The Best Gifts For Manly Men That Match Their Rugged Lifestyle

The Best Gifts For Manly Men That Match Their Rugged Lifestyle

Best Gifts For Manly Men
The Best Gifts For Manly Men
He wouldn’t spoil himself, so you’re going to have to!

Manly men can be a nightmare when it comes to gifting, but there are some things which they just can’t resist. You can impress them with one of these awesome gift ideas! Don’t mess around with gimmick gifts or novelty itemsthis year – give it some real effort andfind him something that he can truly appreciate and use. You will find chef’s knives, leather jackets, shaving kits, and some of the strongest coffees known to man: you’re looking for quality, and we’ve got it right here with the best gifts for manly men.

How To Buy theBestGifts For Manly Men

Manly men can be notoriously difficult to shop for, especially when they seem to have everything they need anyway. You should go for unique and interesting gifts that they wouldn’t come across every day in the shops, something that they can really show off and get some use out of. Quality really mattersfor the manly man: don’t go for quantity when it comes to buying gifts. They don’t hoard collections or go thrift shopping with coupons, so you shouldn’t head down this road when it comes to gift buying. Going for one really nicepresent that will really impress him is the way to go, andhe will probably get a lot more use out of it than you think. Our list of the best gifts for manly men is exactly that – the best quality for the best price.

How do you spot amanly man?

Spotting a manly man is difficult because there are so many types these days – you don’t have to be the typical gun-toting, bearded hunter to be an alpha male in the 21st century. Confidence goes a long way fora man, and those who are self-confident and strong-willedcan often take charge of a room. Think of all the different types of potentially manly men you can imagine- business owners, rock guitarists, woodworkers or blacksmiths,professional athletes,actors, singers, – the list is nearly endless. Each of these types of manly men have their own particular likes and dislikes, and it is up to you to pay attention to where their interests lie. If the man you’re shopping for can’t stand coffee, it’s probably a good idea not to get him the Death Wish Coffee; he might like some other kind of drink entirely. On the other hand, if he loves to go walking and hiking he would probably obsess over the Merrellwaterproof hiking boots. Don’tworry too much aboutexactly how manly he is, and focus insteadon how he likes to express his interests, that way you will connect with him on a deeper level than just his tough guypersona!

We’ll say it again : not all manly men are the same.Some are rugged outdoorsmen and other enjoy being cleanly shaven and dressed to the nines in their favourite pressed suit. Some men like to drink craft beer and others prefer a fine wine or a barrel aged scotch. The one thing they all have in common is that each of them would appreciate an awesome gift that suits their style, and really allows them to be the man they see in the mirror. Manly men command a strong sense of self, and you justneedtomake sure what kind of manly man he is before you start shopping. A good start is to go for functional gifts if you aren’t sure what they like to wear – on the whole, manly men will pick their own aesthetic and stick to it, so it is far easier to buy a good gift for them that does something. If you know for a fact thatthey like leather jackets or wear chunky watches, this would be a good observation to work from.

If you need more help on spotting a manly man or even if you’re just intrigued about them, take a look at the art of manliness web page and get all the information you could possibly need. They have historical articles, DIY instruction manuals, and general blog content on what it means to be manly.

What arethe best gifts formanly men?

There is no single gift that will suit every kind ofmanly man, and that’s why our list has something for a few different kinds of men. That way, you get the most out of our review! Whether you are shopping for personal hygiene products, clothes, accessories or kitchenware, we have it all:

For thefitness buff– guys who like to climb mountains and go for long runs would be elated to receive a Fitbit Alta to track their fitness progress, or the Merrell hiking boots to keep their feet comfy while they fly up the mountainside. A Fitbit can work for up to 5 days at a time, so it also saves him from having to spend too much time thinking about how to plan his life around the technology. These gifts are really practical, and can last for many years if they are properlycared for.

