The Best Camping Screen Houses for the Whole Family in 2019

The Best Camping Screen Houses for the Whole Family in 2019

We all need a place we can run into for protection when the outside conditions become too much especially due to insect bites, sun rays or rains. Screen houses are the best options to offer this protection when you are out there for a picnic or just camping. The market is flooded with all types of screen houses and you are left with the hard task of telling the good from the bad. This might be challenging, but with a simplified article, you can be able to skim through and spot the best for you. Apart from a camping screen house, you should also read our reviews of the best spotlight to make your camping experience better.

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What Should You Consider Before Purchasing a Screen House?

Protection Offered: Can it protect you from bugs, rain, winds and harmful sun rays?

Roomy: If you plan to use with friends and family, can it accommodate the number of people you want?

Floor: Some people prefer their screen houses with floor mainly to keep all the insects, including ants away. However, when using it on a picnic table, the floor may limit you. But, you can get one with the option of snapping the floor on the sides when you don’t need it.

Setting Up: The type of screen house you choose should be easy to set up. It should have all that is needed to set it up plus the instructions.

Weight & A Carry Bag: The light the screen house is, the more portable it is. And, if a carry bag is included, the better.

Waterproof/Water Resistant: Some screen houses are totally waterproof, and this is great news for any camper. However, some are only water resistant, which is not bad but not good when you experience heavy downpours. However, with the right type of spray, you can easily make your screen house waterproof.

10. Mountain Trails Sentinel Screen House

Mountain Trails Sentinel Screen House

For people who like camping or any outdoor activities in places where bugs or sun rays might be too much to take continuously, a screen house could be the best solution. First, if it happens to rain, you will have a place to shelter. Second, if mosquitoes love you, you will have a safe place to run in when they become too much.

Third, if you are out hunting and you need a “kitchen,” then the screen house will be of great help. You can never exhaust the many ways that you can use your screen house because even when you have a large gathering, it will still help in accommodating some people and even when out for picnics, it plays a significant role.

The Mountain Trails Sentinel Screen House is one of the many screen houses you will find on the market but what sets it apart is its many advantages over the rest. One, it is very lightweight. This makes it more portable thus fulfilling the need of many users as most people who buy it will be using it far from homes thus the need to transport it. The screen house helps in keeping the overall weight of your luggage; thus you will be able to travel light.

Easy to set up and take down, this screen house makes your camping even better. It features fast feet and corner elbow connectors that simplify set up. It takes less than five minutes when alone. Even for buyers who have not set up a screen house before, they will not spend too much time on this because it comes with clear and simple setup instructions and everything you need to set it up is included.
Mountain Trails Sentinel Screen House

With this tent, you will have the best escape from light rain, bugs or hot sun rays. Its construction is strong enough to withstand winds, and it is water resistant thus will keep you dry if there are light rains. Some people like the outdoors but dislike the bugs that come with the adventure, and this is where this tent comes in. Also, if you decide to use it at the beach, it will offer you a nice shelter to relax in if need be.

The tent features dual front and back doors for easy access. You can come in or exit from either entrance with ease. The screen house is also very roomy (72sq. feet) thus can comfortably accommodate several people. Also, you will experience no smells once you get it out of the packaging. This is good news especially for people who have no time to air it before setting it up for use. Again, the screen house does not have a floor meaning you won’t have to sweep it up after use nor risk damaging the floor material if you decide to use tables.

  • Lightweight thus portable
  • Roomy (72 sqft.)
  • Fast feet and corner elbow connectors that simplify set up
  • No smells.
  • It dries fast
  • Water resistant
  • Does not have the floor so ants might still find their way in

9. Formosa Convers Screen House, Sun-Mart Deluxe Party Tent

Formosa Convers Screen House, Sun-Mart Deluxe Party Tent

If you like camping alone for one reason or another, then you need a tent that you can easily set up without looking for help. The tent should also be lightweight to ensure that you have an easy time moving it from one spot to another. With the Formosa Convers Screen House, Sun-Mart Deluxe Party Tent, you will set it up in minutes.

The screen house is great for tailgating, picnics, family gatherings and much more. Its construction makes it ideal for various uses, as it is strong enough to withstand various conditions. Every tent buyer is lucky to find a tent that fits various occasions because hey! No one wants to spend so much buying a tent for camping, family gatherings and so on. This one here is a win when it comes to versatility.

