The Best Industrial Fans in 2019 – The 10 Best Brands for Commercial and Home Use

The Best Industrial Fans in 2019 - The 10 Best Brands for Commercial and Home Use

By definition, industrial fans are powerful commercial grade accessories that deliver a faster and superior cooling experience than most standard household models. They have top of the line motor systems. They also have well-engineered blade and bodies, have easy to use technologies, and have stable and advanced systems that do not require skill and or specialized equipment to setup.

If you have a large warehouse, live in a temperate environment, and or need a large fan for your experiments, several notable models are currently available in stores with the top 10 models reviewed on this list ranking among the best for several reasons. Their sturdy designs using the best quality materials are durable. They also have powerful motors and fans and have reliable technologies that offer users value, independent of budget and or environment. To help you narrow on the best, we have reviewed their features and pros herein.

10. MaxxAir BF24TFYELUPS

Fitted with high-velocity two-speed (2800 CFM (low) and 4000 CFM (high)) motor and high performance 24-inch blades, MaxxAir BF24TFYELUPS is a commercial-grade portable industrial fan with a striking yellow theme that most buyers like. Its OSHA compliant design is durable, has rust resistant grilles, and has a well-designed tilting head that rotates over a 180-deree axis to offer greater coverage of basements, patio, and commercial establishments such as workshops. It is also affordable, relatively easy to assemble, and has a long 8-foot power cable that eases setup.

9. Lakewood Industrial Grade Drum Fan

Lakewood Industrial Grade Drum Fan
Measuring 36 inches, Lakewood is a compact industrial-grade drum fan with a powerful 120-volt 1/2 horsepower direct drive motor that delivers heart stopping power for faster and efficient cooling. The motor is electricity-powered. It does not overheat or loses its functional value over time, and drive large 36-inch diameter plastic blades that generate an impressive 13,000 CFM of cooling power. This is invaluable, considering its space efficiency and the low amounts that individuals pay to own new Lakewood industrial grade drum fans.

The blades are also durable and come mounted on a sturdy and corrosion-resistant steel frame that withstands everyday abuse without bending or losing its aesthetic value over time. Lakewood fan is USA-made. It has three speed settings that you can customize to match your needs, and comes with dual 6-inch wheels that eases relocation and transportation outdoors.

8. Air King 9025

Air King 9025
Air King 9025 is a USA-made industrial-grade cooling fan with a compact 24-inch design that works perfect in all environments. It is black-themed, has an innovative wall mountable design that saves space in commercial environments, and a smooth-turning oscillating system that offers better coverage of large rooms than most standard models. The top of the line 1/4 horsepower motor it comes with is powerful, premium grade, and has a permanently lubricated design that not only dampens noise, but also keeps it working optimally for several years.

The powder-coated steel used to manufacture it is durable, rust-resistant, and built to withstand tremendous force without disintegrating. Its 3-speed system supports custom cooling, while the 3-conductor SPT-type power cord it comes with is long (10 foot) and designed to withstand everyday abuse. Whether installed in a warehouse or a manufacturing plant, this fan offers value.

7. Lasko Stanley 655650

Lasko Stanley 655650
Even though compact and smaller than some comparable industrial fans in the market, Lasko Stanley 655650 is a high-velocity black-themed fan with a versatile wall and floor-mountable design that works well in all environments. Its 20-inch design is space efficient. Instead of cluttering your warehouse and of manufacturing plant with the large-type fans that people have relied on over the years, you can get a comparable result with this model, while saving space at the same time.

The front mounted electrical controls on the other hand ease usage, while the multi-function remote offered guarantee an easier hands-free operation when installed in a hard to reach area. Lasko Stanley 655650 is easy to assemble, has an ergonomic handle and protective rubber pads, and a safety-certified 3-prong safety plug with grounding and a patented safety fuse.

