The Best Delay Pedals for Your Guitar – Your 10 Best Options

The Best Delay Pedals for Your Guitar - Your 10 Best Options

A delay pedal creates a looped output of recorded echo to give music a fuller dimension that is deep and more texturized. For stompbox enthusiasts, they know well, how much a good delay pedal can affect the sound produced by a tune. To be sensational, create a great piece that will remain engraved in the minds of many. You want your music to not only top the charts but also remain a loved classic to be passed on to other generations.

With the help of a guitar effects delay pedal, you can get all that plus electric stage performances. Today’s market makes it hard for anyone looking to own a delay pedal because of the flooded models. The line between the good and bad blurs, even more, when you can’t tell the difference between the good and the low-quality models. If you are a bit confused:

  • Product Name
  • Image
  • Description

Look at These Factors Which Will Guide You In Making a Better Choice

Operations: Do you need a tap tempo or to turn the knobs? This is a clearly subjective factor. It may only depend on the type of music you play. If you are a rock and roll person, then the tap tempo may be useful to your type of genre.

Analog vs Digital: Do you need the natural echo as expressed by analog effects or the digitized echoes which are always on the mark? Both of these effects have their disadvantages which come in the fact that analog echoes deplete over time while digital effects do not have the feeling of a natural tone. Again, it is up to you what you prefer.

The Delay Time: As this is measured in milliseconds, it depends on your kind of music. If you are just experimenting with new types of music, you may find the long delay useful when finding your path in music.

How Many Controls Do You Need?: Most delay pedals come with three basic modes. You should consider whether you want more specialized controls or just the simplified switches. More controls include those that set the pace for the base and treble effects.

Does It Have a True Bypass?: Delay pedals almost always have a bypass knob. Those that come without it may suck tones and bring out buffering effects.

10. Electro Harmonix Boy Delay Delux Memory Guitar Effects Pedal

Electro Harmonix Boy Delay Delux Memory Guitar Effects Pedal

To start off our list, we look at the unique features as showcased by the Boy Delay Deluxe Memory by Electro Harmonix. This compact delay pedal has the best analog tap tempo to mash up your rock and roll gigs. It adds a whole new, fuller dimension to your music by the simple addition of unique delays to the tempo of your assigned tune. With tap divide timing subdivisions, it gives the allure of metronomic definition.

It is your go to if you want to create superior chorus and vibration effects to your music. It delivers catchy tunes which are the in thing for guitarists today. You want people to remember not only your name but also the music you perform. It comes with square and triangle wave modulation where you can easily change the depth and rate for vibratos, sweeps and superior chorus. With it you can create a repeatable melody and people will always sing to the tune you create.

Performing in front of live audiences can be a bit scary. This happens when you are fumbling with your guitar and a delay pedal which keeps jamming. You don’t need to worry about an unforeseen delay because it carries an expression pedal input for quick and flexible control. It helps retain the rhythm of your tune so that you’ll always be in sync with your music. The inbuilt EFX loop works to make the delay pedal smart such that there are no unwanted delays. It is always on the mark so you can take your music to the next level.
Electro Harmonix Boy Delay Delux Memory Guitar Effects Pedal

It comes with five note divisions where you get to vitalize your tune without adding any complexities. You can now create your special song which will not only be catchy but also remains engraved in people’s memories. It is the best addition to your studio sessions if you plan on making great music. You will experience perfectly controlled modulations and more variety to the music you play.

If you feel like your music career is not taking off as you’d have wanted, maybe you need this delay pedal. It makes your tone integrate with the groove to create one of those superb tones we love. It has simple operations with the surface knobs which make picking the option much easier and quicker. You will enjoy the impeccable quality of the sound it produces so that your music becomes lovelier as it acquires dark sound intensity.

This is a complete expression of quality, we must say it’s a steal. The effects are so real and dependable. You can go through all the operations from the exceptional thickening effect to the “full-on psychedelic trance.” You’ll get to experience uniqueness that will change the way you view your music as you improve your performance and get better at composing your tunes.

