The Best Golf Bags in the Market 2019 Reviews

Golf is one of the world’s most lucrative games, played by world’s top-class personalities.  It is a noble sport that rhymes with only the gentlemen. It is a stress reliever and, more importantly, a recreational kind of game. All games need perfect gears, and golf is no exemption. One of such gears is the golf bag. With a versatile, durable and classic golf bag, a golfer would have an excellent store for the club and other paraphernalia.  To help you get the choicest model, we have sampled the top 10 best golf bags for sale in 2019 reviews here below.

10. Orlimar Golf 7.6+ Stand Bag

Spaciousness, lightweight, comfort and affordability are the top qualities of a perfect golf bag. Orlimar Golf 7.6+ provides all these qualities at their best. It has seven standard size, graphite and secure top compartments for easy storage and quick access. It also offers a large, full-size garment compartment, and extra three accessories’ pockets. This bag gives you all the space to organize all the game gears with zero stress. Besides, it is durable and long-lasting.

The Best Golf Bags in the Market

9. Ping Golf Traverse Cart Bag

Full impact 14-way polypropylene top, over-stretched grips, molded putter, and 5½lbs weight are some of the top features of Ping Golf Traverse Cart Bag. With a 14-way top, storage and access are a breeze, while the ten pockets offer enough room for all your gears. Among the ten pockets are seven zippered, and three slipped ones. Besides, the air-meshed cushioned club dividers are just what you need. It is light and durable, hence worth all the more for a professional golfer. Moreover, its shiny black design is cool!

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The Best Golf Bags in the Market

8. Callaway Hyper-Lite 5 Golf Stand Bag

Getting a golf bag with superb traction technology is a golfer’s top priority; Callaway Hyper-Lite 5 Golf Stand Bag is just the best model. It has ergonomic handles, perfect base unit, velour laced pocket for valuables, key-fobbed thermal laced water bottle porch, full-measurement garment compartment, standard golf ball pocket, and an extra four accessories pockets. It also has a trolley base hence quickly dragged or pushed along. Moreover, it weighs just about 52 pounds; hence lightweight. You will love the 5-way club organizers and the 9 ½-inch top.

The Best Golf Bags in the Market

7. TaylorMade Supreme Hybrid Golf Stand

Here is an excellent combination of a stand bag portability and a cart bag functionality; that’s what this Supreme Hybrid Golf Stand Bag offers at a glance. It has a 14-way, versatile top with 10 x 8 ½-inch handle, two compartments for putter-grips, four standard club dividers, and a four-point shoulder strap. Besides, it has an air-meshed, anti-split stand unit, EVA hip pad, velour-lined valuable porch, garment compartment, Rangefinder pocket, three-accessory porches, tee and ball pockets, and a beverage slot. It has a cart compatible base unit, umbrella sleeve, and a rain hood. It weighs just 5.3lbs.

The Best Golf Bags in the Market

6. Knight Pitch and Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag

Go light with the Knit Pitch and Putt Golf Stand Carry Bag, which comes with a durable and ergonomic handle, and a single accessories pocket. Moreover, it has two slots at the top for easy access and quick storage. It is one of the most lightweight golf bags at all times. It doubles as both a stand and a carry bag with versatile performance. Besides, it is affordable, easy-wear and easy-wash, thanks to the light material used in its entire fabrication.

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The Best Golf Bags in the Market

5. Orlimar UL 14 Cart Bag

With a 14-way solid graphite top, a nine pocket construction and a soft-to-lift handle, what else would an excellent golf bag entail? Orlimar UL-14 Cart Bag is clear-cut for its purpose. It has a comfortable and softly padded shoulder strap, putter holster, a tee holder, Velcro glove and umbrella holder. Besides, it comes with a rain hood and a towel ring. It is durable, classic and stylish, especially with the black-charcoal design.

The Best Golf Bags in the Market

4. Affinity ZLS Stand Bag

Besides being lightweight and affordable, the Affinity ZLS Stand Bag suits the standard of a professional golfer.  It comes in white, black and superior designs. The six-way top is perfect for easy access and optimized storage. It also has a golf ball porch and an accessories pocket. Moreover, there are two extra-wide pockets for all the other garments you would wish to carry with you. This bag is made of long-lasting materials which are also easy to wash.

The Best Golf Bags in the Market

3. Nike Air Sport Lite Stand Bag

Perhaps the black, brilliant and Anthracite designs are the core selling points of this bag. Or maybe the single piece flexible base is the secret. Believe it or not, Nike Air Sport Lite Stand Bag makes golfing more enjoyable than ever. With maximum area contact, minimum mobile parts, Nike air unit, single piece webbed weaves, double strappings, terminal suspension unit, lightweight material design, exoskeleton outline, and the extreme cushioning, what more would you be looking for?

The Best Golf Bags in the Market

2. Callaway Org 14 Golf Cart Bag

Callaway Org 14 Golf Cart Bag is a comfort tech, mono-strap bag with an extended umbrella holder. It has standard length club compartments, with durable molded hold-handles. It offers an impressive way to organize your clubs. Besides, It has 13 pockets, which includes: Velour-laced accessories pocket, key fobbed thermal-grade; cooler pockets, dual detailed measurement garment pockets, GPS or Rangefinder pocket, golf ball pocket, four accessories pockets, and two extra, meshed utility pocket-lets. The trolley base makes it easy push or pull.

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The Best Golf Bags in the Market

1. Nike Golf Air Sport Carry Stand Bag

You will need a bag that has an insulated cooler compartment, a bag with waterproof fleece-lined pockets, and a bag with impeccable durability; Nike Golf Air Sport Carry Stand Bag is the right bag. With waterproof inner pockets, you can rest assured that your valuables are safe and sound at all times.  It has revolving double strappings, curved and max aired for maximum comfort. Moreover, it comes in midnight navy, white and military blue colors; hence, a full range of colors from which to choose.

The Best Golf Bags in the Market

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