The Best Deck Boxes In 2019 – Outdoor Storage Made Easy

The Best Deck Boxes In 2019 - Outdoor Storage Made Easy

Anyone would do great with a deck box. It offers a great solution to de-cluttering your house and the outdoor. You also create more space during rainy seasons or when it starts to snow because if it is all weather proof, you will not be forced to take your outdoor accessories such as outdoor seat covers, cushions, and pool accessories among others in the house. And, you will be able to access all these accessories quickly when you need them without having to go back in the house. The best lawnmowers also come in handy in keeping your compound clean as well as the best folding shovels if you are handy.

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Some Of The Key Features To Consider Anytime You Are Purchasing a Deck Box

Storage Capacity: Based on how much you need to store in your deck box, you can go ahead and choose the right storage capacity for you. This is important as otherwise you will be forced to purchase another deck box.

Material Used for Construction: This is very important as it determines its durability. Also, if you plan to use your deck box as a seat, you better be sure that the material is strong enough to support your weight.

Waterproof/Water Resistant: To be sure that everything you store in your deck box will be totally safe no matter the weather changes, go for a waterproof or water-resistant deck box.

Ease of Locking & Opening It: You need to know that anything you store in your deck box is safe and secure thus you should go for a lockable deck storage box.

Portability: If you will be moving your deck box from one point to another, it better have handles and wheels for easy portability.

Ease of Assembling: You don’t want to spend too much time assembling your deck box.

10. Keter Circa Natural Wood Round Style 37-gallon Outdoor Storage Deck Box, Table

Keter Circa Natural Wood Round Style 37-gallon Outdoor Storage Deck Box, Table

Mostly, we are used to rectangular or square deck boxes. However, this deck box here is unique in terms of its shape and the construction feel. It looks so nice from all angles and can accommodate quite a huge number of outdoor items, and its style of construction fits the outdoor environment perfectly. You will be able to keep just as much as you need to be kept in a secure box but outdoors and, there is no harm in keeping it indoor if need be.

With 37-gallon internal storage capacity, this deck box allows you to store a huge number of items in it. A round shape could accommodate more items compared to other shapes. However, this depends on the type and shape of the items you will be storing in it. Thus, you should be very careful when purchasing a deck box to ensure that its shape fits the kind of items you want to store in it. Some shapes are more attractive than others, but they might not meet your storage needs as you would have wished.

The round deck box is also made of very durable wood-look pattern, and this makes it ideal for the outdoor environment. You are not buying the deck box to use it for some few months and then it is in a deplorable condition. It is designed to give you quality services for many years, and you can rely on it to keep all the contents safe and dry throughout.

It is designed to have a contemporary circular design. This way, it stands out as a unique and a very attractive deck box. Once you have it standing on your compound, you will notice the magnitude of transformation it bring. And, you will receive so many positive comments about it and don’t be surprised if your neighbors order the same because it looks so nice. The color is just amazing, and you will love to have it either indoor or outdoor and store just anything in it as long as it can fit inside it.
Keter Circa Natural Wood Round Style 37-gallon Outdoor Storage Deck Box, Table

With this deck box, you will be getting more than just an outdoor storage box. Its design allows it to be used as a coffee table and someone might actually think it was built for this. It is waterproof so not even a single drop of coffee spills can get into the content accommodated by it. Also, you can comfortably sit on it when you need an extra sit thanks to its top design. It can also be used as a perfect side table so feel free to use it indoors as well.

Being lightweight means that you will have an easy time transporting it from one point to another. This is important as you can never be sure that you will have it in just one spot for years. You might want to move it from time to time thus it is only fair if it features a lightweight construction. Secondly, it features built-in handles thus making it easy and safe to move it around. Being in a round shape, it might prove quite difficult trying to move it. It is built to last and takes just a few minutes to have it all setup and ready for use.

