The Best Onion Choppers for Swift and Precise Chopping Action

The Best Onion Choppers for Swift and Precise Chopping Action

Top 9 Best Onion Choppers
Simplify Your Kitchen Prep Work and Save Time With These Quality Onion Choppers

Chopping onions in theory is so simple and innocent – they are but simply a small, commonly used vegetable. However, the thought of having to chop or slice onions is enough to send even the toughest chef running for the tissues. Onions, as terrible and tear-inducing as they are, are also not the only vegetable that is dreaded in the kitchen.

When faced with a plethora of different vegetables to slice, from carrots to celery and potato, it can be overwhelming and unnecessarily time consuming. Especially if you are preparing a meal for a large number of people.

Luckily for you there are quite a few quality chopping tools on the market that can make quick work out of the toughest vegetables and onions will no longer be the dreaded and sometimes missed ingredient for your dinner! Below are the best onion choppers on the market for the at-home chef.

Below is our top 9 best onion choppers for you to consider.

Picture Model Type Our Rating
The Best Onion Choppers for Swift and Precise Chopping Action 1 Vidalia Chop Wizard Manual Chopper 4.97
The Best Onion Choppers for Swift and Precise Chopping Action 2 Prepworks by Progressive Fruit and Vegetable Chopper Manual Chopper 4.97
The Best Onion Choppers for Swift and Precise Chopping Action 3 Freshware KT-402 4-in-1 Onion Chopper Manual Chopper 4.95
The Best Onion Choppers for Swift and Precise Chopping Action 4 Progressive International Onion Chopper Manual Chopper 4.93
The Best Onion Choppers for Swift and Precise Chopping Action 5 Vegetable’s Chef – Cheese, Vegetable, Fruit and Onion Chopper Manual Chopper 4.92
The Best Onion Choppers for Swift and Precise Chopping Action 6 Kuhn Rikon Swiss Pull Chopper Manual-Pull Handle 4.92
The Best Onion Choppers for Swift and Precise Chopping Action 7 The Pampered Chef Cutting Edge Food Chopper Manual Chopper 4.92
The Best Onion Choppers for Swift and Precise Chopping Action 8 Black & Decker EHC750BD 3-Cup Ergo Chopper Electric Chopper/Processor 4.90
The Best Onion Choppers for Swift and Precise Chopping Action 9 Prepworks by Progressive Onion Chopper Manual Chopper 4.90

Onion Chopper Buying Guide

There are many valid reasons for purchasing an onion and vegetable chopper for your home. If you are the sort of person who will skip the onion part of a recipe because you dread the cutting and the tears that come from it, then a slicer and chopper that will do the nasty work for you will be a good investment. All good onion choppers will also double as standard vegetable chopper, and although all will be able to make light work of the humble onion, there are still features that will differ between different brands and styles.

Here are some of the main considerations you will want to look into before purchasing an onion chopper for yourself.

Processor or a chopper

There are two main types of onion chopper on the market the standard simple manual chopper, and the processor (which can be manual or electric). The main difference besides price is the fact that the manual onion choppers are better for making standardized cubes and more uniform chops, whereas the processor has faster moving blades so will tend to pulverize the vegetables rather than slice them. So you really need to think about your main requirement if you want to finely dice for things like soups, pasta sauces and salsas then you will want a processor. However, if you want nice cubed pieces of vegetable for things like salads and soups, then a simple chopper will suffice.

The main way to identify the difference is whether there are actual blades that spin (processor) or standalone square blades on which you use a lever or lid to force the onion through (chopper).

Safety features

As with any appliances that involves sharp elements such as blades, you will want to make sure that there is some sort of safety feature, especially if being used around small children or simply those who are accident prone. Look for an onion chopper which has a built-in container for all the blades most will stack together and have a lid that closes which prevents any exposed blades. And make sure to get a chopper which includes a cleaning tool, as this will make getting the pieces of onion out from between the blades much safer than using your fingers.

