The Best iPad Keyboards in 2019 – Top Accessories for iPad

The Best iPad Keyboards in 2019 – Top Accessories for iPad

Seven Years ago when the original iPad was released, many pegged keyboard cases as important accessories to the new device. Against Apple’s insistence that as time went by many would prefer typing on virtual keyboards, numerous companies began mass production of wireless keyboard cases for iPads and other devices. Currently, the market is flooded with so many wireless keyboards that it is hard to keep track of them. This review will give you a clear picture on some of the top wireless keyboards for iPads and their features.

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iPad Keyboards Buying Guide

All iPad keyboards have internal batteries and connect via Bluetooth. They are charged using microUSB cables, which go hand in hand with the keyboards. The batteries can last up several months of regular usage. Some have power buttons while others use the Smart cover technology to automatically turn the keyboard on and off.

There are four types of keyboards and these are:

Covers: These types of keyboards attach magnetically to the iPad. When closed they protect the iPad’s screen. They detach from the iPad and only support fixed viewing angles.

Folio: These are simply cases designed in a portfolio form. Unlike the previous type, Folios are not detachable. It offers several viewing and typing angles. When closed, they protect both the front and back of the iPad.

Laptop Style: They look like small laptops only that they lack displays. You place your iPad in the “missing display”. They are designed with clamshells to fully protect the devices. It is easily adjusted to various viewing angles.

Stand-Alone Keyboards: These small keyboards do not attach to the tablet or iPad. Although they are typically smaller, they are efficient when used as keyboard for the iPad. Some are ultrathin while others are significantly thick. When using such a keyboard you have to purchases a separate cover for your iPad.

10. Logitech Type+ Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad Air

Logitech Type+ Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad Air

Logitech Type+ Bluetooth Keyboard Case is a product of JEDirect Corp, an American company that was founded in 2012. JEDirect Corp owns several brands, which include Helect, Rankie, JETech and June, & Ed. It provides high quality PC and electronic accessories such as Bluetooth headsets, video cables, iPad/iPhones cases, etc. JEDirect guarantees 100% customer satisfaction, which is their main concern and goal. They stand behind all their products and provide a 6-month warranty for any Rankie and JETech products. They allow their consumers to return/exchange faulty products within 30 days after the consumer receives their order, no questions asked.

The Type + perfectly mixes the new Ultrathin Keyboard Cover and FabricSkin, while still leaving a little extra surface for typing. The extra surfaces matters a lot especially for keyboard cases. You see, every times a new iPad is released into the market, Keyboard cases makers struggle to fits in as much functionality as they can into a keyboard matching the released iPad. At the current height of production, that tweaking forces some keys to shrink or disappear entirely. Type+ defies this by producing keyboards with 10” width, which replicates the standard Apple keyboard with some slight compromises.

Edge keys may look narrower from afar but it is not enough to directly affect the typing experience. It has nice matte-finished keys and a plastic border to top it all off. It feels smooth on the fingers and within no time, you will be accustomed to using it such that you won’t even note the difference between this keyboard and the traditional keyboards.

When using the Type+ case, your iPad Air is held in place using two polycarbonate clips. It is actually quite easy to slide your iPad in and out of the case but otherwise the holding is secure. The Type+ uses a bifold design, which means that the keyboard is on ones side and the device on the other. The case automatically wakes/shuts your iPad off when the case is opened or closed.
Logitech Type+ Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad Air

A strong magnet holds your iPad in an upright position for easy typing. You can also fold the keyboard backwards in case you do have not want to use the keyboard. On the outside, the case is water resistant and comes in several colors such as black, purple, bright green, smooth dark blue, woven black and woven electric blue.

In terms of functionality, the Type+ case is incredibly good. The keys are well spaced such that you will not encounter any trouble when typing. You will find that you do not have to use a lot of force to type using this keyboard. A light touch on the keys gets you up and running. As for the Auto On/Off, you simply open or close the case. The magnetic bar works perfectly and the LED turns blue to indicate the Bluetooth connection and green to indicate that your keyboard has power. It quickly turns off immediately the iPad is removed in its propped up typing position. Overall, the Type+ is an incredibly case and it is worth every penny its cost.