  • Highly versatile
  • Flexible expression pedal
  • Smooth operations
  • Sturdy frame
  • Beginners may find it tricky when syncing the song’s tempo to this delay pedal

9. Echo and Digital Delay TOM’SLINE ENGINEERING by Michael Angelo, Batio Signature, Guitar Effect Pedal

Echo and Digital Delay TOM’SLINE ENGINEERING by Michael Angelo, Batio Signature, Guitar Effect Pedal

So you want to make it to the top of the charts? Well, this Michael Angelo guitar effects pedal will transform your music. It is most reliable when it comes to creating legendary music that will live on beyond the better days. It features simple operations which bring out the catchy tunes that will keep running in peoples’ minds. Michael Angelo has proved it is the key to his epic music since, with the help of the effects it makes; performances become more than just dance.

With it, get more variance with three modes integrated with one pedal. It joins the normal, echo and mod beats where you can quickly switch them with the adjustable pedal. You get more possibilities so that each tune you create is more sensational than the previous one. You will never run out of the type of music you play. Whether you perform live on the road concerts or are a reserved choir master, awe your listeners with the great effects it showcases.

When it comes to the functionality, no experience is required to land the tone you want. The surface knobs perform quick adjustments where you can use it to add to the echo effects that create unique mixes. Your playlist will no longer feel dull over time since it retains the sweet notes it has created. You easily sync your songs’ tunes with this delay pedal and be on your way to compose revolutionary music. You have the option of setting a range of delay time since it comes with an excellent time control. This pedal also carries the level and region controls to make the echo more natural and agreeable.
Echo and Digital Delay TOM’SLINE ENGINEERING by Michael Angelo, Batio Signature, Guitar Effect Pedal

It’s the simple things which make melodies memorable. Like the distinct engineering design by Tom will ensure you don’t make accidental mishaps. So no more unintended stepping on the pedal because it carries a stop bar design on the pedal’s face. This measure is the signature quality of this pedal. You will be on your to making great techno which will light up the nightlife if that’s what you are all about.

Looking at the external features, you will find that it is lightweight with the size a 2/3 of the small iPhone. You can comfortably carry in your pocket because it only weighs 133grams. The robust aluminum makes it durable; hence you will use it for a long time. It is, therefore, resistant to rust and corrosions as experienced when facing the outside extremities. With a skid-resistant bottom, it occupies small spaces, and no amount of vibrations can take it to its fall.

It does not use up much energy since it powered by the tip negative 9V adapter. It consumes less than 20mA so you can use it for many events and concerts. Since this product is high end, it makes for a luxurious gift for all the music lovers in your house. It has a wide range of sounds; any composer who listens to the tunes you create will be getting their piece. It has such an effect!

  • Elegant design
  • Carries a stop bar so no accidental steps on the pedal
  • Consumes little power
  • Wide variance of sounds
  • Simplified operations
  • It has no color varieties

8. DD-20 Giga Delay Boss Digital Delay Pedal

DD-20 Giga Delay Boss Digital Delay Pedal

You don’t want to settle for less if you are a guitarist. The Boss DD-20 offers you the combination of either using the knobs or tap tempo to set your delay. It carries the versatility of having a long delay time such you can have up to 23 seconds of delay time. With the schedule set for its 11 modes, there are limitless possibilities to the way you make and deliver your sound. This is a truly unique guitar pedal for professionals who want to keep up their A-game.

For you who are a beginner, you’ll find that the operations are pretty easy to learn and you’ll not need technical help to maneuver the knobs. We can say it is self-explanatory though it comes with a manual to help when you get stuck. It features distinct vintage simulations and sound-on-sound style which integrate to bring out a distinctive tune to mash up your songs. The switches from one style to another are effortless, and you will not lose the transition of the tone from one mode to another.

