The Best Bread Toasters To Toast Yourself Happy

The Best Bread Toasters To Toast Yourself Happy

Top 9 Best Bread Toasters Reviewed

We have selected some of the best bread toasters out of possibly thousands of models available based on their performance, durability and of course how stylishly they are designed and whether they are going to nicely fit into your kitchens. Whether you have a traditional kind of kitchen, a modern kitchen or even a contemporary kitchen, you are bound to find something here that will fit nicely with the other appliances in your kitchen.

Before we sign off, here is additional information to keep in mind when you are shopping for your bread toaster:-

An LED Progress Indicator

A lot of the old toaster designs do not have it but it is hard to miss in most modern models, although you should verify if it is actually there. Some designs have a timer countdown or a progression bar. They are not necessarily essential but cool to have.

Motorized Lift

Some of the toasters we have reviewed have a motorized lift. Why is this important? So that you dont have to worry about the toast popping out suddenly. It is all in the name of super-convenience. If you are looking for a truly smart kitchen, then the more sophisticated the better. A motorized lift will gently raise the toast out.

An Alert

One of the things you have always wished for in my bread toaster is an alert system that notifies when your toast is ready. In many of the reviews, we included bread toasters with alert systems in place. You dont want to miss out on devouring your toast just when it exudes that butter-melting warmth. However, some of these models even go further and have a functionality to keep your toast warm until you are ready to take a bite without burning them!

2-slice versus 4-slice

This, ultimately, depends on the size of your family. If your kitchen tends to become a war zone in the morning because everyone wants to toast at the same time, you might consider buying the 4-slice toaster. However, you will be trading convenience for more countertop space.

Other important factors to keep in mind include the ease of use, the controls, whether the toaster has a defrosting option and the touching temperature. If you have kids that are likely to get burnt while impatiently trying to drag out the toast, you could consider the Hamilton Beach 2-slice Cool Touch toaster, for example.

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