The Best Kegerators for Homes in 2019 Reviewed – How to Party in Style

The Best Kegerators for Homes in 2019 Reviewed - How to Party in Style

Are you a craft beer enthusiast? If you usually have a busy day at work or running your personal errands, you have to find a way of breaking from the hustles and bustles of everyday life. That means drinking a cold beer to help shelf the worries for a moment. There is no better way of enjoying a cold glass of beer than owning a kegerator. The significance of Kegerators came with the rise in cold beer drinking.

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Quick Guide to Choosing a Kegerator

As a fan of cold beer, one of the things you should not miss at home is a Kegerator. Although it is a staple mainly for commercial use, kegerators have become common at home too. A kegerator has been designed with the sole purpose of storing and dispensing keg.

You keep the keg in the cooler (kegerator) where CO2 is used to pressurize and dispense the keg. It helps to maintain the contents of the keg fresh and carbonated for a long time. Kegerators are now gaining popularity in the storage of other drinks including wines, and non-alcoholic drinks. You can also brew your tea using these best tea kettles in 2019.

Built-in/Freestanding: For a built-in kegerator, the have the vent/exhaust located at the front and so can be pushed to the wall. As such, they will need no more ventilation. A freestanding kegerator has the outlet at the back meaning that it will need spacing for air circulation to dissipate the heat.

Temperature Control: A kegerator needs to maintain the temperature of the beer at an absolute temperature for the perfect taste, foam ratio and long life.

Draught Maintenance Balance: You don’t want impurities in your beer. After it cost money and that means making sure the kegerator is properly maintained. Be sure to keep the draught beer lines clean. Some manufacturers recommend using caustic cleaning agent.

Size and Space Kegerator: Before you even think of bringing a kegerator home, check if you have enough floor space first. You will agree that it will even be bigger than the keg itself. You also have to consider the draught tower on top common with most kegerators.

The CO2 Tank: You need an active CO2 tank to get our beer carbonated and to pressurize it for fresh and efficient pouring. Be sure to check that the CO2 tank is simple to fill and install.

Keg Capacity and Size: If you already have a keg, you’ll need to know its dimensions. That way, you can buy a kegerator that can hold it in full. 60 and 40litres capacity kegs will require different sized kegerators.

Dual Tap Vs Single Tap: A kegerator can have two taps capable of dispensing two different beers simultaneously. If you decide to go with the kegerator that has a single tap, you can only dispense a single beer from the unit.

Most likely, you’ll be lost on the interweb trying to compare different kegerators only to end up disappointed. We have done the research on your behalf and prepared detailed reviews that we hope will make your shopping easier. Read below and make that bold move today.

10. Beer Meister dual tower kegerator- Premium Series

Beer Meister dual tower kegerator- Premium Series

As the name suggests, Beer Meister has the know-how when it comes to anything beer dispenser taking pride in the 45 years they’ve been in the industry. As a home bar owner, you have a unit combines professional functionality with style. The result is a refreshing drinking experience like never before. Well, let’s see if Beer Meister Dual Tower Kegerator cuts it.

Most kegerators are either built-in or freestanding. Well, this unit breaks away from that and is designed to for use either way. That is something that sets it apart from the rest of the brand on the market. That means spacing or ventilation is not a major issue.

It comes with a cooling and temperature control technology that ensures you take at beer your preferred temperature always. That is not all. It has a tower cool that ensures the temperature of the beer remains at the set temperature till the time of serving. It offers a temperature range of 30-50 degrees allowing you to adjust the temperature as you please.

What’s more, with a durable black door, stainless steel handle, and a stainless steel counter, you can be sure this will match the décor in your home or anywhere else. And thanks to the guardrail, not even a single glass will slip from the counter to the floor.

