The Best iPhone Chargers in 2019 – A Comparative Review of Bestsellers

The Best iPhone Chargers in 2019 - A Comparative Review of Bestsellers

The iPhone brand is a powerhouse in the smartphone niche. Since its inception, most of its products have attracted positive attention among people of all status from all over the world. Their powerful systems, for instance, have improved how people communicate and entertain. Forget about YouTube lagging as you watch a movie. Communication, on the other hand, is smooth in all environments. The iPhone is also stylish. Unlike comparable smartphones with drab designs, its gets better every year. The HD screens offered, for example, are appealing to most people. Cameras and controls are also top notch and designed to boost their functionality.

As most smart accessories, iPhones are battery powered devices. To use one daily, you have to charge it frequently and to capacity or as directed. Never use the cheap aftermarket chargers that come cheap in most stores, however. To get the best out of your device, the charger that you use should be top notch. It should be compatible, for instance. You can easily damage your phone with one of the cheap aftermarket chargers that come dirt cheap online. To help you get the best charger for your iPhone, we have a detailed buying guide that can help you.

  • Product Name
  • Image
  • Description
  • AmazonBasics Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable
    One-year limited warranty, Long three-foot cable, Cost effective, Over 4000 95-degree bends, Eye-catching plastic sheath, Compatible with USB connectors, Universal systems, Works with most computers Apple certified design, Premium insulation
  • Syncwire iPhone Charger Lightning Cable
    Unconditional lifetime warranty 24/7 email support, Double shielded design, Durable anodized connectors, Fast charging, Reliable file transfer, Durable plastic cloth jacket, Portable design, Universal system, Decent price
  • OTISA 3PackNylon Braided Lightning Cables
    24-month warranty, Pack of three chargers, Durable nylon sheaths, Compatible with most Apple devices, Quality copper core 38% faster speeds, Advanced 2.4A technology, Reliable data transfer
  • BE Quick Charger Set iPhone and Wall Charger
    Lifetime warranty 20-25% faster that other brands, Light and portable design, Quality sheath, contacts, and wires, Three feet long cable, High-speed (2.4A) wall charger, High-speed data transfer, Universal system
  • SGIN iPhone Cable, 4 Pack
    One year warranty, Unlimited customer service, Super-slim lightning connectors, Supports most Apple devices, High-speed charging, High-speed data transfer, Maintains good signal, High voltage system, Light and flexible, Durable nylon sheath, Pack of four, Three different sizes (3, 6, and 10 feet)
  • ONSON iPhone Cable, 3Pack
    12-month warranty, Universal system, Charges and synchronizes data, Flexible nylon sheath, Durable wires and contacts, High-speed system, Mac and PC compatible, Over 5000+ bending tests, Portable design, Plug and use
  • Aonsen iPhone Cable - 3Pack
    One-year full warranty, Pack of three cables, Flexible fabric sheath, Kink and stretch proof, Thick copper wire, Faster charging speed, Faster data transfer, Universal designs, Long 10 foot cables, Stylish black and blue themes
  • Hitobox Lightning to USB Cable Apple Charger
    One-year warranty, Six high-grade cables, Cost effective package, Broad compatibility, Kink and fray-proof sheath, Wide-diameter copper wires, Faster charging, Faster data transfer, Perfect for home and office, Excellent gifts
  • ONSON iPhone Charger
    Broad compatibility, Plug and use, Convenient wall charger, Dual USB charging technology, Durable cable and contacts, Power indicator (blue LED), Internal safety mechanisms, Long six-foot cable, Braided nylon jacket, 24W/4.9A power output, Portable design
  • Outdoo USB Cable 2 in 1 Lightning Cable
    Long (3.3 feet) cable, Durable 2-in-1 design, Charges most Apple devices, Charges most Android devices, Quality guaranteed, Universal compatibility, Aluminum alloy contacts, Heavy-gauge copper wire, Flexible braided sheath, Fast charging

What to Look for in an iPhone Charger

The iPhone has undergone tremendous changes over the years. It has become powerful. Apple has also improved its style and functionality to carve a larger market share in the global phone industry. To get the best charger for your phone, look out for the following attributes:

Compatibility: When shopping for an iPhone charger, one of the first and most important attributes that you should look at is its compatibility. Will you work well with the model of iPhone that you have? If you own an iPhone 6, for instance, buying a charger solely designed for the iPhone 7 is a bad decision. Charging issues might frustrate you. You might even lower the integrity of your battery in the long term. For the best experience, look out for the universal iPhone chargers that are popular in most stores. Even though expensive, they work well.

