The Best Drones With HD Cameras – Video Quadcopters

The Best Drones With HD Cameras – Video Quadcopters

Top 9 Best Drones With HD Cameras
Camera Drone Quadcopters for the Clearest Aerial Images

Drones have gone mainstream. You no longer need to blow a fortune to acquire your own little personal drone that you can put into a variety of uses. With so many new start-ups trying to get their foot in the door before the competition, there are lots of options to choose from when youre deciding on which is the best drone for you! There are literally countless brands offering different kinds of drones that you could opt for although the value you get differs depending on the brand that you choose. If you plan to capture high quality images using the most reliable drones, check out any of these quadcopter drones with HD cameras and enjoy hours of fun.

Buyer’sGuide For Drones With HD Cameras

Every drone is designed for a particular use in mind. Most drones available on the market today come standard with features such as HD video recording so you really wont have to worry about finding a drone that can live up to your standards in that regard. However with more complex models and features available in the market, other factors come into play when it comes to selecting a suitable drone for your needs. These include the following:-


Many people see videos on YouTube or other websites of people flying drones without a care in the world! It looks easy on camera but its a completely different feeling when youre behind the controls! Flying in itself is a difficult task to accomplish when you take into consideration the area that you live in and factors such as weather or wind speeds that will have a significant impact on your drones flight stability.

Even in perfect conditions, it takes time to become acclimated with the dynamics and controls of flying a drone. Every drone is equipped with an integrated computer system commonly called a flight controller which collects information regarding the infrastructure during flight and makes the necessary adjustments to balance its weight while propelling itself in air.

Generally, drones which are better equipped for ease of operation are likely to cost you more.The dynamics of being able to engage in stable flight is quite complex. Most drones that are in the higher price points come with highly advanced stabilization, landing, flight control and monitoring systems that are capable of handling much more flight data than cheaper models. This is the sole reason for higher priced drones being easier to use. If youre a beginner looking to have some fun and arethinking of buying the cheaper model drones, just know that there will be a steep learning curve to surmount so as to enjoy a seamless flight with your drones.

MicroSD Card Capacity

If you will be capturing images and videos with your drone, then there must be a place to store them. Depending on how much you plan on recording, you need to look at the maximum capacity of the microSD that the drone can accept. Some can have 32GB and others as much as 64GB.

Image Resolution

If you are buying drones with HD cameras, then the image quality is one of the factors that will be uppermost on your mind. The drone features should not be looked at in isolation. For example, do not focus on the image resolution so much that you forget to consider factors such as weight, flight times, battery life etc. If you are looking for top performance, a lot of things must fall into place. Drones with HD cameras generally have various kinds of image resolutions including 720p, 1080p etc.

Assembly Options

Not all drones come fully assembled. In most cases, you will have to do the assembly yourself but it is no rocket science. The main drone assembly options available in the market include the following:-

RTF (Reday-To-Fly) RTF drones come completely assembled and require no modification on your part to begin flying. Some RTF drones may require you charge the battery, however.

BNF (Bind-And-Fly) BNF drones usually also come pre-assembled but they dont include a controller. You must find or purchase one that works with your drones frequency.

ARF (Almost-Ready-To-Fly) ARF drones are more like drone kits and dont usually include a transmitter or receiver. ARF kits can also exclude motors, flight controllers or even batteries. When purchasing a drone labeled as ARF, read the product description very carefully to ensure it includes all the hardware and accessories that you want.

Flight Duration

Majority of the drones available to consumers have very low flight times, typically in the range of 5 minutes to 25 minutes. Research is still ongoing in order to develop better performing drones. However, currently, this is the range of flight times that you have to put up with. Flight time is directly linked to the battery capacity of the drone. So when buying your drone, put an emphasis on the battery life cum flight time as shorter flight times will really ruin the drone flying experience. It is also advisable that you purchase an extra battery that you can replace quickly when the primary one gets depleted.

Flying Restrictions

With more and more consumers purchasing drone technology the airways in which they can be legally flown is still very minimal. Most parks and national or state monuments are off limits and the FAA impose restrictions for specific areas in each state. If youre thinking about purchasing a drone it is of the utmost importance that you review all of your state laws regarding drone flight, if you are caught flying a drone in an restricted area or you are caught operating an unregistered drone (if its over 55lbs) there are some hefty fines and even legal situations you can become entrapped in. Make sure you review your states policy on drone flight before you buy one!

What drones add-ons and accessories should I consider?