Also, you the unit comes with a complete set of components that allow you to complete the connection. They include 2 D couplers, dual faucet stainless steel tower, CO2 dual gauge regulator, 5lb CO2 tank, drip try, rolling casters and more.
Beer Meister dual tower kegerator- Premium Series

You have no mess to clean when using Beer Meister Dual Tower Kegerator thanks to the included drip tray where spillages collect. And with the 4 rolling casters, you can be sure the unit is highly mobile. That way, you can move it everywhere you like as you enjoy your beer. Also, the double tap makes it possible to serve two different drinks from a single unit. That property comes in handy in a gathering where you are enjoying beer. One keg can hold a beverage while the other can contain beer.

The unit has enough capacity to hold half kegs, sixth barrels, pony kegs, tall quarter kegs, and Cornelius kegs. It can accommodate 1 full-size keg, and that includes the oversized Miller Coors kegs, 2 slim quarter barrels, 3 sixth barrels, and preferably 3 Cornelius Barrels. While it is possible to fit 4 Cornelius Barrels, they will be utterly squeezed. Beer Meister Dual Tower Kegerator is designed for home use. And with the dual faucet and huge capacity, drinking beer at home has never been that convenient.

  • Both built-in and freestanding
  • Dual tap
  • Huge capacity
  • Leaves no mess
  • Lacks reversible door

9. EdgeStar Full Size Built-In Kegerator

EdgeStar Full Size Built-In Kegerator

A cool toy for brewers they cannot miss is a kegerator. Also, if you have a home bar, you can enjoy drinking chilled beer right from home. Yes, you don’t need to drive to the bar to enjoy 3 glasses of beer. With a kegerator, you will just relax on the couch, and place your legs on the pouf and sip from your glass with no hurry. EdgeStar Full Size Built-In Kegerator should be your best bet. It has all the impressive features that a classic beer enthusiast would love. Let’s see what it offers.

In our consideration above, we noted that a kegerator can be built-in or freestanding. Now, this is built-in. It has its vent located to the front and hence allows you to install inside a cabinet. Alternatively, you can place it under the counter, and it will still work.

Another feature that’ll catch your attention is the LED interior lighting. It provides lighting inside the kegerator so it’s possible to see the kegs and the interior components while at the same time giving it a beautiful look. And while at that, the LEDs consume very minimal energy emit no heat.

Also, thanks to the forced air-cooled beer tower, the beer reservoir can receive optimum cold air. The benefit of this is that it will prevent losses resulting from pouring of the beer following the foam that forms as you serve from the tap. What more, it ensures that your beer maintains the cold temperature right to the time of pouring to your glass.

This unit is programmable bearing an electronic control that that allows you to change all the settings from a single point. There are push buttons, and a digital temperature display from where to adjust the temperature and the interior LED lighting.
EdgeStar Full Size Built-In Kegerator

Also, to make it possible to serve your beer anywhere you want, the unit features 4 casters for mobility. That way, you can move the unit from room to room, home bar to the kitchen and more.

Besides, you can rely on this unit when it comes to keeping your beer at the right temperature. It has a wide temperature range of 32 – 65 degrees Fahrenheit. That allows you to serve the coldest beer while ensuring that it does not freeze. Also, the high temperature at 65F makes it possible ideal home craft beers to ferment their beers.

What’s more, EdgeStar Full Size Built-In Kegerator has a reversible door that allows you to optimize the space. Also, the doors feature a lock system for the security and safety of your kegs at all times.

With this unit, you don’t need to go shopping for more accessories. It comes with a complete set of components ready for assembly and use. This kegerator is not complete without a stainless steel draft beer tower and faucet, a drip tray for spillages, tap handle, CO2 regulator, D coupler and more.

The unit has a large capacity that can handle almost any keg. It accepts up to 3 Cornelius homebrew kegs, 3 sixth barrel kegs oversized & full-sized kegs and more. EdgeStar Full-Size Built-In Kegerator is a versatile unit that is ideal for a home bar, kitchen man cave, and more applications.