Length: Check the length of the charger you are buying before spending your money. Even though ignored by most peoples, it is essential. Those that like using their phones as they charge know where this article is going. Longer iPhone chargers are more convenient. You can use them to charge your phone from most locations. They also allow people to use their phones as they charge without issues. If you travel often, though, a less bulky charger will benefit you.

Durability: As the best car USB chargers, iPhone chargers endure a lot of stress and abuse over their lifespans. We twist and coil them during storage, for instance. We also pull them accidentally whilst charging at times to the point of snapping. The adapter that you buy should be able to withstand such abuse. Its wires, for instance, should be as durable as possible. Its sheath, on the other hand, should be flexible and able to withstand tremendous abuse.

Voltage: The voltage of a charger is a critical element that you must look at keenly whenever you are out shopping. Does it match the voltage of your phone? Bad things often happen to those who use chargers of the wrong voltage on their phones. Charging speed often slows down, for instance. Some chargers often fail to power phones completely. Finally, electrical damage to batteries and charging systems are also common with most models of the iPhone. Check your manual. Identify your phone’s voltage and use it as a guide when buying a charger.

Price: Even though they look the same, all iPhone chargers are not equal. They also vary in price too. Whenever you are buying the best iPhone accessories, it is advisable that you always stay on budget. Specify the amount of money you are willing to spend and use it to guide your purchase. The best iPhone chargers are not always the most expensive one. If it is durable, of the right voltage, and compatible with your phone, you will have a positive experience with it.

Many brands of iPhone chargers meet this threshold. To help you to find the best, we have review 10 of the bestselling models to consider.

10. Outdoo USB Cable 2 in 1 Lightning Cable

Outdoo USB Cable 2 in 1 Lightning Cable

Millions of people all over the world are in love with the iPhone. It is stylish. It is also powerful and has a plethora of interesting features that make communication and entertaining fun. As most phones, however, iPhone is a battery-powered smartphone that requires frequent charging to work. The stock chargers that most models come with often do a good job. However, as the best USB cables in the market, they do not last a lifetime. They kink. They also snap and lose their charging ability over time. If yours has undergone such as transformation, Outdoo USB Cable 2 in 1 Lightning Cable is a good replacement.

What makes this gold themed iPhone charger one of the best in the market? If you are shopping for a new charger and choose this model, you will appreciate its durability. Its sturdy nylon-braided cable, for instance, does not kink easily. You can also use it to charge your phone on a day-to-day basis without worrying about it breaking or losing its charging power over time. The aluminum alloy material used to make its connectors is also durable. Because it is resistant to oxidation, for instance, power transfer is optimal throughout its lifespan. Bends are also uncommon. Finally, you get durable copper wires that improve signal strength. They also improve the stability of this charger and therefore, its ability to deliver faster data speeds.

The functionality of an iPhone charge is essential whenever you are shopping for one for everyday use. Ignore the cheap yet poorly made models that some people have at home. To get a lasting product that performs well every day, Outdoo lightning cable should be your product of choice. Featuring 2-in-1 design, for instance, you get a versatile product that handles most charging jobs well. The micro USB cable on one end meets all the required standards for charging. You also get a sync Lightning connector that works well with the iPhone and other Apple devices. Importantly, both systems are plug and use.
Outdoo USB Cable 2 in 1 Lightning Cable

Buying the best iPhone charger is not as easy as picking the first cable that you come across online. Many times, people have bought chargers on the Web only to realize later that do not work with their phones. With Outdoo, however, you do not have to worry about this problem. Because of its universal compatibility, it charges most models of the iPhone. Whether you have an iPhone 5, 6, or 7, expect good results for this 2-in-1 one cable. It is also compatible with the iPad, iPod, and a plethora of Android phones including Samsung, Sony, and Nexus.