Also, this is a stylish Screened Canopy to offer a pest-free space for comfort or shade. You will love how it stands in your backyard or wherever you choose to set it up on your camping trip. It is not all about comfort or sheltering. It’s also about style and if you can find one that looks more attractive and performs, as it should, the better and this tops the list in the stylish category.

The screened canopy features six zippered doors to provide easy access. These are heavy duty zippers so don’t worry about them getting damaged when you are out in the middle of nowhere. With six doors, everyone can come in and leave as they wish without disturbing anyone and this also means proper utilization of the interior space as you don’t mind blocking the way.
Formosa Convers Screen House, Sun-Mart Deluxe Party Tent

Constructed from a water repellent treated fabric, this screen house plays a great role of housing you when there are rains. You can be sure that the interiors of your shelter will not be rain-soaked thanks to this fabric. Also, you can keep your valuables protected from the rains plus you will feel free to explore just anywhere simply because not even the rains can scare you.

If you need a high-quality screen house for your next camping adventure, you can confidently place your money on this for many reasons. One, it is very affordable and has all high-quality features. It takes few minutes to set it up and comes with a high-quality carrying bag. The fabric is water repellent, so it will be able to keep a great amount of water from reaching the interiors and fits various occasions. It features six heavy-duty zippered doors, and it is lightweight thus portable and has poles that are shock-corded together to keep them together easily.

  • Sets-up in minutes
  • Carrying bag included
  • Water repellent treated fabric
  • Stylish Screened Canopy
  • 6 zippered doors
  • Shock-corded together poles
  • Not waterproof, not ideal for heavy rains nor windy conditions

8. Hasika All-Weather Diversified Instant Screen Canopy

Hasika All-Weather Diversified Instant Screen Canopy

Anyone who likes camping or any outdoors would appreciate a good shelter to run into if the outside conditions such as rains, the sun, or bugs become unbearable as is the case from time to time. The Hasika All-Weather Diversified Instant Screen Canopy is one of the solutions to such needs as it is designed to offer exactly this. With this screen, canopy comes total protection from wind, sun, and bugs. You can thus enjoy your camping without worrying that you might have to cut the camping short if you are unable to withstand any of the conditions.

Both the shelter and the floor are waterproof. This means that in cases where unexpected rains happen, you will have a safe space to run into. Again, you won’t be forced to cancel your plans if you learn later into planning that rains are expected on the days that you want to go camping. You can still go ahead with your plans, and the good news is, the tent also dries up fast so if you need to take it down minutes after the rain stops, it won’t have excess weight from the water.

The screen canopy features two large T-doors offering easy front and back entry. This is helpful for when you have to rush in fast from whatever direction especially in cases where bees were unexpected. The doors also play a major role when the canopy has hosted several people as you don’t have to exit one after another through a single door. The doors are also large meaning even if you have to carry something inside; you will do it easily and safely.

With the UVGuard technology, you are sure that your screen house will be enough to shield you from all harmful sun rays. Some people can only take too much of the rays thus when you have such a screen house on the site; you will be doing yourself a favor. In short, you can count on this screen house on rainy or super-hot conditions to keep you safe.
Hasika All-Weather Diversified Instant Screen Canopy

When it comes to transporting it to the desired camping sites, its lightweight construction comes in handy to give you an easy time. Also, a carrying bag is included, and it fits most car, so this should not be a problem. In the times that you have to carry it by hands may be to or from your car, the Easy-pull carry bag makes the task very simple. The style is awesome, and the construction is durable.

Looking at all the features of this screen house, you can easily tell that it makes a great purchase as every camping need has been taken care of. First, being waterproof is a great deal both for the shelter and the floor. Also, the fact that a floor is included adds to its versatility as you can use it in different environments, beach included. The UVGuard technology plays a great role in blocking all the harmful sun rays making it ideal even for people with really delicate skins. It is also strong enough to withstand strong winds, so whatever destination you choose, you will be good to go.

  • Waterproof
  • Two large T-doors
  • UVGuard technology
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy-pull carry bag
  • It has the floor
  • Outside poles are not included

7. Eureka Northern Breeze Screened Shelter

Eureka Northern Breeze Screened Shelter

The Eureka Northern Breeze Screened Shelter represents what a stylish, durable and super functional screen house should look like. The design is great, the color is amazing, and the functionality of every part of it is unbeatable. If you have gone through various customer reviews on the same, you will easily tell that this is a great product as everyone is happy with their purchase. Simply put, this screened shelter does exactly what it is meant to do, and its durability is worth the price.