  • It is easy and comfortable to type on
  • It is portable
  • Has several keys that control a number of functions on the iPad Air
  • It is versatile
  • Unlike many cases it does not have many viewing angles

9. Belkin Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case

Belkin Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case

There is some sort of satisfaction that comes from buying products a reputable company such as Belkin International. You see, Belkin International is a company that specializes in creating products that make our lives more fulfilling, better and easier. Belkin International has three brands – WeMo, Linksys and Belkin. Belkin products are well known all over the world for their simplicity and ease of use. On the other hand, Linksys products are renowned for their wireless connectivity. Their newest brand, WeMo, leads in the quest to deliver customizable smart home experiences. From Belkin brand, we have the Belkin Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case.

It is the ultimate enhancement with zero compromise to improve the iPad Air 2 user experience. It combines viewing versatility, durable tablet protection and a revamped typing experience all in one package. With the Belkin Ultimate Pro Case, you are sure to get the following: the full protection of a keyboard case, the convenient detachability of a cover and lastly, the keyboard experience of a laptop.

At only 490 grams, the Belkin Pro Keyboard Case is extremely light. It comes with a newly improved keyboard layout, which has the same number of keys as a laptop. The keyboard is backlit with three different brightness levels. You can use your iPad Air 2 in both the landscape and portrait mode. It has magnets that hold the iPad securely in two comfortable viewing angles. The case is detachable from the keyboard and effective even when it is not attached to the keyboard.

It employs the use of smart-sensing Auto On/Off technology. The use of high performance materials ensures that your iPad Air 2 is secure. Its battery can last up to one year only when the used with no backlight. The battery life is significantly lower when used with backlight keys turned on. The case is Smart Cover Compatible and gives you access to all the necessary ports and controls. Rubber feet attached to the case help to prevent the keyboard from coming into contact with the screen.
Belkin Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case

While most keyboard case designs makes it difficult for one to detach the case from the keyboard, the Belkin Pro Keyboard Case makes it much easier. Belkin has structured this keyboard case in such a way you can detach the keyboard and go. The standalone case ensures that your case is well protected at all times.

It gives you the luxury of choice when it comes to viewing angles. You see, it has two magnetic viewing angles and you can detach your iPad to view it in either landscape or portrait mode. The magnetic not only helps to hold your iPad in your preferred viewing angles but also holds it in a secure position.

Having redesigned the keyboard layout, Belkin offers a comfortable typing experience similar to that of using a laptop. The only wireless keyboard has the same number of keys those on a laptop. This means that you do not have to sacrifice functionality for style. Their keys perform way better than their competitors making it the fastest wireless keyboard on the market. It can pair with more than one device, how cool is that?

  • It has a dedicated microphone that calls up Siri
  • Its keyboard is backlight
  • Detachable keyboard
  • Magnetic stand to hold it in place
  • There several complaints about the connectivity

8. Belkin QODE Ultimate Wireless Keyboard

Belkin QODE Ultimate Wireless Keyboard

ChetPipkin in his parent’s garage founded Belkin in the 1980s. Even as a young lad, he was passionate about solving his customer’s needs. During his free time, evenings, and weekends he manufactured computer cable assemblies and sold them to local dealers and computer manufacturers. Since then Belkin has grown to be more a than a garage assembly to a multinational with three brands- Linksys, WeMo and Belkin. Belkin International aims to enhance technology by connecting us to the activities, experiences and people we love. Belkin products are known all over the world for their ease of use and simplicity. Their newest brand, WeMo seeks to be the leader in delivering customized smart home experiences. Belkin has many top rated products and among them is Belkin QODE Ultimate Wireless Keyboard.

With over 1000 reviews, Belkin QODE seems to be doing quite well. It averages 4.0 stars out of 5.0, which is a clear indicator that it is winning the hearts of many. Belkin QODE is not only a wireless keyboard but also a case for iPad 2, 3rd & 4th Generation. It is ultra thin and lightweight thus making suitable for use on the desk and lap. Its keys are large and well spaced thus providing a laptop like experience when typing. Your iPad is held in place using three neodymium magnets, which also turns the keyboards off/on so that the keyboard is only on when in use. This goes a long way in saving battery. Talking about its battery, we have to take note that its battery life is 160 hours and provides a seamless Bluetooth connection.

