The Best Laptop Locks for Students and Professionals in 2019 – A Buyer’s Guide

The Best Laptop Locks for Students and Professionals in 2019 - A Buyer's Guide

There lies great risk for laptop theft all around us. If you use your laptop and other IT devices where you are not the only person accessing the place, the laptop security lock is for you. With the invention of the laptop security lock, the safety for personal and business information increased because no one just sneaks out a notebook.

Here we look at different options for the laptop security lock giving the best of what the market has to offer. We know it’s not always easy, but this list will take you through all the features and performance of the best to ensure you make the most appropriate choice.

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What To Expect From an Ideal Laptop Security Lock

Rugged Cord/Anchor: We say even the most complicated locks to pick are useless without a robust, unbreakable cable. Carefully examine the material that makes it, to ensure it is virtually indestructible.

Locking System: Do you need a keyed or a combination lock? Both are equally safe, but if you tend to forget the combination for other locks, it’s better to go with the keyed security locks and vice-versa.

Portability: Do you use your laptop on the go? If you do, it’s best to look for the portable versions since some do not offer the options for moving your lock.

Installation: A good laptop security lock will have an easy installation process. You don’t want to fumble with manuals and procedures when you are trying to get it to work. The most valuable locks have the simplest usage.

10. Ruban Security Cable Lock Digit Password Black Anti-Theft Kit Lock

Ruban Security Cable Lock Digit Password Black Anti-Theft Kit Lock for Virtually Anything, iPad, iPhone, MacBook, Laptop, Notebook

If you work or go to a school where many people have access to where you place your digital assets like your laptop and your iPhone, you’ll need this anti-theft security key lock by Ruban. It is built to keep your property safe using an adhesive plate which attaches directly to the stable solid surface you choose. The adhesive sticks because it is industrial grade and cannot easily detach from that surface. It uses a universal 4-dial combination lock which means only the person who knows the combination which in this case is you opens the lock.

Since thieves target these devices because they are lightweight, you need a strong cable to attach to the immovable object; this security lock comes with a 6.2-foot steel cord which is virtually unbreakable. The cord attaches to any heavy object such that anyone who pulls on it cannot make way with your laptop. With it, you have the assurance that your data is safe when you leave the office or classroom to take a break.

The good thing about this lock is you don’t need a specific security slot on your device. This lock accommodates any computer hardware; hence it works with all notebooks, MacBooks, laptops, tablets and smartphones. It feels good when you can leave no one watching your laptop when you visit a washroom in a restaurant. This is the key to securing your devices in unknown and unpredictable circumstances.
Ruban Security Cable Lock Digit Password Black Anti-Theft Kit Lock for Virtually Anything, iPad, iPhone, MacBook, Laptop, Notebook

When it comes to the usage, it as simple as setting the security key. It comes with the instructions which come down to dialing, aligning and resetting the lock to get a new combination. This means even kids can secure their precious portable gaming PCs. It is with it that you find you can trust your child to take their devices to school without worrying they won’t come back with them in the evening.

The T-bar design is a universal way for using this lock where it is fast and easy to use. No more fumbling with your lock when you want to work quickly. You just give it a snug fit, and you are good to go. This product is not bulky to need assistance carrying around. Take it anywhere even on road trips and concerts where you can’t be sure who to trust with your devices. The cord is rust free and does not pose any danger to either the person using it or the device.

You’ll love the affordable price this lock comes at. It is the only reasonably priced lock for use with nearly all digital devices. If your gadget doesn’t have a specific security slot, this is your best shot at keeping them safe. With a guaranteed warranty of 18months, you are sure to acquire a high-quality product. Go on and own yours now.

  • Easy to set up combination
  • Accommodates all computer devices
  • Has a long steel cord
  • Comes with a manual
  • It is in only one color

9. Dell Computer Lock Premium, Laptop Keyed XHC2X

Dell Computer Lock Premium, Laptop Keyed XHC2X

Did you know that most data breaches come from stolen laptops? They are easy to grab and even easier to slide through your hands. Make it hard for any thieves to make their way with yours with this security lock key from Dell. It is usable on all Dell laptops, notebooks, and other IT hardware. It gives you a choice to leave your device in unwatched places where you will still meet it safely secured where you left it.

