10. Family Press Inspire 36- Large, Deluxe, Simple To Use, And Versatile

Family Press Inspire 36- Large, Deluxe, Simple To Use, And Versatile

Our first contender on this list is a Chinese brand, Feiyue Family Press. This brand is known for making both compact-sized and large fabric steam presses. Inspire-36 falls in the large category. It’s the perfect example of a large home steam press machine. With a pressing surface area of 37 inches in length and 10 inches width, this Inspire 36 is with no doubts over 14 times larger than your small iron box. Couple the large steam plate with its 100lbs of anti-wrinkle pressure and you’ll get professional results in a matter of seconds.

What attracted us to this steam press are its impressive design, its best-in-class features, and friendly pricing. Inspire 36 is built from an array of construction materials including plastic, aluminum, metal, and fabric. As such, we expect it to withstand regular home-use for some years. However, these construction materials also make it quite heavy at around 34lbs. As such, you may consider storing it near where you do your pressing. It scores highly in our aesthetics sheet with its all-white theme and its blue and black control details. Amazingly, besides its large size, this steam iron stores vertically. This is a huge plus if you’re struggling with space.

Is this pressing machine easy to use? Sure. Inspire 36 requires 10-120V, 60Hz to deliver up to 1600 watts of pressing power. Its pressing plate has a temperature range of between 212-degrees and 392-degrees. This means that it can handle a variety of fabrics comfortably. Unlike using the traditional ironing box where a single item may require up to 100 strokes, Inspire 36 needs countable presses to remove stubborn wrinkles and to create long-lasting creases. What renders it even more efficient are its steam bursts coupled by its 100lbs of pressing pressure.
Family Press Inspire 36- Large, Deluxe, Simple To Use, And Versatile

On this point too, it’s worth mentioning that Inspire 36 has both dry and steam press capabilities. This means that you can press your clothes with or without steam depending on the fabric and its pressing requirements. Its non-stick Teflon plate heats evenly and allows you to press large areas of your fabrics with one simple press.

Feiyue has also gone an extra mile to see that your safety is guaranteed as you use this steamer. Firstly, its handle is all plastic and remains cool regardless of how hot the steam plate is. It’s also ergonomically designed and easy to lift up or press down single-handedly. Moreover, its digital control panel features labeled operation buttons and knobs, so you hassle less and press more. It also has bright temperature display LEDs that illuminate your preferred temperature range. This eliminates all chances of scorching your items or giving them that undesirable shiny look.

Even better, this digital steam press has an audio safety alarm that will call for your attention whenever you press your garment for long and when you forget to power it off. Its timed automatic shutoff feature is also worth mentioning. It turns off the machine automatically if it’s left ON and unattended for some time. This will not only save your machine but also prevent causing fires around your home.

  • Has a large steam plate
  • Stores vertically
  • Easy to use and safe
  • Audio safety alarm
  • It’s heavy

9. Reliable Verve 100SR- Precision Craftsmanship, Second-To-None Design, Great For Linens

Reliable Verve 100SR- Precision Craftsmanship, Second-To-None Design, Great For Linens

Next on this list is a model with a ground-breaking design and innovative technology that most competitors won’t beat. Reliable Verve 100SR is a rotary steam press from a successful Toronto-based manufacturer, Reliable. Founded in 1955, Reliable is known for its precisely crafted steam cleaners, handheld irons, and sewing machines. However, the great innovation, state-of-the-art components, and superb experiences endowed in the Verve 100SR steam press are just unimaginable!

Reliable Verve 100SR blows our previous model the Inspire 36 out of the water with its breathtaking design and easy operations. However, it’s also a tad pricier but a great option if you want to play in the big leagues. To begin with, the Verve has about the best first impression, in my opinion. This machine has been tastefully crafted to make pressing tablecloths, bed sheets and other linen nothing short of a breeze.

