The Best Drywall Stilts in 2019 for Average Joes – DIY Home Renovation

The Best Drywall Stilts in 2019 for Average Joes - DIY Home Renovation

Drywall stilts also known as Dura Stilts are pillars, poles or post that allows you to stand some height above the ground. Stilt walking is not new, and it dates back 6th Century BC practiced in the ancient Greece. They were used for walking in wet fields and swollen rivers in Belgium and Shepherds in France to watch over the flocks.

In the modern days, Drywall Stilts are used in the construction industry. Dry lining (dry walling) is an involving task that can be damn tiresome. Imagine how terribly slow it would be using a ladder that you have to get down to move to the next area. Drywall stilts can make your work simpler by elevating your height and making your movement easy and fast. Drywall stilts have many more applications apart from just drywalling. You can use them when fitting the ceiling, plastering or even painting. Stilts are also being used in entertainment!

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What to Look For When Shopping for Drywall Stilts

Comfort: The last thing you’d like to see on your feet are scars resulting from bites from the stilts. Drywalling is a task that takes long hours, and if they are not comfortable enough, it impacts on your work. There should be a platform large enough to stand without straining.

Feet Design: Asides from being large, the foot should also be stable. You need the peace of mind when working. And with thick treads on the stepping area, they will prevent you from sliding as you undertake your work. Whichever angle you lean to, you should remain as stable as possible.

Adjustability: You should adjust the height of the stilts depending on the task ahead. Drywall stilts do not need to be that high based on the work they are designed to do. For most units, they can elevate by 30’. In the event you need a larger height, you might want to consider a lift or even a ladder. Also, make sure the footrests and securing straps are also adjustable to fit the size of your feet.

Built: A robustly constructed stilt is a must not only for stability but also your safety. It will be tragic if they crumble on your weight when working. So, make sure that you get the one that feels sturdy. Safe Drywall stilts are mainly made of heavy duty Aluminum alloy and are robust and durable enough.

Stability : Check that the stilts have a wide base to ensure that you do not trip over maybe when moving to a different level or bending to pass through low doorways.

The market is awash with drywall stilts. And separating the wheat from the chaff may be intimidating, confusing even. After conducting an extensive research, we’ve prepared detailed reviews on the best stilts so you can have an easy time shopping.

10. GypTool Pro 15″ – 23″ Drywall Stilts

GypTool Pro 15

GypTool should be you go-to manufacturer for products in the home and improvement category. The company offers drywall lifts, drywall stilts as well as the accessories. Plus you will note that GypTool stilts dominate this list. That is not by bias or mistake but because we consider them to function as expected. Closing the list of the top 10 best drywall stilts is GypTool Pro 15” – 23 Drywall Stilts. It has a 5-star rating on Amazon, a sign of high quality. Let have a break-down of the features that makes these stilts rank among the best in this category.

Don’t settle for less. Your safety is paramount, and that is why you should not go for those cheaply made units that may crumble any moment. GypTool Pro 15″ – 23 Drywall Stilts have Aluminum alloy construction that renders them extremely robust to support your weight.

Also, although aluminum is the material used in making these stilts, they still feel lightweight. Fortunately, that does not compromise on the durability of the stilts. The property comes in handy in ensuring that you walk effortlessly keeping less fatigued. What that implies is that you can work for long hours and achieve your best.

Besides, GypTool Pro 15” – 23 Drywall Stilts feature a non-locking frame with overlapping to ensure the unit is easy to adjust. Don’t forget only industrial grade tubes have been used and they boost the adjustability.
GypTool Pro 15

What’s more, these stilts will not feel rigid like those poor units out there. Thanks to the dual-flex system, there is no better way of rendering them mobile. As such, the movement does not feel deliberate, but it tends to be as natural as possible.