If you tend to forget combinations, you won’t have to worry about it with this one. It comes with a tamper proof lock and two keys which are easier than using the traditional combination locks. The pin lies camouflaged in the lock, so it becomes hard to access and pick. With a compatible Kensington’s slot on your device, it becomes a point of security contact. It attaches directly to the slot on your computer such that any attempt to dig it out is intensely thwarted.

The important notes you need to hand in or a very precious book you just started will remain safe wherever you are, whenever you need them. It is in this lock that all your Dell IT hardware will be secured. Even your office mates will find it useful for securing their personal data against identity thefts.
Dell Computer Lock Premium, Laptop Keyed XHC2X

The last thing you want is to have security key whose cable is as weak as a kitten. This lock comes with a 5mm thick steel cable, 6 foot, long enough to reach the strongest point in your office or classroom. The cable is also chrome plated, adding to the sturdiness because it has undergone several coating of metal. It means it is not only robust but also resistant to corrosion from water and the rain. It is admirable that due to such a quality, it becomes durable, able to resist damage and serve you for a long time.

To install, you don’t have to go through a lengthy process to get it working. You just fasten the cable around a fixed, stable structure and then bring it back to the looped area in the cable. With the T-bar lock system, it snaps easily into the lock slot so that it is easy for locking and unlocking. You will be grateful that it rotates at a 90-degree angle to enable easy access, while remaining anonymous to any other persons. With the lock head, it is also protected from scratches and other abuses from pulling and picking.

If you are an IT expert, you’ll find that the key is particularly easy to use because they are mastered keys without a way of replicating. The only way you get a replacement is by ordering another pair. But with the two keys that come with this one, you are not losing both of them for a long time. The replacement process is also easy with the Kensington’s Register and Retrieve website where you can key in your details, and the lost keys are replaced.

This keyed lock is quite versatile, and it carries an extended range of hardware to use. Even printers, monitors, desktops can be utilized with this lock. If you know you carry valuable information on any of your computer devices, it is only correct that you provide extra security for it.

This is a very economic lock.

  • Has a thick and strong cord
  • Easy to install and use
  • Comes with a lock head
  • Applies to many computer hardware
  • Some isolated complaints of it not fitting some Dell hardware which can be remedied by always checking the compatibility for your device

8. Kensington’s Retractable MicroSaver Laptop Keyed Lock (K64538US)

Kensington’s Retractable MicroSaver Laptop Keyed Lock (K64538US)

In today’s work setting, the information in your laptop is more expensive than the laptop itself. That is why you need to protect it. The Kensington’s retractable MicroSaver Keyed Laptop key proves to be the best choice when it comes to protecting all laptop and other devices using the Kensington’s security slot. It offers the highest security levels using the hidden pin technology. This type of hi-tech works on tubular locks which keep them from being picked even by the best picking experts.

With such a security there’s an addition of a built-in defense system where anyone who attempts to pick the lock gets a shocker of having the information get back to you because of the tamper evident technology. Again, the built-in system evidences that your lock will stay put when you rush out. It attaches snugly to your security slot using the T-bar design for easy usage. It does not block the user when using their laptop when the lock has been installed.

This laptop lock carries a round key, which is hard to duplicate and can only be replaced using Kensington’s Register and Retrieve technology. It is true to say that with this lock, any device you choose will remain secure and that no tampering or picking can yield results to have it detached from the dock. You will experience security for one device at a time because it goes into only one slot. It also comes with a lock head to prevent damage from bumping against walls or from another malicious tampering.
Kensington’s Retractable MicroSaver Laptop Keyed Lock (K64538US)

When it comes to the cable, you will be impressed by the length. It carries a steel construction which is sturdy metal making it hard to cut through. Any thief would like something that’s easy to weaken. But with Kensington, they invest a lot in reliable material such that no compromises are made in the manufacturing process. This does not mean they’ve manufactured an upscale product. No, this model is a good fit for use economically for anyone who wants to keep their devices and information safe.