First, just as you expected, this is a portable screen house. You can carry it with you to whatever destination with ease and you won’t even need help to do so. Second, the design is in a square shape. This means a lot when it comes to the interior space. Because of this design, the shelter can accommodate a generous number of campers with ease.

Also, this screened shelter has built-in rain curtains and awning. This means that, in case of rain, you have a reliable shelter to run into. This alone is very significant when camping because the weather is unpredictable in most places so you are safe with a reliable shelter. Once you are in your screened shelter, you will forget about the rain for a moment and be glad that you made a choice to buy it.

This screen house is constructed using shock-corded plus pre-bent aluminum frame which is lighter than fiberglass. This makes it very easy to set up as all your poles will be together, and the pre-bent frame makes the work even easier. The fact that the frame is so light means that the overall weight goes down. Hence it becomes more portable.
Eureka Northern Breeze Screened Shelter

With this screen house, floor included, but you can set up without it by just snapping it on the sides of the floor. The floor becomes especially important when you are camping in areas where there is a likelihood of insects crawling into your shelter especially ants or when using it on the beach. It also features 2 full-length zippered doors for easy entry and exit. The doors are completely open thus out of the way.

This is the best screen house for those looking for a good camping option especially if you expect some rains, winds, bugs or extreme sunshine. The tent is built to keep you safe in all the ways possible when you are out there in your adventures. It is easy to set up, and the construction is strong to give you a great durability. It is very waterproof, and even aggressive rains do not cause leakages. It includes a floor, which might be an advantage or disadvantage depending on how you want to use it but thanks to the snapping option, you can always snap it away.

  • Built-in rain curtains and awning
  • Shock-corded and pre-bent aluminum frame
  • Two full-length zippered doors
  • Floor included
  • Very waterproof
  • Expensive

6. Wenzel Biscayne Screen House

Wenzel Biscayne Screen House

From the colors to the way it looks nice once set up is done, the Wenzel Biscayne Screen House has been voted as great option by many campers. The screen house allows you take on any camping challenge confidently because it offers you protection and sheltering you when need be. With it, you might want to try even the scariest campsites all over the world. Most importantly, it is priced very fairly for the durability and functionality. Once you get it, you will always look forward to the next outdoor experience.

One, this is the best screen house when it comes to offering you a perfect protection from excessive sun and mosquitoes thanks to the screen house’s mesh walls. These walls are able to keep out all the smallest insects, sea bugs and other pests. You can use it whenever wherever and experience 100% protection. We know all very well that some people have bad experiences with insects, mostly mosquitos than others due to the difference in blood groups, so you are better off with a safe screen house.

With shock-corded fiberglass roof poles, set up becomes very easy. The poles are also steel framed uprights featuring plastic corner hubs to allow straight walls thus more interior space. With this screen house, you can accommodate a good number of people thanks to the straight design of the walls once the whole thing is set up. Also, if you need to use some chairs inside, you will do so comfortably as it is spacious enough.

Features a welded polyethylene perimeter floor allowing easy setup and comfortable placement on any picnic table once set up. Some people just want to use on the ground while others want to place it on a picnic table. Either way, you will get excellent results thanks to the included floor. It also features fast feet pole connection system for quick set up. Even when done by one person, the whole process takes just a few minutes.
Wenzel Biscayne Screen House

If you want to place it on the ground, you will be sure that no insects from the ground can find their way in, but you will pay the price of sweeping any accidental droppings that might occur especially if you decide to use it as a kitchen or dining area. The floor ensures that it sits well on a picnic table allowing you to use it in any way you wish unlike those without a floor.

This is a great screen house to purchase. It does everything the manufacturer’s claims, and it does it perfectly. With it, you can keep all the bugs out, and you will have a shade against the harmful sun rays or rain. If set well, this screen house withstands even strong winds, and thanks to the heavy-duty zippers, entry and exit through the doors is easy as the zippers hold up very well. Setting it up is super easy, and all the poles you need are included.