As I have just pointed out, this best-rated steam press works a bit different from the rest in this list. It features a 33-inch open-end and dual-feed rotating roller that makes the rather cumbersome and clumsy linen pressing straightforward and easy. The roller presses the fabric against a smooth, heated and non-stick element. In fact, your linen get’s heated from the 2 components simultaneously.
Reliable Verve 100SR- Precision Craftsmanship, Second-To-None Design, Great For Linens

This feature is then boosted by a powerful steam that makes this the best steam press for bed sheets and tablecloths even those with the toughest wrinkles. As such, this is yours if you’re searching for the best steam press, 2019 for professional-quality creases. We’re not talking about wide items only; Verse 100SR is also a keeper when it comes to pressing your shirts and pants.

True. This steam press machine looks great but appears quite difficult to use. However, you’ll be amazed by its easy operations. In fact, in my opinion, people who find it hard to iron their items- shirts, pants, and linen, for instance- should have the easiest time with the Verve 100SR. This steam press is powered by 120V and does not call for any special electrical work. Simply worded, you just plug and press. It has an easy to read control panel featuring 5 heat settings clearly labeled; nylon, cotton, silk, wool, and linen.

As such, you need not worry too much about what temperatures should go on what fabric. It also has 3 steam settings with varying amounts of steam. This helps in handling different degrees of wrinkles on various types of materials easy and fast. It’s, therefore, easy for you to deal with the most wrinkled sheets straight from either a front-loaded or top-loaded washer in no time. In case you’re wondering, the heated roller’s speed is regulated by a foot-controlled pedal at the base.

Another great feature with this tool is its easily accessible water reservoir that makes putting water hassle-free. Impressively, Verse 100SR has no restrictions on the type of water that goes into its reservoir. It operates well with or without distilled water. And it’s safe for you and your items too.

This steam presser has several features geared towards ensuring that you never obtain scalds or damage your fabrics. For instance, its dual-feed mechanism ensures that you never struggle passing wide linen through the hot plate. It also has a hardened plastic feeder that protects your fingers from going through the hot plates. Moreover, it has a quick-release lever that lifts the roller from the fixed plate instantly to prevent your items from damage. The juicy part with the Verve 100SR is that you don’t need to place it on tables or ironing boards. Again, it folds in half its size allowing you to store it easily and conveniently.

  • Requires no tops
  • Folds in half
  • Dual-fed
  • Accessible water reservoir
  • It’s hard to use at first

8. Speedy Press Steam Machine- Digital, Has a Stand, Large Opening Area

Speedy Press Steam Machine- Digital, Has a Stand, Large Opening Area

For those who find Reliable Verve 100SR way beyond their budget, Speedy Press has a cheaper yet dependable option to save you from the routine hectic ironing. Speedy Press is a much loved and a respected brand that has been operational since 1965. With over 5 decades in business, it’s quite hard to go wrong with a steamer or steam press from this manufacturer. Our concern today is on their sensibly enormous Speedy Press Steam Machine B004V3FA70 which is almost 10 times the size of your conventional iron box and made for speed.

What stands out in this steam press machine is the sheer determination that Speedy Press had in balancing convenience and efficacy. Featuring a pressing surface measuring 25.6 x 9.5inches in size, this thing is certainly the best steam press machine for clothes, bed sheets, window ornaments, and tablecloths. The better part is that the size is just enough to offer an easy pressing time without grabbing all the space in your small room.

Even better, Speedy Press comes fitted with a sturdy and well-built stand. As such, you’ll be killing 2 birds with a single stone if you were planning to buy a stand too. Compared to your tiresome iron, you’ll not be hunting for a good ironing board here. Without forgetting, this home steam press is only 26 pounds heavy! This is way below what Inspire 36 and Verve 100SR weigh. Consequently, you’ll be able to move it around with much ease. Its size and weight also make storing a breeze. It can easily slip under the bed or in a closet without much hassle. In fact, for those who feel that a steam press can serve them right while on the go, this one will fit easily in any car’s boot.
Speedy Press Steam Machine- Digital, Has a Stand, Large Opening Area

The hallmark of a fabric steam press is its ability to handle even the craziest wrinkles and create the most amazing creases easily and quickly. Now, that’s exactly what Speed Press aims at. This laundry tool boasts a wide range of steaming temperature that can be conveniently controlled between 1000 and 2100. The pressing plate is non-stick and features 100 pounds of even pressing force, so you get professional-quality results each time. And it offers both dry and steam settings too. As such, it’s suitable for any fabric ranging from the most delicate like silk to the most notorious like linen.

