The Best Folding Shovels in 2019 – Landscaping Made Easy

The Best Folding Shovels in 2019 - Landscaping Made Easy

Shovels are versatile tools which have numerous uses. They are necessary for the general home use and also some are modified to enhance portability, hence ideal when going for outdoor excursion or camping. Mostly, due to the limited capacity of the luggage backpack can accommodate this call for a modified type of shovel. The common modification is crafting a foldable shovel which will facilitate easy transportation.

Outdoor Foundation estimates that over 48.4 million Americans above took part in at least one outdoor activity in 2019. The folding shovels are handy tools, they are important especially when you are setting a camp since they enable you to clear debris as well as entrenching the tent. In fact, they are also relevant also to military personnel due to their lightweight and strength. Without forgetting, they are also ideal tools you can use at home instead of the large and bulky ones.

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What To Look When Buying a Folding Shovel

The Construction Material: This is one of the top most factors to consider as you shop for a shovel. Different brands exhibit differing building materials. Some are forged steel, aluminum among others. While the aluminum made ate light to carry, they aren’t long-lasting and durable as steel made. Also, regarding performance, the steel made will be better than other materials because it’s strong thus can withstand heavy-duty operations.

Blades Shape: Just like the full-size shovels, folding ones are designed with a variety of blade shapes. However, the type of intended work and area condition will determine your choice. These tools are available in either round or square shapes. The rounded ones are ideal for when you are trenching and activities involving soil mixing. On the other hand, square shaped are perfect for light duties like collecting debris and scrapping soils.

Versatility: A folding shovel is designed to be portable to ease your work while in the field. Due to the latest development, current ones are enhanced with integrated features, to ensure that they are multi-purpose. When buying, it is important to check some features like saw, bottle opener, hammering capability among others. The shovel with these functions will save you from carrying extra tools hence saving spaces for other items.

10. OUTDOOR ANYWHERE Military Folding Shovel, Multi-Purpose Tool, Pouch

OUTDOOR ANYWHERE Military Folding Shovel, Multi-Purpose Tool, Pouch

For all outdoor lovers, a portable shovel is one of the most valuable tools. You can do tons of work with it, without needing additional tools. Now, if you are hiking, camping or other outdoors activity enthusiasts, here is your perfect portable shovel pick. The Outdoor anywhere military grade shovel is constructed to provide convenience and versatility. Manufactured by a reputable company and heavy duty carbon steel, it gives you all the strength you need for digging hard grounds, trenching among others. Enhanced with multipurpose features, this shovel is a tool for aspiration by every camper or hiker. Above all, you enjoy the durability due to its military grade construction.

This tool isn’t just a shovel; it is a combination of different tools s integrated into one to make a complete tool. Besides being a foldable shovel, working with it, you can accomplish various tasks without changing the item. You can perform different tasks like picking, chopping, hammering, cutting and sawing. This is because it has integrated features to make it versatile as well as saving your space.

Working with this shovel creates a great feeling. Unlike the other brands, which are cheap, this one is constructed from carbon steel. Once you start working, you can work with confidence, as it guarantees no breaking operation. Whether it is picking or hammering, the material can withstand the pressure thus allowing mission accomplishment. It has a durable construction that ensures you enjoy its services for a long time.

No issues with portability when carrying this tool. Though it features a heavy-duty carbon, you can go with anywhere. It is highly portable facilitated by the ability to fold, and it’s lightweight. It measures 18 inches full length and is much smaller when folded to make sure you can access it easy whenever you need it. Further, despites its small size, it is ergonomically designed to enhance comfort when working. The handle is reinforced with a non-slipping material to ensure a firm grip when digging or performing any other activity.
OUTDOOR ANYWHERE Military Folding Shovel, Multi-Purpose Tool, Pouch

When you purchase this folding shovel, it comes with a lot of benefits. One way to enjoy is the ability of the tool to fold without any strains to enhance its portability. This is vital since it allows you to carry your language without extensions on the bag. Also, it comes with a carrying bag featuring Velcro strap opening to make it convenient to open.