Moreover, the unit does not need any tools to adjust the height. It should be simple to extend the stilts using the wing bolt design. The height adjusts from 15” to 23” inches. Well, while that height might be sufficient to elevate you if you don’t work on high heights, those who may need to elevate to higher heights can go for GypTool Pro 48” – 64” drywall stilts. Again it will depend on your height.

Besides, the set comes with shoes and leg straps that are adjustable and reinforced with auto-lock metal buckles. That allows you to use and remove the stilts swiftly and easily.

What’s more, all of us are different, and the tools that we use have to accommodate the diversity. GypTool Pro 15″ – 23 Drywall Stilts have your comfort at the forefront. They come with extra-wide padded calf braces. Additionally, there are 3-position heel plates that are adjustable to fit all users.

Also, the stilts have a large textured premium material sole that prevents the unit from slipping when working on a smooth hard surface. Besides, the material will not leave any damages to the floor surface.

  • Non-skid wide base
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Adjustable 3 position heel plates
  • Dual-flex system for mobility
  • Low height

9. Dura-Stilt 2440 Deluxe Stilts

Dura-Stilt 2440 Deluxe Stilts

The name says it all. Dura-Stilt has a reputed the manufacturer of durable stilts and accessories. Dura-Stilts makes it to the list of the giants not for nothing but because we believe they are going to take over the industry in years to come. They present you Dura-Stilt 2440 Deluxe Stilts. The customers think the product delivers what is it is designed to for. As such, at the time of writing this, the product has a 5-star rating on Amazon. What is that makes these stilts superior over other on the market.

Dura-Stilt 2440 Deluxe Stilts are entirely adjustable to suit your height, leg shape, stride, and weight. The height adjusts from 24 inches all the way to 40 inches. Besides, the stilts offer three adjustment sizes such that to accommodate various working heights. These stilts have a load capacity of up to 225 lbs.

Also, you can be sure that moving with these stilts will not make you easily fatigued. They are made from lightweight Aluminum, but that does not compromise on the durability. Hence, with Dura-Stilt 2440 Deluxe Stilts, you will work non-stop without feeling too tired after work.

Forward and backward movement with Dura-Stilt 2440 Deluxe Stilts has been made a little simple. The stilts feature a patented ‘ankle muscle’ action which lets you adjust separately so that whether you are moving forward or backward the movement is well coordinated.
Dura-Stilt 2440 Deluxe Stilts

Also, using these stilts need no expertise. You don’t need to carry any tools every time you want to adjust the height of units. That renders them very simple to use for professionals and starts alike.

What’s more, you don’t need to be concerned about the durability of these stilts. Besides, don’t settle for those flimsy units out there made from cheap metal. Crumbling on the stilts can cause serious injuries to you, and that is why you need a carefully constructed set. Manufactured from premium grade aluminum alloy, you can be sure they will feel solid. Dura-Stilt 2440 Deluxe Stilts are recommended for professional who hang sheets of drywall, painting, plywood and more applications.

  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight
  • Everything adjustable
  • Ankle muscle for independent adjusting
  • Superb

8. SurPro S2.1 Magnesium Drywall Stilts 24”-40”

SurPro S2.1 Magnesium Drywall Stilts 24”-40”

SurPro is a force to reckon with when it comes to offering drywall supplies and their accessories. Their array of products includes but not limited to lifts, stilts and accessories and claim that make more sales than their competition combined. The company now presents you SurPro S2.1 magnesium Drywall Stilts 24″-40″. With a high rating of 4.9 stars on Amazon at the time of writing this, you have zero reasons to doubt the quality of these stilts.

SurPro S2.1 magnesium Drywall Stilts 24”-40” are made of magnesium material considered a little robust than Aluminum alloy material but lightweight. As such, these stilts do not only promise you long life but will also feel very light to walk on. Hence, you can be sure about your safety when using this set of stilts.

