The Best Electric Sonic Toothbrushes in 2019 Revealed – Good Dental Hygiene

The Best Electric Sonic Toothbrushes in 2019 Revealed - Good Dental Hygiene

Sonic has become one of the most well known names of electric toothbrushes; but, with many models, you have to compare features, design, brush heads, and use. This will allow you to find the best brush for personal use. These are the top 10 to consider when shopping for a new electric toothbrush.

10. Sonic Edge

Sonic Edge
This produces up to 31,000 brush strokes each minute, will whiten teeth, and help reduce plaque. It has three brushing modes as well as an auto timer. There is a soft and gentle mode for sensitive teeth. It comes with four brush heads, so more than one person can share the brush as well.

9. Sonicare Essence

Sonicare Essence
The soft grip handle is ergonomic and the brush will hold a charge for up to 2 weeks. A 2 minute smart timer will allow you to brush each quadrant for 30 seconds, and the contoured brush head which is included will reach the tougher to reach areas when you are brushing tight corners.

8. PurSonic High Speed

Includes 12 brush heads, a storage case, and features up to 40,000 brush strokes per minute at the highest power setting. It also has three modes to choose from for brushing, including a gentle and a massage mode, for those who have softer gum lines or issues with tooth sensitivity.

7. Sonicare HX3351

Sonicare HX3351
It is gentle, yet effective enough for even individuals who wear braces. The high velocity bristles allow you to cover more area in less time, and a wider base provides you with a more ergonomic grip design ensuring optimal comfort for the time you are brushing your teeth with the brush.

6. Sonicare HX9382

Sonicare HX9382
A black limited edition brush will whiten teeth up to two times better than handheld brushes will. It removes up to 7 times more plaque than leading brushes, includes two heads, USB cables and all chargers. The dual charging system also allows you to go on a full charge for a couple of weeks, and will charge in a matter of minutes.

5. Health HP

Health HP
Ultra wave technology produces up to 30,000 brush strokes each minute. There are three modes, including regular, and soft and sensitive cleaning modes. There are different brush heads with different colors so you can differentiate members in the household and it features an auto shut off, and timer mode, for quick brushing.

4. Phillips HX6921


The patented Sonic technology produces up to 31,000 brush strokes each minute and with 5 modes, including a clean gum mode, your gums will look and feel better in a couple of weeks. Gum inflammation and recession are also reduced, and up to 2 times more plaque removal is offered with this series brush.

3. Sonicare Flex Care

Sonicare Flex Care
You receive 2 handles, 2 diamond head brushes, a sanitizer and travel charger. There are three cleaning modes, sensitivity settings, and the brush delivers up to 31,000 strokes per minute. In one week you will see whiter teeth, and notice a much healthier gum line.

2. Phillips HX6511

Phillips HX6511
The brush has a slim handle for maneuverability, and features a 2 minute smart timer with 30 second notifications during this period. It also features three brush modes, and guarantees up to 2 times more plaque removal after only a two week period of use.

1. Phillips HX6510

Phillips HX6510
Produces up to two times more plaque removal than traditional brushing, and features a soft grip handle for maneuverability. It includes a contoured brush head allowing you to reach all teeth, a two minute smart timer function, a charger head and a carrying case. The brush also has sensitivity settings and modes, for anyone who needs a softer brush head and bristles when using a powerful electric toothbrush.


With the most well known name in oral care and electric toothbrushes, Phillips delivers on high quality products for consumers to choose from. Depending on the type of brushing you do and the number of users, these models are all great options to consider. Also, depending on the budget, whether or not you want additional brush heads, and the different modes and power settings you want to choose from, each of these electric toothbrushes is going to provide something different to the end user, and will produce the best quality results when you want to improve overall oral health.


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