In summary, this is a must buy tool whether you are a camper of for general home use. The integrated features especially make it a perfect choice to allow you carry extra tools in one. The high-grade material of construction is ideal to boost its durability while keeping it light for your general use without additional weight. It is perfect tool for scouts, Girl Guide, hunters survivalists and fishers among others.

  • Smartly designed
  • Strong carbon steel construction
  • Velcro-enhanced carrying case
  • Lightweight
  • A bit smaller

9. FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel, multitool, Emergency Kit

FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel, multitool, Emergency Kit

Forget about buying junks; get a real heavy duty folding shovel. It is an easy task now; you only need to go for FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel. The tool is not like other devices on the market which work for a few days and get damaged. Constructed from a combination of hardened carbon steel and airplane grade aluminum the tool will deliver without a hitch. Also, the multifunctional features are ideal in ensuring you enjoy a variety of functions enhanced on one tool. It is an ultimate shovel you need to make your backpacking, camping or survival enjoyable and unforgettable.

One of the key feature you will enjoy when you get this tool is the ability to work without worrying the tool will break. The shovel head is heavy duty featuring high tensile carbon steel to enable digging of hard surfaces. This is further facilitated by the fine head and sharp blades. One of the edges is serrated to hence it can be used as a saw. Its handle is constructed from aerospace aluminum to ensure that it’s lightweight and resistant to water, rust, and breaking.

Enjoy high versatility due to incorporated features and tools. If you enjoy backpacking, survival trips and camping, this tool is one of the best shovels you can get. Read here our review of the best camping screen houses. The device can be converted to axe, hoe and also as a shovel. Therefore, you can use it to cut firewood, dig trenches or use it to dig mud or ice from your car tires. With a magnesium strip incorporated on the handle, it makes it easy to start a fire. Further, it also has a whistle for emergency as well as a tactical knife for general use while outdoors.

As you use the tool, it’s comfortable due to its ergonomic construction. You can use any type of glove on this shovel since it’s optimized to minimize discomforts and fatigue in your hand. Handle is insulated with non-slip foam, which is water resistant and fast drying. Further, it comes with adjustable screw, which is designed to allow conversion of tool to shovels, axe or a hook. Also, it allows easy storage and carrying due to its foldability.
FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel, multitool, Emergency Kit

Getting this tool gives you ultimate benefits over other available shovels. It’s fitted with multifunctional features to ensure you are well catered. With ability to chop, saw, pry and dig no need to carry additional tools. All of these tools are integrated on this folding shovel.

Another way you will lives to enjoy the tool is its durability. The materials used are robust and resistant to mechanical or chemical damage. This means that when you are working you can be confident of no breaking as well as corrosion and rusting due to field conditions.

Summing up, FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel is that, it’s a premium product. You will enjoy its design, durability, versatility as well as portability. The size is perfect for all users, so is the comfort. It’s a perfect pick for any outdoor activity, be it adventure, backpacking, hiking among others survival activities.

  • Ergonomic foam handle
  • Lightweight construction: 1.3 lb.
  • Simple to convert
  • Multifunctional
  • Cheap foam insulation

8. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools Entrenching Tool F08-N, Powder Finish

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools Entrenching Tool F08-N, Powder Finish

A folding shovel is a great handy tool especially when you are involved in outdoors activities. It is due to this fact that SOG Specialty Knives & Tools have created this daring F08-N shovel to be your companion. Whenever you are involved in dirt collection or construction of a tent, it’s the perfect gadget to pick. No hassle when carryings or using it since the blade is strong to withstand heavy-duty application. You can carry it in a bag without requiring extra space and also without creating overstretching. This is without forgetting that despite its strength, it won’t add weight to your bag; it is extra light.

Carrying a full-size shovel is now a past tense, the F08-N is here to take that position. Despite its small size, the tool is very able; it can perform more work and has more useful features. The strength comes from construction from tempered carbon steel head. This ensures you can dig a hard ground without any issue. Its sharp pointed edge allows it to tear through hard soils thus making it an ideal entrenching tool. Amazingly, you can use the blade in various ways due to serrations on one side to allow slashing or wood sawing.