  • Very spacious and lightweight
  • Features a floor
  • 2 Inverted T-Doors
  • Easy to set up
  • Heavy duty zippers.
  • Carrying bag included
  • Have only 2 doors

5. Wenzel Sun Valley Screen House

Wenzel Sun Valley Screen House

Take your campout experience a notch higher by getting the right type of screen house. Any one who has had an experience with yellow jackets especially when trying to take diner knows the important of a screen house especially when you have your kids with you. Also, if you have had those camping experiences with really hot solar and you could not find a proper shelter to get some shade, you will appreciate a screen house.

To begin with, the Wenzel Sun Valley Screen House is very spacious. For the price range, I bet it is the largest you will find. If you have your kids and some friends with you, it will comfortably accommodate you all, and you can even have a table inside. It offers you a nice shelter to retire in when you have had enough of the outside. It helps you enjoy the outdoors in the best way possible.

Setting a screen house up has never been this simple. Whether you are alone or with your little one, you will only use few minutes to set it up, and it gets easier and quicker after every time of setting it up. The best part it, once it is up, you can have the coolest dining area in the middle of nowhere with a table and chairs and have your food with zero interruptions from bugs or any other insects.

What’s more, this screen house is totally waterproof. No matter how many hours the downpour goes on, you will remain dry, and because it is a screen house, you will get to enjoy the view of it all. It withstands thunderstorms and winds giving you a great rain and bug-free place. This is what every camper should add to their camping gear list .
Wenzel Sun Valley Screen House

It features a welded polyethylene perimeter floor for easy setup and providing stability while allowing easy placement on picnic tables once set up. Finding out that insects, such as ants, are still getting in your shelter simply because it does not have the floor is annoying. To avoid this, this screen house here features a welded polyethylene perimeter floor that also proves helpful to those who want to place their screen house on a picnic table.

I would recommend this screen house to my best friend in a heartbeat! It creates a perfect screen porch while protecting campers from insects, rain, winds and sun rays. It features 2 large invertible T-doors for easy access and has a welded polyethylene perimeter floor making it possible to place it on a picnic table. It also comes with a convenient carry duffel making it easier for you to move it from one place to another. It is super easy to set up or take down and folds down nicely and easily into a compact case.

  • Totally waterproof
  • Two large inverted T-doors
  • Welded polyethylene perimeter floor
  • Shock-corded fiberglass frame
  • Fast feet set up system
  • No floor

4. Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen House

Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen House

This is a magnetic screen house, and even from the picture, you can tell that this is roomy. You will be protected from all types of insects and harmful sun rays. The screen house simply makes every moment of your outdoors enjoyable as it keeps protected from anything that might interfere with your camping. You will enjoy camping better and even wish for more such times.

The screen house features magnetic doors which come in handy especially when your hands are too full to open them. It back and front doors, all magnetic, thus providing an easy and hands-free entry or exit as it is designed to have an automatic closure design. This design is also helpful especially when you forget to close the doors like we often do because it ensures that even mosquitoes do not find their way in when you are outside.

When setting it up, you will love the sturdy steel plus fiberglass frame design which is strong and durable making it easy and fast to set up. Yes, the screen house is very large once it’s set up but this does not translate to complicated setting up. In fact, you can easily do it alone or with the help of just one more person. With the large mesh walls, no insects can find their way in plus the same mesh walls keep the breeze blowing through comfortably.

This screen house allows for stable placement on picnic tables. This is advantageous for people who want to utilize it differently. Instead of having to buy two different screen houses, you can just get this and use it from the ground or a picnic table if need be. For the price range, this is a great product to purchase. It is strong and durable thus you can use it for many years without a need for a replacement.
Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen House

When it comes to the style, this screen house is a win. First, the floor area is in a square shape which gives the users more room to use. This is why it is easy to even use a table and chairs from inside and still accommodate a number of people. Second, the ceiling design offers a great coverage from the sun. You will enjoy a generous amount of shade and still be able to have a clear view of the surroundings from inside.

This screen house is everything any outdoors enthusiast would be looking for. Because of the mesh walls, you can forget all about insect bites. The ceiling offers a good shade from the sun, and the floor area design enables placement on a picnic table. Because it is sturdy and durable, you can use it for different occasions and environments, and it will serve you for a long time. The magnetic doors are a plus especially in ensuring that no bugs find their way in while you are outside.

  • Magnetic doors
  • Large mesh walls that keep insects out
  • Roomy
  • Allows for placement on picnic tables
  • Not ideal for rainy environments

3. Clam Corporation Escape Shelter

Clam Corporation Escape Shelter

The easiest way to judge whether a product is good or not is through customers reviews and once you see what customers who are using this screen house have to say you will have no doubt about it. It is a great escape shelter, roomy and sturdy to protect you from all sorts of insects, the wind, and rain and sun rays. You will enjoy camping even more once you get it as not even rains or very hot sun rays can keep you from exploring all the regions you wish to.

