The Best Bookcases in 2019 – Keep Your Offices Organized

The Best Bookcases in 2019 - Keep Your Offices Organized

Bookcases form a versatile tool for many homes the world over. It has revolutionized from being just the regular book storage case to accommodate a ton of other items. It can be used as a rack for clothes, shoes, artworks, culinary items and house plants among other things. These units are inexpensive, and they come in interesting details to pick the mind of even the youngest users. They can form a staple for small space houses or liven up the dullest of homes. You may want to look at the Best Himalayan Salt Lamp as a unique, decorative accessory for your home.

Finding a bookcase is not a walk in the park either, many considerations come into play when making a choice. They come in varied colors & shapes, and if you are looking for more than just a bookshelf, you’ll want to take a closer look at what the market has to offer.  We have organized this list in the most comprehensive way to build a better picture of what’s out there. And, if you also plan to store your expensive jewelry, the best jewelry box will keep it safe in plain sight.

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Let’s Look At Some Of The Considerations

Color of the Bookshelf: Bookshelves are meant to blend in with the room they’ll sit. It’s important that you carefully examine your décor requirements before embarking on choosing a bookcase.

Construction Materials: You’ll encounter bookshelves made from plywood, wood veneer, metal, hardwood, plastic etc. Wooden bookshelves are the most common; they are easy to assemble and are not as bulky as their metallic counterparts. They are also more affordable. Metallic ones are heavy weights and can last longer; they tend to be more expensive so it’s, upon you to decide which one satisfies your needs the most.

Type of Usage: Since bookcases are now for use with more different functions, you may want to consider how you will be using yours. Can it comfortably accommodate other items? Are the shelves adjustable?

Weight Capacity: If you are going to display large pieces, it’s best if you first check the weight capacity. By check we mean; look at the stress signs when you subject it to heavy items. You don’t want to come back home to find one of the shelves gave and broke your precious collectibles.

10. KidKraft Bookcase with Toy and Reading Nook, White

KidKraft Bookcase with Toy and Reading Nook, White

The world of books sets the stage for your kid’s imagination. There’s no better way to keep them organized, than using the KidKraft Bookcase with Reading Nook. It is a low-level bookshelf created to suit your child’s reading needs while keeping their mind alert for exploration through the toys you can add to the picture. You want your child to have the best of both worlds so get them this bookcase to fulfill that purpose.

You’ll love that it’s available in three different colors to fit your décor theme. If you want to align the bookshelf with the tone of color in your house, you can never go wrong with the natural, white or espresso color. It’s so good to have your child’s items match the theme of your house so that they may not feel left out. Instead, choose this bookcase and make them feel special. Thanks to the colors you can also prompt your kid to decorate their bookshelf with their toys and books following your guideline as it’s easier to adopt and associate.

This bookshelf features a reading nook. It is perhaps the best attribute as it forms a paramount part of the bookcase. It’s the place where your child can find a comfortable space to read silently without outside disturbances. The Nook comes with gray cushions for an entirely comfortable space. Your child will also love the six storage spaces, clearly defined for either toys or books. With it, they can organize their play toys since they’ll know what goes where. The precise definitions are also an important part of a child’s growth to help them keep a clean space as they grow up.
KidKraft Bookcase with Toy and Reading Nook, White

With a construction from composite wood materials, it makes for a very sturdy bookshelf. It means you’ll never worry when you are not watching since its low height together with the added strength will prevent it from tipping over. The material which makes it, gives it the appeal it has, which will go on for many years without losing its glory. It is, therefore a very durable bookshelf which will not need maintenance.

This bookcase does not come preassembled, but with the clearly written instructions, you’ll have it up and working in no time. There’s a step-by-step manual to lead you to the completion of a robust piece clearly. The good thing is that it also has extra storage spaces where you can either place the reading lamp, a trophy or even a family photo frame.

There are so many possibilities to go with this bookshelf. It represents agility and capacity to fulfill your kid’s both reading and playtime requirements. The materials which make it are durable, and it makes for a very affordable bookshelf. It is not bulky so you can change positions easy and quick. If you want to encourage your little one to take some interests in books, KidKraft is the way to go.