What’s more, the stilts adjust from 24 to all the way to 40 inches which make it possible to accommodate different heights. And while doing that, you don’t need to worry about having tools changing the height. The stilts now use quad lock technology, offering double wing bolt design for added security. As such, that renders the extensions legs even more stable as well as increase force resistant and consequently better safety.

The stilts exhibit a unique dually design that offers two sides support leading to improved balance and stability. Those properties mainly work best when the stilts at full length. Also, you will find it very useful if you are tall.
SurPro S2.1 Magnesium Drywall Stilts 24”-40”

SurPro S2.1 magnesium Drywall Stilts 24″-40″ are not the common stilts out there. They come in a new patented design that leaves them not only wider but also lightweight. That offers more balance and enhances the mobility.

Also, your comfort is another aspect that these stilts have put into consideration. They come with a new padded wrap-around band that will leave no marks on you. Also, for extra comfort, they feature an extra wide contoured plate to cushion you from slipping and keep you comfortable and balanced.

Besides, your security has not been left out. These stilts come with three-position oversized heel bracket and foot plates. And to keep in place, they have interloping straps making them easy to use and ensuring you remain secure.

Another user safety feature that a stilt should not miss is the interlock side pole bracket. It plays a significant role in guaranteeing your safety when using stilts. SurPro S2.1 magnesium Drywall Stilts 24″-40″ has an interlock that locks the support poles in a secure manner so for your safety.

SurPro S2.1 magnesium Drywall Stilts 24”-40” have qualified in all aspects. As such we recommend it for all professional. You’ll find them useful in drywall painting, ceiling works and more.

  • Solid magnesium construction
  • Security interlock
  • Comfort round leg bands
  • Dually design for balance and stability
  • Relatively expensive

7. Pentagon Tools 1152 MAG Stilts 24-40

Pentagon Tools 1152 MAG Stilts 24-40

When you want to buy drywall tools and accessories, power generators and any other construction equipment, you should look no further than Pentagon Tools. The company has its headquarters in Mancelona and offers products whose quality you cannot doubt. With them, professionalism is all they aimed to offer you. Pentagon Tools brings you one of their top rated products on Amazon Pentagon Tools 1152 MAG Stilts 24”-40”. Let’s see why these drywall stilts stand out from the park.

Now, we’ve belabored so much on aluminum alloy constructed drywall stilts and probably they are the most common on the market. Pentagon Tools 1152 MAG Stilts 24”-40” breaks away from the conventional way of doing things. And now they bring you drywall stilts made from aluminum. While aluminum is robust and lightweight also, such stilts cannot beat aluminum stilts regarding durability and lightweight. It is worth noting that magnesium stilts are one-half lighter compared to stilts made from other materials.

From that property, there are a few things you’ll benefit from using a magnesium drywall stilts. First, they are equally or more solid compared to the aluminum meaning that at no given time will they crumble under your weight. As such, you should have the peace of mind that your safety is a priority. Secondly, you can also be guaranteed that will feel extremely light walking around such that you can walk and work for long hours with little or no complaints. And thirdly, you can be sure it is a lifetime purchase as they are bound to last longer than the conventional units.

Well, the second name of Pentagon Tools 1152 MAG Stilts 24”-40” could be versatility and flexibility. They are among the easiest to use stilts you can find on the market. Why is that? The stilts feature a mechanism known as wing bolt design that plays a vital role in how you interact with these stilts. With it, you will require no tools to adjust the height of these units. The name says it all. These stilts will allow you to adjust the height from 24” all the way to 40”. You can be sure most of our working heights are covered there. The stilts can support a maximum of 228lbs of load capacity.
Pentagon Tools 1152 MAG Stilts 24-40

What’s more, Pentagon Tools 1152 MAG Stilts 24″-40″ will feel solid no matter what. It comes with leg adjustment sleeves that allow for smooth action. And now, with the new improved Nylon leg adjustment sleeves, you can be sure they will be a fit for almost any user while at the same guaranteeing maximum comfort.

