The Best Selfie Sticks for Smartphones, from Extendable to Bluetooth

The Best Selfie Sticks for Smartphones, from Extendable to Bluetooth

Top 9 Best Selfie Sticks for Smartphones Reviewed
Now You Can Take the Perfect Group Selfie

Taking selfies is nothing new both men and women of all ages will find any excuse to take a photo of themselves, sometimes including other people, a video of animals and scenery at the same time.When it came to taking a group shot, someone used to have to sacrifice being out of the shot in order to take the picture. The only other way to get a complete group picture was for someone running off with your camera as you all stand there smiling. Thanks to the selfie stick for your smartphone (which really are cameras more than phones), no longer does the phone have to leave your hand in order to get a good shot.Although the theory of selfie sticks sounds simple enough (it is a stick that takes a selfie for you), there aremany brands and types all claiming to be responsible for the next best selfie. Here is our guide to the best 9 selfie sticks for smartphones.

Best Selfie Sticks for Smartphones

Picture Model Type Price Our Rating
Stalion Pocket-Size Bluetooth Selfie Stick Bluetooth $$ 4.9
Perfectday Foldable Extendable Bluetooth Selfie Stick Extendable Bluetooth $$$ 4.8
CamKix Selfie Stick Bluetooth $$ 4.8
FlexionTM QuickSnap Pro 3-In-1 Bluetooth/Extendable $$ 4.7
Selfie World Premium 7-In-1 Bluetooth $$ 4.5

Sometimes derogatively referred to as Narcissistick, many people often dismiss the selfie sticks as just another silly accessory for todays me generation in their obsession with snapping cool photos of themselves for Instagram. But the truth is that the selfie sticks for smartphones are generally a very clever invention that can serve as a great travel or photography accessory for families, travelers, colleagues or even for social or corporate functions.

Selfies have been around for years, however no one has made them quite as famous as Kim Kardashian. We dont all have a team of experts on hand to assist with getting the perfect selfie like Kim, however, so that’s where the selfie sticks come in.

Thanks to these selfie sticks for smartphones, gone are the days of awkward pictures with everyone squished together in order to all fit into the frame, and no longer will your forearm photobomb bottom of what would otherwise have been a perfect shot of you drinking from a coconut in a straw hat, making ice on the move, or even making the perfect popcorn! You’ll be hard pressed to find a tourist spot without seeing someone holding a selfie stick, and as they say: if you cant beat them – join them.

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