Its specially designed base is made of an aluminum alloy and offers outstanding durability while still maintaining a slim build. The whole case weighs 17 ounces and the keyboard is extremely thin as it is only 6.4 mm thick. The thin design highlights the thin and lightweight design of your iPad.
Belkin QODE Ultimate Wireless Keyboard

The Belkin QODE Keyboard case securely holds your iPad and also comes with a keyboard all in one thin package. The keyboard case has AutoWake magnets that automatically turn on your iPad when the cover is opened and turn it off when the cover is closed. It also has precision-hold magnets that securely hold your iPad in 3 different positions thus giving you multiple angles for typing and viewing. When the keyboard is not in use, you can fold the cover back and use the iPad in handheld media mode for watching movies, playing games or reading.

It pairs with your iPad using Bluetooth 2.0, which means that you do not have to plug it in any port for it to connect. It turns on immediately you place your iPad in any of the 3 viewing modes and once you are through, it automatically turns off thus saving you battery life. Its SoundFlow design directs the iPad’s sound towards the user thus making the audio more powerful and clear. To top it off it comes with a USB-to-micro-USB cable for easy charging.

Having reviewed the keyboard case we can say that Belkin QODE Wireless Keyboard is a force to reckon with. It is compatible with several devices such as the iPad 2, 3rd and 4th Generation. Its soundflow design is a nice addition and 160 hours of battery, life guarantees it user long hours of continues use. This makes it ideal for office use. What more could you possibly want?

  • It is thin and lightweight
  • Large well spaced keys
  • The SoundFlow design is a nice addition
  • Folds flat for comfortable handheld use
  • There are issues about its durability

7. Anker Ultra Compact Wireless Keyboard (White)

Anker Ultra Compact Wireless Keyboard (White)

Anker Ultra Compact slim profile keyboard is a product of Anker, a company that was founded in 2009. Over the years, they have gradually risen to become one of the industry leaders in mobile power and technology. Anker many products such as chargers and screen covers, keyboards and other accessories that ensure you get the most out of your devices.

The Ultra Compact wireless keyboard takes up only 2/3rd of the space that a traditional keyboard could take. It is also lighter than an iPad Mini thus easy to fit in a bag or use on a desk without consuming too much space. It weighs 11 oz not the lightest we have seen but it pretty light.

Its battery life is unmatched as it can last for close to half a year on a single charge- based on 2 hours usage per day. Its battery capacity is 800mAh and takes about two and a half hours to recharge. Its key lifespan is roughly 3 million clicks. It is comfortable and intuitive that is it has low-profile matte finish keys that enhance the typing experience and automatically connects to the last connected device.

It has a broad compatibility as it can connect with many operating systems such as iOS, Windows XP/ Vista/7/8/10, Mac OS X10.2.8 or above and Android 3.0 and above. It links to tablets, iPads, laptops, phones and desktop devices via Bluetooth. Even with its broad compatibility, the Ultra Compact Wireless Keyboard is not compatible with the Mac OS X EL Capitan. It also has some issues when connected with devices that have Android 4.4 and 5.0.1 as their operating systems. The Caps Lock indicators does not light but still functions normally, which is small issue and should not affect your decision to buy it or not.
Anker Ultra Compact Wireless Keyboard (White)

The keyboard automatically goes into power saving mode after 30 minutes of inactivity. To wake it you simply press any key and wait for about 2-3 seconds. It comes with an 18-month warranty and friendly customer service. It is ideal for tablets, phones, iPads, computers and laptops especially for those who prefer cord-free typing.

The Anker Ultra Compact Wireless keyboard is decent, sells at a relatively low price and the battery fairs well. Being a full sized keyboard, it is comfortable to use even for people with fairly large hands. Its construction is solid and although it is entirely made of plastic, it does not feel cheap or flimsy. Its key press is perfect, not too soft and not too firm. It cannot compare to mechanical key press level but all in all, it’s decent for its price.

It It does not wear out quickly even after several months of continuous usage. It resembles the Apple keyboard, which makes it a perfect match for an iPad. The keyboard is fully white with black letters, which even after constant use do not wear off. Overall, it is a great value for your money.

