The Best Electric Shavers for Women Who Want Amazing Shaving Results

The Best Electric Shavers for Women Who Want Amazing Shaving Results

Top 9 Best Electric Shavers for Women
Enjoy a Safe and Burn-Free Grooming For the Entire Body

Electric Razors for Women have a fickle reputation. But when was the last time you used one? The technology has come a long way since your mom handed you your first one to try. Electric razors for women have really stepped up their game in performance, and these days are definitely worth a second look. They can be time savers, and super convenient for so many reasons. We went searching for electric shavers for women that would give you a good close shave and would leave your skin feeling comfortable. What we found were some very interesting bonuses along the way.

Electric Shavers for Women BuyingGuide

Decide what function is most important for you in your electric shaver.

Will it be used for your legs only? Underarms? Face? Will you need your razor for your bikini area, and if so, do you want to be able to both trim and shave, or just shave? Does it need to be able to take care of multiple areas of the body for hair removal? Also, think about your preferred method of shaving. If you like to sit on the bedside and shave, you wont need a wet shaver. But, if you like to take care of your hair removal in the tub or the shower, youll have to check for the wet shave function. Be clear on what it is you want your new electric razor to do before diving into your search.

Think about where you are going to use your electric shaver

Are you always going to use it at home, and will it need a special place to sit to charge? Are you happy to plug it in a wall every time you shave? Will you want to take it with you on trips or holidays? If you take it camping, will it hold a charge? These questions will dictate whether its going to be important and convenient for your razor to have a plug in cord, if it should be cordless and rechargeable, if it should run on batteries, or have a combination of power options.


Electric shavers for women come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and price points. Youll need to decide how much your budget will allow for this long term purchase. If you are looking for a long term shaver, and are worried about the price, remember this is going to be an investment that can last you for years. Well made shavers, normally from name brand companies, are going to have warranties to help you worry less about the money. So you can focus more on being happy about the quality in product value.

Is brand important for you?

Are name brands important to you? Consider this when looking. There are many different brands of electric shavers for women out there. Some are going to be manufactured by names you know and trust, others might be names youve had some experience with, and some will be made by companies youve never heard of. If you are name brand conscious or committed, would you be willing to break out of those boundaries to discover a really great shaver that meets your needs?

What have others said about the same electric shaver?

Reviews are a goldmine of information. The manufacturer or the marketing team that is paid to endorse the product is going to have usually the same old things to say about how their product is the best. But when you dig into the reviews written by other women who have purchased and tried the electric shavers for women for themselves, youre going to see the truths come out! You will almost surely find someone who has the same challenges as you with hair (Thick or thin? Coarse or fine?) and they will have reported in their own words, how the razor did ( or didnt) work for them.

How long can I expect my electric shaverto last?

With a good quality, named brand shaver, you can expect to get 2 to 6+ years out of it, depending on how often you use it and how often you charge it. However, there are ways to prolong the life of your electric shaver. Make sure to clean it after every time you use it, using the manufacturers instructions. Buy the same brand cutters or screens when you find the blades are dulling. (it takes a long time for electric razors to get dull.) And store your shaver in a dry place.

Electric Shaver VS Razor, what are we looking at here?

While both methods have their merits, youll find you wont experience razor burn with an electric shaver. An electric shaver is also safer to use as there is no risk of cutting yourself. Another bonus is that you get to shave dry if you dont have the time or inclination to jump into the shower just to shave. Sit on the couch and shave, if you find you need a touch up before a night on the town. No nicks. No cuts.

I have sensitive skin. Should I even use an electric shaver?

Everyone has different needs in terms of skin care. If you find your skin is dry after using your electric razor, a good trick is to put lotion or a natural oil on your skin after it dries. (Be sure to check lotions or oils for allergens to your particular skin sensitivity.) Look for electric razors that say they have hypoallergenic steel foils, cutters, or screens.

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