The Best Sleep Masks That Will Guarantee Your Beauty Sleep

The Best Sleep Masks That Will Guarantee Your Beauty Sleep

Best sleep masks
Slip Into Your Dark Little World and Enjoy Better Sleep With These Quality Eye Masks

Do you work nights, travel often, have migraines, or just in general have trouble sleeping? No matter what the problem keeping you from sleep is,we are here to help. Have you ever tried a sleep mask? A perfect sleep mask can help you block out the light (and the world) to help you relax and sleep. Some masks will even help you block out the sound along with the light! Frequent fliers will invest in a great sleep mask just so they can get some good shut eye on the plane. Which is the best one for you? There is an unbelievably wide selection of masks out there. With our list of the top 9 sleep masks and our buying guide we break down the types, materials, and benefits of each one. We hope this little review of some of the best sleep masks in the market can help you find the perfect one for your needs. Time to enjoy some blissful sleep folks!

Best Sleep Masks

Picture Model Material Price Our Rating
ALASKA BEAR – Natural silk sleep mask & blindfold Natural Mulberry Silk $ 4.97
Dream Essentials Escape Luxury Travel and Sleep Mask with Earplugs and Carry Pouch Natural Cotton $$ 4.95
NapForm Eye Mask with BioSense Memory Foam Ultra-plush NapForm $$ 493
Revolutionary, Patented SLEEP MASTER DELUXE tm Sleep Mask Synthetic Shell/ Cotton Interior $$ 4.93
Sleep Mask by Bedtime Bliss Bamboo and Cotton $$ 4.92
#1 Rated Patented Sleep Mask, Nidra Lightweight & Comfortable Eye Mask Lightweight Material $$ 4.92
Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask Velvet/Velour $$ 4.90
Bucky 40 Blinks Ultralight Sleep Mask Ultralight Synthetic Material $$ 4.88
IMAK Compression Pain Relief Mask and Eye Pillow Breathable Cotton Material $$ 4.86

Buyers Guide for Sleep Masks

Looking for the best eye mask for sleeping? You can decide to go about it randomly and choose the first mask that you lay your hands on but it may not serve your sleep needs as well as you wish it to be. The design and material may not be right, for example. It might not adequately serve your sleep habits. There are a host of considerations that you need to keep in mind when you are shopping for the best sleeping eye mask. The three most important ones are functionality, fit and type. Some people also look at factors such as color and unique patterns. These will be important if you are looking for some personality in your sleep masks. However, the function and fit should be the primary considerations when you are shopping for the best eye mask for your needs.

If you dont factor in these things in your purchase decision, you might find yourself buying numerous sleep masks and never really getting the right fit out there. So let us guide you in finding that perfect sleep mask for your sleep.


  • Do you plan on using this just at home or taking it every with you including on a plane? Do you need a sleep mask just when you have migraines? A light weight mask that effectively blocks out light is what you will need for travel. It also needs to be something that easily fits into your bag and is durable. If its primary use is at home but will be used every day, you will still need to really consider durability. On the other hand, if it is just for occasional in-home use for relaxation, then you will probably want to go with a more luxurious model that has features like rejuvenating oils. There are sleep masks designed just for people with migraines and headaches. If you suffer from migraines, do not get any mask, get the best eye cover for sleeping that was designed for this specific issue. Before you buy, make sure you determine what purpose your sleep mask will serve so as to get the best fit.


  • This is a really big deal. Not all sleep masks are created the same so they all will fit differently. All sleep masks have some sort of strap to secure it around your head, otherwise how would it stay on? There are masks that either use Velcro, use a plastic adjuster clip, or just have an elastic band. Some people do not like Velcro because if they have long hair it tends to tangle and knot around the hair. Other people prefer Velcro because the plastic adjuster clip digs into their head while they are trying to sleep. Velcro would also give you a tighter fit and accommodate a larger head size than a strap with an adjustable clip. There are some sleep masks where the adjustable clip is on the side to make it more comfortable for back sleepers, and depending on the side that it is on, it can also be out of the way for side sleepers. The elastic band is another option to secure the fit but once it gets stretched out, then your mask is pretty much useless. If you are a stomach sleeper none of the strap details matter but you still need to consider it if you move about in your sleep.