Measuring 3.3feet, you get a long charger that you can use from all orientations. Quality guarantee, you can also buy it with confidence that you are getting the best lighting cable in the market.

  • Long (3.3 feet) cable
  • Durable 2-in-1 design
  • Charges most Apple devices
  • Charges most Android devices
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Universal compatibility
  • Aluminum alloy contacts
  • Heavy-gauge copper wire
  • Flexible braided sheath
  • Fast charging
  • None

9. ONSON iPhone Charger

ONSON iPhone Charger

The quality of the iPhone has improved tremendously over the years. However, the quality of the replacement cables in stores have remained standard to the disappointment of many people. We have good news, though. If you have used such chargers, durable and effective models are currently available on Amazon. This six-foot model from ONSON, for instance, is a long and well-made accessory with a compatible wall charger. Unlike most brands, it simplifies charging at home. You can also use it in a hotel whenever you are traveling with good results.

Because of the popularity of phone and tablet, most people have two devices that they use often. However, because of the single charging ports in their homes or offices, they can only charge and or use one device at a time. If you have the same problem, this ONSON iPhone Charger is among the best solutions. In addition to its length and ease of use, you get two USB ports rated at 24W/4.9A. At home or in your office, therefore, you can easily charge two devices simultaneously and at top speed. If you have an iPhone and an iPad, for instance, you can now charge and use them at the same time, unlike in the past.

Phones are portable accessories. To use them effectively, thus, the charger that you use should be portable as well. Do not be one of those annoying workmates who constantly beg for chargers because theirs are too big to carry around. Well, if you have a few dollars to spend, ONSON iPhone Charger is a good replacement. Lightweight and small, you can carry it around easily without cluttering your bag. Because of its flexibility, you can fold it into and even smaller size to save storage space further. For safety, this charger has internal protection mechanisms. You also get a hidden power indicator (blue LED).
ONSON iPhone Charger

Most people often consider products that are selling online low-grade ones. If you share a similar thought, think again. Even though ONSON iPhone Charger is one of the cheapest in this niche, it is also one of the most durable. The high standards used in its production guarantee people a long lasting product that charges well. The copper wire used, for instance, is a durable and high fidelity model that boosts both charging speed and power. Its braided nylon jacket does not kink nor breaks as low-grade plastic ones often do. Finally, the oxidation-proof contacts that you get are not only durable but also improve its performance further.

The broad compatibility of this iPhone charger is another of its key strengths. Whether you have an iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6, or iPhone 5, you will appreciate the performance of this charger. It also works with the iPad, iPod, and most other Apple devices. Each pack has a one-year warranty.

  • Broad compatibility
  • Plug and use
  • Convenient wall charger
  • Dual USB charging technology
  • Durable cable and contacts
  • Power indicator (blue LED)
  • Internal safety mechanisms
  • Long six-foot cable
  • Braided nylon jacket
  • 24W/4.9A power output
  • Portable design
  • None

8. Hitobox Lightning to USB Cable Apple Charger

Hitobox Lightning to USB Cable Apple Charger

Lightning to USB cables have been around for some time now. However, because of their questionable quality, people have avoided them, choosing USB or lightning cables instead. This is until quality models such as Hitobox joined this market. White, themed, it is a stylish product that blends well with the iPhone. It is also affordable and comes as a package of six three foot cables that you can use in many ways. You can use them to charge your phone at home or in your office. They are also excellent gift items during social activities such as get-togethers.

Because the iPhone is a power thirsty smartphone, people have to charge it at least once every day to keep in working optimally. This puts a lot of strain on chargers. Contacts bend occasionally. Cables, on the other hand, fray and tear under pressure. This pack of Hitobox cables withstands such abuse well. They are durable. The braided nylon used to manufacture their sheath, for instance, does not fray over time. It is also kink-resistant and does not break easily under pressure. Wires are also strong and reliable. Because of their high tensile strength, they also resist tagging and bending over time.