Also, it is possible to slide when on the stilts that have no mechanism to prevent that. Now that would be dangerous because it means twisting your legs. With Pentagon Tools 1152 MAG Stilts 24”-40”, you are safe at all times. The unit comes with a dual spring action that allows them to remain as flexible so you can move as naturally as possible. The result is working for long hours as well as less fatigue

Many a time, you will be working on smooth surfaces such as a carpeted floor. Since it is possible to slide, there is need to find a way of navigating around lest you hurt yourself. The manufacturer new it would be a challenge, and that is why these stilts feature premium grade rubber soles. That ensures a firm traction with the smooth surface leading to a no-skidding experience

Pentagon Tools 1152 MAG Stilts 24″-40″ are designed to give you the ultimate comfort when working. These stilts have leg bands that have soft padding, so it feels easy on your feet plus you are free to adjust them to make sure they are fitting. As such, you can be sure you’ll be working for long. Another cool thing about these stilts is that they come with self-locking metal buckles rendering the unit safe and easy to use.

We recommend Pentagon Tools 1152 MAG Stilts 24”-40” for those who would like professionalism in their work. They are ideal for hanging drywall, painting, ceiling works and many more applications.

  • Sturdy and lightweight MAG material
  • Non-skid rubber soles
  • Wing bolt design for easy height adjustment
  • Comfort leg padding
  • Foot pads allegedly wear fast

6. Yescom Drywall Stilts 24″-40″ Aluminum Tool Stilt

Yescom Drywall Stilts 24

Drywall stilts should not only make it possible to move. The movement has to feel as natural as possible. That is because if you strain, it means getting tired quickly and you can do much in such a situation. Yescom Drywall Stilts 24″-40″ promise just that. With it, you can forget about using that annoying ladder. Now aside from that, more properties that make this drywall stilt feature among the giants in this category. You might also be interested in telescoping ladders.

As the title already suggests, Yescom Drywall Stilts 24″-40″ allows you to adjust the height from 24 inches to 40 inches. That makes possible to accommodate our different heights. What that implies is that for the best working experience, you should ensure that you choose to extend the stilts depending on your height. Even more, you don’t need any tools to get your height adjusted. With the wing bolt design, changing the height is a child’s play.

What’s more, you need to forget about those cheaply constructed units found on the market. Yescom Drywall Stilts 24”-40” has been designed with your safety in mind. It is made from lightweight aluminum alloy rendering it highly durable. It can support a maximum 227 lb load capacity. Besides, it should not feel like an involving task walking on these stilts. Thanks to the low weight material used in the making. They are in line with somatology and motion feature.

What’s more, walking on these stilts will not feel rigid. Thanks to the dual actions springs on the unit, the unit becomes highly flexible.
Yescom Drywall Stilts 24

Also, the status of your working stations surface does not matter. Even if it is smooth, Yescom Drywall Stilts 24”-40” are designed for you. The stilts feature skid resistant rubber sole that will ensure it does not slip. That should give you the peace of mind when undertaking any of your tasks.

Besides, to accommodate different leg sizes, these stilts come with 3-position heel brackets. Additionally, they prevent slipping in either direction. And for even extra safety, there are metal buckle straps and heel plates that will remain resilient under your weight. What’s more, for reinforcement and reliability, each of the joints and pivots comes with lock nuts.

Also, as already pointed out, your safety matters a lot. Now, this unit makes it possible to replace the parts so you can remain as secure as possible. That demands time to time check-ups to ensure that everything works perfectly as designed.

Even more, although the appearance of a drywall stilt does not have as much significance as safety, comfort, and reliability of the unit, it is still worth consideration. Yescom Drywall Stilts 24″-40″ features an elegant design and is simply adorable.

Yescom Drywall Stilts 24″-40″ are designed for use by individuals as wells as for commercial use. They will come in handy in a wide array of applications including hanging drywall, painting and fixing the ceiling. With them, you can be guaranteed of more stability and less fatigue.

