The Best Snow Shovels Reviews For Driveways & Cars

The Best Snow Shovels Reviews For Driveways & Cars

Best Snow Shovels

Don’t be overwhelmed by the white Christmas this year!

Are you tired of taking hours, even days to shovel snow out of your driveway? You need one of our top 9 best snow shovels for 2019! These shovels are all top quality models which are designed for maximum performance.

Best Snow Shovels

Picture Shovel Model Material Price Our Rating
Voile Telepack Snow Shovel Steel $$ 5
Suncast SF1850 22 Inch Scoop Shovel Graphite $$ 4.99
SnoBoss Pusher / Lifter Shovel Polycarbonate Blade, Steel Edge $ 4.98
Garant APP30KDU Snow Pusher Polycarbonate $ 4.95
Suncast SCP3500 Power Blade Combo Shovel & Pusher Polycarbonate $ 4.90
True Temper Aluminum Combo Snow Shovel Polycarbonate $ 4.87
Suncast SN2100 Combo Snow Shovel / Pusher Graphite Blade, Galvanized Steel Edge $ 4.80
AAA 4005 Blue Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel Aluminium $ 4.75
Garant NP139KDU Nordic Poly Blade Snow Shovel Polycarbonate $ 4.70

Guide To The Best Snow Shovels

Over here you can learn about snow shovels, the proper techniques for using them and just about everything you need to know before you head out and take on the white mountain in your driveway that used to be your car. Do you go for one of those wide scoops, or a shorter, rectangular one? It all depends on what youve got to get done. Weve got you covered, from explaining which components make up the best snow shovels to showing you the best way to shovel snow so that you wont put your back out.

What makes these the best snow shovels?

Generally, snow shovels have one of two different functions, and this is either to lift snow or to push it around. Lifting snow requires that the shovel has a sturdier grip as well as a much longer scoop, where pushing snow requires a wide curved scoop in order to curl the snow over on itself and out of your way. To move small amounts of build-up on your driveway, youd probably want a wide and curved scoop that can hit a wide area when you push it along. This will help you to avoid slippage if you are pulling out of your driveway or just walking along your sidewalk. If youre taking on big walls of snow you might want to go for a stronger and more suitable lifting shovel, which must have a sturdy compact construction. Whether you are lifting or pushing snow, there are some common features which will give you an idea about what truly makes the best snow shovels so good.

D-shaped handle this is more important for the lifting shovels, but a D-shaped handle is one of the most efficient design that you will find. It allows you to really concentrate your force into the shovel, which makes slicing through snow so much easier. Some shovels are two handers, and some even require that you use your foot to get stuck in to the snow, but a good old D-shaped handle is where its at. You will work faster and more comfortably for longer periods of time if you have a handle like this, and it will really make your life a lot easier.

Handle padding you might be spending hours unearthing your car, your dog or even your family from the snow. You need to be sure that you wont get blisters or welts from your shovels handle, and this means you should look for padding or softer handles on your shovel. You will not even feel the effects of a good handle once youre finished shovelling that pile of snow and thats sort of the point. You could add after-market grips if you find that even the stock grip of your favourite shovel isnt comfortable enough. It might sound strange, but you can get an old shovel equipped with a rubberised tennis or squash grip at your local sports store as a cheap alternative to buying a brand new shovel.

Extra grips snow is slippery and it gets everywhere, so having a good ribbed grip on the handle, or some extra handles along the shaft of the shovel will make sure that you dont over-extend yourself too much. You can also look for ergonomic designs which will get the job done faster, and put you at less risk of falling or injuring yourself. Be aware that ergonomics does not necessarily equal comfort, though, and often an ergonomic design might be the best to get the job done but it could give you a bit of trouble in the process. Overall, having a good grip is essential to efficient and safe snow shovelling.

Suitable edge a steel or metallic edge is the strongest you will find, but it is possible that because of how strong it is, a metal edge on a shovel could scratch your deck, your car, or wherever you choose to use it. Steel is also heavier than plastic or carbon fibre, and will leave you feeling tired and strained far sooner. If youre pretty strong and you think you can handle it, steel edged scoops are fast and efficient, but carbon fibre is a preferred material because it is both strong and gentle on its edge.

What is the best way to shovel snow?

Sometimes when youre shoveling snow you start to feel a cramp coming on, or worse, you actually do pull a muscle in your back and have to lie there in agony calling out for help until someone hears you. We dont want that to happen to you, and even if youve got the best snow shovels that money can buy you still have to look after your health and do things by the book. Practicing proper techniques for shoveling snow will reduce your fatigue, increase the benefits of exercise yes, you heard us right! and also cut down on the amount of time you spend in the yard.

The best techniques for shoveling snow depend on the thickness and texture of the snow involved. For larger piles of snow, you will want to use a utility shovel the one that looks quite like the regular garden shovel, with some tweaks, of course. For sleet or ground cover you will need a pusher, which often has a long handle and a wide blade a little bit like a broom stick with a tough metal end. Were assuming you have a pretty hefty amount of build up to move around if youre here looking at the best snow shovels, so let us begin by explaining how to use the snow shovels that are designed for lifting.

Lifting requires you to take the shovel and dig it into the snow, then throw the snow aside. If youre an amateur you might bend your back right over to get the angle you need, but this is the wrong way to do things. The best way to shovel snow is to treat it as an exercise. Just as in regular exercise, if you do things wrong youre going to have poor results and might get injured. Paul Lampa has a very good technique to shovel snow which uses your legs and core muscles more than your back and arms:

As you can see from Pauls video, grabbing the shovel with an overhand grip rather than an underhand grip allows you to twist your body to the side to throw the snow away. This limits the strain put on to your arms and back, and instead distributes the strain on to your stronger leg and core muscles. This is a much better method of lifting snow than the over the shoulder motion, or over-extending ones body to throw the snow forwards.

The other method for moving snow out of your way is better for handling smaller build up on pathways or driveways. Using a pushing shovel is far easier for this task because it is designed to be used while walking, and can be put to work simply by following a pathway with the blade angled to the side you want the snow to be pushed to. There is no back-aching bending involved, or strenuous up and downs. This method couldnt be easier, and requires almost no effort on top of walking.

What is the best snow shovel for the money?

We would have to say that the Sno Boss by Jackson Professional Tools is the best snow shovel for the money. Its constructed tough, has a good reputation and comes with a rather attractive price tag. It has a dual function to shovel or push snow, which gives you the ability to clean almost any snow-related surface that you can think of without having to switch up. It is also designed with ergonomics in mind, and has an aluminium frame to cut down on the fatigue that happens from lifting. The price tag is also in the lower range, considering it has two functions instead of one. If you were to buy two snow shovels one for lifting and another for pushing you would be putting down almost $40 -50 just to get a hold of them. Not to mention the storage space youd need to house two shovels instead of one, and the endless back and forth to the shed to change them up when you need to.

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