It’s upper plate which also happens to be the heating and steaming plate lifts up easily to a large opening area. Therefore, you won’t have any hard time spreading out your sheets or shirts on it. Speedy Press also comes with an array of accessories to make pressing a snap. The package comes with an instructional DVD loaded with tips on how to do your pressing like a pro. This is quite a good one especially for those who’ve been paying to have their laundry and pressing done. You also get a funneled-jug to make filling the water reservoir easy and mess free.

Other frills included here are an extra cover and foam, a pressing cushion, and a water spray bottle. Similar to Inspire 36, this steam press is also engineered to cut-out if left on for so long. This ensures your house’s safety in case you forgot to switch the machine off.

  • Comes with a complete ‘pressing solution’
  • Convenient size for fast pressing and easy storing
  • Has a stand
  • Comes with an instructional DVD
  • Some find it a bit pricey

7. Compact Ironing Steam Press- Compact Sized, Nice For Travels, For Dry Ironing Or Steaming

Compact Ironing Steam Press- Compact Sized, Nice For Travels, For Dry Ironing Or Steaming

With their vast experience in steam presses, Speedy Press seems to have all sorts of surprises to those who hate the numerous back and forth movements associated with an iron box. So, if you thought that the previous model was the most compact steam press machine, wait till you hear about Speedy Press com-psp990. The sweet spot with this model is that its price isn’t over the 200-dollar mark. It’s also delivered to your doorstep without any shipping costs.

Speedy Press com-psp990 has an ironing surface plate measuring 21.6 x 8.6inches. Mathematically speaking, this is about 7 times the size of your regular iron. However, though smaller than most other models here, it’s still large enough to outdo even the most advanced conventional steam iron. It’s also able to offer 1350 watts and 100 lbs. of pressing power. You’ll no longer pay an expert or burn your car’s gas in search for professional-style presses or pleats on your pants. In fact, its small design is an added advantage if you’re searching for the best steam press to use on the go. Speedy Press com-psp990 folds flat making it easy to carry. It’s also less than 20 pounds in weight, which is a huge plus compared to other steam presses we reviewed before it.

Are you afraid that you don’t know how to use a press for shirts, pants or any other fabric item? Don’t worry. That’s probably the easiest part here. This press iron machine has been designed such that you don’t require any advanced course to do your thing like a pro. To press a shirt, for instance, all you need is to plug the machine into the socket and switch it on. Customize the temperature knob to the right position. Next, lift the lid open and spread your shirt on the bottom surface. Lower the top down and press the steam button. After about 10 seconds, lift the lid open again, and voila, all wrinkles are gone. As one of the reviewers says, you could press your clothes the last thing before dashing out for work and never get late.
Compact Ironing Steam Press- Compact Sized, Nice For Travels, For Dry Ironing Or Steaming

Speedy Press com-psp990’s design makes it amongst the easiest steam press machines for this year. Ironing is hectic for many. As such, the last thing you want from a steam press is to fiddle with uncountable buttons before it can function. This press machine’s control panel isn’t any busy. It features only 2 large knobs with clear indications on how to press different types of fabric. The knobs are also accompanied by LEDs to keep you in control.

Like its bigger brother, Speedy Press com-psp990 also comes with several pressing accessories you would want to keep nearby. Firstly, the package includes a measuring cup with which you fill the retractable water reservoir on your press. Again, you get a spray bottle for those times when you need to spray the water manually. Even better, the package also includes an extra cover and foam underfelt. These 2 costs close to 50 bucks when sold separately. To seal the deal, your steam press is covered by a full year limited manufacturer’s warranty!

  • It’s lightweight
  • Folds easily
  • 2 large knobs with LED
  • comes with a spray bottle
  • Some find it small

6. Ricoma PSP-990A- Heats Quickly, Tough On Wrinkles, Auto Shut-Off

Ricoma PSP-990A- Heats Quickly, Tough On Wrinkles, Auto Shut-Off

This is another mid-level option that you can’t go wrong with if you’re in need of a good steam presser below 300 dollars. Ricoma is a Shanghai, China based manufacturer headquartered in Miami, USA. This brand has a reputation for quality services and products including sewing machines and steam press iron machines.