This simple looking tool can perform more that you can imagine. With just slight adjustment, 90 degrees, the device changes its function to a pick or a hand hoe, enabling you to dig comfortably. Additionally, it can turn 180 degrees; to allow you to use it as a straight pick. Therefore, to be able to use this shovel to your best experience, only minor adjustments are required, and you enjoy your activities.

Carrying a shovel is a headache especially if you are porting the full garden type. They are long and have wide blades thus forcing you to transport it separately. However, that is an old scenario as with F08-N folding shovel you can carry it to every destination. You just need to fold it, and it perfectly fit in your backpack. Unlike rival tools, the shovel is designed to facilitate tri-folding hence making it more compact. Before putting on a bag, it has a carrying pouch hence preventing it from scratching other items.
SOG Specialty Knives & Tools Entrenching Tool F08-N, Powder Finish

The handle is one of most celebrated features on this shovel. Featuring stainless steel construction, it has no chances of compromising the grip. Unlike the rubberized on which tends to wear out after a while this one has an ergonomically designed handle that is reliable and durable.

Another high rising benefit is the ability to work on this shovel without straining due to spacious holding area. With an overall 18.25 inches, it is possible to work when kneeling or seated. Weight too is checked and weighs just 24.5 ounces.

As we conclude, we can say that this folding shovel is lightweight and features durable material. Through our analysis, it is possible for the tool to resist rusting and corrosion due to its powder finish. However, it has limited features compared to other in the same category. The shovel is ideal for use by law enforcers and industrial application; therefore, it’s excellent for a broad application both at home and in the field.

  • Perfect for small tasks
  • Powder finish: non-rusting
  • Comfortable and Solid handle
  • Backed by lifetime warranty
  • Blade prone to bending

7. AAA 4004 Sports Utility Shovel, Red, Aluminum

AAA 4004 Sports Utility Shovel, Red, Aluminum

As far as shovels are concerned, they are handy items that you should never lack in your home or the vehicle. However, the large one consumes a lot of space and therefore unsuitable when you are traveling or in excursion trip. Now you can enjoy a smooth field trip by getting this sports utility shovel from AAA. Featuring 3-in-1 aluminum with different colors, it’s hard to lose some parts when you are working. Further, the material is light and durable than plastic. Hence, it will allow you perform even the demanding tasks. The company has ensured that you will enjoy the quality, size, and durability of this shovel.

One of the notable features about this product is that unlike other folding shovels this one is designed into 3 parts. Therefore when you want to reduce its size, you just need to disable to fit in a small. Additionally, assembling is smooth as the parts correctly fit without the need to have special tools. Each part is separately colored to reduce any chance of leaving it after the work. Also, when working, the tool is designed to ensure that you can adjust its length to make it easy for you to use.

Whenever you are assembling you are camping your camping tools, size and weight greatly determine how many items you will carry. However, with this sports utility shovel, you don’t have to panic. It is compact and features a lightweight construction material. Only weighing 1.3 pounds, it means you can just put it on your backpack with only negligible weight on your overall luggage.

Forget about the heavier folding shovel which designed from heavier materials. A tool shouldn’t be necessarily be constructed from steel to perform the intended work correctly. On the other hand, plastic ones are prone to breakages when subjected to intense work. But, with a sturdy aluminum, you can enjoy a lightweight tool, which won’t tire your hand. In fact, this shovel is very efficient to remove snow from your vehicle during winter. If it was to be heavy, it could be tiring lowering your efficiency while plastic one can compromise your work.
AAA 4004 Sports Utility Shovel, Red, Aluminum

Enhanced safety is one of the top benefits you enjoy when you are using this shovel. If for instance the detachable were the same color, it could leave room for forgetting some in the field. But, this is not the case with this one; it has a different colored head and the handle.

Another way to make your day a happy one as you work is the ability to adjust the handle. There is no fixed working length as with the majority of available folding shovels on the market. This one you can manipulate its length from 25-32 inches depending on your preferred working height.