You’ll like the compact design which it endorses because you can take it anywhere with you. If you regularly take business trips out of town, it is time you invest in this security lock. The other place where laptops get lost is in hotel rooms because service personnel have access to your room at most times. If anyone of them turns off as someone who lacks integrity, you never know what their next trip to your room would be. It is only logical that you secure your laptop even as you sleep.

When you have an industry standard safe rated security lock like this one, what more would you ask for regarding securing your IT hardware. It is the best way to ensure you have peace of mind so that you can go through the day without the worry that someone may sneak your gadget away from you. The finest innovation that ever happened to the IT security hardware was the security lock because the first point of safety for them is a physical structure. Kensington is the way for safer information storage and IT hardware.

  • Portable
  • Built in anti-tampering defense
  • Hidden pin
  • Meets security standards
  • Cannot secure more than one laptop at a time

7. ChargeTech Cable Lock Security Kit

ChargeTech Cable Lock Security Kit for Virtually Anything, MacBooks, Laptops, iPhones, iPads, Tablets, Android

If you have the need to leave your IT devices unattended even for the tiniest moment, you’ll want a security lock for it. That insignificant moment is all it takes for someone to run off with it. Invest in safety for your device using the ChargeTech Security Lock Kit. It showcases reliable features whereas it is convenient to provide extra safety for your device.

It uses an industrial grade adhesive plate which uses high-quality glue to provide a tight seal against the frame of any structure. When you attach it to the body of a solid surface, a small push will instantly give it the strength where nothing can detach it from the surface. It attaches to most solid surfaces including wood, steel, and many others. There are no restrictions the environment since it is also water and corrosion proof.

You will love the security cord even more because of its industrial grade steel that doesn’t get damaged or destroyed easily. The thickness is admirable since it makes it corrosion resistant where it shall remain in good condition for many years to come. You will not experience any distractions when using this lock since it is flexible and you can still use your device when the lock is secured to it.
ChargeTech Cable Lock Security Kit for Virtually Anything, MacBooks, Laptops, iPhones, iPads, Tablets, Android

The high qualities are also expressed in the lock system which reveals resilience to damage and tampering. You will grow fond of the versatility which allows one to use two types of locks in one. That is you can use both the physical keys or you can set a combination to use for the lock. This means if you forget the combination the key is there to save the day. And when you forget where you placed the keys, the combination works its magic. It is great to know you’ll never be locked out of your device.

For those of us who are keen on style and design, this lock covers that part. The reason being it has a smooth stainless steel finish which resists any depreciation from the elements and will not degrade to leave rusty marks on your hands. The locking and unlocking is also smooth, and you’ll love that installing it is just as easy. This is because it works on all types of computer hardware including all laptops, MacBooks, smartphones and larger iPads.

This lock does not add any weight to the device, making it a good option for offices where there’s a lot of movement since you can move from office to office with it attached to your device and it remains lightweight. It makes for an excellent travel accessory for whichever occupation. Students find it useful and IT experts love it on their security data hardware.

It would be illogical to pass this on when it comes at such a good price. It is the most used security lock system which delivers on results. Users commend its versatility for fitting into many devices. Most cab drivers have it attached to their vehicles so that their customers can use it; say an ingenious way for travel.

  • Accommodates nearly all IT hardware
  • Uses strong adhesive
  • Easy to install and use
  • It is flexible
  • Cannot secure more than one device

6. Ruban Notebook Lock & Security Cable (Laptop/PC)

Ruban Notebook Lock & Security Cable (Laptop/PC) 6.2 Foot, 2Keys, Black

Nothing beats the Ruban security lock for laptops and Notebooks. The reason being it has shown reliability when used to secure highly valuable data stored in laptops and PCS. It is invaluable since it uses a tamper-proof lock this model. The tubular design utilizes the hidden pin technology where only the owner of the lock knows where the pin is. You can’t go wrong when you have such high security available for your device.