  • The wood which makes it maintains its allure
  • It has a lot of storage space
  • It is lightweight
  • It carries a reading nook
  • It may not withstand excess weight

9. eHome Products Metal Bookshelf Five Tier Rack, Black

eHome Products Metal Bookshelf Five Tier Rack, Black

If you want a display rack, which fulfills a lot of shelving purposes, then you’ll find this eHome Products Five Tier Bookshelf satisfying. It is one of a kind as it can store books and double up as a rack to serve other purposes. So if you live in one of those houses where space is a luxury you may want to consider this bookshelf. It works as a perfect organizer to add to your living room. If you want it solely for books, then your reading thrill is all you need because it never disappoints.

But long gone are the days when bookshelves were reserved for books, let the versatility of this shelf serve you. First, it measures 26”Wx11” Dx64”H. This size is all you need to store all shapes and sizes of books. It can withstand substantial weight as it has a construction from metal. This way, you can rely on it to take up much of the bulk of heavy books. There are five tiers to fit in a lot of magazines, newspapers, all the hardcover books you have, etc.

Secondly, you can utilize this bookshelf as a rack for storing other items other than books. Say you need space to store towels or neatly folded tank tops, with the width, there are plenty of bins which can fit into that space. Never fill like you have an uncluttered space with such a vital tool to the home organization. It’s also easy to move around for different positioning, so you’ll never go to bed without reading your book when you place it by your bedside.
eHome Products Metal Bookshelf Five Tier Rack, Black

It’s always important to have a bookshelf that matches the tone of our homes. The eHome Products comes in a black finish. It’s easy to incorporate into your home as it is a color that adds sophistication and elegance to any space. It can fit in your living room, the lounge, the bedroom and even the dining areas. You don’t have to be scared of the color black; make a grand statement with the black in this bookshelf.

When it comes to getting it up and useful, it’s pretty easy. The metallic connectors go into each other through screwing; you’ll not even need a hand when assembling it. This bookshelf also comes with the assembling tool, so you won’t fumble around when keeping it together. The pieces make it sturdier, preventing it from wobbling when subjected to substantial weight. To add color to it, you may opt to drape a cover over it which will also serve as a way to keep dust away since black shows dust fast.

If you are looking for an inexpensive bookshelf, lightweight, easy to assemble and sturdy, then this fits your exact needs. It is the correct measurements to accommodate a lot of uses. The metallic design works for the durability, and you’ll have it around for more years than you can remember. The versatility is admirable since it’s easy to use as a clothes shelf or a decorative accessory where you can place all other accessories like flower vases or decorative bowls.

  • Versatile in nature
  • Features an elegant color
  • The metallic make gives it, its durability
  • It can withstand heavy usage.
  • It may feel wobbly on uneven surfaces

8. Furrino, Double Size 99130LC/BK 3-Tier Turn-N-Turn tube Storage Rack Black/Light Cherry

Furrino, Double Size 99130LC/BK 3-Tier Turn-N-Turn tube Storage Rack Black/Light Cherry

Furrrino brings us a fresh design that is elegant and very functional. It grows popular because of its originality as it can bring beauty to a room. It can blend just about anywhere, and if you love your books so much, it is a staple for you. Furrino 3-tier style offers ample space as a storage option for virtually all the cool items you’d love to see in a beautiful display. If you love performing the arts, you may have received several awards. With this bookshelf, it will help showcase your talent to the world.

This bookshelf is one of those pieces that can fit everywhere around your home. It can fit a lot of applications; therefore it makes for a very versatile product. In your lounge, it can serve as a minibar for storing your drinks. In your living room, your media will find a comfortable space, and in your bedroom, it will make for ideal clothes and shoe organizer. You can even have it in your kid’s bedroom since it is not a very tall bookshelf.

