The Best Electric Roasters for a Delicious Home Cooking

The Best Electric Roasters for a Delicious Home Cooking

Top 9 Best Electric Roasters

There are a few major necessities for a kitchen a fridge, a sink and of course, an oven. The oven may not be used every day, but it will be used often, and many of the more elaborate recipes will involve some sort of oven roasting or cooking. Sometimes it seems like too much of a burden to have to turn on and preheat an entire large oven when you only want to heat or cook a little food.

Or if you want to roast two different foods that require different cooking times or temperatures. This is why the electric roaster oven was invented it is basically a mini oven that sits on your kitchen bench and plugs into a power socket. They generally do everything a conventional oven does, sometimes more all while being completely portable and flexible. There are many different brands and types of electric roasters available, so here is a highlight of 9 of the best electric roasters on the market.

Electric Slow Roasters Buying Guide

Once you see for yourself just how easy and convenient it is cooking in your electric roasters, you will struggle to justify using your old, large conventional oven again. Your roaster oven is likely to be something that is used often weekly if not every day or so. Therefore, something that is so often used and that plays such an integral part in preparing your regular mealsshould be of high quality and meet your needs.There are some key things to consider when purchasing a roaster oven, and these will help you choose the best electric roastersthat guarantee you good value for money.


The size of an electric roaster oven can mean two things the physical size of the appliance will more or less be how much bench space it takes and how easy it is to store away. The physical size will usually be described in quarts for example a larger roaster oven will be a 22-quart, and a smaller will be closer to 10-quarts or less. This will give you an idea of the cooking capacity and how much room it will take in your kitchen.

The most important size consideration however is the total capacity of food that it can roast at any one time. For some reason, a popular measurement of roasting size is described using a turkey turkeys must be a popular food to roast in these ovens, so if you are one of the majority who wants to roast a large whole turkey, make sure you read the specifications to make sure that it will fit. Chances are the specifications on the website or forum about a particular roasting oven will specify the exact turkey size that will comfortably fit into the electric roasters. Once you know what size turkey will fit, then you can start visualizing just how much of other foods will fit. The general size of a good roaster oven is between a 20-lb and 30-lb turkey.

The Temperature Options

Look at the adjustable temperature range of the electric roaster ovens. Majority of those that we have reviewed have a variable temperature range of between 150 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cook Well Material

What is the kind of cook well material used in the electric roasters? This can generally be a removable enamel material on steel. The purpose of the cook well material is that it allows for even heat distribution in the electric roasters. It also facilitates the heat retention. In the electric roasters that we have reviewed as well as the majority of electric roasters in the market, the cook well material is generally dishwasher safe. However, the design of the enamel on steel still makes it easy to clean even if you dont use a dishwasher.


Look at the size of the lid of the electric roasters. If you are planning on roasting whole turkey, it is preferable to go for the high domed lids that allow for more volume. There are certain brands that offer you high domed lids for food to fit in nicely such as Nesco and Oster brands.


Like any kitchen appliance, there will be some electric roasters on the market that just offer the basics in this case, it will be the ability to roast, cook and bake. Other better roaster ovens will have added functionalities. For example, some actually double as a smoker (when the correct attachment is used), and some have an added keep warm function which will allow food to stay warm without actually cooking. On the flip side, some electric roasters will have an extra hot setting for browning food traditionally some food will need to be browned on the stove top before being placed in the oven, so having a roaster oven that both browns and roasts saves time, effort and dishes.

There may also be accessories such as additional racks and pans that can be purchased separately which can effectively add functionality. Most accessories are brand specific (as pan sizes and shapes can vary greatly between different models), so if you want a roaster oven with a particular accessory, make sure it is available. Take the time to read the specifications so that you understand exactly what a particular roaster oven can and cannot do.

What is the turkey, ham or roast size of the roaster oven?

This is often a practical indicator of just how much the electric roasters can take up. It varies from brand to brand and can be anywhere from 9-12lbs to 26lbs. When choosing the electric roaster size, keep the number of adult servings in mind. While a 9-12lbs electric roaster oven can serve between 6-8 adults, a 26lb roaster oven will serve up to 17 adults.

What is the quarts size of the electric roaster?

This is another way to look at the size of the electric roasters and can be anywhere from 14 quarts to 22 quarts.

What else can I do with the electric roasters?

The general rule of thumb is to consider your electric roaster oven to be exactly the same in every way to your conventional oven only smaller and cheaper to run. So if something cannot be cooked in your standard oven (such as a frozen meal), then it would not be encouraged to cook it in the roaster oven. That being said, there are roaster ovens on the market that have additional features to a conventional oven.

So there may be specific roaster oven on the market that will have a defrost capability this will be a selling point and will be evident just by looking at the product description. So if you are looking for a roaster oven to defrost large quantities of meat, and a particular one you are looking at mentions nothing about this functionality, then it is best to assume that it is not advised.

Now, you know exactly which slow roaster to buy, check out the video guide below from AllRecipes to find out how to cook your favourite meal.

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