The Best Bodyboards for Beginners in 2019 – Getting Started with Bodyboarding

The Best Bodyboards for Beginners in 2019 - Getting Started with Bodyboarding

A great bodyboard is every wave rider’s desire. It makes boogie boarding and diving high waves more fun whether one has skills or is just starting out. If you like scuba diving, you can check out the best scuba diving masks as you take a step further into aquatic thrills. We love bodyboards because they are small and portable for carrying to the beach and back. They are crafted for all levels experience so it’s best to look at one which fulfills where you stand with your skills.

We’ve come up with this useful list so that you can improve your wave riding experience by making a better choice. We hope that your next bodyboarding thrill will be more fun and exciting.

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What Considerations to Make for a Good Bodyboard?

The Size: This factor goes into shape, length, and width of the board. Consider your frame and your weight. Wider boards work better with heavy users while narrower boards are faster and work well with small and light individuals.

The Core: Where will you be surfing? Will it be during winter or summer? The core influences the speed and comfort while surfing in different water temperatures.

Shape/Formation: How flat is your bodyboard? Ensure that it preserves a level formation so that when it contours to the pressure you exert on it, it can flex and recoil faster.

Durability: The material which makes it will influence the longevity. If it is stiff, you may experience contours which are hard to come back. The more flexible the material is, the longer it will stay in good condition.

10. THURSO SURF 42” with PRO Double Swivels, EPO Core, IXPE Deck, Bodyboard Leash, Lightweight, Azure and Sky

THURSO SURF 42” with PRO Double Swivels, EPO Core, IXPE Deck, Bodyboard Leash, Lightweight, Azure and Sky

Being a good surfer, it means you want the ideal surfboard that fits your experience, height, and weight. The THURSO SURF 42” is the best choice for most surfers because it exhibits most features which make for most requirements in surfing. First, it comes with the perfect accessories including a leash, a bag, and PRO double swivels. You will find it hard to resist it since it is not only lightweight but also buoyant for heavier users.

When it comes to the width, it measures 21.5 inches. You’ll want to invest in such a width if you want to remain floating while maneuvering at fast speed. It also helps you pull moves off in the wave when lying or in a semi-standing position. You’ll like the way it maintains direction, and when a big wave hits you, your body will not be thrown off balance. You’ll also love the length which serves to keep you kicking when you paddle towards the break of a wave.

The core materials are the most impressive qualities of this bodyboard. Featuring EPO foam which makes the flex and recoils quick, you will notice that your speed on water increases and the projection under stress becomes fast. The IXPE deck is ideal for the strength it exhibits; it makes it resistant to creasing. You don’t want to work with a crumpled board because it affects your flex and in turn the speed. It puts you in more danger when surfing in rough waters, but with the THURSO, you can be sure for it to deliver you back to shore safely.
THURSO SURF 42” with PRO Double Swivels, EPO Core, IXPE Deck, Bodyboard Leash, Lightweight, Azure and Sky

With a heat laminated polyethylene bottom, this bodyboard helps you maneuver even cooler waters in better speed and projection. The lightweight design plus the laminated base is a must have if you are planning to take on the fun in autumn. Because it’s flat, it has a very slight rocker which makes forward projection easier and you can have a smoother ride with whichever style you choose. Heat lamination is also an important factor because as the bodyboard ages it will not get a broader rocker due to exposure to the elements.

You will want to exert control when surfing, that’s why this bodyboard comes with narrow rails where both control and maneuvering are excellent. You can turn and escape raging waves with it as it has very high resistance helping you maintain balance. It is robust overall its frame without the signs you are going to be hitting rock bottom soon. With the use of the tight leash, your body will always lie on the board, helping you prevent the slips that cause your board and you to drift further apart.

This bodyboard is strongly recommended for all ages and all body weights. The strength it exhibits shows it is reliable even for beginners to have their first surf lessons with it. When you feel you are not confident enough to take on the high waves, this is a great option for letting you gain your confidence. And since this bodyboard exudes durability, you can always rely on it to take you through many years without depreciating or creasing and losing its strength.

  • Showcases great flex and recoil features
  • Sturdy and rigid for paddling
  • Can be used by beginners
  • It’s both applicable in warm and cold waters
  • Has a carrying bag
  • It comes in only two colors

9. Wham-O Body Board, Mach 7, 42 Inches

Wham-O Body Board, Mach 7, 42 Inches

From one of the best manufacturers, Wham-O is a legendary in making reliable and efficient body boards for persons of all ages and weight. This model measures 42” which fits most heights. You will have fast flex and recoil for all wave types, and the length does not affect the speed. This size works best when you want to keep control and remain floating to catch the waves. The most unpleasant things happen when you have a board that’s not your size. It affects the way you paddle and maintain responses; it is in your best interest that you invest in this board if you want to work with and not against waves.