  • Large capacity
  • All components included
  • LED light
  • Intuitive display and push buttons
  • Get longer beer lines

8. Haier Black BrewMaster Beer Kegerator

Haier Black BrewMaster Beer Kegerator

Haier is a company located in America that offers quality products engineered with cutting edge technology. They deal in a wide of products in various categories including electronics, appliances, home & kitchen, automotive, kitchen & dining and more. In the kitchen and dining, our focus is on kegerators. Haier presents you Black BrewMaster Beer Kegerator, which we believe will take over the market very soon. What remarkable features does this kegerator exhibit?

Black BrewMaster Beer Kegerator is to be used as freestanding unit meaning that during the installation, it will demand air sufficient air circulation. That’s because the exhaust is positioned at the back which means positioning it flush with the wall will lead to overheating, something that will most likely ruin the unit.

The kegerator features a chrome beer tower where you place your glass when serving to ensure that it does not drop from your glass. Also, to prevent your glass from slipping and crashing to the floor, it comes with a guardrail.

Besides, the unit comes with an adjustable thermostat that allows you to change the temperature of the unit as you please. That gives you more control over the unit and it means you can take your beer at the temperature you’d like.

What’s more, the unit comes with casters for mobility. That way, you enjoy your beer wherever you want. You can move it from room to room, house to beside the pool and just anywhere. In a social gathering, serving becomes simple as you will just need to push it as you go.
Haier Black BrewMaster Beer Kegerator

Also, when you need more storage space for your foods and beverages and your refrigerator has gone low in space, you are sorted. BrewMaster Beer Kegerator features 2 full-width wire shelves that will allow you to convert the unit into an all-refrigerator.

Other than the wire shelves, it also comes with a CO2 tank. However, the tanks ships when empty to comply with the set safety requirements. You should find a local gas dealer where you can fill the gas.

This kegerator is built to last thanks to the heavy duty stainless steel construction. It has space to hold mini barrel kegs. Why limit yourself and waste time serving a glass at a time from a kegerator while you can serve two? BrewMaster Beer Kegerator features two taps that let you serve different drinks from this single unit to keep your guests entertained. Check the best cocktail sets in 2019.

We recommend BrewMaster Beer Kegerator mainly for home use. You have absolutely no reason to trouble yourself going to the bar while you can enjoy your drink right at home as you relax. You will never find a better way to keep that cold beer on tap than using BrewMaster kegerator.

  • Solid construction
  • Mobility casters
  • Convertible to all-refrigerator
  • Security guardrail
  • Lacks cleaning kit

7. EdgeStar Craft Brew Kegerator

EdgeStar Craft Brew Kegerator

Crafting a brew the traditional way is not a simple task. You need to compensate your hard work by keeping it cold and ready to serve – at all times. That allows the beer to last you a few weeks until you craft more. To keep the beer chilled and ready for serving, a kegerator comes into play. EdgeStar Craft Brew Kegerator is designed with the craft brewer in mind. It will transform your way of storing beer while at the same time ensuring that you maintain its flavor so you can enjoy it anytime when cold. Why should you settle for this kegerator as a craft brewer? Read on.

EdgeStar Craft Brew Kegerator features a compact size. It has enough space to accommodate 1 sixth barrel or even one Cornelius keg. For you to use a ball keg, you have to buy a separate homebrew conversion kit. Inside, there is an already loaded CO2 tank. The small size makes it relatively lightweight for ease in moving. However, you need to note that it does not come with casters and is not compatible with casters.

You don’t need to go searching for accessories for this unit. It comes with the set of components needed to store and dispense your beer keg. Stainless steel beer tower and faucet, empty CO2 tank, 1 single gauge CO2 regulator, beer line and gas line. Assembling the unit to the time its starts to operate is not difficult and should take your minutes without expert skills.

