The Best Gifts For 7 Year Old Girls Who Deserve Quality Toys

The Best Gifts For 7 Year Old Girls Who Deserve Quality Toys

The Best Gifts For 7 Year Old Girls
The Best Gifts For 7 Year Old Girls
Her down time from school should be fun and exciting

Starting school is tough – there are so many new things to learn and new people to meet. This is why your little girl needs some great gifts to play with when she gets home! This year you can give her a robotic kitten that responds to her touch and her instructions, or something as simple as kinetic sand which will give her the chance to squeeze out all that school stress. Take a look at our best gifts for 7 year old girls and find an awesome present right now.

The Best Gifts For 7 Year Old Girls

Picture Toy Manufacturer Power Required Price Our Rating
Zoomer Kitty, Interactive Cat Yes (USB Charger Included) $$$ 5
Disney’s Frozen Kids Karaoke Machine Yes (Wall Socket) $$$ 4.95
Walkaroo Steel Stilts by Air Kicks None $$$ 4.93
Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven Baking Star Edition Yes (Wall Socket) $$ 4.90
LEGO Disney Princess Belle’s Enchanted Castle Building Kit None $$ 4.87
The Magic School Bus – Chemistry Lab None $$ 4.85
Mazichands Bracelet Maker – Arts and Crafts for Girls None $ 4.70
Fibber Board Game with Bonus Items None $ 4.65
Kinetic Sand – Sandbox & Molds Activity Set (Colors Vary) None $ 4.64

How to Choose a Gift for 7 Year Old Girls

At age 7 your child is probably in their first year at school, and will need to find ways in order to help them relax before they have to spend time working on their homework. Give them some fun toys which allow them to take the pressure off for a bit, and theyll continue to learn through play without even knowing it! These 9 best gifts for 7 year old girls will help your children spend time away from structured work and learning in order to refresh their brains and stimulate their imagination.

What are the best gifts for 7 year olds?

The first thing you need to consider is your relationship to the child are you a parent, family member, or just a friend? Buying toys for your own child will be far easier because you will know what they most enjoy doing, and how far along they are developmentally speaking. If you dont know what a child is like at home, or you have some doubts about this, you should always ask the parents what kinds of things the child enjoys doing. If they are a very active child you can look for a physical toy, but if they are more thoughtful and reserved you can get them something that will stimulate their brain a bit more. You want to buy something that is flashy, but not over the top; cool, but not inappropriate for their age; good quality, but not something that will break the bank. Shopping for children seems easier than it really is, because you might still be stuck on the idea that all girls need dolls and all boys need a collection of GI-Joe figurines. This is the 21st century, and while it might be cute to go 100% pink on your little girls special present, there are actually some fantastic toys that do much, much more than look pretty in pink.

Tech toys are all the rage for children nowadays, but finding something that is more age-appropriate than a full-on iPad or Android tablet is a very good idea. Choosing toys that have some child-friendly features is essential, just like the Zoomer Kitty Interactive Cat, which reacts to your childs movements and can give your child hours of creative play. In contrast to most mobile games which are designed purely for relaxation, electronic toys for children are often designed with one or more educational aspects to them. These educational aspects such as following instructions or coordinating sound and movement are always great to include, because learning should still be fun and effortless at this age. Children also love to sing and make music, so a karaoke set is a great way to allow them to express this creativity through technology. They can learn new songs and sing along to some old favourites with the Disney Frozen Karaoke Machine.

Physical play toys are also very important. Now that your 7 year old girl is at formal school they will be sitting down and concentrating for a large part of their day, and this is going to be something to keep in mind when deciding on a toy. Getting something like the Walkaroo Steel Stilts by Air Kicks will encourage your child to get up and moving again after a long day of sitting around at school. This product also improves balance and spacial orientation, which are key to your childs physical development and will help them to play sports with ease.