For the drink enthusiast– something really quite special, and definitely a crowd pleaser at parties, is the uKeg Pressurized Beer Growler. This machine is an impressive coolerbecause itkeeps your beer air-tight and fresh until the moment you want to drink it with friends. With a 1.8 litre capacity, this one is great for taking along to group hand-outs, barbecues or even just as a replacement for sundowners on the beach. Perhaps he’s not into alcohol, and would prefer a dark and deathly brew of coffee like the “Death Wish” or “Odinforce” blends. These coffees are some of the strongest known to humankind, and they will give him a spike of energy like he has never felt before.

Personal care for the manly man– even though it’s easy enough to throw on a suit in the morning, there is a chance thatthe manly manmight have a tough time getting to grips with their facial hygiene.It’s about time that you stepped in and gave them the tools to freshen up that old face-fluff. The Gentleman’s Shaving Kit by Killigrew is a simple but complete set that will give him the professional barber’s look with every shave. On the opposite end, you could get himthe 9 PieceShoe-ShineKit by BLKSMITHto keep his favourite formal shoes shining like they’ve just been unboxed.

If he likes to smell like a man, there are better ways to achieve this than to go without showering: the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille will allow him to smell like fresh vanilla and tobacco, which is without a doubt one of the most masculine scents we’ve come across. A cologne is always a classy gift to hand over, provided you’ve done your research to make sure it really is a quality juice. We can guarantee you that Tom Ford is one of the best known brands for men’s cologne out there, and he won’t be disappointed.

For the well dressed man – the iDarbi PU leather jacket is a great addition to any manly man’s wardrobe, becausethe blackbomber style is perfect for showing off that tough guy persona. This jacket is slim fitting andrather minimalistic in its design; sure, it has some extra decorative zips, but on the whole it has a clean and commanding look. He can stay warm from the winter chillwith one of these leather jackets, and look like a road hog at the same time.

For the foodie –one of the more unique items on the list is the Damascus steel chef’s knife by Yoshihiro, because they have to be hand-made, and each pattern iscompletely different from the next. From the handle to the tip these blades are special, and getting one for the manly man in your life will make him feel justthat much more appreciated.Forging a Damascus blade is the mark of a true craftsman, and getting the process just right is not always as straightforward as it might seem. Take a look at the Pave Custom Knives version of a Damascus blade and tell us what you think!

ADamascus blade must be hammered to perfection, and this is what makes them such interesting and rare gifts to present to your friends or family. Hand-made utility knives like the Yoshihiro Gyuto Japanese chef’s knife are few and far between, and it is very unlikely that they already have such a special piece in their kitchen. Each one of these products is crafted with care and precision, and the high quality workmanship really does show. These are some of the items we’ve chosen as the best gifts for manly men, but you might want to make your own! See below for some of the great ideas for DIY gifts you could attempt.

What are some DIY gifts for manly men?

Perhaps you are quitea handy craftsman yourself, and you want to make them something special that they can really appreciate.There are a few ideas you might want to consider, such as making a para-cord wallet, a cigar box, or a leather key organiser. Making a personalised do-it-yourself gift is a nice way to put a bit of your essence into the gift, and show them that they are worth the time and effort it takes to make something.

You need to be sure that you have the time to commit to a hands-on project, because sometimes these activities will take quite a while – waiting for something like glue or paint to dry is one of the examples that youmight run in to. Thinking about the cost of the materials is also a good idea: if you are making a simple gift this may not be a problem, but some craft materials can be very pricey or come in a much larger quantity than you really need. Budgeting your time and money for a DIY gift is an essential part of the process. Making him a rusticwood and nail bottle opener is one of the easier and more cost effective DIY options available to you, and if you need some inspiration just look at how the MOD channel manages to craft their own:

This gift would be perfect for a man who likes simple and functional gifts, and depending on how finished you would like the product to look you can always oil the wood for a smooth finish or dye it his favourite colour. If you don’t have the tools to make this at home, why not ask a friend to help you, or at least lend you some tools? People are often more than happy to jump on board with home projects like this, especially when they’re creative.

Another few ideas includemixing upa manly lemon hand scrubfor those guys who always have rough hands from doing physical labour, or an “I’m Nuts About You” Keychain if he is a romantic interest in your life. If you’ve just realised thatyouare actually shopping for more of the averageguy than a manly man, be sure to check out our other articles aboutthe best gifts for men.

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