The Best Desk Lamps For Optimal Eye Health

The Best Desk Lamps For Optimal Eye Health

Best Desk Lamps for Eyes Reviewed
Save Your Vision and Keep it Healthy With Safe Desk Lamps

Finding the best desk lamp to help out with the strain caused by bright light on your eyes is quite a tough task. Finding the correct ambiance of lighting that won’t start hurting your eyes after a couple hours of use is a tricky one. Which is why Top9Rated has created the following detailed review to assist you in your search. In recent years, there has been a kind of an epidemic in short-sightedness in almost all countries, particularly in the industrialized countries where people are spending an unhealthy amount of time using artificial lighting while getting very little exposure to natural lighting.

Thanks to an increase in artificial light from televisions, computers and mobile phones, our eye health is deteriorating rapidly so it is becoming increasingly important to act now while we can.There has been a boom in the market for desk lamps that are actually good for our eyes, so do yourself a favor and consider getting one of the below best desk lamps for your familys optimal eye health.

Desk Lamps for Eyes Buying Guide

Desk lamps do more than just provide you with optimal lighting for reading and doing other little chores; the right desk lamp will also create a perfect ambiance for getting some work done. A lot of considerations go into choosing the right product for your eyes including wattage, style and numerous other bells and whistles such as memory settings and USB charging ports.

Desk Lamps Styles

While the quality of lighting is the most important function, you also need to choose the right lamp style that will go well with the room dcor. The two main styles are the traditional and the modern or contemporary style. The traditional styles are a throwback to past desk lamp lighting but they are still very much in vogue. However, the modern styles are the most popular kinds. All the lamps we have reviewed above are of a modern or contemporary style. They are characterised by the polished look along with a clean and sleek lamp design. They are best described as minimalist. With the modern and traditional styles, there are numerous designs to also choose from.

Some of the common desk lamp designs include the following:-

Gooseneck: We have reviewed a couple of gooseneck style items for eyes above. They combine both design and function. The flexible gooseneck can be twisted to suit preferred function or position.

Adjustable arm: Perfect if you are working over a large surface area and will need to bring the light forward or take it farther. It allows you to control the position of the lighting without moving the lamp.

Clip-On : As the name suggests, they can be clamped easily on the table you are working on.

Desk Task light: It has features such as a clip-on base, a moveable head and other structures and is mostly used for arts and crafts.

Decorative desktop light: You will buy a decorative desk lamp if form is more important or as important as functions such as when you need to add some accents to the room.

Organizer: This comes with extra bells and whistles such as compartments where you can place little items like paper clips or pens.

Tree Style: As you can infer from the name, this desk lamp resembles a tree and has multiple light sources that you can twist so as to direct the light to a preferred position.

How much wattage do I need?

Do you need brilliant lighting or a soft cosy light? This will depend on the function of the desk lamp. There are tasks such as drawing for which you will need bright light and other tasks such as accenting the art in the room for which you wont require too much wattage.

Where do I put a desk lamp?

It might seem pretty obvious but not everyone buying a lamp has an idea on where they are going to put it. Before buying a desk lamp, you need to have a clear place marked out on where you are going to place the lamp. Knowing this will also help you choose the right qualities for lamps that will give you the best function.

How will I use the desk lamp?

Another important question that we feel you should ask yourself when you are shopping for a desk lamp is how you plan to use it. Will it be for reading, to accent some decorative aspects of the room or simply for decorative purposes? Knowing how you will use it will help you determine the specific requirements of the lamp you are going to purchase.

Research has proved that less exposure to daylight can be very bad for your eyesight. Unless measures are undertaken for optimal exposure to daylight or by choosing the right kind of artificial lighting, particularly ones that you use, it is likely that you will join the millions of people that are now forced to wear glasses. It is estimated that as many as 50% of people in their 20s today are near-sighted to some degree.No longer can we justify simply going to Target and buying just any old lamp – there are necessary considerations when getting a desk lamp, such as what it will be used for (decoration or studying) and who is using it.

It is highly likely that there is more than one of these items in most households today, but how many families can say that their lamps actually assist in the eye-health of their loved ones or work mates? So many of us take our ability to see clearly for granted, and if we truly realized the potential damage we are inflicting on our delicate eyeballs every time we read, study or even go on the computer, then we would be shocked. So before irreparable damage is done, throw away your evil and damaging products, and invest in any one of these best eye-caring desk lamps for your home and office. Your eyes will thank you!

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