Like Speedy Press com-psp990 above, Ricoma looks simple and yet professional. As such, you can have it for your laundry room. One thing that stands out with this model is its super fast heating rate. It offers 1350 watts of power and takes less than a minute to reach its peak. This is a true reflection of Ricoma’s great passion for excellence. Ever used a steam presser that took up to 10 minutes to reach usable temperatures? Then you should understand how good it feels to have a unit that takes utmost 40 seconds to get ready. However, as other reviewers noted, its high speed of heating up also demands great care to prevent accidents.

Ricoma PSP-900A boasts a pressing surface measuring 22.5 by 11-inches. It’s slightly bigger than the Speedy Press com-psp990 but by a very small margin. It’s about 7 times larger than the conventional hand-held iron and cuts your ironing tasks by half. This means that you’ll be spending incredibly few minutes in your pressing tasks each time. Again, its size makes it easy to handle larger items including bed sheets and table cloths with relative ease.
Ricoma PSP-990A- Heats Quickly, Tough On Wrinkles, Auto Shut-Off

Notably, this unit is also lighter than our first models. At around 22 pounds, it’ll be easy for you to move it around without slaving. Again, this steam press machine measures 27″ by 11″ by 23″ and will, therefore, not require much space for storage. It’s a good option for homes with little space and a reliable option for traveling.

Speaking about ease of use and safety, Ricoma seems to have had all your needs in mind while designing this unit. Firstly, the handle is ergonomically designed, smooth, and strong. You’ll always have an easy time lifting it up and bringing it down. Again, the pressing lid offers incredible 100-pound locking pressure. Well, this isn’t a new. However, knowing that the surface is non-stick and non-shine is an interesting bonus feature.

This steam iron press boasts 5 different temperature settings. It’s compatible with different types of fabrics including wool, silk, cotton, nylon, and linen. It’s also capable of both dry and steam pressing. You’ll find it helpful in almost any type of garment including pleated skirts, ties, blouses, drapes, cloth belts, pants, and scarves.

Another nice thing with this Ricoma PSP-900A is its audible warning feature that always alerts you when you exceed the heat. Again, it automatically shuts OFF if it’s left unattended for 15 minutes. The package also brings a boatload of accessories including a sleeve pad, a filling container, a spray bottle, and an instructional manual.

  • It heats up within seconds
  • It’s light, easy to store, and portable
  • Compatible with different types of fabrics and garments
  • Auto-shut off feature
  • Doesn’t open wide enough

5. Sienna Empressa 3208 Digital Steam Press- 5 Steam Bursts, Large, Accommodates Different Fabrics

Sienna Empressa 3208 Digital Steam Press- 5 Steam Bursts, Large, Accommodates Different Fabrics

For those who are looking for the best large home steam press machines, your search ends here. Sienna Empressa is amongst Europe’s favorite brands with a full range of steam appliances. This brand is known for its cutting technology that doesn’t involve the use of harmful chemicals. It’s rapidly gaining popularity in the USA with its steam presses ranking highly in any collection of the best home steam press. Its Sienna Empressa SSP-2202, for instance, was amongst our top 10 best steam presses last year. It’s an entry-level model that does quite an amazing job. However, it’s a bit smaller than what we are about to see today; the Sienna Empressa SSP-3208.

With a massive pressing surface measuring 34 by 12-inches, SSP 3208 comes second in our selection of the large steam presses for clothes 2019. It’s only a few inches shorter than Inspire-36 but also a few pounds lighter. This digital steam press is about 10 times larger than a traditional iron and minimizes ironing time by close to 70%. It’s designed to offer professional quality results and demands no specialized knowledge.