  • 37-gallon internal storage capacity
  • Made of durable wood-look pattern
  • Contemporary circular design
  • Can be used as a coffee table, side table or a comfortable seat
  • Lightweight construction for portability
  • Built in handles
  • Taking it apart might be a huge challenge

9. Keter Brightwood Outdoor Resin 120-gallon Garden Patio Storage Deck Box

Keter Brightwood Outdoor Resin 120-gallon Garden Patio Storage Deck Box

Are you looking for a better and safe way of storing your furniture cushions, cleaning supplies, table covers, various outdoor accessories including pool and beach toys? If so, here lies your permanent and most reliable solution to all this. With this deck box, you will be able to easily and efficiently keep anything you use outdoor in and be able to retrieve them just as quickly when needed. It is also very well-constructed using very strong plastic material ensuring that it serves you for as many years as you want.

If you need to store many items and you are afraid they might take up too much space, worry no more. This deck box by Keter Brightwood has just enough storage capacity to take in just as much as you would wish. You can be able to store all your furniture cushions in comfortably and still have no problems with closing it up. This ensures that you are not met by a scary spider anytime you want to get something from it or other creepy insects. You will thus feel safe to even wear anything from it even if it has been outside for several days as you will be sure no insect found its way in.

On the other hand, apart from being an outdoor storage box, this deck box also serves as a comfortable seat for two adults. So, after you are done storing everything inside or taking whatever you need from it, you can just close the top lid and sit on it comfortably. The material used for construction is strong enough to support two adults without it feeling like it will give in inwards. Thus, if you need extra space when outdoor, you can be sure to get two spaces for adults and even three for kids. It is that cool.

It features an automatic opening mechanism for easy opening and closing. Thus, you won’t have to waste any minutes trying to open it up to store your stuff or to get whatever you need out. This also makes it ideal for use by kids as they can store or retrieve whatever they need from it with ease. You can thus be sure that they won’t need your help when they are outdoor alone nor will they leave their stuff lying around just because they could not open the storage box.
Keter Brightwood Outdoor Resin 120-gallon Garden Patio Storage Deck Box

Its elegant wood-paneled appearance gives it a very nice and elegant look thus totally transforming your compound. You will love to see it sitting in your garden and the fact that it is available in various colors makes it even a better option as you can always choose the color that suits your compound theme. It gives you an instant access to all that you need when on outdoor other than having to walk back and forth the house to get what you need. it also aids in organizing your house as well as your compound as you can keep anything needed for outdoor in it thus creating more room for other stuff indoor.

The durable and weather-resistant resin plastic makes it the most durable deck box ever. You won’t be using it for just two years then have to replace it because it cannot serve its purpose anymore. Once you purchase on of it, it will take you through many years and you won’t have to take it indoors when the weather changes or have to start storing some of the delicate outdoor items indoors. This box withstands any whether conditions and keeps everything in it in a perfect condition just as you kept them in. Its price is just perfect for the kind of services it offers you and the kind of durability it gives.

  • Large storage capacity
  • Can be used a seat for 2 adults
  • Automatic opening mechanism for easy opening and closing
  • Elegant wood-paneled appearance
  • Available in several colors
  • Made of very durable and weather-resistant resin plastic
  • Not for indoors

8. Keter Glenwood Plastic 101-gallon Deck Storage Box Outdoor Patio Furniture

Keter Glenwood Plastic 101-gallon Deck Storage Box Outdoor Patio Furniture

This deck box here is ideal for anyone who is looking for a cheap and easy way of de-cluttering their patio, backyard or porch, tired of having to drag this and that in & out of the shed or house, or just need a nice storage space for different outdoor items. You will love the ease with which you can keep everything in safely and retrieve them just when you need them. You don’t have to take your outdoor seats’ covers in the house any more or the pillows and other outdoor stuff because with this storage box, you will just arrange everything in and leave the box outside.

You won’t have to move it an inch, and you will retrieve them all once the rain, snow or any other weather condition is gone. And, the best part is, even when left outside with those extreme weather changes, this storage box will never rust, peel or dent. It remains in its perfect condition all year round for many years. Don’t be surprised if people ask you if you just purchased it while you have been using it for years. It is the best deck box you can get for the money and still offer you all these great services.