What’s more, the unit features a circulation fan housed in the interior. With the fan, it is possible to cool your beer to as low as 32 Fahrenheit, which among the lowest on the market. At the same time, the temperature of the unit remains even as recommended. And that happens without having to freeze your beer. That way, you can enjoy your cold beer at your most preferred temperature.
EdgeStar Craft Brew Kegerator

If your love to impress, then EdgeStar Craft Brew Kegerator has all the features need to do just that. It comes with a sturdy stainless steel door that looks simply adorable. The door is reversible so that you can optimize the space available. The LED blue lights in the interior will just keep you amazed as you reach your kegs. Together with the digital thermostat, the unit is a symbol of class and sophistication. Trust me you; it will leave your room looking stylish.

The last thing you’d like to experience is your kegs missing. Also, it comes integrated with a built-in lock whose role is to keep your kegs are protected from any damages and secured from thieves.

Besides, this kegerator comes with a drip tray. That will help trap any spilled beer resulting from overflows when serving. The result is less or no less mess, clean looking place. The place may not even need cleaning.

EdgeStar Craft Brew Kegerator is ideal and was designed for use by craft brewers at home. If you craft your beer at home, this is the only way of storing your beer cold, fresh and always ready for serving.

  • Elegant and stylish
  • Built-in lock
  • Drip tray (no mess)
  • Interior circulation fan (low temps)
  • Not caster compatible

6. Kegco K309B-3 Triple Faucet Digital Homebrew Kegerator

Kegco K309B-3 Triple Faucet Digital Homebrew Kegerator

Convenience and functionality are important when it comes to any equipment. And that rule applies even when it comes to kegerators. You will note that Kegco has had several appearances on this list. That is not because we could not find other brands but we only recommend what will work for you. In any case, that’s why we are here. Kegco presents you Kegco K309B-3 Triple Faucet Digital Homebrew Kegerator. Here is why this unit stands out.

First of all, it is important to note that this unit features 3 taps, while most are dual. The result is even a more versatile unit making it perfect for use when serving many people.

This unit features LED display and easy to press push buttons to allow you to adjust the temperature to your liking. Simply push the buttons up or down to lower or raise the temperature. The digital display allows you to set and read in Celsius degrees or Fahrenheit. As such, you’ll only be taking a beer at the temperature you prefer.

What’s more, this unit is among the few on the market that record very low temperatures. Thanks to the fan-forced cooling mechanism the kegerator exhibits, the temperatures can go as low as 32 degrees Celsius. Also, the unit boasts a wide enough temperature range that not only allows you to dispense your beer at ultra-low temperatures but also makes it possible to hit 75 degrees Celsius favorable for fermenting. Home brewers will find the fermentation part very useful.

Also, Kegco K309B-3 Triple Faucet Digital Homebrew Kegerator has enough storage capacity. It can hold up to three 5-gallon ball lock home-brew kegs. Besides, for fermentation purposes, the interior is spacious enough to fit a 6-gallon bucket and or carboy.
Kegco K309B-3 Triple Faucet Digital Homebrew Kegerator

You’ll agree a warm and cold glass of beer will not have the same taste. Cold beer is often tastier when compared to the one at a higher temperature. When you have no time and would like to cool down your beer fast, it is possible with this unit. The kegerator features a dual chill function button that you need to press. That makes the compressor to work consistently for the next 24hours cooling your keg to your preferred temperature.

You might find you have exhausted storage space for your food and beverages in your fridge. Kegco K309B-3 Triple Faucet Digital Homebrew Kegerator has a simple solution for you. The unit comes with 2 shelves that will allow you to convert it into an all-refrigerator fast for the much-needed extra storage space.

When placed apart, the shelves have room enough to hold two-liter bottles and gallon jugs. If you are a wine enthusiast too, there is room for storing a few bottles of wine. Read also: Top 10 best Wine Decanters In 2019. The low temperatures and the fermentation makes Kegco K309B-3 Triple Faucet Digital Homebrew Kegerator ideal for use by craft brewers.