The time delay function is uniquely designed to take on your routine such that you won’t hassle the second time you input the increments. The memory is excellent, so you can input up to four fine recordings and instantly recover them on request. The capabilities of a manual memory enable you to pick off from where you last stopped by recalling the last settings you dialed in. It, therefore, gives you the luxury of time and a way to help you stay in sync with your tune.
DD-20 Giga Delay Boss Digital Delay Pedal

You’ll be impressed by this delay pedal because it can store three settings in its memory. This feature means you can always toggle from one to the next without losing the previous setting. It will make your performances more memorable because the effects it adds are very crafty. Practice and improve more on your music, just by using this delay pedal. It has an on point timer which has no other delays or jumps when in use.

No one wants to use their delay pedal for just a few months. This one showcases longevity qualities by it tough exterior which resists damage from heavy use. With all the possibilities in the modes and timing, it is an exceptional piece of equipment. The settings pane is LED lit, so now you won’t complain you make wrong settings because of the lighting. It is quite portable, weighing only 2.3 pounds. Since you can take it from place to place, your performances will get to their full potential as you now come out as an exceptional artist.

If you are a composer, you can set more than one note to the delay. It makes your music get a tonal variation with a tune, which is easy to learn such that any musician you target for your type of music will jump in on the first try. Although getting the hang of a guitar delay pedal to create unique music takes time, you can never go wrong with this one. It is incredibly useful and lives up to all its claims.

  • Portable
  • It has 11 modes to choose from
  • The timing is stable
  • Easy to learn and use
  • It does not have an in or out MIDI

7. Mooer Reecho Digital Delay Pedal

Mooer Reecho Digital Delay Pedal

Improving your music is as simple as including this delay pedal. Think of all the great guitar effects you hear expressed in a single song on the radio. You feel you can emulate them, but don’t know where to start. Well, the Mooer Reecho is a simple place to start. It gives you smooth operations with the simple touch of a dial. You can learn and practice to make and play better music.

Most musicians depend on it because it has a lightweight, portable design which means they can take it to all the concerts they get invites. The sturdy construction means it can withstand heavy usage and because in does not take up any significant space on the pedal board, you will have a truly easy time with it. It is resistant to damage since it comes with a clean coating which keeps it from getting scratches and aging fast. You can be sure to have it work for you, a really long time.

When it comes to the workability of this pedal, you’ll love the three delay modes which are the reason your music will shine. With an entirely analog mode, you can get the warm and dark sounds which make listening to music memorable. Adding the other two choice styles which are the tape and real echo, you can increase variety to the music you play. You want to be known by the tune you create that’s why you want to compose unique effects which give your music the signature of your name.
Mooer Reecho Digital Delay Pedal

This delay pedal integrates the true bypass function which means you’ll never expect you tone to buffer when using it. This factor helps your guitar signals be in sync with the amplifier without any interferences. Your tunes will not suffer when the pedal is off because the signal you create will always be expressed in the guitar; hence your records will always be on point on instant demand.

The vibrations that come from it do not cause any tremor falls to the machine since it comes with a slip-resistant surface. It is, therefore perfect for creating tempos which involve a lot of vibratos. It is evident that you can make catchy melodies and your groove will always be in sync with the timer. It is stable and comes with all the necessary functions which make playing the guitar more fun and exquisite.

Complete your set up with this delay pedal which proves it is dependable in delivering the kind of music we want. You will grow as an artist, and you’ll master the art of composing and playing your own music. The sound variations are seamless, so with the long time delays, you can be sure to produce a legendary tune. It expresses quality since it has a strong outer shell. You can always depend on it for the days you are down to small gigs which don’t need large pedal boards.

  • High-quality materials make it
  • Reasonably priced
  • Offers simple adjustments
  • Small size to take anywhere
  • Forceful using the pedal may cause breakage

6. DD-3 Boss Digital Delay Pedal

DD-3 Boss Digital Delay Pedal

The DD-3 Digital Delay Pedal is part of the legendary series by Boss. It takes up the best of the set by taking the distinctive features which have created remarkable music. It is every artist’s choice who wants to rock the stage with heavy metal or regular rock music. You will find that because it does not have additional modes, you will not have a hard time learning how to set and use it. These styles fit your every need because they incorporate the tonal settings which make great music.