You’ll fall in love with its flexibility. It can transform from the 3-tier to 2-tier through the tube and panel system. The materials which make it are all recycled and tested for durability. This shows it will last in good condition for a very long time. The horizontal shelves which are in an open design help better accessibility. When you fit it against the wall, you can place more items between the rows created with books so that you can somehow conceal some of the stuff behind those rows.
Furrino, Double Size 99130LC/BK 3-Tier Turn-N-Turn tube Storage Rack Black/Light Cherry

The assembly of this bookshelf does not require tools, as such, the parts easily find their counterparts nice and easy when installing. You don’t even need a hand, and you will have your bookshelf set in less than an hour. You have the luxury of choosing from many different colors so you can find a match for your current furniture. With it, you can even use it for your kitchen culinary as it contributes to a much better living space.

The Furrino bookshelf has its structure from recycled rubber materials and plastic. The PVC tubes, therefore, are important in maintaining the form of this bookshelf. It does not stress when subjected to extra weight; its flexibility serves to correct the weak position such that it does not break. These materials also contribute immensely to keeping its balance and also to showcase its longevity capabilities. Rubber and plastic are some of the most reliable materials when it comes to being long-lasting.

Everything about this product is loveable. It displays a resilient piece which will last for long in its new condition. Its versatility counts for the many functions it can serve. We love that the height is adjustable and that it comes in varied colors. This bookshelf is also high end, but it carries a very reasonable price for the features it showcases.

  • The height is adjustable
  • Shows resilience when subjected to bulky items
  • Strong, durable construction
  • It has a tool-free assembly
  • It cannot withstand very heavy usage for continuous hours

7. SONGMICS Cube Closet Organizer, 3-Tier Storage Shelf, Dark Brown, 6-Cube Cabinet Bookcase ULSN63Z

SONGMICS Cube Closet Organizer, 3-Tier Storage Shelf, Dark Brown, 6-Cube Cabinet Bookcase ULSN63Z

You’ve looked at your living space and hated how everything is lying around. It’s such an unpleasant feeling when everything is everywhere. SONGMICS Cube Closet brings you a new way to de-clutter and gets organized. It’s more than just a bookshelf since it can take books, clothes, shoes, even your favorite teddy bears. So if you want to live a minimalist life, here is exactly what you want.

This bookshelf is a three-tier, in a beautiful design which allows better access. With it, you can place everything you like out of your way and get started on having a tidy working space. With six cubes which measure 12 5/8” x 11 ¾ x13 1/8” it is just the right amount of space to fit even your nicely folded scarves. The top cubes have a construction from woven fabric, so your clothes will always smell fresh. It is also an important consideration when you are choosing an organizer for your baby since the fabric will keep the clothes soft and safe from allergenic touch.

This bookshelf has an impressive weight capacity of 13.5lbs on each cube and 100lbs on the overall frame. It shows you can stack up some bulky items like that plant pot you wish to display in a better light. The dark chocolate color adds to the oomph of this set. It blends evenly with any décor. It neither sticks out like a sore thumb nor does it hide it in the background away from peoples’ eyes. With such a color, it can also fit any room you place it, as such, it is comfortable in the children’s room, your bedroom or even the living room.
SONGMICS Cube Closet Organizer, 3-Tier Storage Shelf, Dark Brown, 6-Cube Cabinet Bookcase ULSN63Z

The construction of this bookshelf showcases a versatile product. It is a combination of steel and plastic. The tubes are made from steel, which is virtually unbreakable. It is the reason behind the ability to withstand such a massive weight on items. It also carries strong plastic connectors, adding to its durability properties. For the woven fabric, it is waterproof, so if there are spillages, it shall not get that stuck up smell we hate.

The most attractive attribute of this bookshelf is its ease of assembly. The manual carries a step by step set up with images which correspond to the specific parts. You don’t need tools, and you can assemble it by yourself. If you live alone, you won’t go knocking on someone’s door for help. The structure is simple to comprehend just by looking at it, where after classifying the parts they then form effortlessly. When you’re done, you’ll notice the design prevents items from falling through the sides. The top shelves also double up as a space to place photo frames, lamps or clocks.