  • Chilling and fermentation
  • Spacious
  • Convertible into all-refrigerator
  • Dual chill function
  • May require fitting couplers

5. Kegco Single Tap Freestanding Beer Dispenser

Kegco Single Tap Freestanding Beer Dispenser

To unwind, a few glasses of beer do the trick. And not just any beer but cold beer stored and served from a kegerator. However, not every kegerator deserves the name as most are known to disappoint. Kegco Single Tap Freestanding Beer Dispenser is all you need to enjoy a chilled beer of glass that will drown all those worries leaving you relaxed. Here are the best ice buckets to keep the beer cold.

You will not need to buy any extra accessories upon purchasing this unit. It comes with a complete premium quality set of accessories. Among the things you’ll find are a 5lb empty aluminum CO2 tank, single faucet beer tower, double gauge CO2 regulator and a single keg coupler. You’ll need to refill the CO2 tank with your local gas dealer.

What’s more, Kegco Single Tap Freestanding Beer Dispenser comes has a large interior that can accommodate full-size keg, quarter slim keg, straight pony and up to two-sixth slim. Also, rubber, it enough space for strap handle and rubber home brew kegs. Unfortunately, Bevel or Rubber Kegs wider in the middle than the bottom will not fit inside there.

Also, for additional storage space, it is possible to convert it into an all-refrigerator. That is made possible by the two removable wire shelves. What results is more space that you can use to store excess foods and non-alcoholics drinks without incurring the extra cost of buying another fridge.

We all love things that will boost the interior of our homes. Kegco Single Tap Freestanding Beer Dispenser exhibits all the good properties that render it elegant and classic. The unit is black and features an adorable stainless steel door that is simply killing.

Don’t forget that it comes with rolling casters that render it highly mobile. Wondering how that is important? Think about it for a second. A need arises when you need to enjoy your beer outside. How about in social gathering where there are a lot of people to serve. By moving it, it makes serving faster while ensuring the party members get the best taste.
Kegco Single Tap Freestanding Beer Dispenser

Besides, you’ll not have a lot of mess with Kegco Single Tap Freestanding Beer Dispenser. With the drip train, any run-off beer resulting from over-filled glasses or even leakages will not land the floor. That eliminates the need to clean in the first place.

What’s more, you need to have the peace of mind when serving your beer. This kegerator features a textured countertop that ensures that everything placed on it remains has a good grip and does not slide. And for additional safety of your glass, it has attractive metal rails that prevent the glasses from sliding to the floor. That way, you can be sure there will be slim to none spillages.

The design of Kegco Single Tap Freestanding Beer Dispenser is motivated by a power and efficient cooling system. Being 25% energy efficient, it is a unit worth considering. Did I mention that it has been tested to meet all the standards and is UL listed? Adding the temperature is a breeze with this system. It features a manual temperature dial housed inside the unit that allows you to change the temperature from 35-45 degrees. That way, you can serve your beer at your preferred temperature.

Also, this kegerator is not one of those cheap units found on the market. It has been constructed using premium quality materials only. As such, you can be guaranteed that this will be a life-time purchase that won’t disappoint. There will be no damage to the floor of the kegerator, and the weight of the kegs is evenly distributed thanks to the stainless steel interior floor. Also, the floor allows you to slide the kegs effortlessly when loading or unloading. Kegco Single Tap Freestanding Beer Dispenser is designed for use at home. The rolling casters will allow you to move it from room to room as you enjoy your fresh, cold glass of beer.

  • Convertible into fridge
  • Roller casters
  • Solid construction
  • Drip tray for no messy serving
  • Single tap

4. Keggermeister KM2800BK Full Size Single Tap Kegerator

Keggermeister KM2800BK Full Size Single Tap Kegerator

There is nothing as boring than a taste of flat beer. No matter how expensive it is, failure to store your beer properly will make it lose it original taste. However, there is a trick to enjoying that same beer even for three months when it is still fresh. What you need is quality kegerator. With KeggerMeister Full Size Single Tap Kegerator, that becomes a reality. You’ll be able to enjoy a chilled glass of beer with all its original properties weeks after if you decide to store it.