This Clam Corporation Escape Shelter is made of 210 Denier fabric making it a high-quality and durable screen tent featuring Triple layer corner pole pockets. The fabric gives it the best durability enabling you to use it in different environments without any problems. You can use it for many years and enjoy many camping experiences with zero insect, sun, wind or rain problems.

Setting it up is super easy. All the material needed to see it stand up are included, and clear instructions on how to go about it included to simplify the task most for people who will be setting up a tent for the first time. Even when you decide to do it alone, you will have it up within minutes and ready for use. This is important to know especially for people who go camping alone.

Roomy enough for a picnic table inside. It features a 94 sq. Feet of interior space and 90 inches center height. It perfectly accommodates 6-8 people. This makes it ideal for people who plan to use it as a group. You need to know that the screen house you are purchasing will comfortably accommodate the number of people you have in mind otherwise it can be inconveniencing. The fact that you can have a picnic table inside means that you can use it for different tasks comfortably.
Clam Corporation Escape Shelter

The whole package has an easy to manage weight (34 Pounds) thus you can carry it comfortably to various destinations with ease. It is water resistant tent so even when there is a heavy downpour, you can always count on it to keep a good percentage of the water out. It features waterproof taped seams which work to your advantage during rainy days. It offers perfect protection from sun rays thus ideal for use in hot summers.

You will enjoy every moment with this screen house from setup to taking it down. It is made with no-see-um mesh screen, and it is roomy enough for a picnic table and a good number of people. The package includes 6 deluxe tent stakes and a carry bag with shoulder straps making it easy to carry it from one point to another. It is the best option for people who enjoy camping in groups but still very okay for single campers as you can have all the room for yourself.

  • Easy to set up
  • Waterproof taped seams and water resistant tent
  • No-see-um mesh screen
  • Offers protection from sun rays
  • Carry bag is included with shoulder straps
  • 6 deluxe tent stakes included
  • Tie down ropes included
  • Easy to manage weight (34 pounds)
  • Not waterproof

2. Coleman Instant Screenhouse

Coleman Instant Screenhouse

Now, if you have purchased any of Coleman’s product, you must be aware of their high-quality and incomparable functionality and durability. This here is a Coleman Instant Screenhouse and just as you probably guessed it, it is the best quality you can ever come across. And, to make it even better, the price is unbelievably low!

Setting up and taking down is super-fast. Most people do it alone and it will take just a few minutes as every step is straight forward plus you are given clear and simple instructions to follow when setting it up. Once done, you will love how it looks, from the colors to the shape. It is strong enough to withstand different weather conditions based on where you decide to go camping.

Because of the materials used, this screen house is the best when it comes to offering protection from the wind, sun, and bugs. It is like a safe cave to run into when you cannot take any more of the outside be it the sun, insect bites or the rain. The whole purpose is to offer protection when need be, and it does this perfectly.

The screen house features 2 large T-doors thus allowing easy entry or exit from front and back. When out there for a picnic, you want to explore as much as possible because we rarely get these chances unless it’s part of your profession or you have really flexible schedules. Thus, you could came in from any direction or exit through any direction. Plus if you are many, the 2 large doors adds the convenience.
Coleman Instant Screenhouse

Has loops to keep the doors open and heavy duty zippers to keep them shut. One, if you are just relaxing inside your screen house, you might want to keep the doors open to allow the breeze in, that is if insects do not follow you inside, so the loops come in handy. Second, if you decide to take a walk from your screen house, you might want to leave the doors shut so again, the zippers come in handy.

You will enjoy every moment of your picnic or camping with this screen house. It keeps all the unwanted insects out while protecting you from harsh winds and sun rays or rain. You will enjoy retiring back to the cool shade after every few minutes of exposer to the sunny outside, and the good news is that you can take it and set it up just anywhere including the beach and still love everything about it. There is always a group discussing about camping screen houses and you can learn more from their experiences.