This delay pedal is the most sought after by the big players in stomp box classic times. It delivers clear tones and very stable repetitions where you’ll experience a touch of quality with a clean tone. You will awe your crowds as you deliver exceptional melodies repeatable over all times. If you want to take over the world of classic romance, it’s time you invested in this delay pedal. It has the familiarity you will not miss in most of the classics you listen to, and your retouched memory will help you maneuver the tones quickly.

With only four surface control knobs, it is easier to handle when you input complicated tonal variations to add to your song. You will want to feel more in control with such a device and not have it work against you. With such fewer commands, you can manage to bring out a notable tune because as they say, the easier, the better. You don’t want to struggle because of having too many styles to incorporate; thus this delay pedal gives you the luxury of doing that for you.
DD-3 Boss Digital Delay Pedal

Drown yourself in the melodies the effects create because it has a memory for retaining your tones after and affording instant repeatability which will help you grow instead of going back to making changes every single day. It adds dimension to your mix, making it full and more acceptable to the ears of many. Since it has the 12.5 ms-800ms time delay, you can set it to the time you choose and have it deliver the repetition in a precise manner. This delay pedal can make as many repetitions as you want when you use the hold button to make a remarkable tune.

The exterior shell is a swarm of quality and durability. It has a tough frame which is breakage resistant and can take up many waves of abuse especially for the heavy metal artists who like to add some groove to their music. The sound variations afforded are another unique feature, and you’ll experience absolute confidence when using it outdoors. It does not show any signs of stress after being subjected to significant usage meaning you can effectively meet your music needs with it.

With this pedal, you are assured of flexible controls if you use it in front of crowds. It will enable you to have an easy time on stage because you will not fumble with the functions. It is easy to understand and use, as any beginner can start composing their niche music which will drive them to the next level. This pedal comes with a 5-year warranty, a reason to consider it even more. And, you can incorporate the best audio mixers or the best accordions for better results.

  • Compact design
  • Few simple operations
  • Reliable time delay
  • Has a tough exterior
  • The hold button is not applicable outdoors

5. Digital Delay, JOYO D-SEED, Dual Channel Guitar Effect Pedal

Digital Delay, JOYO D-SEED, Dual Channel Guitar Effect Pedal

You get to experience crisp and definite effects with the JOYO D-SEED Guitar Effect Pedal. It showcases reliability when it comes to delivering notably unique features that entail great music. With four types of modes, it is easier to use and switch from one style to the other without unwarranted delays. The repetitions are precise, so the transition is smooth to produce exceptional results.

You’ll be impressed by the repeatability of the tune you create since it has great feedback which adds to the creation of an amazing tune. It has an incredible bypass where your music will always be amplified on your guitar when it’s off. There are no effects on the created tunes, therefore, no suck ups whenever you are not using this pedal. It is a great digital accessory on stage since the switch and knobs have a long touch which lets you know when you are in sync with the pedal.

When you think of going places you’ll want this pedal to be your accompaniment; it occupies the tiniest space on your board. It does not add any significant weight, and you’ll find because it has little operations you can create the tunes which do not require a lot of complex additions. It offers a maximum of 5.94 seconds accurate delay. With the clarity of the tone, you’ll feel the sound variations on the four delay effects integrate into one great tune.
Digital Delay, JOYO D-SEED, Dual Channel Guitar Effect Pedal

It features dual channels which mean you can set the original and the output recordings independently on both channels so that you can retrieve them later. Its simple design uses a tap tempo function which adds to simple delay adjustments without having to switch the styles. You get to choose from analog, copy, modulation and delay modes. With such variances in styles, your music gains the versatility of playing across different audiences without losing its memorability.