This is the most versatile product we have so far. It fits many applications with easy assembly and a robust frame. The weight capacity means it can accommodate heavy books and a delicate art. It comes at a very fair price; the quality offers much more than our expectations. For an organized space, this is probably the best offer you can get on the market today.

  • It has a durable construction
  • It has a large weight capacity
  • It can fit different spaces
  • It is very affordable
  • The height cannot be used with young kids

6. Sauder Beginnings Soft White 3-Shelf Bookcase

Sauder Beginnings Soft White 3-Shelf Bookcase

We all want a sleek design that is budget-friendly and saves up on limited space. The Sauder Beginnings bookcase represents a very convenient way to store many books in a very subtle area which can lighten up with basic decorative tips. The soft white color is not what we can exactly call elegant, but it showcases great potential to store up much different stuff and add up to the organizing of small rooms.

If you’re in college, you must agree with me how cramped the rooms can get. You want to store your clothes and your books, but you only have an option for only one of them. Making a choice is difficult especially when you love fashion more than your books. Grab this bookcase and never have to make a choice. You can also store your shoes on the lower shelf. The flat top may double up as a space to display cute photos, your teddy or your alarm clock.

If you need this for your home, it is quite subtle in a lightweight design to fit small spaces. The weight is varied with the top shelf carrying the least weight at 25lbs and the bottom one taking up 40lbs. The weight capacity is not restrictive. As you can tell, items with substantial weight like massive artwork and large vases can properly fit on these shelves. The white color forms the right tone for a clean display. The shelves are open so you can place even kitchen culinary for easier access.
Sauder Beginnings Soft White 3-Shelf Bookcase

When it comes to the installation, it’s a no-brainer. The two shelves, sides and back part are easily identifiable so you can know what goes where. The back panel forms the point of discussion for many users because it has a construction from cardboard. This design makes it lightweight and easy to use if you plan to use it with electronics so you can do some quick wiring through the back.

This bookshelf gives a room an organized feeling. It can accommodate different types of usage; hence it can fit virtually anywhere. The cool thing with the white color is that you can repaint it if you feel it does not unify with the theme of the house. You can even conceal instead of display stuff by creating layers of books at the front and leaving room behind them to place valuable products. With this bookcase, you’ll never have complaints about books lying around.

This is one of those bookcases you can expect to have for a very long time. Even though the back is from cardboard, it is generally sturdier than plastic bookshelves. It can hold heavy, bulk items without stress, so you can be sure to rely on it even for the valuable items like your electronics. The soft white color is an excellent way to add to the theme by either maintaining its theme or repainting to blend to your home décor.

  • It can fit a lot of different spaces
  • It has a simple design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can hold large weight capacity
  • Complaints about the back panel, but after heavy usage, more users appreciate the design

5. Hazel Kids Cosco 4-Shelf White Bookcase

Hazel Kids Cosco 4-Shelf White Bookcase

Books form a major part of children’s growth. They are an excellent way to trigger ideas into your child. The best support you could give them is by affording them a comfortable space and an easier way to access their books. Choose the open set up of the Hazel Kids Cosco Bookcase. It carries an attractive style which of course is one of the major considerations to make before you buy your child a bookcase.

It features four large shelves which can fit all your child’s books plus toys. The bottom part is a unique design specifically focused on toys. It can also fit large items like their shoes and teddy bears which might feel awkward on the upper shelves. You want to open up the imagination of your kid so place it in their room where they can find a personal space to discover themselves and learn firsthand how it feels to be in control. The neutral color can fit both the boys’ or girls’ room.