KeggerMeister Full Size Single Tap Kegerator has enough room to hold a full size keg or pony keg. Also, if you have two 5-gallon kegs, there is still room for them. As such, that renders the unit more versatile as it allows you to enjoy two drinks at the same time.

Also, you have full control over this kegerator. It comes with temperature control that you can adjust to your liking. That way, it allows you to get the beer at the temperature you would prefer for maximum satisfaction.

What’s more, even if you get tipsy, you will serve your wine without the risk sliding the glass. Thanks to the 3-sided chrome guardrail, you will never break any glass or even have spillages on the floor.

Also, KeggerMeister Full Size Single Tap Kegerator features 4 rolling casters that make it possible to move. That property comes in handy in parties, recreation room or barbecues where you have to serve many people. Simply move it to wherever the beer is needed. That is also essential for a home bear enthusiast who may decide to change their usual places of enjoying beer.

This kegerator comes with all installation components. And not just those cheaply made accessories but of premium grade. It is in the UL listing having been tested and ascertained to meet and surpass all the quality requirements.
Keggermeister KM2800BK Full Size Single Tap Kegerator

Also, if you are seasoned beer taker, you will agree that beer glasses do not come in the same size and will need to be accommodated. This kegerator features a stainless steel tower with a black & chrome spout where all sizes of beer glasses and mugs can stand. It is important to note that the unit has a single tap that allows you to serve one beer at a time. Read: Best Stainless Steel Travel Mugs/Tumblers.

What’s more, if looks matter to you, then you feel the need to impress. The looks of the kegerator then matter to you. KeggerMeister Full Size Single Tap Kegerator comes in a black color that matches almost any color of the décor at home.

KeggerMeister Full Size Single Tap Kegerator comes with a CO2 bottle. However, it is usually empty and will require refilling at your local gas dealer. That is in a bit to comply with the set standards regarding gas containing tanks.

We recommend KeggerMeister Full Size Single Tap Kegerator for home use. However, a small club and restaurant will also find it cool thanks to the rolling casters that enhance mobility. There is no better way of enjoying your beer than taking it your own style, and that is what this kegerator promises.

  • Rolling casters for mobility
  • Spacious
  • Safety Guardrail
  • Adjustable temp controls
  • Single tap

3. Kegco Kegerator Dual Faucet Beer Keg Cooler

Kegco Kegerator Dual Faucet Beer Keg Cooler

Kegco is renowned for quality products the kitchen & dining and appliances category including beer refrigerators and parts, cleaning agents, brewing and fermentation carboys and more. In its wide array of products, we focus our attention on Keg Kegerator Dual Faucet Beer Keg Cooler. The kegerator has attracted a high rating on Amazon going by the quality it offers. Here are some features of this kegerator your attention.

There is no more need to worry about spacing to fit your keg. Kegco Dual Faucet Kegerator has enough interior room to occupy even the all full-size keg. Be it the miller kegs, Coor kegs or rubbers kegs; this kegerator will hold them all. If you have two 5 gallon D system kegs, you can fit them both. Even more, it has room to hold up to three 5 gallon Cornelius ball lock home brew kegs.

You’ll fall in love with the premium features this kegerator offers. First of all, it comes in a style that is simply appealing. Besides, to avoid leaving any messes behind, it comes with a drip tray that will hold any spilled drops of beer. As such, you’ll not even be required to clean afterward. What’s more, Kegco Dual Faucet Kegerator has a guardrail will prevent the glasses to slide of the kegerator counter as you serve your beer. That prevents losses resulting from broken glasses and spilled beer.

Also, Kegco Dual Faucet Kegerator is highly mobile. It features rolling casters that make it easy to move from one room to another. That way, you can drink your beer conveniently from anywhere you want. If you don’t want the unit to move further, the caster will lock, and it remains stationary to your liking.