  • Has an extensive battery life
  • Flawless functionality
  • It fits easily into a backpack or briefcase
  • It connects in a matter of seconds
  • Some keys have zero functions when connected to windows 8

6. Jelly Comb Backlit Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

Jelly Comb Backlit Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

Jelly Comb Backlit Keyboard is a product of a company known as Jelly Comb. It is a relatively new provider into the market but it is making large strides in winning the hearts of its consumer. Today many companies have entered into the technology market seeking to make names for themselves most of which seek to gain profits. Jelly Comb is different in that it puts the needs of its consumers before its own. It seeks to provide an extensive variety of high quality electronic products and friendly customer service. Most of its products have been well received into market and it is safe to say that the Jelly Comb Backlit Keyboard is a decent choice.

The Jelly Comb Backlit Keyboard uses Bluetooth 3.0 technology to provide a clutter free & cable free connection that can operate even placed 10 m away from your electronic device. It is compatible with three major operating systems, which include Windows, Android and iOS. It is equipped with an illuminated feature that allows you to choose from 7 backlight colors. These colors include turquoise, soft purple, bright green, light green, soft blue, deep blue and red.

It also has three brightness settings: off, low and high. It even has a light bulb icon on a button located at the right hand corner, which you can use to cycle through the different options available. Changing the backlight is also easy all you simply press and hold the light bulb button. From this position, you can choose your preferred color by using the up & down buttons on the keyboard.
Jelly Comb Backlit Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

The Jelly Comb Wireless Keyboard has an inbuilt rechargeable battery that can last for close to 6 months on a single charge. The auto sleep feature ensures that you save on battery life when the keyboard is not in use. At only 0.16 inches, the Jelly Comb Wireless Keyboard is extremely thin and lightweight, as it weighs approximately 11 ounces. The use of aluminum makes it stylish it and lightweight for everyday use.

The Scissor Switch keyboard provides the user with a very comfortable and pleasant typing experience. Although it is compatible with several operating systems it is not compatible with the following devices: Nook HD, Windows Mobile 8/8.1, Asus Tablets, HTC EVO, IDEAtab A2107A, Samsung TV, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, Mac mini and HP Touchpad.

Its dimensions are a perfect fits for many devices be it iPads or Android tablets. The option of 7 backlight colors makes the deal even sweeter. The initial set up and pairing goes through without any hitch and only takes a matter of seconds to complete. The keys are responsive to the touch and do not feel weak or loose. They are well spaced thus making them ideal for users with large hands. Unfortunately, it does not come with a stand, which should not be a deal breaker for you as it has many features to covers up for the lack of a stand. It is ideal for office use.

  • The backlight keyboard has 7 different colors to choose from
  • It is lightweight, slim and decent in regards to size
  • Pairs easily with devices
  • Provides a consistent connection even when 10 m away
  • Does not have a tab stand

5. ZAGG Folio Case with Bluetooth Keyboard

ZAGG Folio Case with Bluetooth Keyboard

ZAGG Inc is an American company based in South Salt Lake, Utah. It was founded in 2005 where it began by selling the InvisibleShield product to local retailers and online stores. Phillip Chipping, a man who sought to provide protection for his audio devices’ screens, founded it. ZAGG products gained worldwide recognition when they were deemed the most appropriate to protect the Apple iPod, which at that time was very popular. Word spread quickly and ZAGG grew steadily from a backyard workshop to an industry leader in electronic solutions.

From its long list of products, we found the ZAGG Folio Case with Bluetooth Keyboard. At just 6.9 mm, this keyboard is ultrathin and offers more than 30% typing room than most of its competitors. It comes with a durable leather-textured cover and resilient case that protects your iPad from dust, scratches and keeps its stylish. Its pivoting hinge allows the user to place his/her iPad at virtually any angle-viewing angle they like. Backlit keys make it easy to type in low light areas; they are responsive to the touch and provide a seamless typing experience.

ZAGG provides innovations that fit your daily needs; a clear example is the unique hinge design that allows you to adjust your iPad through 135 degrees. Its backlight keys can be customized to display your preferred colors and brightness. Typing on the ZAGG Folio Bluetooth Keyboard feels like typing on a traditional computer in that it is natural and quite comfortable as it delivers on both speed and accuracy. Its dedicated special function keys are similar to those you are used to thus your fingers will hardly note the difference between this keyboard and that of a laptop.