Waiting for an iPhone to charge for several hours is one of the most frustrating activities that most people grapple with. Even though leaving it to charge overnight works, using a fast charger such as Hitobox is the best solution. The quality contacts it comes with work well. It also has wide-diameter copper wires that maximize both its transfer speed and charging speed. Whether you enjoy playing games or use your iPhone for work, you will never have charging issues with one of these iPhone chargers. Buy an original set today.
Hitobox Lightning to USB Cable Apple Charger

Do you have an iPhone 5 that you use often? Do you have an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 7 with charging issues? If you are shopping for a new charger that will serve you well, this set is among the best. The cables offered are not only durable and fast but also have universal designs that support most Apple devices. In addition to the iPhone, for instance, you will charge your iPod and iPad well with one of these chargers. You can also use it with all other 8-pin Apple devices with lightning ports.

The iPhone is an expensive product. However, the fact that you can afford one does not mean that you should spend exorbitant amounts on a charger. Functionality and safety are key. Fortunately, Hitobox offers both in an affordable package. For just a few dollars, you get six high-grade products that will serve you well for long. All the cables that you get are also functional and backed by a one-year warranty.

  • One-year warranty
  • Six high-grade cables
  • Cost effective package
  • Broad compatibility
  • Kink and fray-proof sheath
  • Wide-diameter copper wires
  • Faster charging
  • Faster data transfer
  • Perfect for home and office
  • Excellent gifts
  • None

7. Aonsen iPhone Cable – 3Pack

Aonsen iPhone Cable - 3Pack

The best iPhone accessories come in a plethora of designs and types in reputable stores such as Amazon. Chargers, for instance, are diverse and designed to satisfy the needs of most people. If you are shopping for one but frustrated by the diversity, consider this Aonsen iPhone Cable. Attainable as a package of three cables, it is a cost effective product. All cables have nylon braided sheaths and long 10-foot designs that make charging fun. You can access hidden charging ports easily with these cables. You can also work whilst charging your phone without worrying about running out of cable.

Available in black and blue, Aonsen iPhone Cables are charming accessories. They do not fade over time. They also complement the stunning look of the iPhone and other Apple devices such as iPad. Even though this attribute appeals to most people, its superb performance has made it the go-to product for charging iPhones. Like some of the best USB car chargers available on Amazon, this charger works fast. The thickened copper wiring that it uses delivers faster charging and data transfer speeds. Data synchronization is also reliable because of the oxidation-proof contacts that these cables come with.

The packs of their Aonsen iPhone Cables that you get are durable day-to-day accessories that will serve you well for years. This is because of two major reasons. Featuring a nylon fiber sheath, they last longer than comparable plastic ones. The material is flexible. You can pull and bend it several times without kinking or breaking it. Moreover, because it does not fray easily, it does not lose its charming outlook over time. The copper wires used are also professional grade. They are thick and long-lasting. They also work better than the thinner and fragile ones that most stock chargers have.
Aonsen iPhone Cable - 3Pack

Because of its universal design, Aonsen iPhone Cable is among the most south-after iPhone chargers globally. Owners of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, for instance, appreciate its speed and longevity. If you have an iPhone 6, iPhone 5, or an iPod, you should also expect a similar experience every day. Make sure, however, that the cables you are buying are original ones. In their attempt to exploit its popularity, some people have come up with cheap imitations.

The fact that you are getting three iPhone cables at an affordable price make this product one of the best for 2019. The benefits do not end there, though. With each original set, you get a one-year warranty that covers all defects. If one of the cables fail to charge as advertised, you can request for a brand new replacement or a full refund. It also covers defects to sheaths and components such as connectors.