The outer frame is a sturdy shell built like a tank to withstand abuse from constant use. It has a strong transition where you’ll get to use it for a long time. The package contains Styrofoam which cushions it against shock from fall on rough terrain. Since you use it by stepping, you’ll feel it does not show any signs of stress or breakage anytime soon. The powering is from a 9V DC unit which does not consume much energy. It also comes with a detailed manual so that you get to get the hang of it as fast as possible.

This is an economic pedal in a simple design which is user-friendly. You won’t have to toggle between many controls and delay modes such that now you can produce smooth music fast and easy. With the analog mode, songs get the warmth of a classic tune. It is a great investment if you want to take your compositions to higher heights. Whichever genre you choose, this is the pedal for you.

  • Very affordable
  • Simple operations
  • Showcases a durable design
  • Flexible pedal
  • Does not have the option of using a battery

4. DD-7 Boss Digital Delay Pedal

DD-7 Boss Digital Delay Pedal

The Boss products are an exceptional brand which boasts unique qualities. Looking at the DD-7, it is a great addition to your music system since it will make it more versatile as you create and play amazing tunes. With it, you can be sure to get a flawless song that picks up tempo among your listeners. The effect it has on the waves of your music become more likable as it draws your signature tune to the rest of the world. Engage in lots of applications because you can comfortably play a variety of music from jazz, blues, and the classics with no trouble at all.

It delivers a clear sound recognizable by anyone listening to your type of music. It is great to know that with it, you get to compose memorable music with the help of the timer which allows up to 6.4secs of delay. It also has the option of holding sound on sound recording for 40seconds. This additional manual setting, creates the rhythm in your tune, helping you make clearer effects to your music. It has an analog delay mode as its most significant feature because it takes after the Boss DM-2. This way, your tonal variations will be exquisite with the warmth that analog setting brings along.

You will not have to go through any training to get around the operations of this delay pedal. It has surface knobs which are easy to control. With each day you use it; you find your niche, and therefore, tune it according to the way you like it. Also, add spice and flare to your songs using the reverse sound options. Since it offers the three basic modes, it works for you as you can set the effect level in the intensity you want. The knobs feel like buttons such that they are easy to use with the tap tempo rhythm too.
DD-7 Boss Digital Delay Pedal

With a robust construction, this delay pedal has the build of armor. It resists damage so that you can use it for many years to come. The exterior shell can take a few beatings through regular use by heavy metal guitarists who have the tendency of adding spice by vigorous tapping on delay pedals. It is ideal for live shows because it allows quick adjustments to the controls. You don’t want to fumble trying to pick rhythm when the buttons jam as they have a long throw where you can feel every change you make.

If you want to have a superior chorus effect, the modulation mode is there to offer you a place to start in diverging to more music genres. You can learn to incorporate some decent warmth with the analog mode. It is with it that you also get the ability to add a pleasant flavor with the reverse sound effects. The goal here is to make your compositions get fuller dimensions so that they gain memorability as an audio which can be played on different occasions.

Let’s just say that you get even more than you pay. Boss offers a more diverse route to follow when you plan to take on deep music, ranging from soul to blues and even jazz. You can have a large following just by the additional effects showcased by this delay pedal. Anyone who wants to create phenomenal music should not look elsewhere.

  • Offers a high variance in sound
  • It carries precise applications in the delay modes
  • Quick and easy set-up design
  • Robust construction
  • It does not have a memory for the hold loop

3. M169 MXR Analog Delay Carbon Copy by Jim Dunlop

M169 MXR Analog Delay Carbon Copy by Jim Dunlop

The creation of great music is not always about writing emotional lyrics. It comes down to the effect the sound produced has on the listeners. The analog effect has been with us to create the warmth that lights up our hearts. Mastering the art of adding that depth to your music could be the next step to creating the tune that would maybe turn you into a legend over the years to come. A great studio would benefit from this Carbon Copy delay pedal which helps transform a flat tune to a great, acceptable song the world over.