  • Skid-resistant rubber sole
  • Dual action springs for flexibility
  • Wing bolt design (adjusting height)
  • Durable aluminum alloy construction
  • Instructions relatively vague

5. GypTool Pro 24″ – 40″ Drywall Stilts

GypTool Pro 24

It can be a tough and messy task to hang drywall and can consume a lot of time. However, being your responsibility, you have to do it no matter what. But with stilts, you take less time compared to using a ladder that you have to descend all the time so you can drag it to a new position. Not only that. Stilts allow you to work while accessing the hard to reach areas safely. GypTool Pro 24″ – 40″ Drywall Stilts promise you a better experience when undertaking your next project. What makes these stilts standout from the rest of the competition? We also have reviews of the best ladders in 2019 for you.

GypTool Pro 24” – 40” Drywall Stilts are not your average type of stilts made from flimsy materials that will not support even the easiest weight load. They are made from durable, lightweight aluminum that will last you years of usage. That means two things for you.

First, you can be sure that they will not crash on your weight since they are robust enough. The stilts have a rated load of 225 pounds. Secondly, being lightweight makes them not only portable but will fill easy to move. The stilt measures 7.5 lbs. What results from that is you can now work for long hours without getting exhausted easily.

What’s more, the height is adjustable from 24”- 40”. That allows you to reach those areas that you find hard to reach when standing on your feet. Not to mention that you need not tools to adjust the height thanks to the wing nut design.

Also, GypTool Pro 24” – 40” Drywall Stilts features leg and foot straps that are entirely adjustable. And to make it simple and fast to use and remove, the straps are reinforced with automatic locking buckles. That way, you don’t need to spend lot of time trying to get them fastened.
GypTool Pro 24

Moreover, the unit comes with a non-rocking frame with a mechanism that allows it to overlap. Besides, there are paired industrial strut tubes which are paired and also adjustable. And thanks to the dual flex system, GypTool Pro 24” – 40” Drywall Stilts have high flexibility. As such, there is no rigidness to impair your moment.

Even more, the units come with extra-wide padded calf braces easy on your legs, and that provide additional support as you work. Together with the 3-position adjustable heel plates, you can be sure they are designed for everyone.

Also, don’t get concerned about falling over with these stilts. They feature a large base that ensures that you remain stable as you walk and work. Besides, the texturing ensures that they gain maximum traction with the surface, so you don’t slip as you walk. Also, the manufacturer uses a high-grade material in the making of the base, so it does not leave damages on the floor.

If you have areas that you want to paint, hang drywall, ceiling, wiring, then GypTool Pro 24″ – 40″ Drywall Stilts should be top on your list. You can rely on them for fast and professional results in your tasks.

  • Solid aluminum construction
  • Extra-wide padded calf braces
  • Adjustable foot and leg straps
  • Large base for stability
  • Springs a little stiff at first

4. GypTool Pro 48″ – 64″ Drywall Stilts

GypTool Pro 48

For all your home improvement, construction and interior design tools, look no further than GypTool. They aim to leave to it that you carry handle your tasks with ease and professionalism. The company prides itself on having a very active team of professional guaranteeing on super-quality tools. And now, they present you GypTool Pro 48″ – 64 Drywall Stilts.

By failing to perform due diligence when selecting drywall stilts, it means not valuing your safety. And going by the huge numbers of stilts out there, it is highly likely that you may be spoilt for choice. Most of them have cheap materials although they claim to be the best. You don’t want to be disappointed a few days of using them. The worst that could happen is you hurting yourself for failing to be serious in selecting. GypTool Pro 48” – 64” stilts have your safety at the forefront. Made of high-grade light aluminum, there can be zero doubts about the safety and robustness of these units.

Additionally, since it is lightweight aluminum, walking with them will require not much effort. That property makes them an ideal choice for those who work long hours. Also, even those who feel they do not have much strength can use these stilts with little exhaustion.