  • One-year full warranty
  • Pack of three cables
  • Flexible fabric sheath
  • Kink and stretch proof
  • Thick copper wire
  • Faster charging speed
  • Faster data transfer
  • Universal designs
  • Long 10 foot cables
  • Stylish black and blue themes
  • Slower than some cables

6. ONSON iPhone Cable, 3Pack


ONSON iPhone Cable, 3Pack

ONSON is a package of three black and white iPhone charging cables with quality designs. If you have spent a lot of money on a cable that kinked and frayed in a few days, for instance, expect better results with this one. Its standards are impressive. Nylon-braided, for instance, its jacket is durable. Whether you stretch, bend, or bunch it whilst charging or in storage, the risk of damaging it is small. The sheath is also attractive and does not fray as some comparable fabric ones often do. The heavy gauge copper wires used are just as tough. They bend without breaking and or losing their flexibility over time. Finally, all cables have anodized aluminum shells that last long as well.

Never buy an iPhone charger that you will have problems traveling with. A bulky one, for instance, will only clutter your bag or desk and lower your experience whenever you are charging. ONSON offers the contrary experience. If you are shopping for a portable charger that you can travel with often, this is the product for you. The ultra-compact connector that it comes with, for instance, is space efficient. It is also efficient and has a durable design that has undergone over 5000+ bending tests without breaking. Finally, because this charger is short 8-inches, it is among the best for everyday traveling.

ONSON iPhone charger enjoys global acclaim. This is not by coincidence, though. Its reliability and superior performance have attracted it the positive attention that it enjoys to date. When charging your phone, for instance, expect faster results without compromising the safety of your phone. This is unlike some similar chargers that often damage batteries and the charging systems of iPhone over time. This charger is both Mac and PC compatible. You do not need a special type of computer and or operating system to use it effectively. Apart from charging, ONSON iPhone can synchronize data. It also excels in this function, considering the high data transfer speeds that its users get.
ONSON iPhone Cable, 3Pack

Forget about this cable failing to charge your iPhone. Like some of the best Midi cables in stores, it has a universal system that works well with most phones. You can use it with the iPhone 7/7 plus with good results. You can also use it with the iPhone 5 or 6 and with popular Apple devices such as iPod and iPad. Overall, you get an all in one charger for all the Apple devices in your possession. Considering its affordability, this is noteworthy.

The positive reviews that ONSON has attracted over the years reflect its high quality. If you question their legitimacy, the warranty policy offered for this product is added proof. With each original cable that you but, you get a 12-month warranty on defects. If unsatisfied, you can either request a refund of your money or a replacement cable from the manufacturer.

  • 12-month warranty
  • Universal system
  • Charges and synchronizes data
  • Flexible nylon sheath
  • Durable wires and contacts
  • High-speed system
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Over 5000+ bending tests
  • Portable design
  • Plug and use
  • Short (eight inches)

5. SGIN iPhone Cable, 4 Pack

SGIN iPhone Cable, 4 Pack

Have you used a few brands of iPhone chargers with poor results? You no longer have to wait for hours for your phone to charge. You also do not have to sacrifice your phone’s charging system or its battery because of the poor quality charger in your possession. We have a better product for you – SGIN iPhone cable. Trusted by thousands of people all over the world, you get three four cables (3, 6, 6, and 10 feet) that work well. They also have aesthetic black and white themes and quality components that offer value for money.

Did you know that the quality of the copper wire used to make an iPhone cable affects its performance? With this pack, for instance, forget about the thin and low-grade wires found in some iPhone chargers. Its copper wires are thick and durable. They also relay current and signals well to improve both charging and data transfer speeds. Whenever you are lounging at home, therefore, you will be able to charge your phone faster and engage in your preferred activities as a result. At work, on the other hand, you will have similar results as you transfer data from your computer to your phone.