Its heavy weight design prevents it from tipping over if they swing from it or access stuff by stepping on the bottom shelf if they cannot reach the top. The curved silhouette makes it more appealing to teenagers since they appreciate style deeply as they become adults. It can even work as a nice personalized space for them to present interests and personality through the stuff they display. They can also store up some storage bins to help keep them organized.
Hazel Kids Cosco 4-Shelf White Bookcase

This bookshelf forms a very sturdy case after you assemble it. Not many steps are involved. However, you may need a hand as it heavy weight. The robust construction shows it can withstand a lot of use and bulky items. The pressure on the shelves is varied to hold different capacities while helping it maintain its balance. It is bottom heavy as such you can tell it shall remain sturdy even when subjected to massive weight.

The plus point of this bookcase is that you can use it can fit various settings. It can form part of their room as they grow up. When you move, it can blend in, due to the white color which quickly merges with many decor themes. The large shelves prompt for innovative decorating ideas for children under the age of ten. They can comfortably place the books vertically or horizontally so they can also display their collectibles in an appealing way.

With this bookcase, open up a world of possibilities for your kid or teenager with books or toys. There are so many ways to use it. It can be accessorized to fit a boy or girl’s room, so you will never be at a loss when buying it. Your child can also put their clothes in cute cloth storage bins to save on storage space. It can also be repurposed later to a play room when your kids are much older and won’t find a reason to continue using it. If you want a versatile and flexible product, you have Hazel Kids to thank.

  • It has a beautiful design that appeals to kids
  • It is in a neutral color
  • Heavy-duty construction prevents it from tipping over
  • Has potential to hold bulky objects
  • It does not have a variety of color choices

4. Southern Enterprises Inc. Spine Book Tower

Southern Enterprises Inc. Spine Book Tower

As a book fanatic, the best way to present your interest is in a unique design. The Spine Book Tower is just that; a tower. It is a fancy design with eleven shelves which can fit different sized books. It can flip up to accommodate the large sized books while preventing them from falling off the tower. The shelves go side by side up to the top, to utilize the smallest of spaces. Go all out with a beautiful modern style, this bookcase will help you step up your game.

This is your choice when you get tired of having books lying around, but you don’t have the luxury of space. It will allow you to fit in as many books as it possibly can without tipping over as it is bottom heavy, so it’s wise to place the heavier books on, the lower shelves so that it remains steady. It measures 16”Wx14” Dx55.25”H. This is a large case which means it can accommodate even bulky books. Each shelf measures 7.75×7.75×4.25, at first glance, you may feel like they are kind of narrow but take a closer look and find that you can even store valuable breakables on it.

With such a unique design, it goes without saying that it can be useful for storing other stuff such as displaying art. When you don’t have a lot of books to display your precious vases and paintings can feel at home on this bookshelf. You can also utilize it as a media stand where you can comfortably place your home theatre system or your disks and other stuff like the best Bluetooth speakers. This bookshelf can sit by your bathroom to act as a towel holder. As you can see, its usefulness does not stop on only books.
Southern Enterprises Inc. Spine Book Tower

The construction of this bookcase picked our interest. It is metallic, giving it the longevity features since it is virtually unbreakable. You’ll like the wide base which gives it stability to accommodate the bulky items. With a powder coated silver finish, it is resistant to corrosion and rust. So if you choose to use it as a bathroom stand, you won’t worry about the depreciation from water. It can go anywhere around the house because of its slender style which is its main attraction.

You’ll also love the weight capacity it allows. It can support 9-pounds per shelf which mean it can withstand nearly 100lbs of weight. You don’t have restrictions on what to display, so you will never leave out space when you want to put up a few more items. It weighs only 35 pounds, adding to its sturdiness so that it can support a lot of weight without stress. This bookshelf requires very little assembly, and it comes with the clearly written instructions, so you’ll have an easy time setting up for use.

If you want an eye-catching bookshelf which is not only sturdy but can also fit different settings, Spine Book Tower is what suits you best. It will become a personal favorite since it maintains its glossy look even with heavy usage. The cost reflects a high-end product, and it can also make up for a very nice gift for a book lover in your home.