  • This is very important. There are 2 kinds of sleep masks, a contoured sleep mask and a non-contoured sleep mask. For some people having material directly on their eyes does not bother them. If this does not bother you a traditional, non-contoured sleep mask is perfect for you. However, others find this very annoying or that it can smear their make-up. For those who do not like a mask right on their eyes they go for the contour mask. Most contour masks have some sort of inner eye chamber/cup that actually keeps the material of the mask off of your eyes. Blinking and opening your eyes is more comfortable, but these kinds of masks can potentially let in more light than a non-contoured sleep mask. Contour masks are also good for air travel because they extra eye protection keeps the dry, recycled air plane air from drying out your eyes.


  • There is a wide price range when it comes to sleep masks. The cheapest one on our list starts at $6.00 and the most expensive one is over $40.00. Even the cheapest one on the list is still very dependable. However, when it comes to the most expensive ones why spend $40.00 if you can get a comparable one for half the price. Some of these masks are made by name brand companies and you will pay more for that name, because of its reputation. However, there are many affordable sleep masks that are just as good as the most expensive one. This is not meant to deter you from buying the luxury eye mask, it just a recommendation that you consider price before you buy. Just something for you to keep in mind when deciding on which sleep mask to purchase.

What is the best sleeping mask for a side sleeper?

Being a side sleeper may seem like a huge issue when shopping for the best eye mask but in all reality, it is not that big of a deal. Makers of sleep masks realize that their masks need to cater to a wide variety of sleep positions. There are many sleep masks that cater to the needs of side sleepers. Side sleepers are going to want a mask with more coverage on the face and a Velcro strap. When you sleep on your side it changes the way a mask will lay on your face. For some reason side sleeping can create more areas for light to come in. But with more coverage, you decrease the amount of light that may creep in from lying on your side. The Velcro allows you to get a really tight fit to ensure that the mask will not fall off while sleeping on your side or while moving in general. As a side note, if you are a stomach sleeper then the kind of strap is not as important. The pressure you are putting on your face and mask from sleeping on your stomach should help it stay in place better.

What is the best choice of fabric for sleep masks?

The kind of material that your sleep mask is made from is a very important area that can often be overlooked. You really need a breathable fabric for your sleep mask. This is going to be a light weight silk, 100% cotton or 100% polyester. If you get a mask that has a heavy fabric that is not very breathable, you will get hot really quick. This will lead to excessive sweating, some mild odors and your sleeping mask can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria. This can also leave your face feeling sticky and gross.

How should I care for my sleep mask?

Caring for your sleep mask is very important. No matter what the tag says, HAND WASH IT! This cannot be emphasized enough. Think of a sleep mask as one of your delicates. While you may want something that you can throw in the washing machine, with the sleep masks, you will regret it soon afterwards. Often, machine washing alters the shape and it will never fit the same way. Machine washing your sleep masks may even prevent it from letting in a lot of light. You will effectively have ruined your sleep mask. Also, some of the materials that these sleep masks are made from do not do well in the washing machine. For example a sleep mask that has a mink type fabric will start to shed fibers.

To hand wash your sleep mask follow these simple instructions:

  1. Fill your bathroom or kitchen sink with warm water. You could also use a small basin or plastic tub.
  2. Get your mask wet by placing it in the water and swirling it around.
  3. Add a little bit of laundry detergent, just a tablespoon or less. (If you add to much detergent it will be hard to get the soap out of your sleep mask.)
  4. Swirl your mask in the soapy water. This is very important! It may seem like you are not getting it clean but you are.
  5. Rinse your mask with warm water. Try holding your mask flat under the surface and letting the water run through it to rinse it properly.
  6. DO NOT: wring, twist, ball up, etc. your mask this could damage the shape of your mask.
  7. Lay flat to dry to maintain the shape. Do not hang. Drying a sleep mask is much like drying a sweater. If you hang it then it will lose its shape thus allowing a lot of light in and ruining your mask.

Can you believe all the options out there for a sleep mask? Who knew? By determining the function, fit and type, through our buying guide you should be able to easily determine what best suits you. All of the products recommended have great features ensuring that no matter what your sleep needs, are there is something in the list for you. We have also include wide price options to ensure that no matter your budget, we will have something for you. Good luck with your search and sweet dreams!

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