What’s more, these stilts are designed for use by anybody. It is pretty easy to adjust the height whenever you want to work on something beyond your height. Featuring a wing nut design, changing the height has never been this simple.

GypTool Pro 48” – 64” drywall stilts let you adjust the height in 5 levels. Typically, it measures 48’ inches when in the normal setting. You can elevate it to 52”, 56”, 60” and the highest 64”. With that kind of height, you can be sure that not many tasks will proof to be too hard for you.

Also, GypTool Pro 48” – 64” drywall stilts are not rigid and will not affect you movement whatsoever. As a result, you can use them all them all day without expending too much effort when moving. Besides, never again will you ever feel tired after walking on stilts. To ensure that you walk freely GypTool Pro 48” – 64” Drywall Stilts come with a dual flex spring system whose sole purpose is to enhance the mobility of the unit.
GypTool Pro 48

Besides, if you used stilts and were disappointed due to how uncomfortable they felt, then you have GypTool Pro 48” – 64” at your rescue. With these stilts, your comfort comes first. It comes with fully adjustable leg and shoe straps. To add on to that, it features an auto-locking buckle that not only ensures your security but also allows it to accommodate several users. And when it comes to using and removing, you can also be guaranteed that it will be a breeze.

What’s more, your comfort does not end there. GypTool Pro 48” – 64” stilts feature extra wide braces that make it a perfect choice for just anyone. Even more, the braces come with soft padding, so you don’t get hurt as you walk on these amazing tools. And if you thought your leg size could be your undoing when using these stilts, then you have no excuse. They come with three position heel plates which are adjustable, so they accommodate the size of your feet.

Drywall stilts are mainly used indoors on smooth yet hard surfaces like carpets. As such, it makes sense to go for those units that will not skid. GypTool Pro 48″-64″ are workhorses everywhere you use them. Thanks to the wide base, you can be sure they will fall over. And with a textured base, they will slip no matter how smooth the surface feels. They property plays a role in ensuring traction with the surface giving you the peace of mind as you work and walk.

Besides, you have not need to worry about the damaging the floor. They are made from a high-grade material that is easy on the floor. GypTool Pro 48” – 64” Drywall Stilts are perfect for tasks involving professionals such as drywall taping, ceiling fixing and more.

  • Robust aluminum
  • Lightweight
  • Wide textured base
  • Wing nut design for easy adjustment
  • Requires assembly

3. GypTool Pro 18″ – 30″ Drywall Stilts

GypTool Pro 18

Imagine you are in the house repairing the ceiling and the only tool you have close to you is a ladder. While you it will still help, it can utterly slow. What with all those times you have to climb down so as to move to the next point? It can be really tiring and a task that would have required a few hours might even take you two days. But you can save yourself the trouble by grabbing yourself GypTool Pro 18” – 30” Drywall Stilts.

A drywall stilt is a very crucial tool, but if you don’t exercise care when buying, then you might end up risking your life. There are many stilts constructed with cheap metals on the market that purport to be stilts. Your safety is the priority of GypTool. It features lightweight height grade construction that you can be sure of their durability. This is not the kind that you that will crumble on slight weight. The solid aluminum material guarantees you lifetime service. And because the stilts are lightweight, you won’t need much effort walking with them. Working for long hours without feeling exhausted will be easy.

This drywall stilt is as easy to adjust the height as real stilts should be. You need no tools to change the height. You will find it simple to adjust the height with a wing-nut design. See also the best multi-tools of all time.

As the title suggests, GypTool Pro 18” – 30” Drywall Stilts allow you to adjust the height from 18 inches to 30 inches. That is a height sufficient for most tasks. So you can be sure you’ll be sorted on almost all your tasks. The stilts will not feel heavy on your legs. Weighing only 6.75 pounds, it should be possible to walk without straining. What’s more, they can support a capacity of 225 pounds way above what most people weigh.