According to our evaluation of this shovel, it is simple looking, but a must have tool. It is purposely designed for people with vehicles to remove snow during the winter seasons. The compact design coupled with sturdy aluminum eliminates storage and carrying stress. It is durable though not the same as the stainless steel shovels.

  • East to assemble and disassemble
  • Very light: aluminum constructed
  • Enhanced working safety
  • Water, rust, and corrosion free
  • Flips easily on heavy duty application

6. VIVO Entrenching Folding Shovel/Spade, Black Finish, Pouch

VIVO Entrenching Folding Shovel/Spade, Black Finish, Pouch

Being well prepared for emergencies is an ideal strategy in averting inconveniences. Whether you are at home or embarking on an outdoor field trip a shovel is a necessary tool to have. In fact, it is considered as one of the core survival kits you can have either on your car or in the backpack. One of the favorite tools available is VIVO Entrenching Folding Shovel/Spade which is affordable and possesses a significant number of incorporated. On the other hand, it’s a tool to entrust as it allows to clear debris and dirt from the ground as well as digging out car tires in the snow.

Before embarking on an excursion, it is ideal to arm you with this tactical shovel. It is possible to benefit from the incorporated features thus saving on your time. Besides being a shovel, the tool is designed to be configurable into a pick through the rotating blade. It can rotate at 180 degrees for use under normal condition or lock it at 90 degrees for more challenging situations. Further, upon locking the head can be utilized as a hoe to dig trenches around the tent.

The second feature that will amaze you is the serrated blade which is ideal for sawing pieces of wood. As you construct the tent, you might need some wood pieces for firewood, and also setting pegs. No need to carry a big machete as it might bring inconveniences. The serrated proves valuable in such scenario as you will comfortably cut your wood.

Are you having problems with your storage space? This is a common problem people encounter when they are going out to the field. If you have such complexities, there is no need to struggle. This shovel is readily foldable, to reduce its size from the unfolded length of 18 inches to around 7 inches. It also comes accompanied by a looped carrying bag to ease its portability. Therefore there is no way you can complain about its portability.
VIVO Entrenching Folding Shovel/Spade, Black Finish, Pouch

Besides enjoying appealing features, they are accompanied with attractive benefits. Among them is the ability of the tool to fold down completely allowing for easy transportation. Apart from being collapsible, the carrying pouch is ideal as it gives you an alternative if your bag is full. Also, the compact size is excellent to allow easy storage in your vehicle.

Another way you will enjoy this tool is its versatility. As you buy, it comes with added features such as saw pick and ability to convert to a hand hoe thereby increasing its functionality. With these tools housed under one gadget, it increases capacity to perform a variety of works

VIVO Entrenching Folding Shovel is the perfect survival tool worth keeping in hand always. It doesn’t matter where you are home, or on the field, you will need it at some point. The tool is a perfect choice for use in gardening, emergency situations, camping and hiking.

  • Rugged construction
  • Versatile blade
  • Sleek black finish
  • Easy to adjust to required position
  • Heavy for hiking

5. Gerber E-Tool Folding Spade, Anodized Shaft, Serrated Edge

Gerber E-Tool Folding Spade, Anodized Shaft, Serrated Edge

Gerber is a renowned company for the production of premium outdoor blades and other tools. Tracing its establishment in 1939, you can bet on the quality of their products due to long time expertise. Although the company is known for the production of high-quality knives, it also takes part in the manufacture of folding shovels. One of their successful tools is Gerber E-Tool Folding Spade. This E-tool is designed featuring friendly features and functionality to ensure it is a perfect survival gadget. Once in hand, you will enjoy lightweight, stable usage, as well as ease of cutting through the serrated blade without forgetting the nylon enhanced handle.

While exhibiting a compact design, its size and performance are uncorrelated. It is ideal for heavy-duty applications which seem impossible with such gadget. Its ability to bust troublesome operations come from the powder coated carbon steel head. This ensures that the tool remains intact even under extreme weather conditions. To add on that, its handle shaft features anodized 7075 aluminum to repel any weathers effect while ensuring maximum strength. Additionally, the solid glass filled nylon handle is ideal for ensuring you have a comfortable and firm grip.