When it comes to assembling it once you receive your package, you will be happy to see that it is a simple process and it won’t take up most of your time even if you are assembling one for the first time. Inside the package, you will find detailed instructions on how to go about it when assembling and this will enable you to fit everything together within no time. The instructions are very easy to follow, and you won’t have to wonder which part goes where. You won’t even need anyone’s help even if this is your first deck box.

It is made of strong and durable plastic material. This means that anything you put in it will be safe from any sort of damage and you can actually use it as a seat for two adults. Thus, when outdoor with friends and family and space is not enough for everyone, you can always use it as a seat or table. It does not sag nor sink as you sit on it because it is made of very strong plastic material so you can seat on it comfortably. Your kids too will love seating on it or just placing stuff on it as a table.
Keter Glenwood Plastic 101-gallon Deck Storage Box Outdoor Patio Furniture

The lid is lockable meaning you can leave just anything inside it and have no worries of missing it the next time you need it. You can use different types of padlocks if you want ad keep your stuff safe. All your patio, pool or deck accessories will thus be safe even when left outside inside this box for days or weeks. It has its own lock and a place to add a padlock if need be. Also, this kind of locking ensures that spiders and other insects do not find the way in as this might pose a danger to you or other users as they store or retrieve various items.

The deck box offers all weather durability thus you can leave just anything in it for years and expect it to be in a perfect condition when retrieving it because the box will withstand all weather conditions. Also, you won’t have to carry the storage box in the house or under a shade as the weather changes. This might be a huge task thus it is important that all outdoor storage boxes be all weather durable. The lockable lid plus a place to add a padlock of your choice makes this box one of the safest outdoor storage boxes.

  • Does not rust, peel or dent
  • Easy to assemble
  • Made of strong and durable plastic material
  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • All-weather durability
  • Serves as a seat for two
  • Easily lockable lid
  • No enough color options

7. Suncast DBW7300 Mocha 73-gallon, Wicker Resin Deck Storage Box

Suncast DBW7300 Mocha 73-gallon, Wicker Resin Deck Storage Box

This is a great deck box and can be used to safely store various items all year around as it is all-weather proof. It has no holes, so you won’t have issues with mice or other insects getting in to destroy the stored items or pose a danger to you. The internal dimensions are 46.5×20.5×20 inches deep thus giving you a generous storage space. If you can arrange your items well, it will be able to accommodate more than you thought. It is also lockable which makes it a safer option mostly when used to store things outdoor.

And, even when you decide to keep your seat covers and cushions in it during those heavy downpours, you will be amazed to find out that not even a single drop found its way inside. You can keep just anything super dry no matter how wet the outside is for years. This is all possible as the box features a stay-dry design which is very ideal for outdoor storages. Most people use it to store their pool accessories, and you can always retrieve them when they are still in a perfect condition. It weighs 30 pounds so you can decide whether you want to move it from time to time based on how heavy that is for you.

Assembling it is super easy. It will only take you a few minutes to have it all ready for use. You will find the simple and easy to follow assembling instruction super helpful as they make the whole task seem so easy. Even for those who will be owning a deck box for the first time, no need to worry about how you will go about the assembly because you won’t even need help from anyone. They are a great investment to keep everything safe and organized and avoid having to move the items used outdoor in the house when it rains, or the winter begins.

With the contemporary construction design, you can be sure to transform any area you decide to place it. First, it features strong handles on either side thus making it very easy to move it from one place to another. So, you can assemble it in one place then move it to the place you intend to use it from. These handles come in handy as it can be a real hustle trying to move it even just a little without handles. Secondly, the material used is very strong thus it is very durable and perfectly withstands any weather conditions. Also, the colors are just amazing, and they will blend in well with your home theme.
Suncast DBW7300 Mocha 73-gallon, Wicker Resin Deck Storage Box

Because of its design, it is very easy to open and close, and you can easily open it to keep your items in or open it to retrieve them. This is very important especially when the rains suddenly starts to pour, and you have to get everything in before they get wet. Keeping them in when they are wet, even just a little, might result to them getting very bad odors and you might have to wash everything the next time you need to use them.