Experience is not a requirement when purchasing this board. One, the core has extra strength due to the sturdy polyethylene construction which makes it lightweight at 6.5lbs. This means that you’ll always be on a directional course and maneuverability is speedy. It excels more when it comes to riding in colder waters because the material provides for heat lamination and you will experience great performance in all seasons. You will enjoy the feeling of being in the game whereas adding to the skill.

The crescent tail is a great addition when you want to consider more control in rough waters. It is what you should be looking for if you want to remain buoyant and release moves easily. The shape helps you use your feet if you will be lying and propelling yourself in that position. Riding the face of a wave will be much easier because you can maintain your frame on the board without losing balance. It is the best ideal for the beginner who wants to feel comfort across all wave faces.
Wham-O Body Board, Mach 7, 42 Inches

You know how much you want to ride the strong waves. This board is a great option when learning how to time the raging wave and be in sync. The rails add up to the picture when connecting with more powerful waves since the rocker is narrow and you can and ride smoothly trimming through the rougher days. It gives balance and control, so no more falling into the water when faced with unpredictable situations because you will have more speed and more power.

Another important feature is the stringer. It comes with one stringer which connects the core and the slick such that you have more flex and helps it recoil back to its original form. This factor makes this board durable because, with every use, it springs back. This flexibility is a great addition to the beginner who feels they don’t need to trim big waves when they are not yet experienced. It also helps heavier users ride with it since the pressure exerted to it does not affect the next time of use. It retains its frame, and you will have a fun time unraveling your full potential.

All the necessary features for prone and drop-knee riders have been brought together in on this board. You’ll enjoy using it because it not only maintains projections but the maneuvers are also fast and easy. With it, you can ride sucky waves because of the crescent tail, the influence of the channels help during heavy landing by giving you a firm grip. It, therefore, makes for the best holiday accessory at the beach.

  • Has a lightweight design
  • Uses high-density PE
  • Can accommodate heavy weight surfers
  • Maintains buoyancy
  • Some users indicate that because it’s lightweight, one may find it hard to make some releases because of the extra speed

8. 662 Sixsixtwo, Splash Bodyboard (Colors Vary) 36 Inch

662 Sixsixtwo, Splash Bodyboard (Colors Vary) 36 Inch

Every beginner needs a comfortable time wetting their feet in the surfing sport. If you are one, you’ll find the 662 Splash bodyboard perfect for you. It comes with high-performance features for shining up your first days as you improve your skill and unleash your inner power. You’ll be impressed by the agility it adds to the game when either paddling or splashing through waves.

When you look at the core, it has a construction from robust EPS (Expanded Polystyrene Core), this adds to the balance of the board when surfing across waves giving better flex and recoil. With it, you will maintain the forward projection as maneuvers become easy. The directional push forward will enable you to trim through the water and maintain stability all through your ride. We know how much you want to enjoy the ride and with such a core, you are assured of a truly fun time.

This board comes with an IXPE deck which makes the deck flexible. It adds to the fast forward propulsion where you will notice as you put pressure on it the contours enable you to keep your form on it giving you a better grip on the board. T shows resilience when it comes to maintaining the form of the board so you can always feel the fit it gives as good as new.
662 Sixsixtwo, Splash Bodyboard (Colors Vary) 36 Inch

Think of summer and think of the 662 splash board. With all the available colors, be sure to add some pop to the sport. A good day can be brighter by just the addition of color. You get to choose the shade of your choice which will light up your beach day. Facing off those sucky waves will seem like just like another smooth ride on the broken waves. With the crescent tail, it will feel even better taking on challenging waves since it gives you more ability to shred them and be on your way back to the beach.

Seeing that it comes with one stringer, it maintains the memory of the shape of the board. It serves to get it not to crease because of the pressure you exert. Even if you use more weight against it, it will keep you buoyant, and you’ll feel it stabilize your body against its frame. The recoil memory is the best because you are sure it will maintain the way you flex in cooler waters and with the help of the stringer the board will last a long time.

When it comes to the rail design, it makes you gain more speed, turning into waves. You don’t want the water to come gushing at your back when you try to lock it. It is great that this board improves your performance and your ride will be smoother. With the directional force it adds, the balance is also influenced for when you are riding the drop-knee.