One of its blade edges is serrated to increase its functionality. Compared with smooth edges shovels, a serrated one is more efficient when it comes to cutting challenging surfaces like snow and hard grounds. Thereby, as you engage in trenching around your tent, this tool is a perfect ground buster. It smoothly gets into the ground enabling a faster and easier trench establishment. Also, the serrations assist when cutting soft shrubs and grasses.

Among the fantastic features is the ability to lock the shovel to allow you experience safe operation. Some of the existing shovels aren’t lockable and can cause injuries when you apply too much pressure due to slipping spade. But, with Gerber E-Tool Folding Spade, it is now easy to use it with a safety assurance. It is fitted with a simple to use knob which ensures you just turn it and wraps the shaft to keep the shovel in an open position.
Gerber E-Tool Folding Spade, Anodized Shaft, Serrated Edge

Compared to the bigger shovels, this one is compact and lightweight to facilitate portability and storage. It weighs only about 2 pounds ensuring you can carry or store it in your tent, home or any other place without compromising your available space. Additionally, when closed it measures 9.3 inches when closed; therefore, carrying is easy.

In conclusion, you need this tool for all your survival activities. On the others hand, it is a perfect idea to have it in your home, vehicle or any other place for use in case of an emergency. We can attest that product is heavy duty and very capable under all is ideal for use indoors and outdoors activities.

  • Enhanced stability through locking
  • Perfect for digging and ice breaking
  • Insulated handle offers firm gripping
  • Non-rusting/corroding construction material
  • Too bulky to pack

4. BABAN Cold-roll Steel Sheet Folding Shovel, Pick Axe, Saw

BABAN Cold-roll Steel Sheet Folding Shovel, Pick Axe, Saw

If you are looking for a survival kit, the best starting point is adding this folding shovel from BABAN on your list. Manufactured by a reputable brand, the tool is essential for people who love camping as well as others field excursion activities. To give it strength, the device is constructed from durable and sturdy cold roll steel to ensure it performs all intended works without getting compromised. On the other hand, its size and weight are perfects as they allow it to be extra portable. So, there is no reason you should suffer in the hand of large and hard to carry shovel while you have a god alternative.

One of the reasons why you should own this tool is facts that it is the ability to be collapsible to an extra small size. Contrary to other tools which are designed to be foldable but remain large sized, this one can fold into triple ways thus making it extra small. In fact, when collapsed, the shovel is capable of fitting in a glove box. Further, no worry if you have limited space since you can easily slip it into the provided carrying bag with a belt.

Another fantastic feature is the construction material. Although there are other shovels which are constructed from steel, the type of steel determines how powerful the tool is. Now, you can bet your money on the durability of this one as it can be used to even under challenging conditions. It features a combination of cold-roll steel and ABS plastic to ensure quality is a guarantee. To further boost its functionality, one edge of the blade is enhanced with serrations to acts as a saw while still the head can be manipulated to act as pickax.

Apart from the functionality and the material, the design matters a lot in the general comfort of working with a tool. BABAN folding shovel is smartly designed to ensure it gives you satisfaction. The shovel is sharply designed to allow it cut through dirt with ease. Also, the shape is ideal when you are using it a hand hoe. Moreover, its shaft is sturdy and is enhanced with a comfortable handle which ensures that no blisters or other discomforts on the hand as you dig.
BABAN Cold-roll Steel Sheet Folding Shovel, Pick Axe, Saw

Now, when you are using this tool, it is possible to realize that it offers a lot of advantages. One of them is the ability to be carried in a backpack easily. When it is collapsed, it measures 7.256 inches. Therefore you can enjoy its high portability without sacrificing other equipment necessary for camping.

The other one is the ability to be used in various hard conditions without breaking. The cold-roll steel is ideal compared to aluminum which cannot be used to cut hard surfaces. This one is robust and ready for disposal during emergencies.