Also, closing is super easy and thanks to the stay-dry design, nothing can get wet even with the heaviest of downpour. Every home can do well with this type of a deck box. Whether you decide to keep it in your garage and store any stuff on it, or just find a nice place outdoor to store all the outdoor stuff, you will find it very helpful. It offers a solution to what might have seemed impossible to deal with or too tiring to keep doing like collecting all the outdoor cushions, seat covers, pillows and other accessories and taking them in the house then having to carry them all the way to the seats or near the pool.

  • Ideal for storing all your patio accessories and cushions
  • Easy assembly
  • Features a contemporary design
  • Easy to open and close
  • Features handles on either end
  • Has a stay-dry design
  • Very hard to disassemble

6. Suncast DB12000 Deck Storage Box, 127-gallon

Suncast DB12000 Deck Storage Box, 127-gallon

We never run out of outdoor accessories to store. Sometimes they lead to major cluttering if there is no enough space to store them. You might also find it tiring if you have to bring all your outdoor accessories in the house everytime the weather changes and carry them all the way out again if you need to use them. A deck box like this makes it easy to store the outdoor accessories outside thus avoiding congestion in your house when the outside weather changes.

This deck box is specifically designed to store various outdoor accessories. Thus, you can be sure that whatever you store in it will remain in its perfect shape no matter how long it remains inside it. Also, this means that it is all-outdoor weather proof. It can withstand any outdoor weather condition perfectly and keep whatever it is storing well protected from any weather changes.

Have you ever wondered how best to store those small accessories? Or, have you found it very hard to retrieve the small accessories because they find their way to the bottom or in between other accessories? If so, say good bye to the hustle as this deck box features a storage tray that makes it easy to store all your small accessories. It also becomes super easy to retrieve them as they do not get between other items or go to the bottom of the box.

You will love how easy this deck box is to assemble. In fact, it does not matter if it is your first time assembling this type of deck box. Whether it’s your first time or you do this kind of tasks often, it will take you less than five minutes. You are provided with a simple and easy to follow assembling instruction menu thus you can easily tell which part will go to which part. Also, you need no tools to assemble your deck box. You will have it up and ready for use within no time.
Suncast DB12000 Deck Storage Box, 127-gallon

When it comes to the design, you have the choice to pick the one in rows or the one in clustered. Either way, it will look great and will totally transform your compound while offering you a great solution to organizing all your clustering accessories. And, most importantly, this is not a short time solution. Once you purchase one deck box, you will be able to use it for many years while it is still in that perfect shape.

It features a strong and durable resin construction. This means that you will be in a position to use it for many years without having to replace it or any of its parts. Assembling it is super easy, and you won’t be needing any tools to assemble it. It takes everyone an average of 5 minutes to put every piece where it should be and have it ready for use. The storage capacity is enough for various users depending on how much you want to store, but you should always be keen about its capacity to ensure that it is the right capacity for your type of storage. You can also purchase the best camping screen houses for those time that you want to spend much time outdoors.

  • Ideal for storing various outdoor accessories
  • Features a storage tray making it easy to store small accessories
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great design
  • Strong and very durable resin construction
  • Isolated complaints of it not being strong enough to sit on.

5. Suncast DB000B Wheeled Deck Box

Suncast DB000B Wheeled Deck Box

Now, there are many deck boxes but very few with the kind of ease of transportation as found in this here. You will easily move it from one sport to another, as it happens due to various reasons, with ease. Also, it features a very strong construction thus unbeatable durability. You can use it for so many years without a need to replace it and only buy one more if you need to store more items.

Because of its storage capacity, it is widely used to store all sorts of items where it offers the much-needed safety by most people and ease of organizing different items to avoid cluttering your home. With it, the outdoor items such as the outdoor seat covers, cushions, pillows and various other accessories including pool accessories and various toys can purely remain outdoors for as long as you want. This is because this deck box can withstand any weather condition and keep all the items safe and free of any sort of damages.