In a nutshell, this is a great board for a good start in surfing. The performance is excellent, and kids will find it useful when finding their path in surfing. You will feel confident when facing off rough seas. You’ll also notice the strength that it adds to your body since it is a good form of exercise. And for the price, we must say it is a sound investment for your summer holidays.

  • Has a strong core
  • The deck is flexible
  • Shows high performance
  • Available in many colors
  • Does not have a slick fabric

7. Morey, Big Kahuna 44” Bodyboard

Morey, Big Kahuna 44” Bodyboard

Enjoying surfing is significantly influenced by the size of the board. But no worries there, the Morey 44” bodyboard is your go to if you are a big surfer. The wide width influences high buoyancy helping you maintain stability when riding fast on rough seas. It is the best when it comes to beating small waves. The width is also seen on the crescent tail which gives you the power to keep forward projection while also enabling you to turn and control when facing challenging waves.

Looking at the materials that make it, you’ll find that the sturdy construction is from polyethylene. It is always ready to make a hard landing in any rough waters. It is built to improve flex while helping you turn faster and trim waves easily. It is the selection for both the seasoned and new surfer because it comes with a power string to help it keep the form when it creases and conforms to your body. The polyethylene core is a great choice if you plan to take to ocean surfing in the cold seasons.

The high performance features are also expressed in the deck. It is soft with more flexibility where you’ll find that it bounces back to its original shape. It is with it that you can ride harder and further as you enjoy partaking in the sport. You will not worry about losing balance because the grip it gives is firm and it maintains a slight rocker such that your movements on the elbows and knees are not displaced.
Morey, Big Kahuna 44” Bodyboard

When you want to lock into waves, look no further. We have seen users have more success when locking into them, keeping sync and coming out stronger if not healthier. You will notice the joy it brings as most of the time it is an emotional task when diving into rough seas. You will be pleased to have fun with your friends because this board comes in different colors. Be completely over the phobia of going big because it comes with a strong leash where after you have it on, no amount of rocking will displace your place on the water.

Due to the size, it displaces quite some volume of water which makes you add to your speed. It helps you keep the direction of your path, and before making that high land, it will work the magic of helping you hold on and keep you in sync with the response of the flow. While the contours align your body, you will be able to duck fast waves. The contours also help with keeping your hands firm since with every bump; your hands do not get displaced.

No expert can pass this one. Let’s says the price speaks of the quality it affords. It is a high-end product, and you will love it for the fun it adds to your autumn days. Go with this board to light up your small and high days while giving you a comfortable time with more control and more speed.

  • Rigid when paddling
  • Has a strong core
  • Exhibits great stability
  • You can choose the color
  • It is not ideal for short and light surfers

6. Empire Bodyboard Makai

Empire Bodyboard Makai

It is always important to get the best performance from your body board. From Empire Makai, their body board comes in different sizes so that you can make your choice according to your frame. With it, you will see brighter days as you surf the high and low waves throughout all the summer and autumn holidays. It is a great accessory because it is lightweight such you won’t have a problem carrying it around.

The essence of this board is to give you more stability, speed, and buoyancy even in the most challenging of situations. You can feel the way it influences your position on it. With the expanded polystyrene core, you can rely on it to deliver you safely to the beach. This is because it helps mostly beginners to ride broken waves by a high stability where they can gain confidence because there’s no slipping off from the surface.

With such a deck that flexes with each rock, the grip on it is excellent. It can retain its original form over time. This is because the material that makes it is soft and with the density it exudes, it absorbs and lets out water faster so that every move you make will not lead to rocking and losing balance. You can’t underestimate the importance of maintaining speed; this board gives you a firm grip when the waves propel you. It becomes easier and much more reliable.
Empire Bodyboard Makai

Its beautiful design goes to the tail which is wide and in a crescent shape. It comes in handy when battling high waves which need breaking. The reason is that it catches waves and you can be sure to attain safe heavy landings. You don’t want to lose your stability and come crashing into the water. It keeps its strength where you can keep close contact with the surface of the water. If you are a prone rider or love the drop-knee technique, this is for you.

The speed at which this board recoils is quite admirable. You’ll find that it quivers fast and easy helping you maintain a forward projection. This way you can beat a high rough wave if it’s coming fast and hard on you. It also makes you land with strength since it maintains its original shape with every flex. It is every beginner’s friend because of its ergonomic design. That means your back is protected and it makes it easier for you to control the board with every beating you take from rough waters.