Measuring less than 7 mm, the ZAGG Folio Case easily fits into your bag or purse thus easy to carry everywhere you go. It provides full body protection for your iPad Air to protect it successfully from dings, dust and scratches. Another great feature of the ZAGG Folio Case is that it does not just protect your iPad Air it also gives it an aesthetic look.
ZAGG Folio Case with Bluetooth Keyboard

With all its magnificent features, you might think that it drains its battery very fast, which is not the case. You see, ZAGG Folio Case comes with a very long lasting battery that keeps your keyboard juiced up for close to six months of regular usage. This estimation is based on 1-hour usage per day. When used for close to 2 hours per day it can last you up to 3 months. It also has cleverly placed magnets that activate the sleep/wake function on your iPad to help save battery life.

In summary, the ZAGG Folio case feels solid and the addition of the friction hinge design is a nice touch. It is incredibly thin and lightweight. The iPad Air fits in perfectly into the Folio Case where it gets leather-padded protection. The keyboard is extremely thin and feels fantastic. To top it all off it has backlight keys for convenience even when typing in low light areas.

  • It pairs almost instantly
  • Keys function with no lag
  • The case feels solid and durable
  • Multiple colors available for the back light
  • Has several useful system hotkeys
  • It does not fold back flat like other keyboards

4. Anker Bluetooth Keyboard for Ipad Air 2

Anker Bluetooth Keyboard for Ipad Air 2

Anker Bluetooth Keyboard is a product of Anker, a company that was founded in the year by friends working at Google. For more than 7 years and running Anker has been steadily improving and making improved products that have seen it become a leader in mobile power and technology. Their product line includes portable chargers, USB chargers, cables, car chargers, phone cases, screen protectors, armbands, selfie sticks, phone stands, USB data hubs & adapters, oil diffusers, LED lamps, keyboards and batteries.

From the large list of products manufactured by Anker, we will review the Anker Bluetooth Keyboard case. Despite its name as a keyboard case, the Anker Bluetooth Folio keyboard prides itself in being ideal for reading, typing and much more. You see, its keyboard gives you a typing experience like no other. It is super quick and extremely quiet. Its shortcut keys saves you time controlling or launching tasks. With the Anker keyboard, you are able to enjoy protection of its case, its comfort and efficiency in typing.

The Anker keyboard does not cease to amaze, with its handheld and handsfree modes the keyboard case allows you the luxury of using your iPad in an upright angle thus making it easy for media viewing and typing. It can also hold the laptop when it is lying flat over the keyboard keys for handheld use. It connects automatically to your iPad via Bluetooth and anytime it is closed or opened, it triggers the iPad’s sleep/wake modes. This is as a result of its intelligent design that is built for intuitive use.

Its battery life is beyond reproach as it can last a whooping six months on a single charge that is if it is used for only two hours every day. It also has a power saving mode that can automatically activates if the keyboard is unused for more than 10 minutes. When used as a case for iPad Air 2 it covers one of its two microphones but this does not mean that the sound quality will be affected in any way.
Anker Bluetooth Keyboard for Ipad Air 2

Its shipment package entails a USB charging cable, an Anker keyboard case, a welcome guide and the fan-favorite 18-month warranty.

The Anker Bluetooth Folio case is an amazing pick and with its intelligent design and long battery life design there is nothing not to like about this keyboard case. It is easy, fast and quiet to type and do not forget that it has handheld & handsfree modes. With a reasonable price, Anker delivers outstanding value even with its low price tag. As its name suggest, the Anker keyboard case give you a complete iPad holding frame to ensure that you get unparalleled typing experience for the same price you would get for an iPad case without a keyboard.

Most iPad cases on the market focus on mainly on the frame but the Anker Keyboard case does it different. Its core element is not the build or the design but it is the keyboard. Anker has all the keys right: they are responsive, comfortably separated, reasonably –sized, with no missing or oddly remapped keys. It is clear from its features that Anker is a leader in the mobile technology. It is safe to say that Anker Bluetooth folio keyboard is a decent pick.