Constructive / creative toys like LEGO are also a must have for young children, because not only do they stimulate imagination they also allow for creativity. Building with LEGO helps to hone those fine motor skills which will be used for writing and drawing, and it can also be a very social game that develops vocabulary because of group play. LEGO is one of those brands which just continues to grow the imagination of children with each new generation, and the Disney Princess Belles Enchanted Castle Building Kit is a perfect example of this. Roleplaying and fantasy play are 2 more huge areas that come out of playing with LEGO those of us who have grown up with it will know all too well the funny stories and voices we used to create while playing with our favourite LEGO characters.

Another great constructive toy that introduces arts and crafts to children is the Bracelet Maker by Mazichands that can be used to make a whole range of colourful arm bands. These are great for fine motor skills, because the bands have to be weaved carefully and overlapped in order to stay together. We also recommend getting some messy play games such as the other constructive toys on our list like The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab which introduces children to some basic but fun experiments, or the Kinetic Sand which allows for limitless sandbox build and shape play. These toys give children the tactile and sensory play that they used to love as toddlers, but they can now use them for even more creative and experimental means. Kinetic sand mimics the texture of wet sand, but it is actually dry to the touch because of a special chemical compound called polydimethylsiloxane which is mixed in. Videos of kinetic sand have become a viral trend online, because many people find it therapeutic and soothing to watch the sand being cut, sliced or pulled apart. Youll be able to play along with your child and get your hands on some of this kinetic sand too, just remember to allow your child to play with it more than you do!

Board games can also be introduced as their concentration will start to increase from doing school work, but you should start slowly with easy games like the Fibber Board Game. With these sorts of toys your child will be able to learn rules and follow instructions, increase their vocabulary and most of all enjoy the social experience of laughing and having fun with their friends. Check out HeyThatsMike and family play Fibber to see what it’s all about.

How much should I spend on a gift for a 7 year old?

Once again this depends largely on the relationship you have with the child. It may not be a great idea to go all out if you are only a casual friend of the family, but if it is your niece or granddaughter that youre buying for youll probably want to get a really nice gift. Buying gifts for younger children can often be difficult because of how quickly they tend to outgrow everything clothes, movies, and even their favourite plush toys. What youll be looking for is a good balance of playability and price: you want the child youre purchasing the gift for to be able to have fun with the toy over and over again, so avoid buying once off presents like food items (unless youre going for a birthday cake, which nobody could turn down!). A toy like LEGO is always going to be a good choice, because the high quality plastic and super-durable design will not only last years, it could last generations. Were not joking, LEGO has many fantastic designs which could even start your child on the path to becoming an engineer.

If you are just looking for a cheap token of appreciation because youre tight on cash, some ideas that you can rely on are novelty gifts like drinking straw glasses, spinning tops or yoyos, and classic old-school toys of that kind that are usually quite cheap from your local store. Overall, between $20 to $75 is a good guide-line for a great gift in this age group, and our list sticks in that range. Having a budget will keep you from under-spending or over-spending too much, because you certainly dont want to outshine the parents, or regret spending too little and getting them something that will end up at the back of the cupboard in a week.

Toy Safety for 7 Year Olds?

Safety is a big concern for parents, because the last thing you need is a trip to the emergency room because your child has stepped on a vicious LEGO block. On a more serious note, it is always good to be prepared for the worst. You should read the product inserts to check if there are any common problems children might encounter with the toy, such as choking hazards for younger children, or age appropriateness. Something like a 16+ age restricted video game is totally out of bounds for this age group. Not only can games feature violence and sexual content, but they can often have profanity which will give your child all the wrong words to add to their growing vocabulary.

To make sure that you know exactly what theyre going to be playing with, you should learn how to use the toy and perhaps introduce it to them by showing them how to play with it (such as not putting kinetic sand into a plug hole). Teaching your child how to use toys appropriately by playing with them is a great bonding experience too, and they will appreciate your time as much as the gift itself. In general, you should exercise caution when you purchase a new toy, but you should also keep in mind that kids will be kids, and accidents happen. Sheltering your child from the outside world or refusing them a toy that actually is age appropriate might be more damaging than you know. Give them the freedom to learn and make mistakes by themselves, as long as these mistakes will not seriously injure or disturb them.

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