Stiffness is one factor that an impair movement. The result would be you putting in so much effort even to make a single stride. And the end of the day, you may feel exhausted not from working but from walking. That is obviously something you wouldn’t like. GypTool Pro 18” – 30” Drywall Stilts feature dual flex spring system that makes it highly mobile.
GypTool Pro 18

What’s more, your comfort using these stilts is a priority. It features both shoe and leg straps that are fully adjustable to accommodate different foot size. Also, there is auto-locking buckle that makes it easy to use or even remove stilts.

Also, the unit comes with extra wide braces that will accommodate anyone. The braces are padded to ensure maximum comfort around your leg. Besides, your leg size does not matter. These stilts have you in mind. They come with 3 –position heel plates that you can adjust to fit the size of your fit.

Even more, the surface of your working station does not matter. GypTool Pro 18″ – 30″ Drywall Stilts are designed for use anywhere irrespective of how smooth or rough the surface is. They have a large base that makes it hard to trip over.

The base is textured to prevent, so it does not slide when working in smooth areas like on top of the carpet. Not only that, the material is high grade and will leave no dents to the floor surface. GypTool Pro 18” – 30” Drywall Stilts is ideal for drywall, fitting and fixing ceiling, wiring and more.

  • Adjustable shoes and leg straps
  • Padded wide braces
  • Dual flex system for flexibility
  • Solid built
  • Smelly rubber feet that goes away

2. Pentagon Tools “Tall Guyz” Professional 18″-30″ Drywall Stilt

Pentagon Tools “Tall Guyz

Headquartered in Mancelona, MI, Pentagon Tools are manufacturers of high top quality and top selling drywall tools and accessories, power generators and other construction-related equipment. Their aim is to make sure you have the best experience in whatever you do while at the same time doing professional work. The company presents you Pentagon “Tall Guyz” Professional 18”—30” Drywall Silts. Although they may look similar to the top listing, there are some differences in features and also working that makes it appear as a standalone item.

There are many flimsy units on the market purported to be drywall stilts. While you might be lured into buying them probably because their prices are low, you’d be doing yourself a great disservice. You deserve professional units that will guarantee your security in your work. You can depend on Pentagon “Tall Guyz” drywall stilts for your safety. They are made of industrial grade aluminum alloying rendering them extremely durable.

What’s more, you don’t need to have any tools bothering you as they are not needed in adjusting the height of this unit. They feature wing bolt design that plays two crucial roles. First, it provides the flexibility needed and secondly, it offers the versatility needed so that adjusting the height is the easiest thing you can do.

Besides, when walking on Pentagon “Tall Guyz” drywall stilts, you can be sure that they will not feel wobbly. That is because not only is everything is designed to fit nicely for a smooth action, but you will also love the improvement that has been made to the nylon leg adjustment sleeves.
Pentagon Tools “Tall Guyz

And thanks to the lightweight aluminum construction, this stilts will not feel heavy on you. That makes them ideal for working all day long. Despite being lightweight, the stilts still feel solid enough to support your weight and a few working tools that a professional must have. It can support a load capacity of 228lbs.

As you are aware, for the best experience and in particular your safety when working with stilts, you have to put your height into consideration when adjusting the height of the unit. Otherwise, they will feel so uncomfortable and may end up being utterly unstable. Pentagon “Tall Guyz” drywall stilts allow you to adjust to any height between 18″ and 30″ to accommodate different users’ heights.

What’s more, these stilts feature a dual spring action that renders them highly flexible while at the same time preventing sliding. With a flex unit, even moving becomes a little bit naturally. As such, you don’t get fatigued fast.

Also, since you will most likely work on smooth surfaces, you have no reason to be concerned about skidding. Pentagon “Tall Guyz” drywall stilts come with premium grade rubber soles that create firm grip with the floor, so you do not slip in the course of your work.