With a single stringer, you will have a smooth angle when riding waves. Seeing that it keeps it in good condition, both the core and the slick now maintain consistent motions. When facing off sucky waves, you’ll see how well it takes them with quick maneuvers.

Taking into considerations the performance of this board, it makes for a great board where you can rely on it for durability and excellent service. Take it for rough rides or smooth paddling, and you can be sure to always have a real connection with the sport. Do not pass it over anything because the price is very attractive and you will find that it fulfills your every requirement. You can also get the best underwater lightings or the best waterproof headphones to make every moment enjoyable.

  • Great for beginners
  • Maintains consistent motions
  • You can ride it in cold water
  • It has a flexible deck
  • It’s rigid at first before it flexes after several uses

5. BZ Body and Boogieboard Big Bruddah (45 Inches)

BZ Body and Boogieboard Big Bruddah (45 Inches)

When you are tall and large, it’s hard to find a bodyboard which fits your specific body type. But with BZ Big Bruddah you have the chance to own a great surfing accessory to take you further than your envious friends. It is a solid fit because it is buoyant where you can have easy control and faster projections. Seriously, you’ll be the new expert in surfing when influenced with such high performance.

Who wants to feel discomfort when going all out on a cool summer afternoon? No one really, that’s why with this board, you can have the guarantee of excellent bodyboard performance. It boasts zero gravity with a PP core which is strong and sturdy to take you through many summers without losing the qualities exhibited on the core. Its flex is impressive, and since it’s able to maintain its condition, it makes for a very convenient board.

The high performance is also influenced by the dual VFS harden strip. It generates high speed since it affects the recoil and flexes of your moves. It is on this board, therefore, that you will have a chance to improve on your skill and show off your inner potential. Go on and try it in any position you choose since you’ll find that no wave is challenging enough and no weather can keep you down. The bottom is heat laminated such that it beats the cold and can stand against warm water under the scorching summer sun.
BZ Body and Boogieboard Big Bruddah (45 Inches)

We can’t skip the rails as part of this board. They are important when we think of how you will perform in locking wave faces. You will want quick maneuvers and smooth dives into rough seas, with the narrow rails that tend to balance between the nose and the tail you will disconnect quickly from the path of a wave face. It will no longer be a challenge when paddling large shallow waves which always proves unattainable during summer evenings.

You will also admire the wider nose since it is your friend when it comes to flotation. With the small rocker it showcases, it will be easier to propel forward and take turns quickly. When you think of taking on a high rising and rough wave, no amount of water pressure will throw you off the board. The help of a tough leash can get you back to your board without calling emergency services.

With the creation of sound material, you are guaranteed of longevity. The features are the best ideal for the big guys who want to partake in the fun as much as the smaller and lighter friends who like teasing a lot. It takes the pressure, and it maintains its form for a really long time. The price is a clear reflection of high performance. If you want a reliable partner in surfing, you can’t beat this board.

  • Most ideal for heavy surfers
  • Has longevity features
  • One easily controls it
  • Can ride the knee without difficulty
  • Does not have color and size options

4. YOUNGER Super Bodyboard 42 inch, IXPE Deck, Perfect Surfing

YOUNGER Super Bodyboard 42 inch, IXPE Deck, Perfect Surfing

A compact and lightweight bodyboard are what YOUNGER is all about. Their 42 inch with an IXPE deck is all the fuss in the surfing world. You will grow fond of its high qualities which express reliability in surfing through most weather and waves. With it, you can let out the excellent skills you lay hidden because of the high waves that always threaten to capsize all the other boards you’ve had in the past. This one is a special case of valid claims and exceptional dependability.

Having the construction from EPS on the core, it can withstand high impact since it is of great strength. It provides for rigidity when paddling allowing you to make fast turns. This type of construction comes in handy when it comes to how long your board will serve you. It has the assurance of lasting long because it is not only strong, but it is also heated laminated. This quality is an addition which makes it favorable in cool waters. You will feel as comfortable and in control as you would in warm water.

The construction also unleashes high projection and speed capacity because it has exceptional buoyancy and flex when turning in waves. You can also be sure to break waves by safe dives and maintain forward direction through to the furthest distance your energy can take you. You will notice you can take on challenging surroundings since it shows you will not slip when taking on high impact.
YOUNGER Super Bodyboard 42 inch, IXPE Deck, Perfect Surfing

It feels good to ride a wave all the way to the beach. The YOUNGER super bodyboard is an excellent way to show you will not lose your way when cruising fast waves which ride fast behind you. As the water reaches the highest point of compact where it would hit and throw you off balance, you will be surprised at the response you get when working with it. You can now escape those big waves unscathed. It proves you can control the ride and that this board can work perfectly for your needs.