Techno musicians are the in thing when it comes to great instrumentals. If you want to be in sync and be a force to reckon with in the industry, this delay will help take you there. You will be consistently varied with each tune you create as it has up to 600ms of delay time. If you are just starting out, you’ll notice the longer delay is useful for getting to know your music as you get the hang of learning where your tone lies. Especially when experimenting with new types of music, this is where you want to look.

It uses the classical bucket brigade technology to gain the precious all analog delay. With it, you have three simple styles which are the time control, volume effect, and the repetitions mode. When you incorporate these effects, you get a fuller mix with a rhythm that is hard to go unnoticed. Since it has button like knobs, you get to make exact switches without delay. With a modulation control that emulates tape echo tones; this pedal attains superior chorus effects effortlessly.
M169 MXR Analog Delay Carbon Copy by Jim Dunlop

It is with this model that you get to own your music and be in sync with the rhythm of the pedal and guitar effects. You do not get sucked up tunes when it’s off as it expresses true bypass. We can say that this delay pedal pushes the development of stomp boxes because it also includes two built-in trim pots where you can easily adjust the rate of the modulation. Your classic tunes will feel even more astounding as it adds variance to your tonal options.

When it comes to the portability, it is only one pound. Therefore, you can take it to all the live shows and performance concerts. With a soft pedal, each tap is a calculated move; you will deliver dynamic performances because you will not experience buffering of any sort. A 9V power outlet powers it and since it also comes with backlit blue LED, you can maneuver the operations easy. When shows take you across the world, take the best travel power adapter as power supplies’ voltage varies from country to country.

This is a durable analogue pedal that relays 100% traditional analog effects. You can put it on all types of use because it can withstand the effects combos thrown at it. It is an incredibly tough metallic shell, so you’ll be ready to take on the live shows which make up most of the guitarists’ performances. Coming at a very attractive cost, it has competitive qualities which will help to make your mashup more sensational.

  • It is strictly analog
  • Delivers precise delay modes
  • Sturdy construction
  • Expresses true bypass
  • It does not have allowance for digital inputs

2. FlashBack Delay TC Electronic and Looper, Guitar Delay Pedal Effect

FlashBack Delay TC Electronic and Looper, Guitar Delay Pedal Effect

With all the exceptional tunes playing on every radio channel, you need to step up your game and make yours more memorable to listeners the world over. The TC Electronic Flashback Delay and Looper Guitar Effects Pedal, you can achieve your flow and much more. It produces a clean and straightforward sound that is catchy if you use the modes right. Don’t let the lights dim on you when you can change the way you view your music. Take on a different path and experiment with this guitar effects delay pedal.

You won’t let your guitar down when you learn all the amazing effects you can add to your songs. The memory is incredible, and the playback gets you even more phenomenal mixes. This delay pedal is full house with all the varied modes that can get used on one song. There is a total of eleven modes to choose from with clean switches from one to the other. The knobs allow for a seamless transition of sound on sound to get a truly dimensional tune.

You get to use the longest delay of up to six seconds so if you are not a seasoned musician, you can draw on the legendary artists who have used this delay pedal to craft the most remarkable music of all time. People remember what you throw at them so if you want to make an impressive first time, create an ambient sound with the combinations of long delay and short echo sounds. This way, your tunes will cease to be flat as it will translate to clean, warm compositions.
FlashBack Delay TC Electronic and Looper, Guitar Delay Pedal Effect

The impressive qualities do not lie in the production and performance of music only. It also comes with an ability of tone print where you get instant access to customized pedal tweaks previously composed by great artists. The delay controls are easily set through tap tempo method with your guitar. This delay pedal delivers clean analog effects; hence your music gets a touch of original tonal integrity. This means it becomes more recognizable to varied audiences. Any unique set and mashup you make will reveal even more sensation.