You should not even think twice about buying it, and, once you buy one, you might find yourself going back for several others to use in your house, garage or other places to store various items. It has been designed to make de-cluttering easy and doable and this is exactly what it does. Its large capacity allows for storage of a good amount of items, and this brings unimaginable organization all around your home.

Ones locked, nothing can find its way in, and this includes all sorts of insects and mice. Thus anything you store in it won’t be damaged neither will you open your box with fear of coming eye to eye or in contact with any scary insects. It’s a 73-gallon capacity deck box, so you will be able to store quite a good number of items in it with ease. The interior dimensions are 42.5 x 19.5 x 21 Inches which gives you enough room for whatever you want to store in it.
Suncast DB000B Wheeled Deck Box

Also, if you do not have enough space to place it on, don’t worry because it does not take too much space. You can actually create just a small space to fit it, but you will still be able to store just as much as long as there is no blockage on the lid for easy opening and closing. The fact that it has wheels makes it more preferable as it becomes more portable. The handles also come in to help greatly because you won’t struggle with finding a way to hold it as you move it. In short, it gives you a hassle-free portability.

You can actually sit on it comfortably without causing any damages on the lid or creating bent areas. Because of the shape of its lid, it also doubles as a nice table where you can place various items if need be. The colors are amazing and, because it is constructed to stay outside, you can just expect it to do just well even when the weather gets to the extremes. Your towels will stay-dry, and so is everything else you store in it.

  • Very strong construction
  • Hassle free portability
  • Features some nice handles
  • Has wheels
  • All-weather proof
  • Ideal for outdoors
  • Assembling might take some time

4. Rubbermaid Deck Box, 5F21 with seat

Rubbermaid Deck Box, 5F21 with seat

For an effective way of storing all your outdoor accessories, go for this deck box and never look back. The storage capacity is large enough to accommodate just as much as you think you have to store. You will have an easy time storing all your items in a safe deck box and even leave them outdoor for many days without fearing that they might get weather damaged or by insects and mice.

It is designed for outdoor accessories storage thus each of its features focuses on doing better in various outdoor weather conditions. First, this deck box is water resistance. This means that it will keep the water from getting in the box especially from the rain, splashes from the pool or horse but, be very careful to submerge it in water as it is not waterproof thus you will get all the content in it wet.

The deck also acts as s seat for two adults. This comes in handy when you are outside and need somewhere to sit. Also, when you have friends over in your house, and you are outdoor either for a party or doing various other activities that require you all to be seated in one place, this deck box comes in to offer a space for two adults to sit on. The construction is strong, so you will just sit on it comfortably. And, you can also get the best outdoor benches to get enough sitting area.
Rubbermaid Deck Box, 5F21 with seat

Assembling it is very easy. You will need just a few minutes to put everything together. But, if this is your first time assembling this type of a deck box, I would advise you to take your time and go through the instruction leaflet to be sure how you are supposed to go about it. Most people just go ahead to assemble it without reading the instructions first just because everything looks so simple ad they end up missing the most important but little details hence they have all sorts of difficulties trying to store, close or even move their deck box.

The storage capacity is so generous enabling you to store so many accessories in one place thus having some sort of organization as you can avoid placing the outdoor items all over your house. You will also be able to retrieve whatever you need with ease and quickly. That’s the beauty of a deck box as long as it does what it’s designed to do. Again, being water resistance means that as long as it is not submerged in water, it will keep the inside content dry. The water just runs over its body but never goes inside unless it is submerged.

  • Outdoor storage
  • With seat for two adults
  • Ideal for storing various outdoor accessories
  • Does not rust or rot
  • Easy assembly
  • Not waterproof. Just water-resistant

3. Lifetime 60012 Deck Box, Extra Large

Lifetime 60012 Deck Box, Extra Large

This is an extra-large deck box thus allows you to store all your outdoor accessories in it comfortably and with ease. With it, you can actually store just everything in it as long as it fits in. You can also sit on it, and the good thing is that two to three adults can sit on it comfortably without it sagging or the lid feeling week. It is very strong, and when it comes to assembling it, you will only use very few minutes whether you are handy or not.

