The Best Rolling Backpacks For Girls-Your Perfect Multi-Activity Companion

The Best Rolling Backpacks For Girls-Your Perfect Multi-Activity Companion

Top 9 Best Rolling Backpacks For Girls
Find the Perfect Rolling Backpacks Girls Can Use to Carry Laptops, Books and Personal Items

Limp Bizkit had the right idea in their popular hit song when they sang the lyrics keep rollin and the same applies for backpacks. Why should we expect children and teenagers to carry their backpacks on their shoulders when they can keep rollin?

Backpacks have come a long way from the time when our grandparents went to school no longer do we need to subject our kids to the back pain that comes from carrying heavy books to and from school. Some genius decided to take the humble backpack and attach not only just wheels to them, but also an extendable handle. Meaning that it can go from being a run-of-the mill backpack, to a rolling piece of luggage which has suddenly become portable.

Introducing the rolling backpack for school age girls – there are many different types that have appeared on the market, and here is an overview of the best of them.

Buying Guide Rolling Backpacks for Girls

In theory, the wheeled backpack is genius – it is a backpack (which no girl should be without), but with wheels and a handle. Place it on your back and it is just like any other backpack, and when you get tired of lugging things around like that, then simply release the handle and it turns into a mini suitcase. Rolling backpacks for girls can be especially great for kids and students they often carry around heavy books and so being able to pull a pack on wheels is much easier than straining their backs and shoulders. There are many different rolling backpacks for girls on the markets, and a number of things that must be considered before purchasing.

Size and weight

Size and weight need to be the biggest consideration when buying a bag for anyone, especially a rolling backpack for a young girl. There are different types of rolling backpacks, targeted at different age groups, each with a different size.

Smaller and lighter rolling backpacks for girls will be designed for really young children, and are not designed to hold a lot of stuff. They will be more used as a toy young girls just love owning bags and will love the fact that they can pull it along behind them. Smaller bags will be measured at around 16 inches and will be lightweight and portable.

Medium sized rolling backpacks for girls can also be around 16 inches high, but the bag itself will be larger and heavier able to hold more. These larger, heavier bags are more targeted to elementary and pre-teen girls. They will also have better quality arm straps as it will be expected to be worn as a backpack sometimes.

Larger rolling backpacks for girls will be any above 18 inches high, and are more designed for high school students they will be much larger and heavier and will often include things like storage for laptops and other study materials. The wheels will also be larger and heavier as they will be expected to carry more weight, but this will make the bag heavier to carry.

It is important to note that no matter what size rolling backpack you get, it will be heavier that a standard backpack. This is simply due to the fact that it needs to include a handle and wheels this adds extra weight. Depending on the design, the handle and wheels can take up a fair bit of space in the backpack, so it may not only be heavier than a standard backpack, but also have less capacity.

Quality of Backpack

At the end of the day, the most important part of the rolling backpack will be the backpack itself this is after all why you are purchasing it. All rolling backpacks for girls will work in the same general way they will have a handle and wheels (although designs will vary). The backpack itself will be what differs the most between different brands and styles. Like with any backpack, take a look at how many compartments there are, what type of zippers they have and look for additional features like mesh side pockets, or pen and laptop holders. If you are waiting to purchase a rolling backpack for a kindergartener, then the number of pockets will not matter as much as if it was for an elementary school student.

Wheels and handle

A rolling backpack is not a rolling backpack unless it has wheels and a handle. If it is without these critical features, then it is nothing more than a standard backpack. So the wheels and the handle need to be carefully looked at when it comes to buying a rolling backpack, especially for young children. A badly or unsuitable wheel or handle can make all the difference.

The wheels should be made of a high quality plastic, and should be easy to roll. And the handles need to be retractable, and should not get in the way of the rest of the backpack ideally should just retract into itself and go out of sight completely.

How do rolling backpacks for girls differ from ordinary backpacks?

A rolling backpack isnt really any different to a standard backpack, except for one major difference it has wheels and a handle. The wheels will be attached to the backpack at the bottom, and the handle will be retractable and located at the top of the backpack. So you can go from carrying your rolling backpack on your shoulders (just like any other backpack on the market), to rolling it along behind you like a piece of luggage at the airport or down a street. Most of the time, these rolling backpacks will have the wheels and handle permanently attached to the backpack (so they cannot be removed), however the handle will always be retractable and the wheels should be cleverly designed to not get in the way. Rolling backpacks for girls allow the user to take their things with them without having to put weight and strain on their backs and shoulders.

What types of wheels for rolling backpacks are suitable for me?

When purchasing a rolling backpack, it is important to realize that there are different types of wheels. The different types are outlined below, and it is important to get the ones that fit in best with your budget and needs.

Single wheel:

These are generally found in the more basic wheeled backpacks, and are best for limited rolling. They are basically a single plastic wheel similar to those found on a skateboard or roller blades. These are the cheapest, and run the risk of snagging and making it hard to roll after a while. It can also be harder to pull up stairs or up steep hills with just a single wheel. Of course, there are some high end rolling backpacks for girls with very high quality single wheels, so this is just a generalization.

Double wheel:

Rolling backpacks with double wheels are found in the higher end and larger rolling backpacks. They are basically two plastic wheels next to each other so a rolling backpack with double wheels will have 4 wheels in total two on each side. The benefit of having double wheels is that the load of the backpack is spread more evenly so the wheels are able to roll easier and more seamlessly. Basically, 4 wheels is better than 2! Of course, the additional wheels will add extra bulk and weight to the backpack, so this needs to be considered when purchasing for younger girls who will want to carry the backpack on their shoulders sometimes.

Triple wheel:

Triple wheeled rolling backpacks for girls are not nearly as common as the other two types, but they do exist. Rather than having 3 wheels next to each other (all rolling at the time), they consist of three wheel in a kind of pinwheel fashion so only one (or two) of the wheels is touching the ground and rolling at any one time. If that wheel was to hit a snag or stop rolling for any reason, then it would simply be pushed back and the next wheel would come forward and take its place. This can be especially useful for climbing up stairs – rather than pulling the wheels up each step, they will assist the user by acting as a kind of stair-walker. These wheel types are the bulkiest and heaviest of them all, so take this into consideration. They are best to be used for girls who will not want to use it as a standard on-the-shoulder backpack, and who are a bit older and stronger.

What are the different types of handles?

Like the wheels, the handles of the rolling backpack are what makes it different from a standard backpack. And just like the wheels, there are a couple of different types of handles, each with their pros and cons.

Telescopic handle:

Telescopic handles will be found in most (if not all) of the larger, high end rolling backpacks for girls. They basically work like a telescope there is a single arm which retracts within itself and has a handle at the end where the user grabs on. There are best for older or larger girls as they are easiest to hold on to, as their hand will be positioned behind them as they walk (rolling the backpack along). The angle of the handle provides the most comfort. Of course, smaller and weaker hands may struggle to grab hold and it is hard to pull using both hands simultaneously.

Retractable double handle:

The retractable double handle best resembles a handle in standard luggage that you take on an airplane. It has two arms which are joined together at the end by a single handle. The two arms each retract to make the handle longer or shorter. These handles are generally found on the rolling backpacks designed for the younger children as they are easy to grab with two hands, and because the handle is bigger, they are easier to hold.

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