How comfortable you are when using stilts determines your performance on the job. Most importantly, one can tell by how long you take working. As expected, you cannot afford to take much time when you feel uncomfortable. Pentagon “Tall Guyz” drywall stilts are designed for your comfort.

They come with legs padded bands that you can adjust to ensure that your legs do not get numb. Besides, there are also adjustable heel plates and foot straps that make it possible to accommodate any leg size. Need we mention that the straps feature self-locking metal buckles for ease of use and removal and reinforcement? Pentagon “Tall Guyz” drywall stilts are designed for professionals. They are ideal for fixing the ceiling painting, hanging drywall and many more applications.

  • Solid aluminum alloy construction
  • Padded leg pads
  • Wing bolt design for easy adjustment
  • Non-skid rubber soles
  • Average at best

1. Pentagon Tools 18″ – 30″ Drywall Stilts

#1. Pentagon Tools 18

Hands down, no other company comes close to the quality of products Pentagon Tools offers. They pride themselves in offering top notch drywall supplies and accessories that no other manufacturer can match. Now, they present you Pentagon Tools `18 – 30’ Drywall Stilts that has attracted numerous positive reviews from all quotas and rated very high on Amazon. It was designed with professionalism and for professionals like you. Here are the remarkable features that this pair of drywall stilts from Pentagon offers.

Working on slippery floors can pose serious dangers if you are not careful. And with stilts that are not designed to ensure your safety in such areas, then you’ll have no one to blame. Your safety is a priority when these stilts come with premium rubber soles that will ensure that you remain unshakeable as you drag around and work. No matter how slippery the floor is, they will offer traction needed with a smooth surface, so you don’t slip.

With these stilts height from the ground to where the foot platform is 18 inches. They allow you to adjust up to 30” which is almost double that height. That is range enough to accommodate most heights. However, you have to set the height of the stilts with your height into consideration. Otherwise, you might find it hard walking. You need no tools to adjust the height of these stilts thanks to the wing bold design. In that state, it can support up to 228 pounds load capacity.

You can have the peace of mind when working Pentagon Stilts. They are designed with your safety in mind. They have a robust aluminum construction capable of supporting your weight. You should not worry about tumbling as you work or walk. Need we mention that it offers an extra one pound over others on the market to support even more load? You don’t stilts that you will use a few minutes and you are tired. The material is robust yet lightweight measuring approximately 6lbs to ensure that you can work for long hours.

Rigidity of stilts can impact on your movement and get you tired fast. The units feature double spring action that makes sure it remains as flexible as possible. Additionally, that property helps to also prevent the legs from sliding.
#1. Pentagon Tools 18

Also, if you care about colors, Pentagon drywall stilts comes in a variety of colors so you can choose your favorite one. You have silver, blue, black and red to choose from.

Also, this a pretty reliable piece of equipment designed for use by anyone. The heel plates are adjustable to accommodate any feet size. And for your comfort and safety, the foot straps are also adjustable. Besides, it comes with self-locking metal buckles that make your works simple. Also for additional comfort, they come with adjustable leg bands that with padding. That comes in handy in ensuring your legs do not sustain scars however long you decide to work.

Do not let the name fool you into thinking the units are only for drywall purposes. Pentagon Drywall Stilts have more applications than for drywall. The word multipurpose would suit the stilts succinctly. They are also ideal for electrical work, painting drop ceiling and many more applications.

  • Solid Aluminum built
  • Adjustable foot straps, leg bands
  • Flexible
  • Self-locking metal buckles
  • Just what you need


The significance of drywall stilts cannot be underrated. You need to ditch that ladder that you must drag every time leading to much time wasted and leaving you totally fatigued. Stilts will elevate your height to access the hard to reach areas while keeping you comfortable and safe. But that calls for vigilance when purchasing stilts and that why the reviews above will come in handy when shopping.


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