You need nothing more to pour a cold glass of beer. Kegco Dual Faucet Kegerator comes complete with the installation kit. They include an aluminum CO2 tank, D couplers, chrome plate metal faucet tower, and Single gauge, CO2 regulator. Not to go contrary to the requirement, you’ll need to refill the CO2 gas tank at your local dealer as it comes empty.
Kegco Kegerator Dual Faucet Beer Keg Cooler

What’s more, Kegco Dual Faucet Kegerator is a perfect definition for multipurpose. It is designed in a manner that you can convert it into a regular refrigerator when you are not using it a kegerator. That provides the much needed additional storage.

Kegco Dual Faucet Kegerator employs a cooling tech system that’s out of the ordinary. You’ll find it a breeze to set and even confirm the internal temperature of the unit thanks to the convenient digital temperature display and button controls. Following the forced cooling from the fan, this kegerator is among those that hit the lowest temperature reaching to as low as 32 degrees. With the deep chill function, you can be sure to cool that warm keg quickly. And that means forcing the compressor to for 24 hours non-stop.

This kegerator is built with care to offer many days of use. It is not the type that comes with cheap components that will start frustrating you from day one. It uses only the quality materials (UL recognized components) that will guarantee you a long lifespan. Worth noting is the stainless steel floor mat that ensures even distribution of weight for the kegs. That way, there can be no damage to the interior. Also, it allows easy sliding of the kegs when loading and offloading. Small bars, and home bars will find this unit useful going by the ability to be used as a refrigerator and the huge capacity to allow many kegs.

  • Solid built
  • Convertible into refrigerator
  • Cool features
  • Spacious enough
  • Relatively expensive

2. EdgeStar Full-Size Dual Tap Kegerator/Draft Beer Dispenser

EdgeStar Full-Size Dual Tap Kegerator/Draft Beer Dispenser

A catering event, outdoor barbecue, a small restaurant will require a unit that is versatile. That is where a dual tap kegerator comes in. With the two taps, you will not need to limit yourself to the beer alone. You can serve your customers or even guests beer and other beverages from a single unit at a go. EdgeStar Full-Size Dual Tap Kegerator is designed with you in mind. It will allow your beer and non-alcoholic drinks to preserve their quality and flavor. Why should EdgeStar Full-Size Dual Tap Kegerators be top on your list?

EdgeStar Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator functions as a freestanding unit only. It comes with the outlet located at the back to allow free and easy air circulation. With limited circulation, it means overheating and overworking it, which may pose risk to the unit.

Sometimes the need to move the unit from place to place arise for example when having a party with friends. Mobility is, therefore crucial. EdgerStar Full-Size Dual Tap Kegerator has rolling casters that make it a breeze to move and use the unit anywhere you want.

Being full size, EdgerStar Full-Size Dual Tap Kegerator is usually smaller than the standard size by 4 inches. However, that cannot be a big deal. That is because it still has room enough to hold a full-sized keg.

At times using a kegerator can turn out messy following the spillages on the floor. First, EdgerStar Full-Size Dual Tap Kegerator comes with a two drip tray drains that will hold any spillages. Also, there is a guard rail whose purpose is to ensure that the glass does not fall from the top to the floor.

EdgerStar Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator that record ultra-low temperatures. Thanks to the thermostat found in the unit, the temperature can move all the way to the low 30s. That is something you’ll find useful if you like your beer at ultra-low temperature.
EdgeStar Full-Size Dual Tap Kegerator/Draft Beer Dispenser

When purchasing EdgerStar Full-Size Dual Tap Kegerator, you’ll get all the components required to have the kegerator fully functional. It comes with an empty CO2 tank that you can refill from your local gas supplier. There are two domestic ‘D’ couplers, chrome-plated faucet, CO2 regulator, drip tray, 5lb empty aluminum CO2 tank, gauge regulator, stainless steel column draft tower, and more.

Also, to ensure that you have your unit for the longest time, it features a protective metal plate that will make sure that it does not sustain damages on the floor rendering it lifetime purchase.

To get EdgerStar Full-Size Dual Tap Kegerator installed, you’ll need not expert skills. And to make even simpler, there is easy to follow manual that accompanies it. You can get your unit operational in as little as 30 minutes.