Again, the deck exhibits resilience and when met with high pressure. This is not one of those boards which start peeling after a few light uses. The material which makes the deck is flexible to take nearly all weight thrown at it. It also expresses great ability to retain its shape as the contours that you make on it do not influence how it performs tomorrow. You will have a great connection with it since it’s also good for beginners to maintain a firm grip. So if you are planning to have your experience when tackling waves, this is the best board you can have.

The tail is another great influence which will come in handy when powering movements. This is because it takes the crescent shape. It is influential when maintaining control as you’ll find your body becomes more comfortable in all situations. The maneuverability is speedy such you can work faster when rocking through an intense wave. It also comes with a slick and mesh base so if you want to land aerial moves, it will cushion you against high water impact.

All the qualities point to a reliable and fun board to use. It is the most affordable in its model type, and with such an excellent design it’s difficult to resist. Your kids will love it as it takes them through from the beginner’s stage to the expert stage. For the price, you will own more than just a piece for everyone.

  • Has a strong core
  • Showcases durability qualities
  • Can be used with small and lighter users
  • It’s reliable for taking dives
  • Heavier persons will find it uncomfortable to use

3. California Board Company, Magnum Bodyboard with varied Colors, 44-inch

California Board Company, Magnum Bodyboard with varied Colors, 44-inch

Armed with a molded contour as its signature feature, the Magnum Bodyboard by California Board Company is the best shot at acquiring the most dependable board we have on the market. Featuring 44-inches length, this board is suitable for most frames in maintaining buoyancy and making fast direction changes. Whether you are small or large, this is an invaluable accessory at a great price.

California Board Company never disappoints, and this one is just another model which goes to express the great influence they have on the market. Most people prefer it for its added speed and consistency. It affords you repeatability such that you can take turn after turn with the same power and angle. You will love that the chance for this board throwing you off are pretty slim. This is because the strength it exhibits ensure your feet are always on the board when you take on huge waves or rocky motions.

With this board, you can experience a truly entertaining time since it comes with arm wells which enable the user to have a firm grip such that paddling is easier and powerful. You can reach the break of a wave faster with the added stability of the arm wells. They help your body conform more readily to the body such that you have more contact with the water’s surface; hence more agility and better performance. If you plan on having fun where the waves are shorter and larger, it will enable you to take faster breaks so that the speed takes you to the beach quickly.
California Board Company, Magnum Bodyboard with varied Colors, 44-inch

Since it has an EPS construction, this is a very durable product because the foam is water resistant. It prevents de-alienation of the board from the deck and the bottom since it does not lose its strength. You’ll find that the EPS makes it stable in high motion waves. You’ll want to always have it with you because the core also allows for great flex and buoyancy in the face of electric raging waves. It also helps you maintain fast speed and easy maneuver when trying to get back to the beach safely.

You will also love that it comes with the other necessities which make surfing more fun. The chambers allow the water to pass quickly through the bottom increasing your speed and helping you stay on course. The crescent tail also counts for the comfort and confidence you get with each time you stand up to take on a wave when the motion is at its peak. It also carries a lovely duel swivel pro-style wrist leash which is an excellent addition to keeping you in contact with your board.

It comes as no surprise that this board is a perfect choice for beginners. The reason being that it exudes more control, more comfort, and faster speed. It is a cool way of spending your summer evenings as you rejuvenate and fill yourself with more joy. It comes at an affordable price in high-quality features to serve you for a decent amount of time.

  • Has a molded contour to add comfort
  • Comes with arm wells
  • It is consistent
  • Has a sturdy EPS construction
  • It does not have a carrying case

2. Own the Wave (WAVE WEAPON- ‘Beach Attack Park’ Bodyboard, Super lightweight

Own the Wave (WAVE WEAPON- ‘Beach Attack Park’ Bodyboard, Super lightweight

Available in varied colors and sizes, the Beach Attack Park Bodyboard by Own the wave, boasts quality and reliability. It is one of the most sought boards for its broad applications. You can surf all around the year because you will never find it hard to control in cold water. It makes up for a very stable board. With the strong core, you can pick up speed and be able to take quick turns.