To sum up, it’s real you need this tool in your camping list. With durable metal and plastic combination not forgetting lightweight, you will find it useful under all circumstances. The product is soundly priced and helpful for gardening, tent making, camping among other outdoor activities.

  • Small sized and straightforward to carry
    • Constructed from durable materials
  • Triple folding thus extra small
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Small size compromises comforts

3. Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel, Hammer action, Ergonomic

Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel, Hammer action, Ergonomic

This is another foldable shovel from Gerber which is specially crafted to ensure you enjoy your usage. With the capacity to perform a scope of activities, the shovel is an ideal consideration whenever you want to embark on a trip expedition. Designed by a reputable company you can be sure about the functionality of this product. There are many features to enjoy in a style if you own this collapsible shovel. The incorporated hammer and foldable head significantly reduce its carrying stress thus ideal to be with whenever you are traveling or for general home use.

Setting a tent can be stressful if you don’t have right tools, however, with this shovel, you don’t need to carry additional hammering tools. The tool is versatile to ensure you can use it around the house or outdoors. At the handle, it is installed with a hammering block which is ideal for driving tent pegs into the ground. On the other hand, the shovel has a smooth-edged head designed to enable light shoveling of snow around your car tires or dirt.

Just like other folding shovels, this one is not exceptional. What differs is the size of the tool after it has been folded. Well, some even after collapsing, that still retains their large sizes. However, with this one it is unique. Once you fold, it can fit in a small area since it gets down to 9.25 inches from 16.5 inches. Additionally, once you fold it, you can carry it in the provided bag. The case is essential since you can carry it together with other items without the shovel causing scratches.

Among the first features that make this tool ideal for use by many users is the fast push button slide mechanism. Unlike other brands which require you to open the shovel manually when you want to work, here you just need to press a button and the spade slides without screwing. The shaft is firm to give the tool ability to withstand heavy-duty application. Moreover, holding the shovel is appealing, the handle is fiberglass enhanced to ensure you achieve a firm grip; no chances of accidental slipping.
Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel, Hammer action, Ergonomic

Of many benefits associated with this tool, versatility is the key one. If you research a bit, it is not many tools which come with a hammering head. Though they come with other important features, this one has an added advantage since you can use it on tasks that require hammering.

Another way is the ease of operating with this tool. No hassles when you are unfolding the head, the only required action is to press the button and spade is in position. Additionally, the locking mechanism ensures you are working securely.

As you think about buying a folding shovel, get this Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel. With a locking mechanism, durable steel construction and ergonomic handle it will enable you to appreciate the tool. The important of all is the lightweight design as well as easy packing. It is an important tool for campers, hikers and still ideal for home use.

  • Fast unfolding mechanism
  • Neatly constructed
  • Extra compact and easy to pack
  • Non-rusting/corroding materials
  • Weak connecting joint

2. Minals Mark Folding Shovel, Collapsible Handle

Minals Mark Folding Shovel, Collapsible Handle

Are you tired of buying gardening tools now and then? This must stop, but if only you go for a reliable tool like Minals Mark Folding Shovel. Designed to offer exceptionally high performance, it is the ideal tool for your garden, camping, hiking or even emergency situations. Getting the shovel implicates that; you will get away from tools that compromise working, due to bending and cracking. It is suited for clearing snow digging and cleaning camping sites, and after use, the bag gives a clean storage. Further, the storage isn’t a headache as you just need to collapse and hang it.

Feel the comfort and efficiency in use as when digging in your garden or entrenching around your camping tent. It is not a hard task since the head is adjustable to form a hand hoe as well as a pickax. The pick is robust and allows you to dig in hard surfaces without bending or nicking. Therefore, it is safe to use under all conditions and assist in keeping your garden neat and free from debris and also important for breaking up hard surfaces.

Heavy duty construction is another feature that puts this shovel ahead of rivals. Featuring steel construction, it is capable of working without cracking even under extreme environment. The material is tough, and resists water, corrosion and rusting. Further, the durable paint coating ensures minimal impacts of weather conditions. Unlike others shovels which feature incorporated plastic; this one is pure metallic thus guaranteeing you full performance and strength.

