The Best Fast & Furious RC Cars That Look Just Like The Films

The Best Fast & Furious RC Cars That Look Just Like The Films

Top 9 Fast And Furious RC Cars Reviewed
Feel Just Like Dom And The Crew With TheseFast and FuriousRC Racers

The Fast& Furious serieshas always inspired drivers and car fanatics alike to look in to owning their very own Dodge,Chevy or Nissan, but most of the time the price of a real Furious car is quite a few ”zeroes” away from being viable. Well, how about buying a car which is a fraction of the size, for a fraction of the price? The Fast and Furious radio controlled car market is one way to live the dream of being a drifter or diceron your very own home streets. Take a look at our list of the top 9 best Fast and Furious RC cars and start racing against your friends today!

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Best Fast & Furious RC Cars

Picture Car Model Batteries Required Price Our Rating
Brian’s Nissan GT-R (R35) 5 AA $$ 5
1970 Dodge Charger Off Road Vehicle 6 AA $$ 4.9
Dodge Challenger Off Road Vehicle 6 AA $$ 4.8
Mitsubishi Eclipse 5 AA $$ 4.8
Dom’s ’70 Dodge Charger 5 AA $$$ 4.7
1967 Ford Mustang GT 4 AA $$ 4.6
BMW M3 Series 6 AA $$ 4.5
Chevrolet Camaro Police Car 1 9v + 2 AA $$ 4.5
Chevrolet Corvette C6 G5 1 9v + 2 AA $$$ 4.4

UsefulRC BuyingGuide

Often times it can be difficult to know what to look for if you are buying an RC car for the first time,whetheryou arepurchasing one as a gift for a friend or family member. How do you tell what the battery requirements are, and what is the difference between the models? Which car is best for my needs? These are important considerations no matter who you are buyingfor, so below we have answered some of the frequently asked questions that might be useful to keep in mind whenbuying one of these Fast & Furious RC cars.

How good is the battery life and remote range?

First off, the cars and remotes do not come with pre-packaged batteries and so you will need to buy some along with the car itself. Most of the units will need at least 4 AA batteries for the carand a further 2 AA batteries for the remote. The battery requirements vary depending on the power of the vehicle and the type of terrain you use it on – if you are climbing hills and rocks with one of the off-road models, it is likely that the battery will drain more quickly than if you simply drive along flat frictionless surfaces. The likelihood is that you will get an average of about 30 – 40 minutes of play out of a set ofregular batteries. We recommend purchasing rechargeable batteries that you can use again and again, which will save you money in the long run.There are also testaments fromcustomers who have replaced the standard stock batteries with lithium ion batteries to extend the power and play time of these cars, but we would recommend caution here. Only modify these vehicles if you are a professional and know what you are doing, they will be perfect for casual use right out of the box.

The remote range is quite short, but as these are rather inexpensive items you would expect a range of about 9 – 10 m (30 ft). Other remote controlled vehicles like the RC helicopters or drones will have far greater range, some up to 170ft (50m), but they also come at a higher price and have much more sophisticatednavigation and control systems.There are ways to boost your range that require modification to the remote itself, or you could purchase a separate remote that will work on the same frequency as the car you have. You will need to check the frequency in the details of the product before you do this. We like to think that having a bit of a jog down the road while you drive is a small price to pay forpiloting one of these awesome little cars.

Whatare the size and quality like?

Well, they certainly aren’t as large asa Land Rover that can be controlled by smartphone remote, but they do measure between 1/20th and 1/24th scale – that is around 7.5 X 3 X 2.5.The product information on Amazon always tells you the exact dimensions of the product, so you can compare these to some physical measurements of your own if you’re looking for a particular size. The detailing on these cars is also of avery high quality, which makes them great as miniaturecollector’s pieces. They are also not too expensive if you are building up a collection, because the non radio controlledstatic models are made frommore expensive materials – they may look better, but they can’t scoot down the roadto race against a friend.Thismeans that the radio control versions of these cars are much cheaper, and you could pick up both the off-road and superchargedversions of the Dodge Charge if you liked, oreven go for the whole collection if you wanted.

One thing to keep an eye out for is whether the car is officially licensed by the original dealership as in the case of the BMW M3, licensed by the film series as with Dom’s ’70 Charger, or simply created by a toy company as in the case of the Chevrolet Camaro and Corvette or Henes Broon. The officially licensed versions will be of a better quality, and the film tie in versions will have more accurate paint or extras that the regular car may not have. The non-licensed RC cars are not necessarily going to be of a worse quality, but they do have far more variation – you can see for example in the Ford Mustang GT that the decals and finish are not exactly the same as the film, even though the car itself looks great and performs well. This is simply something to keep in mind when looking for an RC car that suits your collection or gift idea. Need something a bit bigger for your child, why not check out the top motorized cars right here.

Which car is the best to buy?

This is where the decision comes down to personal preference and intended use. The off-road vehicles are better at handling rough terrain but may have a shorter battery life because they have slightly more power, and the road vehicles will perform poorly if driven along rough terrain and might burn out or have their wheels seize up with dirt and grime. Think about where you’ll be driving the car, or if you’ll be driving it quite often. If you’re collecting these you may be less concerned about the performance and more interested in the quality of the decals and finish on the body. Pay attention to these details as you need, and you will be sure to find something that suits your particular needs.

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It might also be interesting to note that Vin Diesel’s favourite pick forhis character Dom in The Fast and Furious movies is the 1970 Dodge Charger, because it has some sentimental value to the character. As we learn in the films, theCharger belonged to Dom’s father, and he feels a familial link to it that makes it a really important piece in his collection. It is certainly one of the more iconic pieces from our list, and has an instantly recognizable look.

RC cars are not only a childhood classic, they can make you a part of the heart-stopping chases that the Furious series loves to thrill its viewers with. You can take these little machines just about anywhere,like when you’re takinga holiday tripand the kids want to bring a toy or twoalong from home. AnRC is a great idea for keeping them occupied and outdoors instead of endlessly staring at a T.V.screen.This is also a good learning opportunity for children who may be interested in cars or want to work with cars in the future. Not to mention that there is much, much less risk when you’re behind the wheel of a miniature Power Wheels tractor! We highly recommend picking up one of these top 9 best Fast & FuriousRC cars fora fun time racing against friends or family.

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