It comes with two keys which work alternately for the lock such you can keep one in a safety locker somewhere and only retrieve it when you’ve lost the other key. The good thing is that it is a master key so when you lose both it doesn’t mean you will never use your laptop away from the lock, Kensington’s Register and retrieve website is always there to offer retrieval services for your keys. It utilizes the T-bar locking mechanism where it is easy for anyone to lodge and get it ready for use within minutes. It also comes with a lock head to keep it scratch free.

With the usage of a 6.2-foot steel cable, you will always be assured that your laptop is secure even if you leave for long hours unattended. The cord attaches to a dock or solid surface like metal and wood in a snug fit where if the structure is immovable, no amount of cutting can get through the steel. They prefer steel because it is not only robust also resistant to damage by the outside extremities from rain and sunshine. If you work in an open place like a food truck where your lock is exposed to the sun, you are assured of long time durability with it working in its good condition. You do not need much servicing for this lock. A few wipes from dust and debris will keep it looking as good as new.
Ruban Notebook Lock & Security Cable (Laptop/PC) 6.2 Foot, 2Keys, Black

The broad range of devices it accommodates makes it attractive for use in offices because the long cord enables movement. You don’t want a short cord which is rigid and keeps you down from sharing information and completing projects. The essence of this lock is that it works for you and not against you. For the IT officers in hospitals and large data facilities, the steel frame that keeps away thieves makes it an excellent choice for their hardware. Traveling with it is also easy because the lock can be detached from the frame it attaches and attach to another in a loop design. No more worries for the field trips which require numerous demonstrations and leaving the laptop around.

The qualities of this lock continue to impress. As such, there’s also a rubber coating for the lock. Your laptop is safe from scratches if the cord runs through it accidentally. It also gives you a safe way to use the cord since you don’t need to grab a pair of gloves when fastening the cord to the immovable solid surface of your choice. The rubber also protects your hands from callouses associated with handling metal.

There’s no doubt that this is a high quality, reliable and convenient way to keep your computer hardware safe from vandalism and that you can depend on it to deliver 100% results. It comes at an attractive cost where you can also choose to gift your loved ones as they go to college. It is a perfect way to make sure no one tampers with your data or steal it because you can avoid such a situation altogether.

  • Works with all Kensington’s security slots
  • It is portable
  • Has a rubber protective coating
  • Tamper-proofed
  • Some complaints that it wiggles when in the slot but there are assurances from the same users that it never comes off

5. Bodyguard Lock Security Laptop Notebook Combination 4-Digit Password Protection

Bodyguard Lock Security Laptop Notebook Combination 4-Digit Password Protection with Black, Thick Sturdy Security Cable, Theft Deterrent, for Laptops, Projectors, Laptops

If you store or use your computer machine in a place where many people have access, say a school or public workplace, you’ll seriously benefit from the Bodyguard Security Lock. You don’t want to leave your workstation only to find your laptop gone and then find someone using the information stored on the laptop for all the wrong reasons. It is the wisest decision you can make if you know you operate sensitive customer information. Even when your company stores data in the cloud, most breaches do not come from hackers through the firewall passwords, but it’s from the information stored on a stolen laptop.

This lock comes in handy for most laptops, projectors, plasma screens, LCD screens, notebooks and desktops which all have a universal security slot. When your company does not issue laptops for work, it is all the more useful to protect your device because it doubles up as security for both personal and work information. It is reliable because it comes with a keyless 4-digit combination lock. It is easy to get your combination by following the steps in the provided manual. They are easy to follow as inputting the default combination then resetting it to the desired one. It allows setting the combination to over 10,000 possible combinations.