It’s easy to use. This machine has a retractable water reservoir located under the pressing board. Again, it comes with an easy to use small-sized and funneled water jug that makes filling a breeze. Worth mentioning, the tank accommodates 15.2 ounces of water. As such, you refill less and steam more. Its control panel is fitted with an easily readable digital display that allows you to select between its 5 steam settings depending on the type of fabric that you’re dealing with. It has varying steam bursts for different types of fabrics including cotton, linen, wool, silk, rayon, and nylon. Notably, wool items won’t get shiny. You can also give your sweaters a good touch without harming them.
Sienna Empressa 3208 Digital Steam Press- 5 Steam Bursts, Large, Accommodates Different Fabrics

It also offers different temperature settings that make ironing any garment easy and fast. All you do is select your preferred pressing temperatures that will be displaced on the digital display. Sienna Empressa SSP 3208 has an indicator light that will alert you when the plate is hot enough. Its enormous pressing board sports a removable non-stick padded cover while the pressing plate is non-stick. As such, you’ll have good-looking drycleaner-like creases even on the toughest jeans. The non-stick plate eliminates all starch build-up and also cleans in a snap.

Sienna has also designed this model with your safety concerns in mind. Besides the LED light that alerts you once your selected temperatures are reached, it also has an alarm to alert you in case you left it powered or lifted. Again, like most steam presses here, Sienna Empressa SSP 3208 also turns off automatically if left for more than 15 minutes. Another great idea with this model is its locking feature. This makes it super easy to pick it up for easy portability and storage.

  • The pressing plate and board lock for easy storage
  • Has 5 steam bursts
  • Has a digital display
  • Improved user’s safety
  • Doesn’t open wide enough

4. Steamfast SF-623BK Mid-Size Steam Press- Compact, Inexpensive, Aesthetically Pleasing

Steamfast SF-623BK Mid-Size Steam Press- Compact, Inexpensive, Aesthetically Pleasing

If you’ve never owned a home steam press before, a unit going for more than 200 dollars could be a bit riskier for you. However, some entry-level models still do the trick, and that will help you gain confidence before playing in the big leagues. Steamfast SF-623BK falls in the category of the inexpensive steam pressers. Steamfast is known for delivering high-quality products at a price that is affordable to all. Amongst its other best steam pressers are the Steamfast SF680 and SP600 both which ranked highly on our list last year.

Steamfast SF-623BK is a great way of slashing your family’s ironing time while getting drycleaner’s quality result. This steam presser’s goodness starts right from its design. Its black and white theme coupled by the stylish placement of the knobs and LEDs give it a stunning appearance that won’t go bad with any room.

Well, most of its features are almost similar to those that we’ve seen in other models. For instance, SF 623BK is designed to take care of your fabrics naturally without the use of any chemicals. Again, it’s compatible with almost all the major fabrics including nylon, silk, cotton, wool, and linen. A conveniently positioned knob on the pressing plate helps you in choosing the right temperatures for your garments.
Steamfast SF-623BK Mid-Size Steam Press- Compact, Inexpensive, Aesthetically Pleasing


This steam presser is fitted with a 20″ by 8″ pressing plate. This is approximately 7 times bigger than what the conventional steam iron offers. It reduces your ironing time by up to 50%. Again, the heating element is molded and, therefore, offers more even heat distribution. As such, you’re able to create professional results in seconds. Like other steam presses in this list, the pressing plate is non-stick and also resists rust. Again, you’re free to use liquid starch on your garments since the molded plate prevents its build-up. You’re, therefore, guaranteed of your garments’ safety and the longevity of your pressing machine.

A common question that we’ve been facing about these units is whether the steam holes on the upper plate cause any dimples on fabrics. While others may cause, SF 623BK isn’t amongst them.

This presser machine releases customized steam bursts that penetrate the fabrics and softens them. This enables you to smooth all wrinkles and achieve professional results fast. As I had hinted before, this machine is, in my opinion, the best steam presser for the bucks. Just like its elder brothers, Steamfast SF 623BK has been built to last for long. Its compact size and lightweight design (15.8lbs) makes it easy to use, to move around and also to store. Without forgetting, buyers get a spraying bottle, a filling cup, and a pressing cushion with this purchase.