If your drone has enough lift from its rotors and propellers, then you can equip it with additional features in order to extend its functionality and get the most from it. Before buying the drone accessories, however, it is important to check the manufacturers website or product information so to ascertain its lift. With sufficient lift, the drone should be able to carry at least a half pound more of its actual weight. However, extra weight may have an impact on the stability of the drone and will exert more pressure on its rotors.

  • Action cameras: All the drones that we have reviewed above have in-built cameras that can take clear images. However, if you happen to purchase a drone without one, you can separately purchase an action camera that can be attached on the drone for photography purposes.
  • Gimbal– gimbal (see here for top gimbals for GoPro’s) is a mechanical camera stabilization system that allows you to capture smooth, crisp video even when the drone is moving at high speeds. Some drones are built with a gimbal but where it doesnt exist, you will need to purchase this as an extra accessory and ensure that it is compatible with the HD camera you are using on your drone.
  • Remote controllers: Remote controllers allow you to communicate with the flight controller of the drone hence control the movement and maneuvers of the drone. They come with varying degrees of sophistication depending on your budget and choice. While some drones have their own remote controllers, you can buy these as aftermarket parts. Some sophisticated drones will create their own Wi-Fi hotspots allowing you to control them from your smartphones or tablets and control their movement using a drone app.
  • Drone batteries: – On average, a typical drone battery will give you flight times that vary anywhere from 5 minutes to 25 minutes. Recharging them can take up to an hour. To make the most of your drone sessions, you should have several batteries that you can simply replace so that you can enjoy an almost continuous flight time. So this is definitely an important accessory that you should consider.
  • Drone propellers:- Drones are accident-prone even for the most experienced fliers. However, the outer part of the drone is made from materials with sufficient strength to stand the falls and collisions and ensure the sensitive components are well protected. The propellers, however, are likely to break in case of accidents but they are fairly easy to replace. It is good to have some spares.

Depending on your intended use for the drone each of the above features can provide exactly what youre looking for! Some features like streaming may be useful for activities where you want the entire family to be able to have a good time, while others like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth may be suited for more business related drone applications. Make sure you read the product details of every drone youre interested in before purchasing to ensure that you are buying the one that fits your needs!

Which drones are best suited for me?

There are different types of drones for different categories of users. Based on your experience or requirements, you can purchase video quadcopters with prices ranging anywhere from $50 to $1000. The main differentiating factor is its capabilities, performance along with the features that it packs therein.

Generally, the more expensive drones are generally more powerful with lots of interesting usage features. Additionally, the more powerful drones will have extra hardware installed on them such as a stabilizing mount and a high quality HD camera. However, it is the drones brain that really adds to the cost. If it is equipped with a more powerful microprocessor and flight controller, it is going to execute a lot more functions in the air. For the video quadcopters, costs also increase depending on the power of the in-built camera.

Generally, the drones with HD cameras can be broadly classified into three main categories, namely:-

  • Drones for beginners
  • Intermediate drones
  • Advanced drones

Drones for beginners are entry level drones that typically cost anywhere from $50 to $200. They are smaller in size, very lightweight and have basic maneuverability. They can be flown indoors and even outside although the smaller size will make them difficult to control, especially in harsh weather. Some of these are equipped with cameras but the image quality might not be as good as in the other higher end models. If you are just getting inducted into the world of drones, they can be a great starting point.

The intermediate drones are next up after the beginner drones and here, the features have been upgraded so you are looking at mid-range performance and features. They are also costlier with prices ranging anywhere from $300 to $1000. They are heavier and bigger in size and have also been designed for greater stability and control during flight. Some can have an in-built camera with a resolution as high as 720p but in some, you can add external action camera. Unlike the beginner drones which have a very limited range, the intermediate video quadcopters can be put to various external uses in parks, holidays or simply taking a birds eye view of your closest surroundings.

The advanced drones are at the top end. Here, expect to spend north of $1000. Apart from the basic four rotors (quadcopters), they will have additional rotors in order to ensure extra stability as well as superior lift. The cameras are better and more powerful with resolutions of up to 1080p so you can take better and clearer photos and videos. Where the camera is not in-built, you can add an external action cameras that will give you superior quality images thanks to the better stabilization. Other features to expect include GPS, advanced flight controls, software and multiple modes of control via your smartphone for a superior autonomous flight.

What is the top speed of the drone?

When you are purchasing a drone, an important consideration that you need to keep in mind is its top speed at the various modes such as GPS and ATTI. You might not hit the actual listed speed due to effects such as the tail wind but a top speed will give you an indication on the limitations and capabilities of the drone.

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