  • Long lasting battery
  • Its functional and sturdy
  • It is compact, attractive and comfortable
  • Its handheld & handsfree modes are quite handy
  • Some users raised issues about its complicated setting and connection process
  • The size of the keyboard might be an issue especially for users with big hands

3. Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is a product of Logitech International. Logitech is a Swiss company that provides computers and mobile accessories. It has its global headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland and its American headquarters are located in Newark, California. It has offices in North and South America, Europe and Asia. It develops products like universal remotes, keyboards, webcams, mice, Bluetooth speakers, tablet accessories and many more. Logitech International was started in 1981 with mice, which at that time provided a more enhanced interaction with a computer. Logitech International became a leader in computer mice and since then they have reinvented the mouse to match the ever-evolving needs of laptop and PC users. They have expanded their expertise in designing products beyond the mouse and have a vested interest in the production of interface devices.

One of their many interface devices is the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, which has amassed over 2900 reviews on Amazon quite a feat for such a device. Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard case is designed to make your iPad perfect by protecting it in style. It has an extremely thin screen cover that protects your iPad wherever you go. It comes with a wireless keyboard that connects to your iPad via Bluetooth for a seamless typing experience.

The Ultrathin aluminum cover protects your iPad’s screen in style. Not only does the Logitech Keyboard cover look great but also feels great. Its design will gladly impress even the skeptics. At only 8 mm, the Logitech Keyboard cover is super thin and lightweight thus making it ideal for your equally lightweight iPad. It is small size makes it easy to carry in your hand or fit in your bag.

Its stylish Bluetooth keyboard comes in handy when typing as it is easy to use and has keyboard shortcuts to improve navigation. It is ideal for writing emails and IMs even when you are on the go. On a single charge, the Logitech keyboard can last for close to six months if you are not a regular user- roughly using it for two hours per day.
Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

Using a magnetic hinge, the cover securely attaches itself to your iPad- you simply clip it and rest falls into place. It also has an iPad stand to hold your iPad at your preferred viewing angle when watching a movie or typing notes. This versatile iPad stand allows you the luxury of using your iPad in both the landscape and portrait position. Its Auto wake/ sleep mode helps to conserve battery life. It automatically wakes your iPad immediately the cover is opened and sleeps when it is closed.

Inside the box you will find the Logitech Keyboard Cover with wireless keyboard and stand, USB-to-micro-USB charging cable and lastly, there is the user documentation. It is compatible with iPad 2, 3rd and 4th Generation.

Overall, the Logitech Keyboard Cover has lots to offer but the most striking features are the Clip-and-go design and the integrated iPad stand. It is super thin and lightweight thus making it ideal for use on the go. It is also easy to carry even when attached to the iPad. The keyboard comes in handy when writing emails, IMs and the likes. It does not get any better than this.

  • It is ultrathin at only 8 mm
  • Feels and looks great
  • Protects your iPad in style
  • Has an integrated iPad stand
  • Does not have a physical enter button

2. Anker Bluetooth Ultra slim Keyboard (White)

Anker Bluetooth Ultra slim Keyboard (White)

Anker Bluetooth is one of the many products manufactured by Anker, a company that was founded 8 years ago. The idea of forming Anker came from a group of friends who at that time worked at Google. Fast-forward 8 years later, Anker is an industry leader in mobile power and technology. Its vision is to create a world where nothing holds you back from anything you want to do or anywhere you want to go. Its aim is to create limitless and powerful possibilities. They have an expansive product line, which you can view from their website.

The Anker Bluetooth ultra slim keyboard provides with unparalleled comfort while typing and is compatible with Android, Windows, Mac and iOS. Being cross compatible, it has shortcut keys four all 4 systems. It is lightweight and compact. It is said to be 30% smaller than traditional keyboards and weighs about 6.7 oz. Its keys are comfortable and effortless to type on and produce no noise.

Its battery can last for more than three months that is if the maximum usage is limited to 2 hours per day. It has a power saving mode to help increase battery life and can use two AAA batteries in case your batter runs low. The keyboard automatically goes into power saving mode in case it is not used for more than 30 minutes. After which you can press any key to wake it up.