  • It’s compact and lightweight
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Offers professional results
  • Build to last
  • Impressive performance
  • Quite small for big items

3. Steamfast SP660- Best Tabletop Steam Presser

Steamfast SP660- Best Tabletop Steam Presser

Steamfast SP660 is 623BK’s big brother. This one is a few dollars pricier than the previous model but slightly bigger too. Reading from Amazon’s verified reviews, this larger model seems to attract more praises especially in its ability to handle bigger items including tablecloths and bed sheets. Its favorable 4.2 out of 5-star rating is currently the highest in this list and a good indication that Steamfast SP660 is a reliable model worth investing in. Here is its full review.

Steamfast SP660 blows our previous model out of the water right from its appearance. While the former model wasn’t any bad too, the white color in this one looks cooler in your laundry than black. SP660 has a large rectangular die-cast aluminum base with a built-in “iron.” This pressing plate has a 3.2 Square Feet surface with more than 8 times greater coverage than a traditional iron. This steam press iron uses 1300 watts. Consequently, you’re able to get rid of wrinkles from both sides of your items simultaneously. This means that you’ll be able to cut your pressing time by up to 50%.

Like most steam pressers from Steamfast, this one doesn’t have complicated controls too. There are only a couple of knobs that have been boldly and clearly labeled. This means that anybody can learn how to use it within minutes and do their first pressing without struggles. Similar to SF-623BK above, this model has a temperature control dial to the top right of the pressing plate. This knob has been clearly labeled nylon, silk, cotton, wool, and linen. You simply fine-tune it to fit your item’s fabric.
Steamfast SP660- Best Tabletop Steam Presser

Different from other presser machines, SP660 boasts 2 steam button positioned on both sides of the handle. They both work the same. The juicy part of this feature is that you can still reach for one with either of your thumbs whether you’re right handed or left handed. Lastly, there’s a clearly-labeled locking knob on the top. This one works by locking the 2 plates together. When locked, you can use the handle to move the whole unit from one position to another without flapping open.

Though this steam presser doesn’t have a digital display, it sports 3 indicator lights to keep you posted on its operations. The first light illuminates once you’ve plugged in the unit. The middle light will alert you once the “iron” has reached the selected temperatures. Lastly, the third light shows when the water is hot enough to produce steam. For safety reasons, SP660 has automatic shut-off mode that cuts off power when the unit is left idle for long. Amazingly, it also flaunts an auto-wake feature that only works if the machine is still plugged in. This one activates the heating process and only requires to be moved to the opposite direction.

The auto shut-off is activated once the steam presser is left closed (while plugged in) for more than 10 seconds. Again, it’ll also shut-off if the lid is left open and idle for more than 15 minutes. With this model, you also get a water refilling cup, a spray bottle for items that may require extra spraying, and a pressing cushion for your cap sleeves and pleats. Even better, you get a 1-year limited warranty.

  • Has easy controls
  • Has 2 steam knobs
  • Automatic shut-off and auto-wake features
  • Impressive design
  • Small for large items

2. Steamfast SF-680- Digital, Dual-Vaporizer, Molded Heating Element

Steamfast SF-680- Digital, Dual-Vaporizer, Molded Heating Element

Steamfast is a renowned industry leader in household steam pressers. No wonder several of its units have been able to dominate in our shortlist of the top 10 best steam presses in 2019 reviews. Steamfast SF-680 is a tad pricier than its brothers the SF-623BK and the SP660. However, this model seems to have a superior price to quality ratio and also has a more advanced control panel. Again, it has a 1-year limited warranty and only ships within the US. Here is its story.

This is a tabletop presser that you can comfortably use on your kitchen tables or laundry shelves. It features stainless steel construction, which is an assurance that you’ll have it for quite some time. The beauty of this steam iron presser is that it most of the knobs found in the other units have been done away with. This one features a more advanced- yet simple- digital control panel. It’s probably the easiest to learn of all the units from this brand.