It is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material thus it can withstand just any outdoor weather no matter how harsh it is. It is built to serve you for many years and keep everything you store in it safe and secure. The material used to make your deck box matters a lot and you better choose the highest quality for better services and longest durability. This becomes extremely important especially if you plan to double it as a storage box and a seat because you want to be sure that it will support your weight.

The deck box features weather-resistant steel hinges. Thus, you can leave it in the outdoor for many years without any of its parts getting sun, water or snow damaged. You can thus leave anything in there including towels, and other accessories that require being kept dry. It is also totally waterproof thus even when left outside with heavy downpours. It will still hold strong without any damages.

Its lockable lid featuring spring hinge to allow gentle closing means everything when it comes to the security of whatever is stored in it. The hinges also allow for easy and quick opening and closing for quick storing or retrieving of the stored items. Also, you will be able to keep insects from getting in the deck box thus keeping all your outdoor accessories safe.
Lifetime 60012 Deck Box, Extra Large

You can get your deck box in either black or brown color based on your preference or compound theme, and either color is very beautiful. It will make your compound look so beautiful, and everyone around you will want to know where you purchased it from. And, even though it is built for outdoor use, you can still use it indoor as well. You can keep it in your garage and store just any item in it. With its stylish design, this deck box is so attractive and looks so classic in the outdoor.

As long as the ground on which you are placing it is well leveled you will have no problem with water getting in the box as its bottom part will not warp out thus creating gaps. Its strong material withstands even the strongest direct sun. However, for longer durability, you might just consider getting the UV protection spray if the sun is too hot in your area and spray your deck box once after several months. This way, you will keep it looking brand new even after many years of use.

  • Extra-large deck box
  • Made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Features weather-resistant steel hinges
  • Lockable lid featuring spring hinge to allow gentle closing
  • Available in various colors
  • Stylish design
  • Might take a little longer to assemble than most deck boxes.

2. Keter Eden 70-gallon Patio Storage All Weather Outdoor Garden Bench Deck Box

Keter Eden 70-gallon Patio Storage All Weather Outdoor Garden Bench Deck Box

This is not just like any other type of deck box. It features a unique style of construction that you will rarely see in other deck boxes. It also features a very strong construction thus it will sit in the outdoor for many years and still remain in that perfect shape. Your kids can also play on it and no dent, no paint pilling nor fading. It is a great deck box for the money, and its durability is incomparable.

For those looking for a spacious deck box to store all their outdoor accessories, this here is the best solution. It is not only practical but also very beautiful and ideal for all your storage needs. You will be able to store all your outdoor accessories in a safe space that will keep them protected for as long as they are in it. Because of its voluminous space, you will be able to store many items in it. You might also discover that you won’t be buying a second deck box as long as this is functional.

The bench is beautiful and well-crafted to not only offer a sitting area but also back support. Thus, you won’t have back pains or endure uncomfortable sitting as it is with most deck boxes without a back support. The seat accommodates two adults, and thus you can seat comfortably for long hours without feeling any sort of discomfort. You can actually add a cushion to the seating area and on your back, and you will sit on it for hours and still feel super fresh once you get up from it.

With a durable resin construction, this deck box stands out in terms of durability. It is built and designed to give you great storage services for many years. It is originally designed to be used in the outdoor, so you can expect it to last for many years. It will not only store all your outdoor accessories safe and secure but will also give you a comfortable surface to sit on whenever you are outside reading or just enjoying the outside environment among other activities.
Keter Eden 70-gallon Patio Storage All Weather Outdoor Garden Bench Deck Box

It is moisture resistant. Thus it will keep everything in it totally dry no matter the weather condition on the outside. It also features a built-in ventilation thus no bad odor when you retrieve you outdoor accessories even if it has been too cold or too hot. The ventilation keeps a constant air flow though not allowing any moisture or water in. You can store just anything in it as long as it fits comfortably.

