The Best LED Rechargeable Lanterns for Perfect Off Grid Camp Lighting

The Best LED Rechargeable Lanterns for Perfect Off Grid Camp Lighting

Top 9 Best LED Rechargeable Lanterns
Enjoy the Best Off-Grid Illumination On Your Next Camp Trip

As the weather gets warmer, more and more people are flocking to the outdoors. Many of these adventure seekers have one thing on their mind. Camping. And where theres camping there are some very specific needs; one of those is lighting. Most campsites have limited access to power, and while a roaring bonfire can be great for keeping the campsite lit, it does not work so well for indoor areas, like a tent. That is where led rechargeable lanterns come in. These state of the art marvels make it possible for you to still see at night while enjoying the outdoors.Many offer the option to charge by solar power, or a crank that will generate more energy for the light if it starts to dim. Since the weather is getting perfect for camping, we are helping you on your way by bringing you the best led rechargeable lanterns on the market.

LED Rechargeable Lanterns Guide

There is quite a bit you should look for when you are searching for rechargeable LED lanterns.You should research the lumens or brightness rating that it puts out. In addition to that, you should determine how it is charged and how long a charge lasts. These are important depending on what you are using it for.If you are using it for camping or backpacking, then you should also look into if it is lightweight, waterproof or resistant and if it is impact-resistant. These will help you determine if it will stand up to your wilderness trek.

When it comes to buying LED rechargeable lanterns, one of the most important aspects that you will need to consider is its brightness. This measured in terms of the number lumens that the lantern can emit. But what are lumens? Scientifically, the definition for a Lumen is a complex formula to determine the brightness of a light source. It is broken down into basically how many candles worth of light can this light put out. More Lumens means brighter light; less means dimmer. 1 Lumen would be equal to 1 candle. It is the simplest way to understand the measuring system. If you a 400-lumen LED rechargeable lantern, you can expect light that is as bright as that of a 60-watt bulb.


In the tent camping environment, 30 lumens or 40 lumens can assure you of great ambient lighting. If you are looking for reading light, then you will need LED rechargeable lanterns that can emit as much as 80 lumens. For a lantern that emits as much as 250 lumens, you will have enough brightness that can light up a picnic table. For most camping purposes, 150-250 lumens will generally be ideal, offering you sufficient lighting to set up tent and even cook a few feet away from the lamp.

The LED Rechargeable Lanterns Should Be Adjustable

We think this is another crucial factor that you should look at when shopping for the LED rechargeable lanterns. You want a multipurpose lighting experience for you entire camping experience. While you need brighter lighting early in the night, you might need dimmer lighting with warm glow later in the night when sleeping under the tent.

Hours of use on a single charge

An ideal lantern should be able to run for at least three nights on a single charge because most of us will be camping in the wilderness away from charging ports. However, it is an LED rechargeable lantern that you can charge with solar, you should be looking at something in the region of 9-12 hours running time once it has been charged during the day. It should last you the whole night. If the LED rechargeable lanterns can only be charged via the mains supplies, then make sure it has longer running time on a single charge.


You dont have to splurge money on an LED rechargeable lantern. Buy something that is really in the low to mid priced range. Granted some of the more expensive LED rechargeable lanterns have extra features such as solar power generation, hooks, rechargeable batteries, as well as a waterproof construction so you can choose those lanterns that offer you the best experience to match your needs.

Is it solar powered or is it only chargeable via the mains/AC supply?

There are two main categories of the LED rechargeable lanterns. Those that have solar power generation and those that you have to charge in advance via the mains electrical power supplies. If you are going to buy LED rechargeable lanterns that can be charged only via the mains supplies, then ask whether it can work with 220V AC mains as well as its average running time on a single charge. This is especially important if you will be going camping globally. For the solar powered LED rechargeable lanterns, focus on the running time once it has been charged.

How long does it take to charge?

This is important as a lantern that is not fully charged might not serve you adequately. The charging time of the LED rechargeable lanterns varies from one brand to another. Most LED camping lanterns will charge relatively quickly via adapters although solar charging generally depends on factors beyond your control such as the intensity of sunshine.

How portable is the LED rechargeable lantern?

A good camping LED lantern should be one that you can easily pack and carry around to your camping site. You should even be able to bring it with you on your check-in luggage although there are strict TSA regulations on this. When shopping for one, inquire about the portability of the lantern.

We take it for granted that most campers will remember to carry a power bank that they can use to charge their smartphones, GoPros, iPhones and other mobile devices though some campers prefer to totally disconnect and commune with nature. However, in case you need a backup charging point, then you can choose the LED rechargeable lamps that have a charging station compatible with the digital devices you are planning to carry for the camping trip. But, be warned, this is going to drain the power from your lanterns batteries and reduce its running time. That means you might be browsing Facebook at 2am in total darkness.

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