The Best Electric Pressure Cookers for Fuss-Free Quick Meals

The Best Electric Pressure Cookers for Fuss-Free Quick Meals

Top 9 Best Electric Pressure Cookers Reviewed
An Electric Pressure Cooker is Your Answer to Quick and Easy Cooking

If you have seen an episode of MasterChef, then chances are you would have seen an electric pressure cooker in action, even if you may not completely understand exactly what it is and how it works. It is almost a magical appliance food goes in and in an extraordinarily short amount of time, it is cooked. The science is simple steam is created which creates pressure, and this pressure creates energy which cooks food quicker than normal. Once you cook using electric pressure cookers, you will wonder how you ever found the patience to cook before the usual way!Pots and pans be gone, here are some of the best electric pressure cookers for the true master chef!

Electric Pressure Cooker Buying Guide

It might seem like the simplest of appliances in your kitchen but there are plenty of factors and options you need to put in mind when shopping for one. A good electric pressure cooker should have the following:-

Made of stainless steel

There is a good reason why most kitchen appliances are made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is neutral and will not change the flavour of the foods with acidic ingredients. Unlike aluminium, they do not deform easily.

Avoid non-stick coatings

There has been a growing trend towards non-stick surfaces in the recent years but they have lots of disadvantages. While modern high quality non-stick surfaces have overcome the initial Teflon scare that drove away many buyers, they can still scratch or get damaged by sharp objects and this will destroy their non-stick property.

Pressure settings

If you are buying an electric pressure cooker, ensure that it has at least two pressure settings. There should be the High Pressure setting for cooking the denser foods and a Low Pressure setting that you can use in cooking less dense foods such as fish or veggies. You also need to look at the ease of changing the pressure settings. If you can do it with the touch of a button, the better. Some of the multi-functional pressure cookers that we have reviewed have up to 13 different modes to choose from and are even programmable.

Buy from an established brand

If you are looking for the best quality, dont go for some obscure electric pressure cooker brand. Choose the top brands in the kitchen appliance market such as Instant Pot, Conair Cuisinart, Secura, Power Cooker and GoWISE.

Apart from quality and reliability, buying from established cooker brands also comes with warranty and excellent customer service. Some of the electric pressure cooker parts are going to wear out with time and you will need to replace these with parts from a trusted manufacturer who also offers warranty.

Are pressure cookers safe?

A common question many first time buyers ask is whether pressure cookers are safe or whether they are going to explode and release clouds of scalding steam. Pressure cookers are quite safe for cooking. If you buy quality from any of the top rated brands, they have to come equipped with safety devices that minimize potential injuries that could occur in case the pressure cooker ruptures.

There are also safety features that you can take to minimize injuries. Avoid forcing it to open. In case your pressure cooker is older, check to see if the valves are still fully functional and consider replacing it. They dont cost much.

What size of pressure cooker should I buy?

Picking the right pressure cooker size can be a bit confusing. The size does not directly indicate the amount of food that the pressure cooker will hold. Also, there is the issue of measurement systems. While US manufacturers measure sizes in quarts, Asian and European made pressure cookers will likely be calibrated in litres. To simplify the process of choosing the size for buyers, many retailers will simply offer a rough estimate of the size in quarts.

You also need to keep in mind that you only need to have the pressure cookers filled only up to two-thirds of their full capacity for most of the foods you will cook in them. This makes choosing the right size an even more confusing process. Generally, it is advisable to choose a smaller pressure cooker that will satisfy your cooking needs. With pressure cookers, bigger is not necessarily better. For single to smaller families, a 6 to 8 quarts electric pressure cooker will just be adequate for their needs.

What can I cook in the pressure cooker?

You can cook pretty much everything though it is generally preferred for tougher foods such as chickpeas, beans, vegetables, pulses and stews. You will cook rice in just about a few minutes! Generally, electric pressure cookers are best for foods that need tenderizing.

Do you have any recommendations of the best electric pressure cookers I can buy?

All the electric pressure cookers that we have reviewed function pretty much the same way. The difference is in the bells and whistles, the various aspects that will appeal to one buyer and not necessarily to another. You may prefer a particular pressure cooker because of its simplicity and another because of the noise it makes. Some users might prefer one because it is large and another because of the multiple pressure settings and so on. Top9Rated has however offered you some of the best options that will appeal to various buyer preferences. Check out and determine your pick.

Pressure cookers are not a new invention – they have actually been around since the 1600s! And while it is true that the traditional pressure cooker is used on the stove, modern technology has progressed to the point where electric cookers are much more efficient and actually safer than the old style (as the pressure can be controlled). You have better things to do than spend unnecessary hours cooking, so do yourself a favor and invest in one of these electric pressure cookers. A good pressure cooker can reduce cooking time by up to 70%, so that adds up being a lot of extra free time that would otherwise be wasted in the kitchen.

Electric pressure cookers are advantageous for a number of reasons. They are ultra-fast and energy efficient. They will also preserve a lot of the nutrients in the food. Unlike the stovetop models, you don’t have to stay around or keep visiting to check if the food has cooked.

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