Forget about buying rigidly constructed shovels and increase your efficiency and speed. With Minals Mark Folding Shovel you will enjoy its smart design coupled with a sharp spade as well as saw enabled functions. The head features a sleek design which is ideal for easier cutting complemented by a serrated edge. Cutting ability alone can’t enable the tool to achieve satisfactory performance. The ergonomically designed handle further boosts the capacity to deliver maximum performance. With these combined designs, you can now achieve smooth operation.
Minals Mark Folding Shovel, Collapsible Handle

The shovel is accompanied by a carrying bag once you purchase it. The bag is ideal as when the tool is folded it fits perfectly. Well, if you have your shovel covered by soil, it will securely hold it thus eliminating chances of dirtying other items. It further makes storage simple whether at home office or in your camp.

Through our point of view, we can recommend this shovel to everyone who likes gardening, camping. Or, you can make it your companion in your vehicle since it is a useful tool during emergencies. With durable construction, versatility it will never let you down or lack a work to do.

  • Ideal for hard surfaces
  • Robust and collapsible handle
  • Bigger than rivals
  • Rugged and durable design
  • Weak plastic locking nut

1. Fobachi Military Folding Shovel, Multipurpose tool

Fobachi Military Folding Shovel, Multipurpose tool

A folding shovel isn’t just a shovel by name; you need something that reflects quality-wise as well performance. Now, let’s forget about all junky tools you have ever bought and settle once and for all. The only option that can save you from always buying folding shovels is Fobachi Military Folding Shovel. By being the military tool, it’s not for you can fully entrust it with your work. It’s a proved equipment to handle all works you intend to do. Designed and constructed by experts, you can use it in a variety of activities while leaving it intact. Chop, saw, dig, open bottles and pluck nails in style by equipping yourself with this shovel.

Now, to begin with, is that this shovel is good news. The military grade construction is a surety that you can subject it to heavy duty application and still expect no damage. Materials are superb featuring carbon steel which is strong and can withstand heavy pressures without breaking. Unlike many shovels which only are steel constructed, this one features fill carbon steel construction from the head, shaft and handles. So, chances of breaking are minimal hence allowing completion of work on time.

The other feature is the exquisite design. As you work with this tool, you will realize that it’s designed to favor all your working experiences. Whether you are working or carrying the shovel, it is comfortable and safe. Its production focuses much on providing a pleasant and firm grip that is slip resistant. The handle is ergonomic and has ample space to allow your hand to fit without straining.

When you think about versatility, think about Fobachi folding shovel. With a slight adjustment, it can allow you to dig through configuring it to 90 degrees to achieve a hand hoe design. Also, you can also use it on a straight position depending on the condition of the work. During adjustment, it’s possible to turn it into a pickax to dig in hard places. Other included functionalities include chiseling, chopping, sawing, bottle opening feature and nail extracting functioning.
Fobachi Military Folding Shovel, Multipurpose tool

Just as the name suggests, the shovel is folding; thus you will enjoy the ability to port it with ease. The shaft can be disassembled into small pieces to facilitate easy transportation and storage. This is a unique technique as unlike the collapsible one; you can also adjust the length of the shaft. Additionally, it comes with a large pouch capable of accommodating all the entire shovels components.

Finally, this shovel is unmatchable with the majority of available tools on the market today. Available in many features, it is what gardeners, campers, hikers among others. No need to but a light duty shovel which will inconvenience you, this is a right pick we can guarantee regarding quality, convenience and durability.

  • Easy to fold, disassemble and assemble
  • Ergonomic and comfortable handle
  • High versatility
  • Lightweight: 2.7 pounds
  • Small in size


As we said in the introduction, shovels are vital tools that every home should have. Although people believe they are dedicated to survivalists, hikers, campers, and individuals involved in such activities, they are essential tools. As we have seen, the foldable shovels are created to deliver versatility in their usage. Instead of buying a single item which can be expensive and space consuming, now you have a chance to but a folding shovel with other integrated features. Instead of listening to people talk about a particular folding shovel, you can be one of the users and feel the experience.


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