Like all Anker products it comes with an 18-month warranty and easy to reach customer service. When using Android 4.4 and 5.0.1 the Caps Lock indicator does not light but this does not affect its effectiveness as it functions normally. Although it is compatible with Mac, it is not compatible with the Mac OS X EL Capitan.
Anker Bluetooth Ultra slim Keyboard (White)

Overall, the Anker Bluetooth Keyboard is awesome as it is compatible with a wide range of operating systems. When connected to an iPad it can easily replace your laptop thus eliminating the need to carry a bulky laptop to office meetings. The addition of shortcuts keys makes it easy to type on but the best when you need to take notes for long hours.

It retails with a reasonable price, which is quite low considering its features, ease of use and functionality. The keys do not feel rubbery like most wireless keyboards but instead its feels like you are using a regular keyboard. Although many may discourage buying because it does not have a case, it is same size as the Apple keyboard which means that you buy any cases made for the Apple Keyboard to protect your device.

In general, we can say that the Anker Bluetooth Ultra slim keyboard is ideal for students as it can take several hits without having any direct impact on usability and effectiveness.

  • Synchronizes instantly with iPads
  • It is lightweight and small enough to fit in a backpack
  • Great key action
  • Easy to set up
  • It does not have a case

1. New Trent Airbender Bluetooth Clamshell iPad Keyboard Case

New Trent Airbender Bluetooth Clamshell iPad Keyboard Case

The New Trent Airbender 1.0 is a product of New Trent Inc a California based designer and seller. It specializes in making mobile accessories for its numerous tech savvy consumers. New Trent manufactures exceptional yet practical products at affordable prices and comes with very friendly customer services. It continues in quest to improve the standards of products and services they provide to their consumers. Its products are nothing short of meticulous and the Airbender 1.0 is a clear example.

It has over 6900 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 stars. It is compatible with iPad 2, iPad 3 and 4 ONLY. This means that it is not compatible with iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad mini, iPad Air 2 and iPad first generation. Its Ultra-low profile Bluetooth keyboard has an optimized key design for a comfortable typing experience.

It has a nice hard shell that protects your iPad for a worry free experience even when your kids are suing it. Surprisingly, the addition of a hard shell to the Airbender does not make it heavy on the contrary; it is very light. The keyboard is attached to the case and when you want to attach your iPad you simply place your iPad into the holder and you are good to go. The keyboard is easy to use, has soft keys that are easy to press but not big enough for those with fairly large hands.
New Trent Airbender Bluetooth Clamshell iPad Keyboard Case

The coolest thing about using the Airbender is that you can easily turn your screen. This means that you can twist, flip or even turn your iPad with little or no effort. It has two slots where you stick your iPad into your angle of choice. From this position, you can adjust the viewing distance and angle by using the fully rotatable arm. You can also view your iPad in either the portrait or the landscape mode by simply twisting the ultra-study hinged arm.

The hard, thermoplastic shell wraps around your iPad thus providing the ultimate protection for iPad. The Bluetooth keyboard gladly converts your iPad into a fully functional PC within no time. The keyboard’s design is seamless; it has flat-edge keys and additional width for a comfortable typing experience. In addition, New Trent’s Bluetooth technology allows the user to pair his/her iPad with the Keyboard even when 10 feet away from the iPad. The connection remains consistent even when you move ten feet away from your iPad.

The Airbender NT38B is very light, looks modern, feels comfortable to hold and use. Its professional look makes it ideal for boardrooms. The nice rubber feet at the bottom keeps it steady and quiet throughout the typing session. It also connects to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5s. The case and the keyboard are permanently connected which means that it cannot be detached. It is a drawback for some but it should not deter you from purchasing this iPad case.

  • Easy to install, use and remove
  • Comfortable to touch and hold
  • Maintain a consistent connection even when 10 ft away
  • Has a multi-adjustable stand for numerous viewing positions and angles
  • Unlike the previous version it is not detachable


Keyboards are necessary accessories to computers and tablets since there will always arise the need to type. We live in a world where mobile devices such as tablets ad smartphones have dominated the market thus a good keyboard is necessary. Not everybody loves working with wires, cords and cables which why Bluetooth keyboards are a much better option. Bluetooth keyboards are not only useful when using tablets and smartphones but also when using ultra books, desktops and laptops. They are also very convenient when using iPads and iPhones. Most of the keyboards in this review are ideal for iPads but can also double up as android or windows keyboards. Pick one and you won’t be disappointed.


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