  • Comes with an Easy-pull carry bag
  • Roomy
  • Features loops and zippers to keep the doors open or shut
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Requires longer poles to be used at the beach

1. Coleman Back Home Instant Screenhouse

#1. Coleman Back Home Instant Screenhouse

This is the best screen house by Coleman. The design is superb, and the color combinations are just great. It looks so nice when standing outside and it functions just great whether you decide to set it up in your backyard or on various camping destinations. It represents the true definition of Coleman products as it perfectly passes the test of time.

Setting it up is takes just three minutes and it involves just three simple steps. In fact, you don’t need anyone to help you in setting it up even if you have never set one before. Everything is clear on where which part should go so you will have it up and ready for use within no time.

The screen house offers total protection from bugs, wind and sun rays. Apart from offering a house like structure where campers can retire in, this screen house is specifically designed to enable you to enjoy the outdoors without having to cut your activities short in case the insects’ wrath becomes unbearable or if your skin cannot absorb any more sun rays.

It features 2 large T-doors offering entry from front or back. Since it’s roomy thus ideal for use by some people, it is only fair if the number of doors are many too and large enough. This way, one can come in as another one goes out without compromising the comfort of those relaxing inside. The large doors also make it easy to bring anything in or out without struggle or to damage its fabric.
#1. Coleman Back Home Instant Screenhouse

This screen house is designed to have a vaulted ceiling thus accommodating even taller guests comfortably. You don’t have to walk in and out with your back bent or risk disassembling the whole thing if you stood up unexpectedly. It also features some comfort grips to lock your shelter into place with easy pinch-free adjustability.

Just as you already know, you can never go wrong with a Coleman product, and this screen house here is not exceptional. It makes camping and picnic enjoyable by first presenting the easiest ways of setting up your screen house in three simple steps then offering perfect protection from bugs, wind and sun rays. This is possible because the fabric used for construction features UVGuard technology that helps in blocking the sun’s harmful rays. The two large doors make entry and exit easy, and the loops plus zippers help in keeping them shut or open. Also, the fabric used is water resistant though not waterproof, but you can make it waterproof by using the necessary sprays.

  • Loops and heavy duty zippers
  • Vaulted ceiling to create more room for taller people
  • Features comfort grips
  • Easy-pull carry bag that fits most cars
  • It’s water resistant
  • Not waterproof


Camping and picnics get better with the right screen houses. The market has a lot to offer, but you have to do some bit of research to get exactly what you want. The list above gives the best screen houses on the market currently and each has been reviewed pointing out the pros and cons plus the main features. We hope that it will be of help in finding the right screen house to meet your needs. For other activities, you can get the best canopy tents if a screen house won’t work for you. And, when out camping in hot summers, camping coolers came in handy in keeping your drinks and beverages cool.



  • I’m in love with Eureka! Northern Breeze Screen House. Northern Breeze by Eureka is a novel 12-inch by 12-inch screen house for campers a prevent and shock-cored aluminum frame that is lighter than most fiberglass models. It is durable, super portable, and has a built-in awning and rain curtains that improve its functionality outdoors. You will be able to rest and sleep comfortably under the protection of this one of a kind screen house. Eureka! Northern Breeze has a tall 101 center height that boosts its roominess, full mesh panels that keeps its interior aerated and comfortable, and a full-length zip door that opens wide for easier and convenient access.

  • 2 new features from Paha Que Rainfly Screen Room & Texsport Montana Screen Arbor.

    1. Texsport Montana is a professional-grade screen arbor canopy made of a heavy-duty yet light taffeta skin. It is stylish, measures 12-feet by 12-feet by 82-feet, and has novel no-see-um mesh walls that keeps its interior aerated without allowing bugs and other creepy crawlies from accessing your sleeping area. When in use, Texsport Montana protects against the sun and rainfall well. It has zippered entrances for easier access, durable fiberglass pole supports, and 3/4-inch powder-coated and chain corded steel leg poles for stability. This screen house meets C.P.A.I.-84 specifications. It is affordable and has a flame retardant storage bag.

    2. Wenzel Biscayne is a 14×12-foot (126 square foot) camping screen house that weighs 17 pounds. It is light, travel worthy, and offers sufficient space for relaxing with friends and or family whilst exploring the outdoors. The shock corded fiberglass roof poles and steel frame uprights use to manufacture this camping house is durable. Its cover is water and sun resistant, while its fitted T-door eases access when ready to sleep or relax. If you have a tight budget, you no longer have to spend thousands of dollars to enjoy good quality accommodation. This house is affordable, easy to assemble, and importantly, lasts long.

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