The deck box also features a lockable locker thus adding safety and extra security. You can thus leave your items in the outdoor for as long as you want and they will still be totally safe. Also, because of this lockable locks, no insects or mice can find their way in to interfere with the content stored in it. You will also not be exposed to dangerous insects as they will be kept away. And, because of the durability of the resin material used for construction, this deck box retains its good looks even after being exposed to all the harsh weather conditions or abuse by animals or kids.

  • Very spacious
  • Ideal for all weather outdoor storage
  • Acts as a beautiful garden bench
  • Represents a durable resin construction
  • It is moisture resistant thus keeping everything in it super dry
  • Features built-in ventilation
  • Lockable lock for safety and extra security
  • Does not fade, dent or pill
  • Cannot support heavier individuals

1. Suncast SSW1200, 22-Gallon Storage Seat, Mocha Resin Wicker

#1. Suncast SSW1200, 22-Gallon Storage Seat, Mocha Resin Wicker

We all want to tide up our homes, but at times it feels like mission impossible because there is always this and that lying here and there simply because we have run out of enclosed places to store them. This gets even worse when we have our little ones with their uncountable toys. A deck box comes in handy to provide just the much-needed place to place all the little bids and bobs. With this deck box here, you will take your home organization level a notch higher as you can keep away almost everything that you are not using and be able to retrieve them only when needed.

Amazingly, with this deck box, you will not only be getting a storage space but also a table or a bench. To begin with, the storage space is so generous you will be surprised by how much it can accommodate. You will be able, for the first time, to keep away everything that you don’t need around you. And, once everything is inside, you can find a nice location for the box to act as a table or a bench for when you just want to place stuff on it or just seat on it.

The material used for construction, which is plastic, is very strong and it will support you comfortably without feeling like the top lid is sinking or appear sagged once you are up. It is built to last and will take just anything. You can actually set it at a corner in your house if you want it indoors, and place a verse of flowers or just anything as it looks so amazing. The color is great and blends in well with anything espresso. Its capacity is everything because you don’t want a box that will take too much of your space only to accommodate so little. You will be pleased with your purchase.

Whether you want one for indoors or outdoors, here you have the best deal. You may never know when you will need it indoors or outdoors so you would rather be sure that it will be ideal for both environments. If you are tired or running up and down to collect your outdoor pillows of seat covers when it starts to rain, you should consider getting this deck box. It is waterproof so you can leave it outside all year around and you don’t have to create more room in your house to store things like pillows during the rainy season.
#1. Suncast SSW1200, 22-Gallon Storage Seat, Mocha Resin Wicker

Its contemporary design makes it look so nice whether outdoor or indoor. Be ready for many compliments from your neighbors as it looks super amazing and it will help you tidy up your home and also keep away just anything as long as it fits in. If you have a swimming pool, this box makes a very nice swimming towels store, and you can just leave them by the pool as it is all weather proof. Even when it snows, you won’t have to take it inside. It will withstand all the outdoor weather for many years. It is a nice option to those expensive boxes that might not even end up serving you as you expected.

When it comes to putting it together, you will use less than 5 minutes to get everything set, and you don’t need any tools to do so. With a 22-gallon storage capacity, this deck box will be liked by most people. It material used is heavy duty plastic thus supports even huge weights perfectly. Being waterproof makes it even a better choice for people who want it for outdoors as you can keep even your delicate stuff outside without worrying that they might get water damages. Anyone will love it.

  • Storage deck box with extra seating
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor
  • Contemporary design
  • All-weather deck box
  • 22-gallon capacity
  • The top lid might fail to close properly if one messes up with installation.


A deck box is important whether it is to be used indoor or outdoor. You can be able to store all your outdoor accessories or all the small items that you need to remove from the vicinity for the house to look organized such as toys and other items. It is a great solution to keeping your outdoor and indoor clutter free and organized. If you like some DIY activities, you can get more information on how to build other types of decks or go through some online question and answers to learn more about deck boxes.


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