The Best Burr Coffee Grinders for Outstanding Coffee Grinds

The Best Burr Coffee Grinders for Outstanding Coffee Grinds

Top 9 Best Burr Coffee Grinders Reviewed
Best Burr Coffee Grinders for the Best Aroma and Flavour

A burr coffee grinder is not when your grinder is really cold (pun intended), rather it is a grinder that uses two revolving abrasive surfaces (known as burrs) to grind coffee. Any true coffee connoisseur will tell you that in order to have a proper coffee, the beans must first be ground using a burr grinder. Owning a great burr coffee grinder is your great opportunity to show off to your barista friends and start your coffee the right way.

Burr Coffee Grinders Buying Guide

With so many burr coffee grinders available, making a decision on the best burr grinder that will grind your coffee and enhance the aroma and the flavour can sometimes be a tad daunting. Here are some factors to consider when you are shopping for one:

What is the burr material used?

The burr coffee grinders you will buy will likely be made from ceramic or steel. In each of these material choices, there is also a wide quality spectrum to pick ranging from the budget burr coffee grinders to the high end options. The stainless steel ones are generally cheaper but do not last long. Ceramic burr grinders can be costly but they are durable and perfect for espresso.

Do you prefer a flat or a conical burr?

Conical burrs have a larger area than the flat burrs and there is a good variety to choose from for both budget and the high end class of kitchen appliance buyers. The conical burrs shed heat faster thanks to this conical shape and the large surface area that it presents. Flat burrs have a flat disk for grinding and are also available for a wide spectrum of mid to high end appliances.

Is it stepped or stepless?

There is nothing quite like walking into a coffee shop first thing in the morning and being met with the enticing coffee smell. Now you can have this at home when you grind and make your own coffee. Stay away from the sad tinned instant coffees which contain more chemicals than actual coffee. With any of the featured burr grinders, home-made coffee is so easy and affordable.

A true coffee connoisseur who understands coffee will know that the best tasting coffee is made when the coffee beans are ground immediately before coming into contact with hot water – and the only way to do this at home is to have a quality coffee grinder. Whether you favor hand-ground coffee or are happy to use an electric grinder, there will be a burr coffee grinder that will suit you and your lifestyle.

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