Do you have a stock iPhone charger that has kinked in several places or lost its functional value over time? This package of four SGIN iPhone Cables will better your experience. This is twofold. In terms of durability, for instance, they rank among the must-have iPhone accessories in the market. Its nylon braided sheath, for instance, is both stylish and durable. It is also flexible and has a lightweight design that you can travel with effortlessly. SGIN iPhone Cable also scores high in terms of performance. Its high voltage design not only supports high-speed charging but also maintains a good signal throughout the process.
SGIN iPhone Cable, 4 Pack

As other chargers listed, this package of four works well with most Apple devices in the market. Charging of iPhones, for instance, is a breeze. Whether you have a PC or Mac, you can charge it fast via a USB connection. The same applies to iPad, iPod, and other iOS9 devices. Its super slim lightening connector slots well in most openings. This improves the experience of users further. Do not let the bulky and inefficient cable that you received as a gift to frustrate you.

Be aware of the counterfeit SGIN products common in most stores. Even though physical indicators such as color and size can help, always buy from reputable stores such as Amazon. Herein, this pack of four cables is affordable. You also get a one-year warranty on defects and unlimited customer service.

  • One year warranty
  • Unlimited customer service
  • Super-slim lightning connectors
  • Supports most Apple devices
  • High-speed charging
  • High-speed data transfer
  • Maintains good signal
  • High voltage system
  • Light and flexible
  • Durable nylon sheath
  • Pack of four
  • Three different sizes (3, 6, and 10 feet)
  • Slower than their competition
  • Overpriced

4. BE Quick Charger Set iPhone and Wall Charger

BE Quick Charger Set iPhone and Wall Charger

Lightning cables often look the same. However, they do not work the same at all. If you want a valuable model that will improve how you power your phone, this quick charger set from BE is ideal. Even though expensive than standards charging cable, its performance is impressive. The 2.4A wall charger offered, for instance, speeds up charging time. Instead of waiting the whole night for your phone to charge, you can do so in a few of hours. You also get an improved cable that connects to phones reliably to improve both charging speed and data transfer rate.

Length is a vital feature to look at when choosing an iPhone charger. Even though shorter models are often faster and powerful, their convenience is almost zero. BE Quick Charger Set for iPhone is a bridge between the two charger types. Measuring three foot, this charger is of decent length. You can use it to charge your phone directly from your computer. You can also use it to charge your phone in your car and or office hassle-free.
BE Quick Charger Set iPhone and Wall Charger

Do you have a hectic job profile that requires you to make calls often? Are you tired of the long time that your current charger takes to power your phone? Forget about losing clients because of your phones consistent charging issues. A quality charger set such as BE is the solution. Because of its premium wiring, this charge is around 20-25% faster than most popular brands in stores. Even with its high-speed design, it also remains one of the safest and most recommended products for day-to-day charging. Be it at home, at work, or in school, expect the best experience from an original model.

Are you tired using your branded iPhone charger that is all talk but no function? With this model, you not only get a functional product but a reputable one as well. Rate 4.5 stars in most reputable Internet-based stores, for instance, its quality design is evident. With each original that you buy, thus, you get a tried and tested iPhone charger that will never let you down. The lifetime guarantee offered is another key indicator of the quality of the product that you are getting. If yours fails to meet your expectations or underperforms, this policy secures your investment.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • 20-25% faster that other brands
  • Light and portable design
  • Quality sheath, contacts, and wires
  • Three feet long cable
  • High-speed (2.4A) wall charger
  • High-speed data transfer
  • Universal system
  • None

3. OTISA 3PackNylon Braided Lightning Cables

OTISA 3PackNylon Braided Lightning Cables

OTISA has played a major role in the iPhone industry. For those that like to customize their iPhones, for instance, it is home to some of the best iPhone 7 cases currently in the market. The quality iPhone chargers that it has manufactured are also popular with this pack of three lighting cables standing out. Measuring 5-feet, they are long and functional. They are also portable and have versatile designs that work well in homes, car, hotel rooms, and workplaces. Finally, because of their perfect fitting connector heads, forget about this chargers wobbling or compromising the charging system of your phone. You get good results all the time.

As people become dependent on their iPhones, the demand for faster chargers has increased over the years. Even though many brands have responded to this call, a few rival OTISA. The three chargers that it offers are among the best of the best. Charging wise, for instance, they are among the fastest of the bunch. At home or in your office, you will attain 38% faster speeds with an original version of this charger. This is because of its quality copper core and the advanced 2.4A technology that it uses. Data transfer and synchronization are also as fast.