  • The construction is of sturdy metal
  • It can withstand heavy usage
  • It has a versatile design
  • Easy installation
  • Some users display silver as a dull color

3. South Shore 3-Shelf Axess Collection Pure White Bookcase

South Shore 3-Shelf Axess Collection Pure White Bookcase

Sometimes it’s hard to keep your room neat, especially when you have an addition of books and many shoes and clothes. The first step towards a minimalist life is to find a case which can double up as a bookshelf and fulfill the purpose of storing other items. The South Shore Axess Collection is one such product where you can take the next step to a tidier room. If you long for a better living room or bedroom, this is the solution you’ve been looking for.

The best way to de-clutter your living space is by sorting the stuff lying around. This bookshelf will help you to start living an organized life. You can start by arranging the books, magazines, and newspapers on this 3-shelf bookcase. Then you can move on to add the other decorative objects from the kitchen table and the bedroom like teddy bears and extra throw pillows. The shelves are wide enough to accommodate rows of stuff so it can accommodate a little more than it actually looks.

The other nice thing about this bookshelf is its simple design. It can easily blend with any room since it is white in color and you can count on it to add some light to your living room. In the family room, it can take on the role of holding media electronics plus displaying other items like clocks, family photos, art and much more. You can also use it in your bedroom to keep towels and clothes’ storage beans. If you have a problem in displacing cute tops, then you’ll like this bookshelf.
South Shore 3-Shelf Axess Collection Pure White Bookcase

This is a heavy-duty bookcase. Assembling may need the assistance of a professional or a friend who works with carpentry. Since it’s bulky, it means it’s hard for it to wobble when subjected to massive weight. The white color is sure to bring out the best of your décor, and if it doesn’t exactly meet your expectations, you have the option of choosing from Morgan cherry, pure black, chocolate or royal cherry. If your home may not glow in white, then one of the other colors may complete your decor in an exciting way.

When buying a bookshelf, the weight is one of the many considerations you make since you don’t want to choose a case where one of the shelves may give when subjected to a high resistance due to heavy use. The construction is from laminated panels which are CARB compliant materials and make up tough compartments. In the case of this bookshelf, it means you can rely on it even when you move around a lot because it shall retain its strength.

The essence of having a bookshelf is to have it work for you and remain in good service condition for several years. The different coatings availed for this bookshelf shows it is resistant to damage from insects and water spillages so you can have it in its new condition for a decent period. This is a reliable model and convenient because it is lightweight while itself it’s very sturdy.

  • Has a variety of colors to choose
  • Makes a great organizing cabinet
  • Its color easily blends with other home décor
  • Strong construction
  • It does not come with the assembling tools

2. Axess Collection South Shore 5-Shelf, Narrow Bookcase, Pure Black

Axess Collection South Shore 5-Shelf, Narrow Bookcase, Pure Black

When you have so many books and art to display, have at Axess Collection 5-Shelf Bookcase. This is a narrow bookshelf to fit small spaces. If you have restrictions on space, you can still have the benefits of a high-quality bookshelf which fulfills most purposes. It is one of a kind since it optimizes on storage space while keeping things straightforward and elegant. The design allows easy access and is the best choice for any space in your house.

The open design is ideal for adding many items since it can act as a display panel or just a book storage case. If you want it for storage, you’ll love the five shelves, but if you are doing to use it for other purposes, then you’ll want to consider the mobility of the three adjustable shelves. They make up for adding the versatility since you can now display other items with it. Make it as a living room or lounge area accessory since you can now unwind in a warm book and enjoy the comfort of an organized environment.

How well can it get if you can have four other colors to choose from. You can smartly make it a part of your living space through blending it with your interior design. Black is an elegant color which stands out especially if you have a bright theme for your house, it may form the unique spot in your house. You want to have a quiet space where you can get in touch with your love for books, and the color forms an important role in helping your mind calm down and concentrate on the things that matter.
Axess Collection South Shore 5-Shelf, Narrow Bookcase, Pure Black

Again, if you have a keen eye for style, the large shelf can add up as a decorative space. This is where if you adorn it with great pieces of art including trophies, paintings and distinct artistry like I hand-made models which might be a bit bulk. The weight limit is 30pounds per shelf, which is a very high level, considering it is narrow and tall. It means can store breakables since it is sturdy and shows no signs of stress. The length and weight of many books will no longer be the method to factor in when arranging your bookshelf.