Other functionalities

Appliances these days need to be simply more than a single function, and this is no different for good onion choppers. Read the specifications on the particular chopper as some may not be suitable for use on potatoes or other such hard vegetables. This is a sign of a weak blade or weak construction. An ideal onion chopper will be able to be used on a variety of ingredients, including nuts, cheese and even meat. Processor choppers are more likely to have the most functions, especially the motorized ones. You will also want to look for an onion chopper that can be used as storage containers. Many of the good ones will have a lid included so you can chop the onion into the container, and then simply place the lid on and store no need to transfer to a separate container. This is a useful addition which will come in handy and save on cleaning time.

All in all, all of the onion choppers on the market will do the minimum chop onions for you without making your eyes look like you just watched Titanic. The main difference is the other things that it will be able to do. Once you identify exactly what you want in a good onion chopper, the choice should be fairly clear.

What other vegetables can it chop or cube?

An onion chopper isnot just for onions. Tomatoes and potatoes are two common ingredients you would also want to chop with a good onion or vegetable chopper. How effective the onion chopper will be in chopping or cubing these other vegetables will depend on the type of chopper that you have chosen.

Tomatoes for example are notoriously difficult to chop, especially if they are a bit soft. Even the sharpest of blades will cause a mess of your tomatoes. If you do want to slice and chop a whole tomato including the skin and seeds, then you will need to use one of the electric or pull chop onion choppers. These are the sort that resemble a food processor as the holder is completely encased with the blade.

So any mess made will stay inside the container. If you use one of the push lid ones (where you place the vegetable on the blade and then force it through using a downward pressing motion on the lid, then it is almost guaranteed that it will be similar to biting a tomato – juice and seeds will go everywhere. Removing the seeds is the best way to avoid this, but even so if the tomato is too soft there is a chance it will not cleanly chop or go through the blades.

As for potatoes, the problem is that they are often too hard and can snap or break the blade, especially on the cheaper onion choppers. Check the specifications on the chopper to see whether it is capable of chopping potatoes, and you can assist in ensuring the pieces you are chopping are not overly thick. The sharper the blades, the better so make sure you look after your chopper well and clean it thoroughly after each use. You can read the product descriptions and as well as customer ratings of the onion choppers that you are planning to buy in order to establish the various kinds of vegetables that can be chopped with the appliance.

Is the onion chopper dishwasher safe?

You will find that all good onion choppers will be completely dishwasher safe, the only exception being the ones that are electric. In the case of an electric chopper, most of the main parts including the blades should be ones that can bedisassembled so as to fit in a dishwasher easily. Check the care instructions on your chopper, and ensure that you follow them so as to prolong the life of the blades. Most will be top rack dishwasher safe, and many will not be suitable for steam sterilizers. A lot of good brands will actually come with a cleaning tool, and it is recommended that this be used to clear the blades of any rogue onion or vegetable pieces. These tools are specially designed for the choppers and will not cause the blades to get prematurely blunt. The best advice is to read the cleaning and care instructions on your particular chopper.

What is the size of the pieces that it makes?

The size will vary depending on the blade size of the onion chopper. Depending on size, it could chop a 1/2″, 1/4″ or even an 1/8″. Some of these will slice the veggies into strips while others cube the “hard” vegetables such as onions and potatoes. For onions, the smaller size is often preferable.

Onions by nature are very thick and this can put too much pressure on the blades, and because they are round, they can be unstable when placed on the blades and may slip. It is always encouraged to chop half an onion at a time – the flat side down for control. Smaller pieces tend to be chopped better in such choppers, so before you attempt to chop, make sure that the piece of fruit or vegetable (whether it be an onion or otherwise) fits well and does not stick out the side. A smaller shallot should not be an issue – it is more about size than anything. Same with the food processor types of choppers – a few roughly cut pieces of onion will be significantly more effective than sticking a whole onion in at once.

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