Splitting and cracking are common issues of the plastic chargers that most iPhones come with. Not in this case, however. Made of a woven nylon thread (high strength), these chargers have tough sheaths that can support up to 50 kilograms. That is the weight of a fully grown dog. The material is also kink-proof and has a non-porous surface for safer charging. The risk of water-induced short circuits, for instance, is slim. Wires are connectors are also durable.
OTISA 3PackNylon Braided Lightning Cables

Do you have an iPhone 6 and an iPhone 7 that you use every day? Are you tired of traveling with two chargers to keep them powered? If you can afford a new charger, consider buying this pack of three from OTISA. It is durable. It is also affordable. Most importantly, you get three universal accessories that work well with most Apple devices. Whether you have an iPhone 5, 6, or 7, you will charge and transfer data to and from your phone effortlessly. This charger also charges smart devices such as iPod and iPad without sacrificing safety.

Do not worry about the quality of this product. If several expensive models that you have used over time have disappointed you, you will have a better experience with one. Judging from the number of happy customers, for instance, it is evident that you are getting value from money. These cables are also affordable and have a 100% guarantee for 24 months. You will never regret making this purchase.

  • 24-month warranty
  • Pack of three chargers
  • Durable nylon sheaths
  • Compatible with most Apple devices
  • Quality copper core
  • 38% faster speeds
  • Advanced 2.4A technology
  • Reliable data transfer
  • Loose lightning pins
  • Not reliable

2. Syncwire iPhone Charger Lightning Cable

Syncwire iPhone Charger Lightning Cable

Syncwire for iPhone is a superior lightning cable with an MFI-certified design. Recommended for charging phones, most people like its dependability. You can use it to charger your phone every day and at any time without worrying about performance issues. It is also one of the best accessories for transferring data between computers and phone. This is ideal for people who share files often. Finally, if you synchronize applications and or files between your computer and your phone often, it is one of the best cables to use. It works fast. Its ability to maintain a stable connection for long is also impressive.

The versatility of this iPhone chargers is admirable. Unlike some models that work well with a selection of devices, for instance, its versatile system benefits people of all cadres. If you own the older iPhone 5, for instance, you will be able to charge it fast and safely with an original Syncwire iPhone Charger. It also works well with the newer iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 models and multimedia devices such as the iPad and iPod. Forget about buying several lighting cable to achieve this feat. This product is affordable and works better than most hyped brands.

Never waste money on an iPhone charger that stretches, kinks, and or loses its functionality over time. An ultra-durable model such as Syncwire iPhone Charger will serve you better. Featuring a plastic cloth jacket that resists over 7000 bends over its lifespan, it is a perfect day-to-day charger. Whilst in use or during storage, you do not have to worry about it kinking or breaking as comparable brands often do. Its thick copper core is also durable. Finally, the quality connectors it comes with do not bend nor lose their shape.
Syncwire iPhone Charger Lightning Cable

Apart from its durability and efficiency, Syncwire iPhone Charger has a few advanced features that improve its performance outdoors. Double shield, for instance, it is not only durable but also resists interference well. Whenever you are charging or transferring files outdoors, thus, you will enjoy a fast and seamless experience always. The anodized connectors that it comes with also perform well under heavy use, while its tangle-free design is ideal.

Because you are getting a quality charger, you can buy Syncwire Lightning Cable with a piece of mind online. It is even cheaper than some comparable brands. Finally, with each original that you buy, you get 24/7 email support where you can ask troubling questions. You also get a lifetime warranty that secures your investment. If this cable fails, you can request for a replacement model easily from its manufacturer.