When it comes to the cord, Bodyguard uses a steel cord which is 30% thicker than regular iron cable. This quality makes it a strong and durable cord for locking the machine on any solid surface including wood, resistant acrylic, and metal. It adjustable so that you can have the fit that best suits you. You can use your machines when the cable is still attached because it does not cause distractions. You will be glad for its lightweight design because you can carry your device from place to place to secure your machine anywhere you love. This quality also gives it easy storage.
Bodyguard Lock Security Laptop Notebook Combination 4-Digit Password Protection with Black, Thick Sturdy Security Cable, Theft Deterrent, for Laptops, Projectors, Laptops

It is admirable the kind of durability it affords, as you can see, steel is virtually unbreakable. The chances that anyone can get their way with it are next to zero. This makes your machine immovable, and when it’s tightly wrapped around the solid structure, you can be sure to get it as safe as you left it. Another unique strength is that the cord has rubber coating where it does not scratch surfaces or cause distress onto your machine. It is kind on hands, and every day you will be thankful you acquired the Bodyguard security lock.

When installing the lock you may find that your slot is a bit larger than this lock. No worries there, since there are available gaskets of different sizes. This accessory allows you to fit the lock so that it snugly fits the slot of your machine. With such versatility, there’s no excuse for not having to secure your device. The price is quite affordable and since anyone can use it, remember to gift it to your favorite persons.

  • Very affordable
  • Easy to install
  • It has the provision of using a gasket if the slot does not fit
  • Uses high-grade steel
  • There are confusions on the process of setting the password, but once you figure it out it is easy and fast

4. Kensington ClickSafe K6437WW, Keyed Laptop Lock

Kensington ClickSafe K6437WW, Keyed Laptop Lock, For Business

It’s bad when recovering from a stolen laptop. But it’s even worse when the laptop had valuable data stored in it. The majority of identity thieves and corporate data theft comes from stolen laptops. It is a grave experience happening to a business set up because the chance of exposing the data to the competition and even more delicate information becomes heightened. To avoid such distress, it would be better if you took your time to consider the Kensington Keyed ClickSafe Security Lock.

Any machine with a Kensington slot is an ideal candidate for this key. It fits seamlessly where there’s no room for wiggling or giving doubt about the security of the locked in device. With great agility, the Kensington has revolutionized security for IT hardware, and now you can partake of the benefits. This unique brand has been crafted for the workplace since it is thicker and more secure for the risky business environment.

You’ll find it is fast such that with one click, your machine fastens to the solid structure you want it. It utilizes the one click design where you will have no longer fumble with keys and lengthy setup procedures. Since as we all know the workplace is a busy place where there’s no room for mark timing while trying to figure out how to go about your locking system. The disc style snaps into the slot where only the key can detach it from the laptop. If you have the tendency to leave your laptop in the office, which most people do, you can be sure to find it still where you left it if there was a break in.
Kensington ClickSafe K6437WW, Keyed Laptop Lock, For Business

When it comes to the cord, its high-grade qualities will keep you in love with it. First, it uses a steel cable which is carbon-strengthened to add to the tough exterior it exhibits. You will be impressed by the 5-foot length it affords so that now you can go to your partner’s desk and solve some work. It is flexible and tangle resistant. There’s no more causing callouses while handling hard and rough steel because it has a rubber coating. The lock is shiny stainless steel, so if you like investing products which exude style, you can’t be shortchanged.

This lock is also tamper proof where no one can pick whatsoever. It is a hidden pin camouflaged in the design. Anyone looking to pass by and pick your laptop will first encounter a challenging environment where the lock is not only tamper proof but also unbreakable. With the available 2keys, you have a spare in case you lose one. And if you loose both, Kensington has a clever way to ensure you maintain access. On Register and Recover website, you can quickly fill out your details, and a replacement will be sent as soon as possible.

This security lock not only fits business situations but you can also use it for travel, in libraries, classrooms and college dormitories. It proves useful because all these places have a continuous flow of people. The level of security it affords is incomparable. The steel cord is durable and has a carbon coating. It protects it from wear where you can now take even to the outdoor situations and get it to remain in perfect working conditions.