6. Optimus F-4184

Optimus F-4184
Designed for individuals with space limitations, but want to enjoy the power and many benefits of owning an industrial fan, Optimus F-4184 is a recommended 18-inch model that never disappoints. It is durable, has a stable fan that keeps in grounded when in use, and has a well-finished black body that not only boosts its aesthetic value, but also protects it from rust and corrosion. Its chrome grill is aesthetic.

The high-torque electric motor that it draws its power from is has a powerful three speed system for custom cooling, while its reinforced design is durable and has an adjustable height system that you can customize to meet your needs. For better ground cooling, you can set it low. You can also set it high for better all-round cooling or large containers and or warehouses. Even with its plethora of innovative features, Optimus F-4184 is affordable, easy to setup and use, and has a 360 circle head that works and an air circulator.


Sought-after globally, ILIVING ILG8F12 is a high velocity 12-inch industrial fan that handles light and medium cooling applications well. It is durable, floor resting, and has a powerful three-speed motor that generates up to 1208 CFM when in use. The motor is super-quiet and has a permanently lubricated design that not only boosts its performance, but also efficiency. The three aluminum blades that it comes with are light, durable, and designed to moves volumes of air when in use.

They also cut through air without creating the characteristic choppy sound common in most heavy-duty fans. Its grill is durable, the heavy-duty steel used to manufacture it does not bend nor rust over time, while its 360-degree tilt head boosts its suitability for use as an air circulator.

4. Air King 9314

Air King 9314
Featured in most top 10 best industrial fans in 2019 reviews shared on the internet, Air King 9314 is a high-velocity multi-mount industrial fan with a feature-rich 14-inch design that serves users well for years. Its multi-mount system, for instance, allows you to mount and use it on I-beams. ceilings, and walls. Its enclosed motor is a powerful 1/20 horsepower model that moves up to 1650 CFM.

The electric motor is also permanently lubricated to dampen sound and friction, while its powder coated steel blades are durable, screw-mounted for safety, and have durable guards that lower the risk of injuries further. Air King 9314 is affordable, very easy to setup and use, and comes backed by a one year limited warranty.

3. Air King 9020

Air King 9020
As most Air King fans reviewed on this list, Air King 9020 is a professional grade industrial model designed for cooling industrial and commercial space without costing users a fortune. The powerful 1/6 HP motor that it comes with is reliable, permanently lubricated to dampen friction and noise, and has large 20-inch blades that move large quantities of air without chopping and or putting the lives of users at risk.

The adjustable three speed system offers guarantees custom cooling. The nine-foot e-conductor SJT type power cord is comes with is durable, rear-mounted, and works well with all standard 120 volt electrical outlets, while its OSHA and ETL compliant design is not only durable, but also meet the AMCA 230.99 safety standard. This 3670 CFM fan is affordable, has a simple and easy-to-install design, and mounts conveniently on walls of all buildings.

2. Air King 9220

Air King 9220
Are you shopping for a new industrial floor fan for everyday usage? If you have a tight budget, but want a quality fan that offers value, Air King 9220 is a novel model to consider. It is floor mounted, high velocity, and has an industrial grade design with several innovative features. The electric motor it draws power from, for instance, is powerful (1/6-horsepower), durable, and has enclosed and permanently lubricated design that does not overheat nor generate the funny noises common in poorly designed fans.

Its pivoting design supports direction airflow. Powder coated blades on offer generate powerful air circulation, while its integrated blade guard boost safety, particularly in high traffic areas. You also get durable and easy to use mounts, a three-conductor type SJT power cord that measures approximately nine feet, and a light 24-pound construction that does not weigh down users during transportation and or storage.

1. Lasko 2264QM

Lasko 2264QM
Top on our list, Lasko 2264QM is a metallic wall and floor mounted industrial fan with an aesthetic black finish that also protect it against corrosion and rust. It has large 20-inch blades, has a safe and ETL-listed design, and has convenient front-mounted controls that ease setup and use in most commercial environments. The tree prong plug buyers get has a patented fuse and grounding for optimal safety, while its integrated rubber pads protect surfaces from dents and damage during installation and or usage. You also get a comfortable carry handle for easy transport.


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