  • Unconditional lifetime warranty
  • 24/7 email support
  • Double shielded design
  • Durable anodized connectors
  • Fast charging
  • Reliable file transfer
  • Durable plastic cloth jacket
  • Portable design
  • Universal system
  • Decent price
  • No charging adapter

1. AmazonBasics Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable

AmazonBasics Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable

AmazonBasics has ramped its production of quality phone accessories over the years. This Apple certified lightning to USB cable, for instance, is a dependable model that works with most Apple devices. If you have an iPhone 7, 6, or 5, for instance, expect fast and smooth charging at home and in your office. The owners of iPad and iPod also appreciate its value. Its lightning connector fits snug on most ports are charges without damaging electrical circuits.

This cable is easy to use. Featuring a universal lighting to USB system, it works well with most USB connectors in the market. As such, you can easily connect it to an electrical outlet in your bedroom and charge it through the night. If you do not have a USB connector, you can use it with your desktop or laptop. Both procedures deliver fast and safe results. The lighting adapter offered also works well.
AmazonBasics Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable

Forget about this iPhone charger fraying and damaging over time. It is as tough as an ox. The premium sheath that it comes with, for instance, withstands over 4000 95-degree bends without cracking or breaking. Its copper core is durable, while the quality adapter it comes with improves its functionality significantly. If you are looking for a charger that you can use at home, this one will not let you down. It will also come in handy in your office and even car.

Do you have a tight budget? Unlike what most people think, you do not have to empty your bank account on an iPhone charger to get a reliable model. With advanced yet affordable models such as AmazonBasics now available, expect a better experience. Measuring three feet, for instance, this charger has a long and functional design. You can access electrical sockets easily. You can also charge your phone as you lounge on your bed or sofa with positive results. Finally, this charger has a one-year limited warranty. For a whole one year, you can test it out and return it hassle-free if it fails to satisfy your needs.

  • One-year limited warranty
  • Long three-foot cable
  • Cost effective
  • Over 4000 95-degree bends
  • Eye-catching plastic sheath
  • Compatible with USB connectors
  • Universal systems
  • Works with most computers
  • Apple certified design
  • Premium insulation
  • Overheats over time


Nowadays many people prefer the iPhone to its competition because of its versatility. It is also powerful and has a stylish interface with many features that users like. However, charging remains a major issue. The low-quality chargers that some people use not only work poorly but also often compromise the batteries and charging systems of iPhone. To avoid such problems, replace your existing charger with one of the 10 models that we have listed. They are durable. They are also have high-speed systems that charge phones and transfer data well.



  • I recently purchased LeadBuddy PRO off amazon its a flat cable and pretty solid , it has an led light that shows when you are connected , all round a great product.

  • I’ve researched 3 products, that are also popular in the market.

    1. Powergen Dual USB Wall Charger
    This charger offers full-speed charging for the iPhone as well as other apple and android devices. It features an easy-to-see LED that confirms whether the USB cable is connected properly. It also has a soft blue LED that shows when the charger is getting power. When the battery is full, charging will stop automatically.

    2. Omaker Lightning to USB Sync Charger Data Cable for iPhone
    This charger features a lightweight and highly durable construction that allows you to carry it around easily. It also has a slim lightning connector design that allows you to use it without removing the case. Apart from charging, you can also use it for data transfer between the iPhone and your computer.

    3. iXCC ® Lightning Cable Element Series 8 pin USB SYNC Cable Charger Cord for Apple iPhone
    This apple certified charger is 100 percent compatible with not only the iPhone, but also the iPod and iPad. It features a 3 foot cable that is ideal for use while charging in cars, office or at home.

  • Where is X5 Mobile Fast USB Home And Travel Wall Charger for iPhone ??? This charger enables you to charge your iPhone from your computer or a wall outlet. It also comes with a USB 30 pin cable that allows you to sync as well as transfer files between the iPhone and your computer. It is not only compatible with the iPhone, but also with the iPad and iPod.

  • I recommend you to try Poweradd™ 30 Pin USB Charging and Sync Dock Connector Data Cable for iPhone. This charger is certified by apple, so you can be assured of it doing an amazing work when it comes to charging your iPhone. It is also suitable for charging an iPad or iPod, a Mac or Windows PC. Apart from charging, you can also use it for transferring data to your iDevices. It features a 4.0 feet cable that is durable, lightweight and can be easily coiled.

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