Air circulation in a freestanding kegerator is paramount. There is an internal and internal mounting system for the CO2 tank. The best thing is that you can decide to mount your gas tank outside the unit. That allows, even more, air to flow inside the unit. EdgerStar Full-Size Dual Tap Kegerator has enough space to fit a full sized half shell standard keg or the two sixth kegs.

The two taps make EdgerStar Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator perfect for commercial use. Be it in that small restaurant, a party with friends, there is no better way of dispensing your cold beer and drinks at a go than owning this kegerator.

  • Two taps
  • All components
  • Simple to set-up
  • Mess-free
  • Needs lots of space

1. EdgeStar Full Size Kegerator & Keg Beer Cooler

EdgeStar Full Size Kegerator & Keg Beer Cooler

You’ve had a rough day at your working station, and all you want is to place your feet up are relax. Well, a cold beer comes a long way in helping you slow down your racing mind. The result is a feeling of relaxation. Those can only be wishes without a kegerator from which to serve that cold glass of beer. EdgerStar presents you a kegerator that will take your drinking notch higher. You can have your glass of bear to unwind right from your home. EdgerStar Full Size Kegerator & Keg Beer Cooler tops the list in its category. What features makes it beat the rest of the kegerators?

EdgerStar Full Size Kegerator is a freestanding unit. That implies that it has an exhausted positioned at the back of the kegerator and you have to leave air circulation space during installation.

As the title suggests, EdgerStar Full Size Kegerator is a full size and is smaller than the standard size by 4 inches. Despite, it still has enough capacity to hold a full sized keg. Furthermore, that is that is the major focus.

A cold glass of beer is something you should enjoy anywhere at home. That brings us to the mobility aspect. EdgerStar Full Size Kegerator features rolling casters that will make it possible to move your unit from one place to the other.

Now, the last thing you want to see is a messy floor resulting from spillage as you serve the beer. Who has the time to clean all the mess after having a good time? Once you are woozy, you cannot afford to break the mood. This kegerator comes with a drip tray drain that captures any spills so cleaning does not become a headache.
EdgeStar Full Size Kegerator & Keg Beer Cooler

EdgerStar Full Size Kegerator is one of the coldest units out there that can maintain ultra-low temperatures. It comes with a thermostat that can reach to the low 30s. In my experience, (no backed by any science) beer becomes tastier as the temperature goes low.

This kegerator comes with top quality beer components that will get it working. In the packaging, you will find key installation components including a domestic ‘D’ coupler, CO2 regulator, stainless steel column draft tower, drip tray, 5lb empty aluminum CO2 tank, gauge regulator and more. You will need to refill the CO2 tank in your local gas/air supplier.

You need to keep your unit in good shape. And that means protecting it from damage when on the floor. For that purpose, EdgerStar Full Size Kegerator comes with a protective metal plate that will ensure durability to your unit.

The kegerator is simple to install, and you don’t necessarily need to be an expert to have it working. Accompanying the unit is easy to follow instructions guide. Without prior skills, it will take you an approximated 30-40 minutes to have it fully installed.

EdgerStar Full Size Kegerator makes it even easier to leave enough air circulation space in the interior of the unit. That is because it comes with an external tank mount that lets you install the gas tank at the back of the unit. The kegerator can fit 1 / 4 and 1 /2 barrel kegs.

EdgerStar Full Size Kegerator is ideal for veteran beer enthusiasts before spending a significant amount on a commercial unit. The simple installation and use also make this kegerator perfect for starters so they can gain experience.

  • Simple to install and use
  • Comes with all installation components
  • Maintain low temps
  • No mess with drip tray
  • Limited interior space


An opportunity has come for you to enjoy your cold beer in style. A kegerator allows you to cool, ferment, and even maintain the freshness of your wine for future use. Now that you have no doubt about the significance of a kegerator, why don’t you take your drinking a notch higher?


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