The Best Rice Cookers For The Most Delicious Rice, Every Time

The Best Rice Cookers For The Most Delicious Rice, Every Time

Top 9 Best Rice Cookers
Go Full Steam Ahead With the Best Rice Cookers For All Kinds of Rice

Are you tired of instant rice as a side for dinner? When it comes to rice there are so many varieties outside of the instant type. Do you want to be able to cook something other than long grain white rice? If you have a rice cooker then you can start cooking different kinds of rice. Once you start experimenting with different kinds of rice you are opening yourself up to a whole new world of cuisines. Which kind of rice cooker is best? There are a couple of different sizes and types, from basic to those loaded with lots of of goodies. You also do not need to worry about the price. This list has rice cookers on it that range from $20 to over $300, thus making it possible for anyone to purchase a rice cooker. Let the list of the top 9 best rice cookers along with the buying guide help you figure out which one is best for your needs.

Buying Guide For Rice Cookers

Choices, choices, choices! After reading the guide have you decided on which rice cooker to buy? Now before you go off and buy one you need to really think about the different aspects of a rice cooker. They come in a wide range of sizes, with different features and functions. Rice cookers range from small to large. Their features and functions range from basic to advance. You need to know what your needs are first before you go and purchase one; for example, if have a large family then you need to purchase a large capacity rice cooker. You also need to think what exactly do you want your rice cooker to do; many have the capability to do more than one thing. Don’t worry about the price because with the wide price range all you really need to consider is the size, features, and finally the functions.


Size is important when it comes to deciding what kind of rice cooker you would like and just like all other household small appliances rice cookers come in a variety of sizes. When it talks about size it is referring to the number of cups of rice it can cook. There are small rice cookers that cook only 1 cups of rice. Then there are large rice cookers that can make up to 20 cups of rice. What size you choose really depends on how much rice you need or want to make. If you are a single person who just wants rice every once in a while then a smaller 1 to 2 cup size rice cooker is what you will need. The smaller ones you can store easily or keep on your counter without taking up valuable counter space. The larger capacity is perfect for families or people who eat rice on an almost daily basis. Size may not seem like an important piece of information when buying a rice cooker, but it is. Since it is a really important piece of information make sure to consider the size of the rice cooker very carefully.


What types of features are you looking for in rice cooker? Many of the rice cookers on the list have great features like delay timers, warming functions, and auto shut-off functions. Often you can get a rice cooker with all of these things for not a lot of money. These features have become almost standard in rice cookers. An additional feature includes settings for different types of rice. One even has an Umami setting which will give your rice an extra deep flavor profile! Another great feature that many of the rice cookers have is removable power cords, this allows for easy storage. Lastly, a feature you would probably like to have is easy clean up. Most of these rice cookers come with inner pans that are non-stick and/or are dishwasher safe. Before you buy really think about your wants and needs in a rice cooker. Then look for the features in a rice cooker that will fulfill these needs.


When you think of a rice cooker you probably only think that it simply cooks rice, just like the name says. However, several of the rice cookers on the list are not just rice cooker, they have dual functionality. There is even a rice cooker on the list that is a slow cooker and a bread maker! Think about it three machines in one, this will completely save you space in your kitchen. Another common dual function is a steamer function. Since rice needs steam to cook it makes sense that many of these will have the ability to steam vegetables and meat. Your rice cooker could serve more than one purpose, thus saving you time and money. While for someone people this is awesome, there are other people who just want a simple rice cooker. You may also be thinking that because a rice cooker has extra functions that they are really expensive. That is just not true! Many of the rice cookers at the lower price point have the dual function of rice cooker and steamer. In fact, the additional steamer function on a rice cooker comes standard now. Really think about what you want your rice cooker to do and then purchase one according to your wants.

What is the best rice cooker for a large family?

This is a question a lot of people have, I have a large family what should I get? Does your family have four or more people in it? How often do you make rice as part of your entre or as a side dish? These are all important questions to ask. For a large family that eats a lot of rice, you need to purchase a rice cooker that has a large cup capacity. Many of the cookers on the list have well over 10 cups capacity, making them perfect for large families. Also, with a large cup capacity cooker, you can make a lot of rice and store it in the fridge to use all week. Having a large family means you probably need appliances that can do more than one thing. Most of the larger capacity rice cookers have additional functions like steamers or slow cooking. These multi-functioning rice cookers will save a busy parent both space and money. Many of the large cup capacity rice cookers on the list are reasonably priced, allowing anyone to be able to purchase them. With several name brand rice cookers on the list, you know that you have an appliance your family can trust.

What is the best rice cooker for a single person?

As a single person, you need to think about how much rice you actually eat. Do you go through a 5lb bag of rice every two weeks or every two months? A rice cooker that has a small cup capacity is what would be best for a single person for two reasons. The first reason is the actual amount of rice that the cooker will make. With that being said there are actually two sizes of small capacity rice cookers. The smallest makes 1 cups of cooked rice. On the higher end of the small capacity rice cooker are ones that make around 5 cups of cooked rice. If you only eat rice occasionally and as a side then the 1 cup size is perfect for you. However, if you eat rice a lot then you may want to bump up to the 5 cup capacity rice cooker. Just because they have a small cup capacity does not mean that they are basic. There are a few small cup capacity rice cookers that have features like delay timers and auto shut off features. The only exception to this would be if you want to make a large batch and store in the fridge, then you would want a large cup capacity, like 8 or 10 cup capacity. The other reason is that the smaller rice cookers are actually smaller dimension wise, meaning that they will fit on a counter or in a cabinet.

What is the best rice cooker for a small kitchen?

There are three types of rice cookers for a small kitchen. The first one is obvious, a small capacity rice cooker with few features. Typically, these are smaller kitchen appliances that will easily fit on a counter or in a cupboard. The next type is one with a removable power cord. Power cords often create an issue with storage; they are bulky and simply take up more space. With a removable power cord, you can remove the cord, put the machine up, and put the cord in a drawer. The last type is the one that is versatile and has many functions. They may be bigger but they actually save you space because they are more than one machine. The Tiger rice cooker listed at number three is a perfect example of this. It makes rice, is a slow cooker, and is also bread maker. If you had all three of these appliances you would have no room in your kitchen. However, with all of these features you are saving so much space! Again how much you use it also plays a role in what kind you want. If you are eating a lot of rice and want a rice cooker that can be a permanent fixture on your counter then you want to go with a smaller capacity cooker. A smaller capacity rice cooker will have smaller dimensions than others.

Has this list and buying guide helped you resolve which kind of rice cooker is right for you? There are many different kinds of rice cookers on the market. With different cup capacities and additional functions, the choice is almost endless. With help from this buying guide, you are going to be sure that you get the rice cooker that fits your needs the best. Whether you are a single person or a large family there is a cooker on this list for you. These cookers vary from basic to advanced with price points to match. Anyone can afford to get a rice cooker so that they have perfectly cooked rice! Just make sure you consider size, features, and function when purchasing a rice cooker. With prices ranging from $20 to $300, anyone can purchase one of these rice cookers. No matter which one you choose you will be pleasantly surprised and happy.

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