With the high quality it showcases, you may be wondering how much this product goes for. Well, it carries a competitive price, and while we cannot say it is upscale, the features it brings would make it worth even more the price.

  • It has a tamper-proof lock
  • One-click installation
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Has an instruction manual
  • Does not fit new versions of some computer hardware like Dell’s 2019 version and some Inspiron

3. Kensington Ultra Cable Combination Lock for Laptops and other Devices

Kensington Ultra Cable Combination Lock for Laptops and other Devices (K64675US)

The name Kensington is a household name when it comes to security for computer hardware. They have carved themselves out in this industry as the laptop lock inventors. This security lock uses a 4-wheel combination for locking and unlocking. If you value high security for any laptop, desktop, MacBook, IPad, iPhone and other digital devices, you will value this type of lock. Its set up is easy, and there are 10,000 possible options for which you can set the combination.

Many are times when you get the urge to use the washroom and ignore the fact that you are leaving your machine unattended. It takes just a moment for someone to walk by your desk and make way with it. You, therefore need this lock because you cannot always tag along a friend to secretly have them watch your laptop when you are gone for a break. It has a one hand operation, push button design for fast and easy installation. With such a simple operation, it gives a snug fit to your device

When setting up your secret combination, you’ll find that you don’t need much help doing it. A few steps will take you through quickly. It involves resetting by dialing through four keys making it easy for you to remember for a long time. Always set your combination as a simple combo to you but hard to guess for any other person. This is because if you forget you could go through a lengthy process of recovering the forgotten arrangement. We hope you won’t have to go through the 10,000 combos as Kensington also has a clever way of recovering the combination through their Register and Retrieve website. It is a secure and quick way, always at your service.
Kensington Ultra Cable Combination Lock for Laptops and other Devices (K64675US)

The cord is always an admirable feature when it comes to Kensington. They value quality over the price that’s why they even give a lifetime warranty. Because they guarantee it will last a lifetime, the cord exhibits strength never seen with other locks. Apart from the usual ‘just steel’ material seen on other security cables, this one shows 60% more strength. Anyone looking to steal your laptop fast will have a hard time trying to get through with cutting. As we know thieves are impatient individuals and the chances of them taking their time with one lock, they always think they have a better chance elsewhere.

It feels good to know you can secure your laptop and still use. The 6ft long cord allows easy movement because it flexes and does not add any bulk to the computer. It is usable with almost all IT hardware including gaming consoles. You will always have peace of mind knowing that your high-value machine is secure with such an invaluable product like a security lock. What more could ask for when presented with a very attractive price? And, if you like gaming, you will like the best gaming steering wheels.

The lightweight design also allows you to take it with you on the road and public places. Because it fits stable structures by and adjustable loop, you can always detach it when making the next trip. Go through your day in the scorching sun without the worry that your lock or cord could melt in the sun. This is because, with the heavy carbon coating it undergoes, there’s no room for the sun to take its toll on your gadget.

  • Has a recovery option for the combination
  • Uses one hand operation method when installing
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Flexible long cord
  • A bit pricey but for the performance, it is quite admirable.

2. Sendit Black Laptop/Notebook Combination with Lock Security Cable

Sendit Black Laptop/Notebook Combination with Lock Security Cable

Going through the recovery of data is gruesome. Even though most companies outsource technology through cloud computing, there still lies the danger of information getting into the wrong hands. But with the Sendit Notebook/Laptop Combination security lock, there’s a way you can avoid such a situation altogether. It is designed to fit most computer hardware with a security slot. Let it benefit your workplace through the high standard safety it affords your computer devices.

First, it uses the 4-digt style which is easy to use and set up. It is as simple as dialing and resetting the combination to the choice you make. Anyone trying to pick your lock will find it hard because out of 10,000 possible combinations, no thief can take that much time to try and recognize what combination you’ve used. It, therefore, proves reliable against tampering which is common when it comes to locks.