This is a dependable delay pedal because of its true bypass. You will not experience any tonal depletions after you switch off your pedal; thus get to practice for as long as you want. Also, control the way your sounds delay through the three modes which are feedback, delay time and repeat controls. The mix you create will awe your audiences with the help of the flexible pedal which is accurate and always on the mark.

The compact design of this delay pedal allows you to take it to all the live shows. This is because it is lightweight, user-friendly and can fit on any delay board. It is a great choice when it comes to giving high-quality sound and quick, secure operations. With an option for inputting a battery, it is applicable even when you don’t have electricity to tap. All the factors you consider in guitar effects delay pedal join in this design, and you are sure to have fun using it.

  • It has true bypass
  • Long delay effect
  • Powered by a battery
  • Uses audio tapping for delay times
  • It comes in only the blue colored frame

1. Delay Pedal, Donner Yellow, Fall Vintage, Pure Analog Effect with True Bypass

Delay Pedal, Donner Yellow, Fall Vintage, Pure Analog Effect with True Bypass

Closing in on our top position, the Donner yellow Analog Delay Pedal marks the ultimate sensational tonal effects. It has the style of a dependable pedal which gives an excellent mix to the waves thrown at it. It will transform your music to the fullest potential, which is the main reason you’ll want to invest in its incredible features. It accommodates all genres of music, so whichever direction you want your music to take, it gives exceptional results.

Use the three styles to favor your music from the feedback control knob which acts to adjust the delay of that feedback. You will want to shake your head to the beat as the rhythm creates a cleanly transitioned song. Make quick changes to the level of the echo using its independent knob where you can make the effect as natural as possible. Also, the time delay function affords controls from 20ms to 620ms. It is what you want when you are going through new music so that you can make a seamless transition from one genre to the next.

Its signature design comes from the CD2399GP IC. You can make adjustments for the bass effect, treble and background noise all in a reliable measure of decibels. It is pretty easy to use, as it only needs a few touches to get the hang of it. It exhibits low noise such that your tune is smooth, warm and classic. This delay pedal also carries independent input/output jacks such that you can separately set the effects of the original songs and recordings. With the true bypass, you can always expect to get a high-quality tune without any parts missing.
Delay Pedal, Donner Yellow, Fall Vintage, Pure Analog Effect with True Bypass

You will love the frame which carries an external resistor adjustment that comes in handy to prevent any unintended changes to the set adjustments. Therefore, use your effects as you first composed them, so you’ll always be in synch with the rhythm you create. It comes with a bright LED to give you a better view of where each setting stands, especially in those freakishly lit stages.

Come to think of the aluminum encasing which houses the components of this delay pedal. It is an exhibition of durable and lightweight characteristics. Aluminum makes for a virtually indestructible metal which is not as heavy as other regular metal. It can easily fit into your full carrying bag where you also keep other music accessories like the best music stand and acoustic guitar. It does not give in to the outside elements because the exterior coating prevents corrosion and rust from exposure to the sun’s UV.

This is a high-end product with the least price on this list. It tops with reliable functions and silent operations. The manufacturer realizes the stress that comes with composition, that’s why they give a small delay pedal which is portable. All the knobs are highly flexible, and they work in solid turns making it ready for live shows. Since it has an auto repair reset function, you will always have an easy time maintaining it. The effects are all versatile so that they can be used in all types of music. It is an incredible delay pedal if you don’t want to break the bank but still require getting the effects of sufficient delay.

  • Solid and stable design
  • Reasonably priced
  • Effective adjustments
  • All genres of music can use this delay pedal
  • Some isolated complaints of the true bypass button being too loud


Music is supposed to be not only lively but also memorable. What you do with a delay pedal does not actually depend on the price. As you can see, some economic versions manage to eclipse the functionality of other upscale models. It is necessary you identify what you want for music before embarking on a choice. We hope the list above serves to inform you about the select few on the market which meets the expectations of legendary and new musicians. Be sure to learn more about delay effects and have your questions answered online. Remember, we are always ready to help with any questions you have.


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