The Best Dog Shampoos For All Kinds of Situations

The Best Dog Shampoos For All Kinds of Situations

These Dog Shampoos Will Get Your Furry Companion Smelling Clean and Fresh in No Time

Your dog is your best friend. You share everything with them, your home, your life, your bed and your joy. But sometimes, your pet tries to share that subtle wet dog smell with you, or the mud they have rolled in while they were in the yard. Its tough to determine what exactly will keep your pet smelling fresh and at the same time, is safe for them and will help keep them healthy. That is why we have gathered the best nine dog shampoos so that you can pamper your furry best friend and keep the clean and fresh smelling.

Dog Shampoos Buying Guide

There are a variety of dog shampoos for a variety of uses. However, buying a dog shampoo doesnt have to be a daunting task if you know what you are looking for. Before you go out shopping for the perfect dog shampoos, you need to ask yourself what you are trying to achieve with the dog bath. Are you just looking for general everyday dog cleaning? Do you want to eliminate some external parasites from your furry companion? Does your dog have rashes? Are you trying to treat a skin condition that your dog is suffering from? Do you want to get rid of too much flaking in your dog? Or do you simply want to get rid of bad pet odor. Your objectives for the dog bath will be a major determining factor of the right dog shampoos for the job.

Dog Shampoos for General Cleaning

If you simply want to get rid of the grime, dirt or unwanted pet odor, then you only need to buy general dog shampoos. These are generally gentle nourishing shampoos that contain moisturizers so they will not dry the pets skins. While we are all looking for better smelling pets, it is advisable to avoid dog shampoos that are heavily fragranced. Sometimes, a strong body odor may be a sign that the pet is suffering from skin condition. If the odor is overwhelming, consult a vet. Some of the best general dog shampoos include PhytoVet, Aloe and Oatmeal pet shampoos among others.

Medicated Dog Shampoos

When you want to treat a particular condition in your pet, go for shampoos that are suited for a particular pet medical problem rather one that has been made for a broad spectrum of pet cleaning requirements. Here, you need to look at the labelling of the dog shampoos as well as the experience of users who have tried out the product. The shampoo must also be suitable for your particular kind of pet. For example, there are ingredients used in the cat shampoos that may not be necessarily suitable for the dogs. When cleaning with medicated dog shampoos, it is also important to closely follow the usage instructions so as to ensure that you use it in the right way. A lot of medicated dog shampoos will need that you lather them and leave them on the dogs skin for a particular length of time and you need to follow that so that it can have the desired effect. Before you begin seeing appreciable results, you need to keep in mind that you will need to bathe the dogs with the medicated shampoos a few times a week for one or two weeks. It is also advisable to consult vets for recommendations on the best dog shampoos that you can use to treat your pets condition.

Here is a look at the common dog problems and tips on the kinds of dog shampoos that are suited for each:-

All purpose shampoos: Buy these for everyday use. Make sure they have good moisturizing properties. They are perfect if you only need to clean your pet gently and effectively without posing a risk to their coats.

Dog shampoos for allergies and sensitive skins:- Just because your pet has a sensitive skin or allergies does not mean it should not have a bath. In fact, a bath with the right kind of shampoo will actually be helpful in alleviating the condition. If the dog has a sensitive skin, then choose a hypoallergenic shampoo that does not have the ingredients more likely to cause the allergies. These generally include shampoos with chemicals, artificial fragrances or dyes. Some of the hypoallergenic shampoos that you can buy for your dog include the Particular Paws Hypoallergenic Dog and Cat Shampoo.

Flea and Tick Dog Shampoos: If your pets have been suffering from frequent itching or scratching, then they may be suffering from external parasites in which case you may need to use pesticides first before applying a shampoo to soothe their skins.

Shampoos for skin infections: These are mostly the medicated shampoos. They can be used for treating a variety of skin conditions including rashes, irritation of the skin, dermatitis, acne or even oily seborrhea. It is advisable to choose a specialized dog shampoo that will target and treat the particular condition that your dog is suffering from. Do this in consultation with your veterinarian.

Conditioners and rinses: These are mainly used for aesthetic purposes. If your pets have a matted coat or in case they just require that extra shine, then you can use the conditioners. This will help in conditioning or detangling the pet fur or hair making it easy to comb or groom your pet hair.

Specialty shampoo: want to take your pet pampering to a whole new level and give your pet a special treat? Then it is time to buy some specialty shampoos. With these, you will be able to give your pet a spa-like experience. These will have some sweet scents and are also made with some special ingredients for the perfect pet spa experience.

Color-enhancing and whitening shampoos:- There are various kinds of color enhancing shampoos that will have various effects on the per fur. If you use a color enhancing shampoo, you are going to bring out your pets natural fur or hair color and make your dog exude brilliance. There are strippers that will remove the outer layer of your dogs hair so as to bring out their true natural color. There are also optical enhancers that will improve the reflection of the light from the dogs coat hence enhance their appearance.

Deep cleaning and deodorizing shampoos:- These dog shampoos are mainly used in getting rid of the bad odor. If your pet is smelling like a skunk, try bathing it in a deodorizing shampoo.

Coat and skin shampoos: These are used in conditioning the dogs skin. Use these if your dog has a flaky skin or fur that is both dry and brittle. These shampoos have been formulated with healthy ingredients that are important for the health of the dogs skin.

Is there recommended age for shampooing the dog?

With the most shampoos, you should be able to shampoo your little puppy as soon as you get it home. However, certain strong shampoos may not be recommended for puppies or dogs with sensitive skins. When shopping for dog shampoos, you need to establish whether it can be used on puppies and dogs of all ages. There are also certain dog shampoos that have been specially made for use with puppies. You should give these a priority. If you have just taken your puppy home, it may be advisable to give it a few days to settle down in its new surroundings before you give it its first shampoo bath.

How can I shampoo a pet that does not like water?

Most pets can get used to water after some time. However, if your pet absolutely hates the wet bath, you can opt to use dry and waterless shampoos on their coats. These can be simply applied on the coat and then brushed or massaged on the dogs coat. However, the most effective shampoos are the wet ones that involve water baths so try to teach your pet to like the wet bath and you will be able to use the best dog shampoos in the market more effectively.

Can I use a conditioner along with a shampoo?

Yes. Pet conditioners help in detangling the pets coat make it easy for you to brush and groom it well. They also add an extra coat to your dogs coat and improve the appearance of your pet. There are various dog conditioners available that you can use on your pet. The main advantage of conditioners is that they add their benefits to the coat without weighing it down.

We hope that you have found our comprehensive review of the best dog shampoos in the market useful. Choose any of these and you and your pet should be safe, clean and healthy. Make sure you choose the right shampoo that is fit for purpose and follow the user directions as provided by the manufacturer.

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