The Best Car DVD Players To Amaze Your Passengers

The Best Car DVD Players To Amaze Your Passengers

Top 9 Best Car DVD Players
Make Every Road Trip A Great One

Going on a long road trip out of town can be quite boring if you don’t have any entertainment, and often times you simply can’t carry the conversation about politics, or which avenger is your daughter’s favourite, for hours on end. You can use the radio, bring along a CD or an AUX cable, but there is no more satisfying way to entertain your passengers than with a great movie or series.

Don’t know how you’ll pull that off? Get one of these top 9 best car DVD players, and we guarantee that your ride will be the first choice when everyone is deciding who they’d like to drive along with.

GuideTo Buying A Car DVD Player

Hereat Top 9 Rated you you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to the very best items, so sometimes you need a little bit of help deciding which products to drop into your e-basket. Do you need a full headrest replacement to make sure the kids can’t throw a portable screen out the window? Do you want to go the budget option and strap a swivel screen to the back of each headrest? Will your unit be able to play the types of files you’re going to be putting in them? These are questions that need answering, so below we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about these best car DVD players.

Which car DVD player is the best?

There are many factors which influence how good a DVD player will be, and you have to look at more than just the price to figure out which one is best for you. Some of the most common concerns that you will want to look out for are the screen resolution, the battery life or power connections, the installation costs, and generally why our top pick ticks all the boxes.

  • High Definition (HD) vs. Standard Definition (SD)

Not all of these products run in full HD, so it is important to decide whether you want to go for a more expensive product to get the full HD experience, or whether you are okay with spending less to get an SD screen.Usually a good SD screen will look great because the relative size of the screen will suit the resolution that it runs at, and resolution most often becomes a problem when the screen has physically got more pixel space than the video it is running. For example, a video running at 800×600 pixels would look terrible on a 40 inch HDTV, but on a small 7 inch monitor it may well look perfectly fine for your purposes. The HD variants of these DVD players are also much more pricey, so you would likely be looking at purchasing only one – where with SD screens there are often deals to purchase a pair of screens for around the same price.

  • Battery Life

Generally the removableunits have a battery power of 1-2 hours at a time, but some boast longer play times. If you are often going on very long trips, you may want to consider a playerthat has more than 2 hours of battery time, or at least one that charges quickly via a car charger or adapter. The units each come with built in rechargeable batteries, and you cannot easily buy spares to swap them out. You should also keep in mind that any remotes or peripherals that come with the products may require extra non-rechargeable AA or AAA batteries that you can purchase at any local store.

If you install a new headrest to replace your stock one, you will need to hook this up to power, but they will last as long as you have the car running – similarly, if you mount an overhead swivel monitor this will have power while you are driving and will play for as long as the journey lasts. These do come with a bit of installation hassle, especially the overhead mounted units, but you make up for this cost in convenience and function.

  • Included Accessories

Some of these devices come with a huge range of extras, such as games, headphones, remote controls or even headrest mounts. Make sure that you check which extras the device comes with, and which you will need to purchase. Some of the cheaper units have the capability to take headphones but do not come with headphones, so you should factor that in to the cost of the purchase as a whole. Some of these units come with pre-installed games, such as racing or sports games, and you can even buy more games if you get bored of the ones that come with the original screen. Sadly there aren’t any car DVD playerswhich support Virtual Reality games yet, but you can always cross your fingers and hope for the best in the near future!

If the device does not come with a car charger or adapter, you will want to source one of these for your convenience. Having acarDVD player iscertainly an investment for families or friends who take frequent road trips, go camping with a caravan or simply want to keep the kids busy on the way home from school. A brilliant alternative to keep kids entertained at home is to have them ride around in an electric car. We recommend taking a look at the top power wheels and even the famous Henes Broon cars that are top of the range.

Can a car DVD player play MP3and MP4?

Not all DVD players are created equal, and this is most true in their ability to play different file formats. Some players will only take DVD and CD variants, where others will be capable of playing various file format extensions such as “MP4”, “.mpeg”, “.avi”, “VCD” and others. You should also be aware of the hardware limitations of the product you choose – some have memory card readers and USB ports, where others simply have a build in DVD / CD reader and nothing more. A solution for the cheaper units is to write your own files to a DVD or CD format, but these may not always be compatible, so be wary! The individual reviews of each product will tell you whether the device can play MP3 and MP4, so look out for this information.

Who can install a car DVD player?

This depends on the kind of car DVD player you’re purchasing. The easiest to install are those players which have a headrest mount, which is either a replacement for your existing headrest or a material bag that hangs over the back of the driver or front passenger’s seat from the headrest. The replacement headrest requires a simple removal of the old headrest, and the positioning of the new headrest into place.

The more complicated installations such as the overhead players will require some assembly,and we would not recommend trying to install these on your own. You will need to find someone who has experience with removing the headliner of a car and finding a structurally sound spot to drill some holes and secure the player to the roof of your car. If you try this yourself you may end up poking holes through your roof or ruining the look of the headliner, so it’s best to leave it to a professional mechanic. If you do feel confident in your ability to modify your car, here is a thorough video by Eric The Car Guy to show you how he was able to install an overhead car DVD player in a 2001 Honda Odyssey.

Some players are more portablecan even be used simply by holding them in your hands or resting them on your lap, the choice is yours!The portable devices all have chargers for the car to keep them charged and ready to go, and they have headphone ports so that you won’t be irritated by any excess noises. Take a look at our selection right now, and pick your favourite to have it delivered to your door!Still having second thoughts? If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, thesebest portable DVD playersmight be more to your fancy, so be sure to check that out!

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