The installation process is also simple since it uses a T-bar design where there’s no scrabbling and searching for methods of installation. The T-bar design is such that anyone can easily snap it into place and then when it rotates-90 degrees, you can be sure that it won’t leave marks on the surface of the device. It fits tightly, and you’ll find the locked fixture does not wiggle or show any signs of weakness.
Sendit Black Laptop/Notebook Combination with Lock Security Cable

It also features a unique combination design which prevents accidental resetting of the combination. After you rest it, you’ll have an easy time with the smooth operations. With a 6ft cord, the lock allows for flexible movement, and the user is at ease since no amount of abuse can make it snap. We understand that children are playful, but no amount of abuse can make it snap. It has a construction from zinc allow which makes it have a permanent resistant to damage, rust, and corrosion.

If your IT hardware comes with a Kensington’s security slot, this lock fits seamlessly. It is not only usable with laptops and notebooks but also, MacBooks, Plasma and LCD screens, projectors plus nearly all other computer devices. It is a sound addition to travel since it is lightweight and portable. You just need to find a solid surface, and there you have it maximum security.

When you consider the eminent features showcased by this product, it is true to say that you always have a safety option when securing your computer hardware. It’s also hard to pass the price as it is attractive and you’ll never go wrong if you go with this choice. Plus if you like being in style with your devices, this model is available in a variety of colors.

  • Has multiple color choice
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Flexible cable
  • Has an anti-reset button for combination
  • Isolated complaints of the tumbler failing

1. Kensington MicroSaver 64068F Keyed Business Laptop Lock

Kensington MicroSaver 64068F Keyed Business Laptop Lock

Come to think of the business sector and see all the possible avenues where you can lose your laptop. It is easy to pass through security since it is small and very portable. The business world is a selfish world, and for the identity thieves, laptops make it easy for them to pass other people’s information as their own. When you invest in the Kensington’s security lock, the chances of someone walking away with your laptop are significantly diminished.

It uses a T-bar lock design which is easy to fit into any device. The snug fit is secured with two tubular keys, meaning it utilizes the hidden pin technology. With such high security, it’s true to say that no one would dare try to pick such a lock. We know how busy you are, at your local working station. But with the Kensington’s lock, it gives you smooth operations, and you can use your lock quickly from the comfort of your desk.

This security lock utilizes a high-grade steel metal cable. It is undeniable the value such material adds to such a lock. It means no one can just come out of nowhere and cut it through. It is damage resistant and can take numerous abuses from being stepped on. The finish is corrosion proof as you’ll see it can last a really long time with losing its lustrous exterior. It carries Kevlar brand fiber for extra protection making it 40% stronger than any other security lock on the market.
Kensington MicroSaver 64068F Keyed Business Laptop Lock

If you are worried about the compatibility, the Kensington brand is a standard model which fits into 99% of all computer hardware with a security slot. It even accommodates large devices like printers, projectors, screens, gaming consoles and other gadgets. Also, when you want to take it wherever you go, it has a lightweight design for transport. Because it comes with two keys, they act as spare keys for each other and can be replaceable through the Register and Retrieve Program by Kensington.

It uses the loop method which fits on solid structures and docking stations. You are always protected even at school, on the go and mostly the workplace. It does not block usage on the secured devices. For the price, everything about it screams strength, reliability, and durability. It is everyone’s choice, and that’s why it makes our number one slot.

  • High-quality design
  • Has a key replacing method
  • Has built-in anti-tampering defense system
  • It has a lifetime warranty
  • Cannot take up more than a single device


The cost of replacing lost devices and data retrieval could be a skipped scenario with one of the laptop security locks above. Whether you have the newest version of iPhone or are struggling with a 5-year old model, if it carries important information, it is worthy of protection. The information above has been carefully written from research with the hope that your choice will not be blurry when it comes to laptop security locks. You can learn more about the laptop security lock and see what other people suggest about the same not forgetting that we will be happy to guide and answer your questions if need be.


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