Although assembling takes two people to assemble it, comes together naturally to form one strong piece. The parts are easily recognizable, and with the help of detailed images, you can connect what goes where. It has a construction from board panels which are not only durable but also damage resistant. They can take a lot of abuse if you plan on moving from place to place without disassembling it.

This product here is a reliable piece. It is meant for homes where space is limited. It fits different settings, and it is suitable for heavy use. When you cannot stand the thought of a messy room, you don’t have to spend a ton of cash when you can have a very affordable organizer. You can even purchase more than one, so you can optimize on its space and capacity for more items.

  • It has a strong design
  • Board panels which make it are damage resistant
  • It has many ideas of application
  • Has a large weight capacity
  • Assembly accessories are not included

1. Altra Furniture 4 Shelf Altra Lawrence Black Bookcase Bundle

Altra Furniture 4 Shelf Altra Lawrence Black Bookcase Bundle

Are you looking for a unique way to display books, valuables, decoratives and collectibles? Well, Altra Lawrence offers a unique and more than just meets the eye. When you first lay your eyes on it, you’ll be impressed by the ladder design. It does not mean that you can use it to get to the attic, but it is a creative way to add detail to your bookshelf. The best telescoping ladder may help you get to the attic though. You don’t want just a plain piece of wood holding valuables. Its distinct detail is what will add the oomph to your living room.

This is a 2-ladder design which, when properly kept side by side they form a great piece of art. Each carries four shelves, so you’ll have enough space for virtually anything you like. In the living room, it can make for a media accessory plus a collectibles and decorative stuff display panel. It can serve as the grand entrance to your home when you have such a beautiful design by your hallway. If you love traveling, display your collectibles in a better view and drown in the memories of places you’ve been.

You would rather go with a universally acceptable color, than have one where your family members keep reminding you of your poor taste in color. Black is the way to go if you are looking to please everyone in your home. It is sophisticated and forms many people’s personal favorite for furniture. It is easy to decorate and to adorn with different color accessories since it will not crash with any of the decorative items you put on it. When you have kids running around and messing with your valuable stuff, the best way to preserve them is to have your delicate items on this grand shelf.
Altra Furniture 4 Shelf Altra Lawrence Black Bookcase Bundle

A robust design is all you need from a bookcase. The make on this one is from metal, showing it is sturdy and robust. Thus’ it is a reliable product for the items on the heavier end. It shows no signs of stress or bending, as such it is very useful for delicate valuables like vases and plant pots made from breakable material. It would be so sad to have a shelf give when supporting a very dear item to you. That’s why you need to carefully examine your bookshelf before you declare it is safe for use.

This double ladder bookshelf can also be used separately when you need to use it in different rooms. They are viable for other types of storage like make an organizer closet for storage bins, towels, throw pillows, teddy bears, and even shoes. If your bedroom needs extra space, you don’t need to whine much about it as you’ll find comfort in storing your pieces on it. The black finish ensures it does not rust or become degraded when met by spillages of any kind.

The most practical way of remaining tidy is by use of an organizer. The Altra Furniture, Altra Lawrence 4 shelf is the easiest method so far because it has ample space. It is a cool design that is easy to assemble. There are many applications where this ladder can be useful, anywhere you put it, elegance follows. With all the features it showcases, this is the best of the best at a very affordable price.

  • Easily assembled
  • Durable construction
  • Sturdy and stable since it’s wide
  • Can fit a lot of functions
  • It does not have choice colors


It’s evident that your selection of a bookshelf will be personal since everyone has their tastes and preference. The craftsmanship of the above pieces showcases resilience, beauty, and appeal. Although there are endless choices to go with, we hope with this list; it will be much easier on you. You can learn more about different ways of decorating your bookshelf to match your theme. A lot of questions about refurbishing your bookshelf may arise, but you can have them answered here.


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