It features 2 select buttons that help you set the right temperatures for your garment. These are accompanied by a set of 5 LEDs that will light up depending on your selection. Below these are 3 other lights. One illuminates after plugging the unit, the second alerts you once the pressing plate is hot enough, and the last informs you once the steam burst is ready for action. It has a 26 by 22-inch pressing plate, which is about 9 times the size of an iron’s pressing plate. The surface is coated and molded for even heat distribution.
Steamfast SF-680- Digital, Dual-Vaporizer, Molded Heating Element

Steam burst is triggered using a red button at the right end of the handle. The burst function helps in reinforcing the 100-pound pressing force in eliminating stubborn wrinkles. The SF-680 has a 10-ounce tank. Worth mentioning, this tank employs dual vaporizing method. The manufacturer claims that this feature helps in minimizing moisture when steaming. Notably, Steamfast also recommends using distilled water.

This unit also boasts an auto-off function. If you leave the presser closed for at least 10 seconds, the unit shuts down automatically. To reactivate it, you just have to lift the plate. Again, SF-680 cuts off automatically if the pressing panel is left open for over 15 minutes. This can be reset by pressing the ON/OFF button or by pressing any of the temperature control buttons.

  • Few knobs to deal with
  • It’s lockable for easy transporting
  • Easy controls and alerts
  • 1 year warranty
  • Doesn’t open wide enough

1. SINGER ESP-2- Best Of The Best, 1-Year Warranty, Professional Quality, Highest Rating

SINGER ESP-2- Best Of The Best, 1-Year Warranty, Professional Quality, Highest Rating

Established in 1851, Singer is synonymous with sewing machines. However, with its creative innovation, this manufacturer also brings us the hard-to-beat contender in this list; the Singer ESP-2. This steam presser isn’t any new to us. Thanks to its professional precision and quality, no other steam press machine has been able to bring it down 1 year down the line. It also boasts the highest star rating at 4.4/5 albeit being on the pricey side. That’s a clear indication that it’s able to live to its hype. Let’s see how.

This machine brings you the convenience of easy portability, hassle-free storage, and reduced ironing time. It’s not as large as Family Press Inspire-36 above, but it’s still bigger than most of other machines here. Its ironing surface is 24 by 9-inches-over 10 times the size of a regular iron. This steam presser has an electronic temperature control panel that lets you preset for your nylon, wool, silk, cotton, and linen garments.

Again, Singer ESP-2 steam presser offers 1540 watts of pressing power and 100lbs of pressure. This is an invitation for all sorts of fabrics from the thickest golfing gloves to the lightest blouse and shirt. The control panel has a power indicator light that illuminates once the machine is switched on. Another light flickers as the iron gains heat and deactivates once its ready the preset heat temperatures have been attained. Again, another indicator lights up if the steam burst is ready.
SINGER ESP-2- Best Of The Best, 1-Year Warranty, Professional Quality, Highest Rating

Steam bursts are engaged via a button on the handle. A 2-second press of this button sends powerful steam bursts from 49 steam vents under the pressing panel. Again, you choose to press your items dry by pressing a button on the end of the handle. Learn the difference between dry and steam ironing here. Singer ESP-2 has pretty fast operations. Upon closing the pressing plate and releasing the steam bursts, your item is already wrinkle-free in utmost 10 seconds. After this time, there’s an audible alarm to remind you to lift the plate up.

If the pressing plate is not lifted in 10 seconds, the heating process is automatically cut-off. Again, heating is deactivated if the lid is left open for more than 15 minutes. Similar to other models in this list, the ESP-2 also has a locking knob that locks the 2 plates together. This makes it easy to store it upright. The locking knob also makes moving the 22-pound machine somewhat easy. You also get a pressing cushion, a spray bottle, and a measuring cup with your purchase.

  • Multi-use
  • Safety measures in place
  • Hassle free storage
  • Impressive performance in little time
  • It’s heavy


Most of us hate ironing. It’s a dreaded chore that most people will pay to have it done. However, if you’ve ever tallied up how much you fork out annually, you’ll probably learn how to love ironing your items at home. Fortunately, you don’t have to slave on your regular steam iron again. A good steam presser machine will make pressing not only easy but enjoyable. You can still get professional pleats without spending a fortune. Though these pressing machines are a tad pricier, they always do a bang up job and pay for themselves in a few months.

Are you hunting for the best steam press for cloths? You won’t go wrong with any from our list. Do you have any steam press experiences that you would like to share with us? Please do so in our comments section. Again, if you enjoyed the review, remember to share.


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