If you enjoy riding the drop knee, this board will prove useful since it has excellent projection and the forward propulsion does not require much energy if you are riding on short slow waves. You’ll want to look at the core because it makes for the most strength and durability if you think of taking up more challenging events. This is because it can withstand heavy impact and more pressure when facing off rough waves.

If you are a bit heavy, this board is not a hindrance since it comes with a generous width where your frame will feel comfortable and in more control. You can be sure to retain buoyancy all through your course when taking up all types of waves. It is impressive because you can attain faster speed when making quick turns. You will no longer be afraid to take on the face of the wave or wait for it to gain high momentum and ride it on the forward projection.
Own the Wave (WAVE WEAPON- ‘Beach Attack Park’ Bodyboard, Super lightweight

Coming with proportional rails, you will experience successful locks on waves. You’ll also be able to respond and maneuver well when taking a different direction from the wave face. It helps you retain control of the board even when in contact with challenging waves. It comes with a crescent tail for added speed and floatation. So you’ll always be in sync with the flowing quivers, and your body receives the benefits of added skill and strength.

When you are a beginner, this board will take you from the basics to being an envied surfer as you will get to personalize it. The longevity features it puts forward only means you are ready for having a long-lasting friend to grace your surfing days. The deck is comfy, and since it does not retain water, it flexes and recoils at a great speed such that it regains its original formation. Because it is really flat with no rocker, it makes reaching the break much easier.

The manufacturer knows that you need all the board accessories together. That’s why they package all them. The leash is an adored addition to keep you strung to the board and to help you maintain your form on it. It also carries fin tethers so if you plan to go hard you will always retain the swim fins. With the availed instructions and the one-year warranty, you are assured of owning a great product.

  • It is lightweight
  • Has a slick bottom
  • Available in multiple color choices
  • It has care and maintenance instructions
  • Some complaints about the misleading size charts

1. Lucky Bums, Body Board with Leash, EPS Core and Slick Bottom

Lucky Bums, Body Board with Leash, EPS Core and Slick Bottom

When a product exceeds our expectations, we are sure to pass on its great features to you. As with the case with Lucky Bums, Body Board it deserves special mention for the high-quality grade it exhibits. First, it is sizeable for use with both small and heavier persons. It shows reliability in helping you float as you speed through the face of a wave. The projection is excellent, and the direction is maintained through speedy maneuvers because it is lightweight.

This bodyboard also features an EPS core. This factor is great when it comes to the stability as expressed through the robust materials that make it. You can be sure to use it for a long time as it will also take you through cooler water with excellent control. You don’t have to fear the cold season because it has a flexible deck which maintains recoil and flex in fast quivers which are reliable in delivering you safely back to the beach.

a 60/40 proportions for the rails, this board helps keep your body in close contact with water. You can paddle easily to reach out to the break of a wave quickly. The balance it affords help propel you forward in simple motions. Now, you can ride in and out of a wave with more confidence. There’s no more worry of waves knocking you over before you get the hang of it.
Lucky Bums, Body Board with Leash, EPS Core and Slick Bottom

If you want to add to the thrill of the sport, the board will influence the way you take heavy landings. This is because it carries a tough mesh which helps you maintain a forward projection while maintaining your body’s frame. The mesh also makes it more durable; hence it is dependable if you are just starting out on learning the sport.

Have your family partake in the fun with this board because there’s a size for each one of them. Even the younger kids who can’t seem to find their size with the other models can get their fit here. It is always a pleasure to involve everyone, and because you are sure of getting the best quality out of this board, you won’t worry about them falling off. It comes with a sturdy wrist leash so no buying surfing accompaniments.

Looking at all the features showcased by this board, we are keen to add that it has no comparison to other boards on this list. It carries strength on its core and flexibility on the deck. What’s more, no matter how complicated your surf is, your board returns to its new shape. It screams high end but with a twist of a very affordable cost. You will never fall short of the expectations if you choose this bodyboard.

  • Lightweight and stable so more speed
  • Buoyant enough for heavy persons
  • Excellent maneuverability with the smooth rails
  • Maintains great control due to the slick bottom
  • It may need repairs after several uses

Wrapping Up:

Next time you take to surfing, we hope you’ll have acquired the best board with the help of our list. A good bodyboard makes the difference between improving performance, having fun and being frustrated with an uncomfortable ride. Always watch out for the signs which make the difference between the good and the poorly constructed. Price should not always influence your option, but it should guide you on the strength of the board you are purchasing. If you want to get better in your bodyboarding skills, there are great tips online. Also, get answers for your pressing questions on bodyboards.


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